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Updated on October 19, 2021 1:27 PM

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting Services of 2021

Enter the world of Ruby on Rails Hosting! Get yourself a provider with a MySQL PostgreSQL database, SSH tunnels for secure data transfers, and complete 24/7 customer support.

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Ruby on Rails Hosting – The Contenders for the Best Service Around

Since its launch in 2004, Ruby on Rails has become the go-to web application framework for individuals and corporations coding in Ruby. From Airbnb to Hulu to Shopify, some of the world’s most successful businesses rely on Ruby on Rails to power their websites.

Still, an intuitive web application framework can only take you so far. In order for your Ruby on Rails-based web application to succeed you need a Ruby on Rails hosting solution that offers optimal support for the web framework.

As you look through different Ruby on Rails hosting plans, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How easy-to-use is its control panel?
  • Can you pay based on the resources you use?
  • Does it invest in security features?
  • Is it using the most recent version of Ruby on Rails?

Though other standard hosting factors, such as load speed and reliability, should influence your final decision, the above questions should help you zero in on the right Ruby on Rails host for you.

To find out more about what to search for in a Ruby on Rails host, read our expert review then follow up with our up-to-date user reviews.

What is Ruby on Rails?

A model-view-controller (MVC) framework, Ruby on Rails organizes, automates and secures your Ruby scripts in a way that requires less coding and repetition on the part of the developer.

Like other open source frameworks, Ruby on Rails is free and is supported by a robust international community of developers.

While the framework is constantly being updated and evolved by this community, Ruby on Rails can take on more complex tasks when reinforced with Ruby script packs known as gems and with Ruby applications.

Why do You Need Ruby on Rails Hosting?

For people coding their web applications using the framework, Ruby on Rails hosting is a must.

Unlike with standard hosting packages, Ruby on Rails hosting comes with tech support for Ruby on Rails – something you’ll be grateful for if and when your web application doesn’t load like it’s supposed to or if it’s exposed to a malicious Ruby gem.

It is possible to find shared hosts that offer support for Ruby on Rails. The best shared Ruby on Rails hosts makes it easy for you to customize your Rails with applications and gems.

However, your Ruby on Rails web application might be better off with a more expensive but more exclusive server plan such as cloud, VPS, or dedicated. This is partly because Ruby on Rails can take up a significant amount of resources, and it’s necessary if you think your website might draw large crowds and take up too much of the shared server resource pool.

VPS and dedicated Ruby on Rails hosting plans frequently offer root access, empowering you to choose your OS and make other changes to your server.

That said, if you don’t think you’ll need to be making that many changes to your server’s software environment, choosing a managed VPS or dedicated Ruby on Rails hosting solution lets you focus on developing your web application while your host takes care of most of your Rails maintenance and security.

What are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails Hosting?

  • It prioritizes speed. Ruby on Rails can be sluggish. Ruby on Rails hosts makes up for the framework’s lack of speed by using state-of-the-art hardware, CDN and caching so that your search engine rankings and sales don’t suffer.
  • It provides an intuitive control panel. Whether a Ruby on Rails host uses a version of cPanel or a different brand control panel, it wants to make it as easy as possible for you to customize your Ruby on Rails with gems and applications.
  • It takes security seriously. As 2012 (non-malicious) GitHub hack demonstrated, sites built on Ruby on Rails aren’t impervious to attack. While the flaw that enabled that hack may have been fixed, Ruby on Rails hosts are vigilant about updating Rails, creating backups and securing their servers.

What Factors to Consider for Ruby on Rails Hosting

  • Does it have Ruby on Rails experts on its support team? Rails experts are thinner on the ground than other scripting experts, which is why you should look for a host that actually has them on staff. Knowing there’s someone you can talk to, day or night, by phone, live chat or email, when you run into trouble with your Ruby on Rails web application can give you peace of mind.
  • How does it measure up in terms of load times? Ruby on Rails hosts use different techniques to balance out Ruby on Rails’ less than stellar runtime pace. Still, some Ruby on Rails hosts are more successful than others at getting load times up to speed. Look to our user reviews to see which Ruby on Rails hosts actually delivers on the load time front.
  • How easy is it to scale? If you have any aspirations of growing your web application, you’ll need a Ruby on Rails host that makes the scaling process simple, no matter which servers you’re planning on migrating from and to.
  • Does it offer root access? While not every developer will need root access, having the ability to configure your server can make your life easier. For instance, the Ruby Version Manager – a platform that lets you use and manage multiple versions of Ruby – can often only be installed if you have root access.

Choose the Best Ruby on Rails Web Hosting

Ruby on Rails hosting may be niche, but there are definitely a number of Ruby on Rails hosting solutions that address that niche audience with a gusto. Ready to get your Ruby on Rails web application online? See what our users are saying about the leading Ruby on Rails web hosting solutions to find the right Ruby on Rails host.


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