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The Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type extends the email format to support text in character sets, non-text attachment, e.g. videos and message bodies with multiple parts. A web server delivers a web page to a browser and sends the MIME type of the data it is sending.This article shows you how we to add, edit and remove a MIME type using Plesk.

How to Add and Remove MIME Types on your Website using Plesk

Adding a MIME Type

Login to your Plesk control panel, click Websites & Domains and find the domain name you wish to add a MIME type.

Click Virtual Directories.

Click MIME Types.

In the MIME type page, click Add MIME Type.

Add the following information about the MIME Type;

  • In the Extension field, type the file name extension. Remember that file name extensions begin with a dot (.) or a wildcard (*) symbol.
  • In the Content field, type the content type.
  • Select a value from the list or specify a new content type. To do the later, select custom (the empty text box below content) and enter the content type in the input box provided.

Click OK to complete.

Editing a MIME Type

Login to plesk, click Websites & Domains, find the websites domain name and click virtual Directories. Find the required virtual directory and click the corresponding link. Select the MIME Types and click the required MIME type in the list. You can now edit the following;

  • Filename extension
  • File content type
  • Define a new content type by using the empty text box below content

When done, click OK to save your changes.

Removing a MIME Type

Login to the Plesk control panel, click Websites & Domains, choose your domain name and click Virtual Directories. Next, find the required virtual directory and click its link. Then select MIME Types tab. You can then proceed to select the checkboxes of the MIME type or types you want to remove.

Click Remove and save your changes by clicking OK.


In the above article, we have learnt what a MIME type is, what it does, how to add, edit and remove a MIME type. To get to the MIME type tab, we head to Websites & Domains, choose our domain, click Virtual Directories and select MIME Types.


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