How to Enable Content Versioning in Joomla

Have you ever modified an article on Joomla site only to realize you’ve ruined the entire page and have no option to restore the original one? One practical solution to avert any problems arising from unplanned content modification is Joomla Content Versioning.

Since its inception, Joomla content versioning has proven to be quite useful to content creators. The functionality allows you to track all changes that you and other platform users perform on the content. It creates an iteration of the material you are modifying every time you click the save button, thereby making it easy to compare changes, edit, or modify files.

The functionality comes in a handy when:

  • You accidentally delete a file or unknowingly make a mistake and hit save.
  • HTML formatting is altered accidentally.
  • Looking for sufficient backup to facilitate easy article recovery.

This article will help learn how to enable and use content versioning on your Joomla website.

Ready? Lest roll!

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Step one: How to activate Joomla Content Versioning

First, enable content versioning on your Joomla website by going to System then selecting the Global Configuration option in the left sidebar.

Under the options, click on the Articles tab.

The Content Version is found under the ‘Editing Layout’ section which is on the top ribbon. Once you click on this tab, a dropdown menu of the article editing page layout options will appear.


Here, set the options as follows:

  • Show Publishing Options to Show
  • Show Article Options to Show
  • Enable Versions to Yes. Once you set it to yes you will have to select you Maximum Versions. This option refers to the number versions of the original article you want to save. This should be set to your ideal number, but since you won't want to roll back more than 10 times, set this options to 10. You should also note that the more the versions you select, the more the data space it will require.
  • Fronted Images and Links to show
  • Administrator Images and Links to show

Once you set all the options as desired, head to the topmost tab and click the Save & Close button to implement all the updates.

Now, you have successfully activated content versioning on your Joomla website. Next we’ll show you how to use content version on Joomla Platform.

Step 2: using Joomla content versioning

Creating and saving joomla content versions

Create a Joomla article and save.

One the first article is saved, a version of the same will be created when you make a change. Everytime you makes changes on this articles and hit save, Joomla keeps the previous version backed up, to allow you to revert back to or compare both versions.

At the bottom, right side in the editing interface, there is a place to add the version credentials (anything that shows the content modification such as version name or number).

Displaying content versions

At the top menu ribbon, on the article editing interface, there is a versions tab. Click on this tab to view all your saved content versions.

Here you will get a list of all the content versions you have created on the article.

Tracking version changes

Next , you can view the changes you have made by comparing your current version and another of your choice. Select the versions you want to compare by selecting the checkbox and click Compare. The following compare view of the selected versions will pop up.

The window above gives you a detailed view of all the changes you have made in your article of interest.

Restoring previous version

In some cases you may want to restore a saved version. To accomplish this, select the saved version and hit the Restore Button from the upper ribbon.

The version you have selected will be loaded in the Joomla editor for further modifications. Once you make the necessary changes click save to restore the version.

Deleting a version

To delete one of the Joomla article version, select the version you want to delete. Click the Delete button and the article will be deleted for good.

Note: The delete feature is great in saving data space, however, you should avoid using it as much as you can because once you “delete” a Joomla article version it's gone forever.

Using the Version note

Another incredible feature of the Joomla Content Versioning is the Version Note. The feature enables you to create short reminders of updates made on any article. You can create a version note before saving the article.

Navigate to the right sidebar of the main menu and click the Content Tab. An input box with the title Version Note will appear. Create your reminder here, then hit save.

The Version Note is very helpful since its visible inside your content versions pop up. For this reason, it's good to take time to create a version note when making your updates. This will save you a lot of time down the line.

Keeping a version forever

This option comes in a handy when you want to create a content version that cannot be deleted by users on your Joomla platform. Go to the Item Version History option and set the version Keep Forever option to Yes.


That is it! We have given you all the basics regarding the usage of the Joomla content versioning. If you are new to Joomla we hope you have benefited from the guide, and that you will have no difficulty using this cool feature.


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