How To Generate and Install a Self-Signed Certificate in Plesk


A Self-signed Certificate is used to identify an entity which it certifies. Plesk can be used to generate the self-signed certificates. The certificates are usually used to secure sites, especially those that deal with critical personal information and money transfer. It encrypts the data between the server and a client. Plesk can be used to generate the self-signed certificates.

In this article, we show you how to generate and install a self-signed certificate in Plesk.

Generating a Self-Signed Certificate

Log in to Plesk account and click Websites & Domains.

Click SSL/TLS Certificates.

Click Add SSL/TLS Certificate

On the new window, you fill in all the details especially those that have the asterisk symbol (*).

Once you fill in the required information, you click Self-Signed.

The Certificate will be generated and will be stored in the repository and you can view it in the list of the SSL/TLS Certificates

Install Self-SIgned Certificate

Since the certificate has been generated, you can install it by Clicking Websites & Domains then click Hosting Settings.

Under Security, check the SSL/TLS Support and select the Certificate you have generated under the Certificate Menu.

Scroll down and click Apply,


The changes will be updated successfully.


Self-signed certificates are critical in securing the information transfer between a client and the server. And using the steps explained above, you can use Plesk to generate and install a Self-Signed Certificate.


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