How To Add A "Create Article" Menu Item Type And Create A Module In Joomla 3

To be able to use Joomla 3 effectively, you have to be able to master the features of the platform. One of these features is the ability to create a Joomla menu. Joomla Menu can be described as a set of items used for navigating and structuring the website. Each of this menu items has a URL that contains codes which link it to a particular page on the website. They can also be designed with different types of setting. These include settings that manage some website attributes like the categories, page layouts and the articles on the page.

In this article, we‘ll provide you with all the information you need and the steps you need to follow to add a “Create Article” Menu Item in Joomla. This menu item gives users of Joomla platform the ability to easily write an article from the front end of the Joomla platform. This is not just for website administrators but also for the ordinary users that are not members of the admin.

This guide assumes that you have created a Login Module and that you are granted access to the front end of the website. If you have not created a module and are not sure how to create one, follow the guide at the end of this article to create one. You can also grant a particular group of people permission to carry out similar action. Follow the steps below to create an Article Menu item in Joomla:

Step 1: Login To Back End Of Your Website

The first thing you do in order to integrate a “create Article” tab is to log into the back end of your Joomla site. Proceed to the menu manager and choose the menu you wish to create and click on the button labeled “New” to generate a new menu item.

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Step 2: Select The Menu Item Type

When you have clicked on the “New” button, another menu pops up. Click on “Select” to choose the type of the menu item you want to create.  These would normally display many list of different types of menu items.

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Step 3:  Click on the “Create Article” Menu Item Type

When you click on Articles Menu Item Type, it displays a list of article category including the Create article sub menu. Click on Create Articles.

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Step 4:  Click On “Save” To Save Your Settings

Give the menu item a name and click on Save. You can use Submit An Article, for an example. This step is a very important and crucial part of the steps because after adding your title for the menu item and you do not save, your work so far would be lost. So ensure you save what you have done. The screenshot below will give you a good idea.

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Step 5: Navigate to Client-side of Your Website And Refresh The Page

Now, you have successfully finished creating your article menu, go to the front end of your site and refresh the page. To do this, click on the Refresh button. This refreshes the page so you’ll be able to see if you got the steps right or not. If you got everything right, you will see the Create Article Menu item which you have just created with the name you used to save it as shown in the screenshot below.

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How To Create A Login Modules In Joomla 3

The content management system is very widely used by lots of the Joomla users. They gain access into the admin area also known as the back end of the site. This part of the site allows them to generate and edit categories, modules, articles and also menus.

You can also create a user account log in area from the front end of the site instead of through the back-end. If you have site users, you can also add then as users and give them the permission to be able to create articles from the front end of your site like you do from the backend.  In this part of the guide, we will explain you will find step to step tips on how you can create a Login Module and boost the functionality of your site.

Step 1: Open the Module Manager

The first thing you need to do in order for you to be able to create a Login Module Type is to first login to the back end of your site, click on content and a drop-down menu would be displayed. From these lists click on Module to take you to the module manager.

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Step 2: Create New Module

When you have gained access into the Module Manager you would see a row of buttons at the top of the page, click on the “New” to create a new module and choose a module type.

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Step 3: Login To Your Module

After you‘ve created the module, scroll down till where you see the “Login”. Click on the button.

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Step 4: Create A Title

The next thing for you to do is to assign a title to the module so that you can locate your module after you have saved it. After designating the title, choose a module position which is the location where you would like to display it. To do this, use the “Menu Assignment” tab and your module would be displayed in one of the tabs according to your selection.

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Once finished, go back to the front end of the site and click on the refresh button to check if the Login Module you have created with the title you gave it and the position you selected all come out fine.  That’s all you need to create a module and add a create article menu type on your Joomla 3.

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