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How to Disavow Bad Backlinks From an External Page Using cPanel

If you read SEO guides, you may encounter with a few things related to bad backlinks from any external website. If you check your site's backlinks, you may notice any pornographic website, which may put negative impacts on the SEO.

Removing or disavowing such backlinks is essential to maintain a good SEO score. The most important thing is to understand the concept of finding bad links.

If you care about all the search engines you have submitted your website to, you should disavow from them. But, in most of the cases, people use the Google Search Console.

Before you go further, it's vital to know the concept of finding such bad backlinks using cPanel. WordPress web hostings offer some fantastic tools you can use to run an error-free website with a decent SEO score.

In this tutorial, you're going to learn about checking all the external backlinks and disavowing them.

Use cPanel to Find Bad Backlinks

In a while, people fret when they have to deal with cPanel. Most of the people consider WordPress as a scary platform to deal with.

You should be happy to know that even a non-techie person can troubleshoot without breaking their website. Follow the step by step process.

Step 1:

Open the cPanel account and search for the Metrics' section, under which you can see an Awstats icon. Click to open.

How to Disavow Bad Links From an External Page Using cPanel

It's possible that your web hosting company provides a different cPanel template. But, most probably, you can find the convenient option.

Most of the shared hosting services have Awstats feature.

Step 2:

On this new page, you see an option to choose the domain name, for which you want to look at the bad backlinks.

How to Disavow Bad Links From an External Page Using cPanel

You can see domains and subdomains, click on the view link for your domain name.

Step 3:

You can see a lot of links under different titles. Search for "Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)."

How to Disavow Bad Links From an External Page Using cPanel

You have to scroll down a bit. Once you find it, click on the Full List link and all the links from external pages appear to you. Now, you can check the bad links.

Finding links isn't enough, you have to disavow them. The first option is to contact the site owner to remove the link. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

So, go to the next step.

Use Google Search Console to Disavow Bad Links

I hope you have made a list of bad backlinks using the above method. Now, follow the steps.

Step 1:

First of all, create a simple .txt file and paste all the URLs of bad links.

Note: Make sure you add Domain: before the website's name. Let me show you an example.

paidlinks.com becomes domain:paidlinks.com

spammylink.com becomes domain:spammylink.com

Add all the links in the text file.

Step 2:

Login to Google Search Console and open the link disavow tool. You can see an option to choose the domain name.

How to Disavow Bad Links From an External Page Using cPanel

If you have only on property, you see the domain. Otherwise, you have a drop-down menu. Click on Disavow Links.

Note: You will see a notification to point out about an advanced feature. You need to keep going.

Step 3:

On the next screen, you see an option to choose a file, select the text file you created in the previous step and click on the submit button.

You see a success message showing the links you have added. Congrats, you have successfully submitted to disavow bad backlinks to Google.

For other search engines link Bing, you can use their webmaster tools.

I Hope You Have Understood the Concept of Disavowing Bad Backlinks

The basic idea behind finding and disavowing bad backlinks is to keep your WordPress website away from having any negative impacts because of any external website.

I hope you have understood how useful cPanel can be. If you use a shared web hosting, cPanel is your first call to fix an issue.

I remember when I used to be afraid because of not having any technical skills. But as you can see, all you need is to follow the steps.


Depending on the SEO score of your WordPress site, you should check for bad backlinks on a regular basis. Sometimes, a few bad backlinks can put a significant negative impact of SEO.

Use cPanel and Google Search Console effectively.

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