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How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

Inserting a heading into an article helps to give the article a name and makes it easy to discover the article. Your article heading is what people searching for such article will use to discover it in Search engines.

Tags also boost the availability and discoverability of the article. There are steps you need to take to efficiently add your heading and tags into a Joomla article. We have covered these steps and tips you need to be aware of in this article.

A: Inserting A Heading Into JOOMLA Article

Follow the step below to insert a heading into a Joomla article:

Step 1: Open The Article You Want To Edit

You can open the article you want to edit by doing any of the following:

Click on the Content tab and select the Article Manager from the drop-down menu that appears. In the Article Manager, choose the title of the article you want to edit and hit on the Edit tab.

Alternatively, click on the Add New Article tab in the Control Panel especially if you are creating a new article.

Thirdly, when you are logged in through the Front-end and are given the requisite permissions, you can as well add a heading into an article you are viewing by hitting on the Edit tab.

Step 2: Key in the content heading in the appropriated place with the use of the editor

Step 3: Click and highlight the content heading if you like.

Step 4: Choose One Of The Heading Preferences

You can choose any heading preferences ranging from Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on.  To choose your heading preference, go to the Format drop-down menu and click on the heading option you want.

The first heading level is 1. However, Joomla content management system allows you to choose heading options ranging from 1 to 6.

If you convert the heading back to paragraph, you can highlight the text and click on Paragraph.

How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

B: Inserting A Tag Into Joomla Article

Tags feature was added recently in Joomla 3. Joomla Tags offer you the flexibility you need to organize content. You can make use of a single tag in multiple articles.

As soon as you tag an item, when you browse to the link for the tag, it will display the entire items that were tagged with the same word or phrase.

This part of this guide discusses how you can incorporate tags into your articles in Joomla.

Tags help you enable you to add a keyword that will enable people to find the article online when they query their web browser for related information.  There different ways to implement article tags.

To add tags to your article in Joomla, you can do the following:

Step 1:   Move your cursor to Go to the Components tab and click on Tags from the drop-down menu.

How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

Step 2:    When the Tags window opens, click on the New button

How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

Step 3:    On the Tag Manager, click on add new tag window when it  opens;

Step 4:    Enter your tag in the Title field and;

Step 5: Click on the Save button to save your edit;

When you write an article, in Joomla, the place to assign Tags is situated towards the right-hand part of the Edit Article screen. Click into the open field and begin to type the name of typing the name of the Tag you plan to include into the article.

When you enter a specified number of characters, one or more Tags similar to what you want to add will emerge. All you need to do is to select and click on the ones that consign you. You can incorporate as many Tags as possible to the article by repeating the same process.

How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

C: Displaying The Inserted Tags

As soon as you have tags and a few tagged items, you can show them in the front end in various ways:

1. You Can Embed Tag Into Every Item

The preset Joomla configuration display tags embedded in every tagged item. You can exit this display by altering the structures.

2. Develop A Menu Link To Show Off The Tags List

You can develop a menu linkage which shows a list of tags with links to the items that are tagged for each one of the tags.

3. Develop Menu Linkage To Show-off Items Tagged With a Particular Tag.

You can build a menu link so that it displays a list of tagged items for a specific given tag and show in a list form or make it appear like blog style.

4. Utilise Tags Module

You can select and utilize a tag module. You can incorporate tags through the Popular Tags and Similar Tags elements or modules. To select one of the elements, visit the Extension menu and choose the Module Manager.

Click on the New button and the two modules below will appear:

How To Insert A Heading Into An Article And Add New Tags In Joomla

Popular tags will show a connected record of the tags that have been used by the highest number of tagged items. For Popular Tags, the Tags will emerge in a cloud-like structure on a colored backdrop.

For Similar Tags, the Tags that are classified as similar tags will show up as the standard list. Similar Tags will show a list of items that have related set of tags to the presently displayed item. Bear in mind that this module only displays on the pages that are displaying content items.

In the Tags Manager, you can select a parent for a tag if you plan to generate nested tagging.


There you have it! We have provided details tips and steps on how you can add a heading and tags into Joomla articles. You should be able to do this comfortably on your site now.

However, if you have any question or clarification to make you hit the comment button to drop your notes and we will get back to you.

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