How to Get Started With Cloud DNS in Google Cloud

A Domain Name System (DNS) is a database which contains the name of the website and the IP address to which the site links. Google cloud DNS is fast and reliable that powers millions of domains on the internet.

This how-to article covers step by step instructions of how to get started with Cloud DNS in Google.


  • You have to have a google cloud account, and billing is enabled.
  • A domain name registered through a domain name registrar and a
  • The valid IP address is pointing to the records of your zone.


Google has its DNS that publishes your domain names to the global DNS in a pocket-friendly way. It lets you publish your records without the burden of managing them. The advantages of using Google’s DNS include;

  • Cost-effectiveness, at only 0.2$ monthly it is a real steal.
  • You get all your records in one place.
  • You can manage DNS records via google console.
  • Reliable, secure and fast.

How to get started with cloud DNS in Google cloud

Enable Cloud DNS

Navigate to Cloud Launcher in Google cloud console. Search for Cloud DNS. Double click on Cloud DNS to enable Cloud DNS API.

Creating a managed zone

Navigate Cloud DNS console. Click on Create zone

Enter the Zone name. Then enter a DNS NAME for the zone using your domain name (e.g.

Make sure DNSSEC is turned

Click Create.

A Zone Details page will be displayed with NS and SOA created for you.

Create a New record

Create a new record to point the domain name to an IP address. Please note that if you have an IPv4 address you have to create an A record and if you have an IPv6 address, create an AAAA record.

Click Add record set.  You could choose your type of IP from the resource Record type menu.

Finally, click Create.

Create a CNAME

Create a CNAME record for your subdomain. Therefore, click on Add record set. In the DNS Name field, enter www and in the Resource Record Type, choose CNAME. Finally, under canonical name enter your domain name followed by a period, e.g.

Click Create.

Update Google Cloud DNS with Registrar.

You must update your domain names server to use google cloud DNS to publish the new record to the internet. This is done by updating Name Server (NS) record with your registrar.

That is it you are now ready to start using Google Cloud DNS.

Delete DNS Zones

Now, since the google cloud charges for resources as they are used, you have to clean up after use to avoid charges to your cloud platform account.

To delete your record sets, go to the DNS ZONES PAGE and click the zone name to get the zones details. Click on Delete.


Now, you can use Google clouds DNS to your advantage. Imagine 100% availability. With Google, that is what you get.

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