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A good logo can add more ‘ flavour' to your website. As a matter of fact, logos portray your work. Some of the benefits of logos include;

  • A good logo is also memorable, and customers will instantly remember it.
  • With a good logo, your products brand will grow. Big companies use a single logo to promote their merchandise.
  • A good logo showcases your work

As a Plesk reseller, you may get requests from customers that require customised branding for their hosting and with this article, you will be able to give that to your customers.

This how-to article shows you how you can add a custom logo using Plesk.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

Getting started

First, log in to your plesk account with your username and password. Then at the left-hand side of the plesk control panel click Tools & Settings. Now, under Plesk Appearance, you will see five options:

  • Branding – you can change the logo using this setting
  • Skins and Color Schemes - you can change the way the plesk interface looks like
  • Languages – you can manage the various language packs in plesk
  • Interface Management – you can remove buttons and change the user interface (UI) here
  • Custom Buttons – you can add shortcuts to your apps using this option

Click Branding.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

A new page will open showing the various options under the branding tab.

  1. The first option is the Title of Plesk pages.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

You can change the title of your plesk pages to anything you would like, just uncheck the Use default button, add the text and click OK.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

  1. The Second option is the logo file. This option lets you add a logo file from your local computer.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

To add a new logo, simply click on Choose File and select a file then click OK. I created a logo using the free GIMP software.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

Once you have saved the logo, click the Choose file option to upload the logo to your plesk.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

Your logo should now be changed,

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

  1. The third option is the logo URL. This option is used whenever you want to link an image from a particular website to be your logo. I used the unsplash website to get a good photo of a MacBook.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

Add the link to the logo URL, and then click OK.

How to Add a Custom Logo to Plesk

Remember that you can only choose one option between adding a Logo file or Logo URL but not both. That's it; your plesk now looks more customised and has your personal touch.


In this article, we have learnt how to add our own custom logo to plesk. We have seen how;

  • We can change the titles of our plesk pages to our liking.
  • We can create a logo using any graphical editor, save it and then upload the logo to plesk.
  • We can add a URL pointing to the logo, and you will still view your logo.

Now that you have learned how to customise your plesk, you can do other things such as change the themes. Make your customers happy by giving them their look and feel of their website.

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