How To Insert A List Into A Joomla Article

When one wants to present information, they make use of either the unordered or the ordered lists. These are the most commonly used ways to list items.

Thus, when the list is completed, it can be added to an article and below are some steps to guide you on how to add a list at any point in a Joomla article. We will discuss how to add a list in Joomla 3 and 2.5.x.

Step 1: Go To Joomla Administrator and Open the article

In order to edit the article, you would first of all have to open it by clicking on content, which brings up an array of options.

Select the option tagged “Article Manager” in order to be directed to article manager, then choose the article and finally select the button shown on the toolbar tagged “Edit”.

Another way you can do this is by going through the control panel and selecting the button tagged “Add new article”. There is also a third means of doing this. To do it through this procedure, the article is opened for edit. First log into the Front-end and on sighting the particular article you are keen on editing, select the button which is tagged “Edit”.

How To Insert A List Into A Joomla Article

Step 2: Position The Cursor

This is done by moving your mouse’s cursor at any point where you wish to put the list within the article.

Step 3: Select List Type

There are two types of lists and these are the Unordered and the Ordered list so you would have to choose the type of list you wish to insert in the article. You would find these in the toolbar’s button of the editor and it is of great importance for you to note that the unordered list begins with a bullet point while the ordered list starts with a roman numeral (e.g. i, ii, iii).

How To Insert A List Into A Joomla Article

Step 4: Enter Text

After that, insert in each line, the required texts meant to be put into each one of the lists lines.

Step 5: Select Enter

This entails you clicking on your keyboard enter button in order to produce a new line and bullet or number as the case may be with the list type.

Step 6: Finish The List

Clicking twice on the enter key ends the list but if you still wish to create a fresh line, then select again the toolbar’s button of the editor the Unordered and Ordered list.

You should note solely that you can make a change of the type of the list when you have gone part of the way article by tapping once on the button on your keyboard labeled alternate (alt). Also still on editing the article, you begin a new list that is of the ordered type, then the numbering will start afresh from number one.

Finally, in order to begin child lists, you can make full use of either the Outdent button or the Indent button of the editor toolbar.

A quicker and easier way to do that is just to make use of the button on your keyboard labeled alternate (alt) one more time.

How To Insert A List Into a Joomla 2.5.x Article

In the section above, you learned the steps in inserting a list into Joomla 3 article but here in this section; we are focused directly on the Joomla 2.5.x article and would also provide you a step to step guide on the pattern of inserting a list into the Joomla article of your choice.

Step 1: Choose The Article From the Admin Section

The first thing you would do is to locate the admin category and enter into it then navigate to the row of toolbar options and select that labeled “content

It produces a drop-down menu and you select the Article Manager from the few options listed there and search for the article you wish to edit. The image below would give you a hint of the step as you open the article.

Step 2: Create A New Article

After selecting the Category manager, you would see below a bar bearing “New article”, access it and fill in the details as displayed in the image below to begin a new article.

Step 3: Position The Cursor To The Position To Insert List

Once the new article has opened, move your cursor to the exact point where you would like the list to be inserted and click.

Step 4: Choose List Type

Select from the editor button of the toolbar, the type of list which you want to create. It could either be the ordered type of list or the unordered type.

Note that for the ordered list, it has been set to default to start with numbers and for the unordered type of list, it begins making use of a bullet point. This is entirely your choice prior to how you wish for the list to look like.

Step 5: End The List

In order to end the list, double tap on the keyboard's enter key or tap just once to begin a fresh line and bullet/number.

Step 6: Save You Work

The editing is now over but you might want to add a child list, the IncreaseIndent and DecreaseIndent buttons on the toolbar of the editor would sort that out for you.

When concluded, don’t forget to “Save” your work.

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