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How to Back up Your VPS on Windows Server 2016

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars. The impact is massive on large businesses, as it directly affects a significant portion of the consumer base. The small companies are also significantly affected. To solve this issue, you should back up the data of virtual machines and VPS regularly. If you are a Windows Server 2016 user, you will be able to do it pretty quickly. Thanks to the support for a large number of backup software. Here, you will find three ways of backing up your VPS on the latest version of Windows server.

Using Virtuozzo Power Panel

  1. Sign in to Virtuozzo Power Panel.
  2.  In the left side, find Container Management and click on Maintenance.
  3. Click on New Backup.
  4. Your VPS back up will be created. You can use it to restore the data whenever you want.

Using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

  1. Navigate through File > Backup. Then login using your Devolutions Cloud account.
  2. Click on View Subscription.
  3. Click on the ellipsis.
  4. Write down a unique backup name. Click on Create.

  5. Activate Online Backup by making a change in the data source. You will see the backup logo. Right now, it is green. That means, it is now activated.


By using either Virtuozzo Power Panel or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), you can back up your VPS on Windows Server 2016 pretty comfortably. However, our personal preference is the latter one.


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