How to Change the ASP.NET version in the Plesk Hosting Control Panel


ASASP.NET is a great tool for programmers in developing interactive web applications.  Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform which is innovative and has a user-friendly control panel that allows the server administrator to set email accounts, new websites, and DNS entries.

It is straightforward to change the ASP.NET version anytime using Plesk hosting. Different versions of ASP.NET are supported by Plesk.

In this article, we shall cover steps on how to change the ASP.NET version in the Plesk hosting control panel.

How To Change The ASP.NET Version In The Plesk Hosting Control Panel

  • Login to Plesk control panel
  • In the left side of the panel, click “Websites and Domains.”
  • All websites and domains are displayed here. Click “ASP.NET settings.”
  • Click on the Change version.
  • Choose the appropriate version that you want to change to.

Click “OK” to install the new version. The new version is successfully installed


We have covered how to change versions. Plesk allows for various versions. Use this steps in case your application needs a different version.


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