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Customer score for Wholesale Internet

  • Reliability
    4.1 / 10
  • Pricing
    6.4 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.4 / 10
  • Support
    4.0 / 10
  • Features
    4.2 / 10

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Morgan Giddings
Morgan Giddings
United States
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing6
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

Worthless support when you need it

Service used: Dedicated Server
They are running outdated equipment that is flaky. A small update to our OS made it "incompatible" with the hardware. Or so it seemed.

When we filed support requests to get help, they gave us a really hard time about running an...Read More
Prabhu kumar
Prabhu kumar
  • Reliability6
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features4

Everything is good except the support

Service used: Dedicated Server
I will not write too long. Just remember one thing that they have useless support. It doesn't matter what you want. They will always with nothing. An answer which doesn't contain your solution. I know they provide unmanaged hosting. But still... at least provide us support for servers.
Giuseppe Ruccolo
Giuseppe Ruccolo
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing2
  • User Friendly2
  • Support2
  • Features2

The worst hosting around

Service used: Dedicated Server
Do not use Wholesaleinternet, they don't offer any kind of tech support and their network is the worst around.
Had a problem with my server (it was unreacheable) and they was unable to help me (at all!).
Basically, i lost my server with all data in.
Well it's a unmanaged service...if you locked yourself out there's nothing they can do..
Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann
United States
  • Reliability2
  • Pricing8
  • User Friendly6
  • Support4
  • Features6

You get what you pay for...

Service used: Dedicated Server
So I tried a $20 server with so much more in resources than I even needed to host a simple Shoutcast streaming server. The box literally had nothing else on it but the control panel software and MRTG for graphing. When it works it...Read More
Sandeep Bhuiya
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Best Class Server and Support

Service used: Dedicated Server
Moved from Online.net
You won't believe it or considered as fake, I'm paying 10$ for an Intel i5 + 16 gb Dedicated server + 1 tb HDD even i was surprised too - my rented server got into some issue and i contacted them for the check and withing 5 mins i...Read More

Typical Wholesale Internet Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Dedicated Server $10.00 - $89.00 4 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from www.wholesaleinternet.net

Wholesale Internet Expert Review 2021

Written by: Michael Lavnduski

Wholesale Internet Rating

  • Reliability
    9 / 10
  • Pricing
    9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    8 / 10
  • Features
    7 / 10
Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Focused on Dedicated Servers since 1999

Wholesale Internet has been offering affordable dedicated servers for web hosting since 1999. They are based in Kansas City, MO, and in 2008 opened a larger, more advanced facility to meet the growing need. Their datacenter provides excellent features that will help to keep servers up and running smoothly without any trouble. It has fully redundant cooling systems, three sources of power, and much more to allow servers to operate in an ideal environment.

Their main focus is offering dedicated servers that are fast and powerful, but still as affordable as possible. They have also expanded their offerings to include virtual private servers (VPS) for those who are looking for that option. The website they operate seems a little simplistic, or even out of date in some areas, but it does display the information clearly so those shopping for hosting won’t have any trouble finding what they need.

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent Reputation for Stability

The hardware and transfer connections are known for being very stable. They don’t have an uptime guarantee at all, which may be a concern for many people, but it is unlikely that there will be any sort of outage on that end. Since you are responsible for managing your own software, however, that could cause stability issues if you don’t do things properly. You’ll also be responsible for monitoring your own systems, which is something that is taken care of by the hosting company for managed servers. When done properly, however, the stability is very strong.


Quality Features for Affordable Dedicated Servers

All the different features are listed in one big table on the website. They seem to go out and find the most affordable servers possible for their customers because they have lots of different types available. You can choose from servers with AMD processors, or those with Intel. They also have lots of different hard drive sizes, processor speeds, RAM amounts and types, and much more. Their available servers changes on a regular basis based on what they have available at any given time.

Wholesale Internet appears to acquire new servers, configure them for hosting, and then have them available for users once they are ordered. This makes it possible to have a dedicated server ready to go within minutes of making an order. One important feature of this company is that they offer unmanaged servers. This means you will be responsible for things like installing software, rebooting servers, and more.


Good Support for Hardware Issues

The technical support teams are available to work on any issues you have with the hardware in the servers themselves. They can replace parts, check power, and more. If you have an issue with the software or configuration, on the other hand, you are left on your own to figure out how to fix it.


Low Costs for Unmanaged Servers

For US based dedicated servers, this company has some of the lowest prices around. Despite the low costs, the quality is still quite good in terms of the hardware you will have access to. For just $10 per month you can get an Intel Core2Duo server with 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM, and 250GB SATA hard drive space. The prices gradually go up as the hardware specs improve. Currently the highest end option is $999 per month for 8 CPU Xeon E7-2850 machine. That is 8 physical CPUs, not just 8 cores. It has a total of 80 cores, 1 TB of Ram and a 16TB drive.

Just keep in mind that the cost is for the hardware and data transmission only. These are unmanaged servers so you will need to do all your own software management, and troubleshooting. This will be difficult for those who don’t have a lot of experience working on this type of thing.

User Friendly

Friendly for Experienced IT Professionals

The website for this company is fairly simplistic and in places even appears to be outdated. It is still easy to find the information that is needed when you need it. Once you get signed up, you will be largely left on your own to make sure everything is working. This is because these are unmanaged servers rather than managed, which is what most people are used to. If there is a suspected hardware issue with a server, you can get in touch with the technical support team easily enough and they will investigate quickly to help ensure the servers themselves are up and running normally.


Easy & Affordable Dedicated Servers

If you need a dedicated server and know how to manage it on your own, this is a great company to consider. They have been providing high quality services for a very long time, and have a great reputation for quality. If you don’t know how to do things like manage software, install updates, perform backups, and other important tasks, however, you’ll want to go with another company that provides managed services.


  • Very Affordable Servers
  • Easy to Understand Feature Lists
  • Well-Established Company


  • No Shared Hosting
  • No Option for Managed Servers
Read the full expert review Visit Wholesale Internet See plans & pricing

Wholesale Internet Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
Intel Core2Duo Preconfigured 250 GB 4 GB $10.00 5.8
AMD 248 Preconfigured 250 GB 4 GB $10.00 4.6
Dual Xeon 5639 4TB Preconfig 3.91 TB 32 GB $56.00 3.6
Opteron 6234 Preconfigured 120 GB 64 GB $89.00 4.6
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Server Locations

Kansas City

A few words from Wholesale Internet

Wholesale Internet is a budget dedicated server provider located in the middle of USA with instant access servers starting at just $10.

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