How to Configure Silverlight in Plesk


Silverlight is a free plug-in powered by the .NET framework for writing rich internet applications and running them on a browser. The plugin has cut-down .NET runtime, so you don’t need to have the whole app installed to run your code. With Silverlight, developers can achieve much more that is not possible with HTML.

This article shows you how to configure Silverlight using Plesk.

How to Configure Silverlight in Plesk

Configure Silverlight

Log in to your Plesk account and click Websites & Domains. Your domains will be listed here Select the domain you wish to configure and click on Virtual Directories.

Click, on MIME Types at the top of the virtual directory page.

At the MIME types tab, click Add MIME Type.

Add the following information;

  • Under extensions, type .xaml
  • Under content, browse and select application/xaml+xml

Save your settings by clicking OK.

Under MIME Types, make sure the following extensions are configured


If you don’t see them listed in the list of extensions, click add MIME Type and add them. After setting up the extensions, click OK to save your settings. Your Silverlight is now ready.


In the above article, we have looked into how to set up Microsoft Silverlight on our Plesk. With it installed, we can create and run web applications. In summary, we open Websites & Domains choose our domain, click Virtual Directories, click MIME Types then we add extensions and content.


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