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$5.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: IO Zoom offers 5 different Cloud Hosting plans: Cloud 1GB, Cloud 2GB, Cloud 4GB, Cloud 8GB, Cloud 12GB. Their servers are placed in next locations: Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Secaucus. Read More

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$14.95 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: OneHost Cloud offers 3 different Cloud Hosting plans: VPS w/Cpanel, Cloud Basic, Advanced. Their servers are placed in next locations: Paris, Dallas, Melbourne. Read More

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$39.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Craig Timmins Craig Timmins: • Simple cloud hosting
• Simple shared hosting
• Affordable options
• Reliable hosting
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee
• cPanel included
• Great looking website
As you can see, this company offers you a good service, and they are quite affordable. While they are limited to just shared and cloud hosting, most people will be happy with their services.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
• Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
• Dedicated IP Address
• Choice of WHM or cPanel

Read More

Server Locations Vancouver
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$175.00 / MO
Money Back: 91 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: The cloud hosting is somewhat more expensive than you’re used to seeing, but they make sure that they use only high end hardware, so it really can be worth it. This is one of the best ways to ensure you have very reliable hosting for your company when you really can’t afford to be out of service.

You’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
• Fully Managed Cloud
• Burstable CPU Available
• Customizable Hardware Specs Read More

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$90.00 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: DialWebHosting offers 1 Cloud Hosting plan: Value Pro. Their servers are placed in Kansas City. Read More

Server Locations Kansas City
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$19.19 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: Shinjiru - Malaysia offers 4 different Cloud Hosting plans: Micro, Basic, Professional, Enterprise. Their servers are placed in Kuala Lumpur. Read More

Server Locations Kuala Lumpur
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$9.99 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days

Expert Overview :
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: With 15 datacenters strategically placed around the world to cover all of the major cities and a great cloud environment, Hostiso makes a great choice for users that are looking for highly reliable and high performance cloud compute environment.
Their support also seemed to be extremely helpful with any question we've asked them and have actually replied in less than an hour every time we've contacted them.
Hostiso prices aren't the cheapest but they are without a doubt giving a great value-for-money. Read More

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$2.99 / MO
Money Back: 15 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: HosterPlan.Com offers 6 different Cloud Hosting plans: SMART CLOUD, BUSINESS CLOUD, PROFFESIONAL CLOUD, CORPORATE CLOUD, ENTERPRISE CLOUD, EXTREM CLOUD. Their servers are placed in next locations: Moscow, Amsterdam, Florence, New York, London. Read More

HosterPlan.Com Coupons & Deals 2019

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$14.89 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: Visual Web Technologies offers 3 different Cloud Hosting plans: Economy , Value , Premium . Their servers are placed in next locations: Nuremberg, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Moscow, Amsterdam, Munich, Sydney, Vilnius, Los Angeles, Franconville, Mumbai, Delhi, Mansfield. Read More

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$24.95 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: HostUpon’s cloud hosting is based on CloudLinux technology which allows you to get more CPU, memory and disk I/O than a shared hosting plan. All of their plans include RAID disk storage, a free domain name, and free access to the Cloudflare global CDN for improved worldwide performance and security.

With HostUpon cloud servers, you also get a free cPanel control panel to manage your server and a free, easy-to-use, and mobile-ready website builder with over 700 templates in different categories. HostUpon provides 24x7 in-house support and offers several different billing cycles with increasing savings. Read More

Server Locations Toronto

Cloud Hosting in 2019 – The Contenders For the Best Service Around

Cloud hosting is revolutionizing the hosting environment, and it can be overwhelming wading through the sea of companies offering the best and brightest cloud hosting options.

Variety and choice aren’t a bad thing, but it’s worth arming yourself with a few cloud hosting facts so that you can make sense of the diverse cloud hosting possibilities the market has to offer.

In particular, consider the following critical questions as you research cloud hosting plans:

  • How reliable and fast is your website?
  • What security features does it include?
  • Does it give you access to a strong customer support team?
  • Does it offer sliding payment options?

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting uses a network of virtual servers to host a given number of websites. Unlike shared hosting, which shares the resources of one server among a group of websites, cloud hosting shifts websites between servers to improve speed and performance.

