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Updated on July 25, 2021 11:30 AM

Best Blog Hosting Services of 2021

Discover the top-rated blog hosting providers with one-click integrations, analytics tools, and optimization features to launch your website in no time.

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Blog Hosting – The Contenders for the Best Service Around

Whether you’re an individual or a business, blogging is the perfect way to share your thoughts or expertise and attract a loyal readership.

However, even if you have unique insights to share and a way with words, your blog won’t go anywhere without a hosting provider. While you may think that any hosting provider will do to house your words, the truth is that when it comes to blog hosting, there are specific factors that can change your and your readers’ entire experience of the blog.

Here are a few metrics to look out for when browsing for a new blog host:

  • Does it offer a drop-and-drag website builder?
  • Is it managed or self-service?
  • Does it provide an intuitive control panel?
  • Are free SSL certificates included in its plans?

There are other factors that should ultimately influence which blog host to choose, but the above questions are a good starting point in singling out worthwhile blog hosting solutions.

What are Blogs?

Originally called Web-Logs, blogs surged into the public consciousness in the mid-90s as an inexpensive way to publish personal views and distribute them to a wide audience.

Since then, the blogging industry has grown at an exponential rate, reaching over 1.5 billion blog accounts and counting. Today’s blogs cover a wide range of topics, from lifestyle to politics to DIY and beyond.

From a business perspective, blogs are an important cog in the greater marketing machine. Not only do frequently updated blogs help you climb the search engine rankings, they can also be a key component in building a fan base and driving conversions.

Why do You Need Blog Hosting?

At the most basic level, blog hosting is a necessity because, like with any website, without a host and its server your blog won’t have anywhere to be published online.

Some websites, such as news sites and Medium, allow you to host your blog on their platform for free and tap into their established audiences.

The downside of posting on these free hosting platforms is that they often have restrictions on marketing and selling. Moreover, because they usually only offer a limited feature profile and a subdomain, they don’t empower you to build your brand as a blog hosted on your own website would.

Finally, web hosting solutions geared towards bloggers understand that, for the most part, bloggers aren’t developers. To that end, managed blog hosts design their plans to leave the bulk of back-end maintenance of both the blogging platform and the server with the host.

Without having to worry about software updates and configurations, you can focus on what you do best: content.

What are the Benefits of Blog Hosting?

  • Your back-end is taken care of. There’s a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes so that your blog is always quickly accessible. In addition to automatically updating the software your blog is built on, managed blog hosts optimize the server your blog is hosted on for enhanced security and speed to deliver a seamless browsing experience for your readers.
  • It’s cost effective. Unless you’re already a mega-influencer, chances are that shared hosting – as opposed to more expensive options like VPS or dedicated - should be enough for your traffic needs. Many blog hosts offer seamless scaling options so that you can easily upgrade to an affordable plan with larger resources as your readership grows.
  • You have access to top-notch features. Most blog hosting solutions come with a range of features to help your blog soar. Unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free domain, SEO tools, mobile responsiveness, free SSL certificates, 1-click script installs and drag-and-drop website builders are just some of the tools blog hosts provide to help you easily create exceptional blogs.

What Factors to Consider for Blog Hosting

  • Do you need a managed blog host? If you know a lot about content but very little about coding, a managed blog hosting service can make sure your website is running is smoothly by updating the plugins, widgets and software you’re using. Managed blog hosts also largely take charge of server updates and configurations so that your blog is always online and quick to load.
  • Does it come with a free drag-and-drop web builder? Especially for bloggers with no programming background, it’s critical to choose a blog host that lets you build a beautiful website quickly just by pointing and clicking. The look and feel of your website are a huge part of your blog and your brand, so seek out hosts that are generous with the themes, widgets and plugins they offer.
  • How fast and reliable is it? Faced with ever-shrinking attention spans, your blog needs to load incredibly quickly to stay competitive. It’s not enough to look for blog hosts that promise the moon in terms of bandwidth, SSD storage, CDNs or data center locations. Check user reviews for speed and uptimes and take the service out for a test drive before you sign any contracts.
  • Is expert support readily available? Even with managed blog hosts that offer an in-depth knowledge bases, you will at some point encounter a problem or problems that you can’t resolve on your own. Blog hosts that offer around the clock support 365 days a year and that only employ support staff with a solid background in coding and web hosting are the way to go.

Choose the Best Blog Web Hosting

If blog hosting sounds like it’s the right fit for you, the next step is to find a blog host that meets your specific requirements and expectations. To find the best blog hosting solutions, read our user reviews and see how well leading blog hosts’ performances measure up to their promises.

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