How to Change your cPanel Language

With the growth in the remote companies, millions of people have started working from their homes. Whenever you face any problem, you may also look for a freelancer to fix it.

As you know, people from the different part of the world speak different languages, so it's essential to have the friendly environment, accordingly.

While managing a website on the Linux server, you may need to change the language of cPanel. By default, when you open your cPanel account, it's in English, what if you find someone from Germany to help you, you require to change its language.

The best part is that most of the web hosting companies offer the cPanel in various languages. In this article, you're going to learn the most significant method to accomplish your task.

Do you think if there is something related to coding here? Well, all you need is to follow the step by step process, and within a minute, you can have your cPanel in a different language.

Learn to Use cPanel Effectively

Now and then, you need to use cPanel to modify any functionality for your website. Either you create a new website or migrate an existing one, you need to use cPanel.

All of your website data resides in the file manager. You may be wondering if we need to deal with the core files of your website.

Well, it doesn't matter whether your website runs on WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, or any other CMS, the language takes place for cPanel.

Follow these steps.

Step 1:

If your web hosting company offers the direct cPanel login, open it and log in. Some companies provide Account Management Panel.

How to Change your cPanel Language

Depending on the layout, you need to check the username of your cPanel at the top navigation bar. Click, and you can see an option to Change Language.

Step 2:

At this new page, you can see the default language is English, to change it, you have to choose any of the languages from the drop-down menu.

How to Change your cPanel Language

Step 3:

In this example, I have decided to use French as my default language for cPanel. Click on Change button to save the changes.

How to Change your cPanel Language

Step 4:

Once you change it, you can see everything in French. Earlier, it was Change Language in English, but now it's Modifier la langue in French.

How to Change your cPanel Language

You can try checking the home page of cPanel.

Congrats, you have successfully changed the cPanel language. Unfortunately, it's not possible to add all the languages support in cPanel, but you can easily find the major languages.

As you know, every country has tons of local languages, and it's not possible to consider them on an international platform.

I remember when someone asked if it's possible to change cPanel language to their local language.

Overall, cPanel offers enough choices which can help you maintain a good business.

Is it Difficult to Change Your cPanel's Account Language

When I started using cPanel, it was hard for me to use it for our German clients. No one had an idea that cPanel had the language change support.

Using cPanel has become so convenient. I can manage the websites independent of their origin. You know, European countries prefer to use their own language.


With a few efforts, you can leverage cPanel in a specific way. If you host your website on a shared web hosting, it's important to learn such cPanel basics.

I hope, you can quickly change the cPanel language.

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