By distributing its resources across a network of servers, cloud hosting offers the flexibility you need to meet sudden changes in web traffic within a pay-as-needed system. As a managed platform, cloud hosting providers address the bulk of security and infrastructure server concerns, leaving you to focus on your website itself.

Why do You Need Cloud Hosting?

Personal websites, blogs and even micro-businesses are probably fine sticking with the limited, low-budget pooled resources that shared hosting provides. However, small and medium businesses that are growing their audiences should start looking at cloud hosting solutions.

Choosing cloud hosting means choosing a more expensive hosting plan, but with good reason. Instead of fighting with other websites over one server’s restricted resources, cloud hosting’s network of servers gives you a broad resource base that can support whatever your back-end has to throw at it.

Security is of paramount importance to you but also to your customers, who are becoming increasingly protective of their online privacy and safety. Cloud hosting is inherently safer than shared hosting because your website is not reliant on one server’s hardware and software.

At the same, cloud hosting platforms boost server protection with features like internal firewalls and data encryption, leaving you in charge of minor security procedures on your end.

Cloud hosting can be especially cost-effective for retailers and other industries that run seasonal promotions and special offers. Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting has a pay-per-service feature that lets you easily access and simply pay for more resources as you need them.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

Before getting started with Cloud hosting, you should know what you have to look forward to. Partnering with one of the best Cloud hosting services will give you a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved speed and more reliable uptimes: Consumers are looking for ultra-fast, ultra-smooth experiences, and you want a hosting service that can guarantee both. Thanks to a cadre of servers, hosting companies can detect where your traffic is from and switch you to more local servers which will boost your load times.

Similarly, they can also switch you out to another server in the event of a malfunction or a security threat to a particular server.

  • Managed server takes the stress off you: No matter how adept you are at handling your cPanel, security and software maintenance can be time consuming. Managed cloud services take care of a lot of the day-to-day upkeep, routinely updating their servers’ software to keep servers humming along.

Cloud hosting companies additionally keep your site safe behind-the-scenes with features like SSH access, data encryption, server firewalls and frequent backups.

  • Scaling made simple: When it comes to cloud hosting, flexibility is the name of the game. Many providers give you the option of only paying for the resources you’re using instead of a steady fee. This adaptable payment scheme allows you quick access to extra bandwidth and data storage when you need it but stops you from losing money when your website or websites are getting less traffic.
  • Go Green: Cloud hosting platforms typically utilize state-of-the-art servers that consistently use less electricity.

What Factors to Consider for Cloud Hosting

It’s important to do a little research before you select a hosting provider. While it’s tempting to choose according to the catchiest slogan or least expensive plans, take a moment to consider a few key questions. Here are some of the features to factor in before choosing a hosting platform.

  • Does it offer robust security?
    A significant part of cloud hosting’s allure is the added level of security it provides by not attaching your website to one particular server. Still, when you’re browsing for a cloud hosting provider take a moment to look into its security features and make sure it’s got you covered in terms of malicious attacks and unscheduled service disruptions.
  • How simply can it scale?
    One of the key benefits of cloud hosting should be your ability to scale with ease on a per-needs basis. A good indicator of whether a cloud hosting platform is right for you is whether it offers simple auto-scaling options for an affordable fee.
  • How does it perform on loading and uptime tests?
    Cloud hosting’s distributed network of servers is supposed to help your website shine in terms of page load times and very low downtimes. You can and should be picky about load times down to the last millisecond – in the wide world of web, these seemingly infinitesimal differences in speed are going to set your apart from the competition. The same thing goes for uptimes – the best providers are going to be promising and providing upwards of 99.9% on average.
  • Does it offer strong support?
    Because cloud hosting takes care of a lot of your website’s security and infrastructure, you’re really going to want tech support that knows what it’s doing and is transparent about what’s going on. try to find a cloud hosting service that gives you 24/7/365 support via a number of channels.

Choose the Best Cloud Web Hosting

Opting for cloud hosting is a sign that you’re ready to expand your business and take your web presence seriously. With cloud you have the ability to scale easily at a moment’s notice, while the cloud hosting provider takes charge of a lot of the more mundane back-end maintenance.

Still, not all cloud hosting services were created equal. To find the best cloud hosting platform for you, check out our cloud hosting reviews and find the right platform to set your business up for success. provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.

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