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Kim Greenwood

Pinned Review

Kim Greenwood,
I have been with WebHostingPad for about 6 years and their service has improved to an excellent standard from a few years ago. I currently have 3 hosting plans with them and have had others in the pas...Read Moret. Support requests are handled very quickly and I have never had an unresolved issue. No issues with uptime. Highly recommend!Less


David Patterson
David Patterson from United States,

BUYER BEWARE- LOTS of downtime

I originally signed up with these guys 5 years ago for multiple smaller clients for our digital marketing agency.. after the first year we started having issues with random down times of the service.... they kept having to reset t...Read Morehe server..... I also noticed when I did speed tests the websites on their service were the slowest numbers I had seen with any other hosting company..... so if you want the slowest websites, more downtime than they promise, slow customer service, and auto renewal of your account you haven’t used in years... these are your guys LOL..... I would never recommend these people... for any service.!!

I use a cloud hosting package with another company and I’ve had wonderful speed and service for not much more.... do your research and don’t waste your time here!!
Jamie Vance
Jamie Vance,
Appears this client called in and mentioned they moved hosting over 5 years ago. They also mentioned that they saw the email renewal notices which include cancellation instructions, however the cancellation process was disregarded...Read More. Since the cancellation was not submitted prior to the renewal the account was automatically renewed. Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds or pro-rated refunds on account renewals as stated in our terms of service.
This review does not accurately describe our services as this client threatened to post a negative review unless we provided a refund.
Alex A
Alex A from Australia,

terrible service - useless support - slow system

after using their shared hosting (unlimited domain) as a pre-paid annual customer for 1.5 years (yes 18 months) suddenly and without warning i was unable to get basic network functions working correctly. It appeared to be a networ...Read Morek issue and routing problem.

after filling out multiple support tickets i had to wait days for a response.
... and that response (and all those that followed) were completely useless - no help at all.

it was evident they had not even READ my support tickets before replying.

they quickly became rude and obnoxious.

DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE! - if you do, you'll end up regretting it. I cancelled my account even with 6 months pre-paid left on it.
Hi Alex,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience.

I'm not sure what kind of network issues you were facing, but I'm sorry you felt our support team were unable to help. We try our best but sometimes there are still errors i...Read Moren communication and misunderstandings.We do read every ticket and try to explain what's happening in simple and easy-to-understand terms so that we can move forward in resolving your problem.

I'm sorry you decided to switch away before we could help you resolve your issue. We wish you luck with your new host.
Jennie L
Jennie L from Norway,

Awful webhost

The tales I could tell of this company...

First of all, I've been with webhostingpad.com for a number of years and I have experienced the exact same thing as Angry J, Joe B, total mess and others under here.

1. Very poor upt...
First of all, their uptime is not at all what they advertise and it has grown increasingly worse over the years. I ran a webshop on my main domain and in the end it was down at least once a week. I think they reduced their server capacity over time, because things just got worse and worse, not better and better.

2. Technical support lie about downtime and other issues
Their support personnel lie about technical issues. They will not admit that your website has been down at all. Normally, they just wait with responding until they fix the issue backend, and they they write back innocently "it looks fine with us. Please reload." And then of course they have fixed the issue. The same applies to change of servers, changes of domain settings, unwanted upgrades and similar. They will deny that it has happened unless and until you present them with hard evidence.

3. Blacklisted servers and email addresses
Most of the time while I was at webhostingpad.com the emails would be refused by yahoo and AOL recipients. Sometimes even gmail. Their servers were blacklisted all the time. I just assumed that most of their other customers were spammers.

4. Server breakdowns - loss of data
Expect sudden server breakdowns. This happened several times, but the worst time was in 2019, when the server my domains were hosted on broke down and webhostingpad.com suddenly moved all the domains to a new server. There was no prior warning and they did not take backups first. They managed to recover most of the domains from 2 year old backups, but no changes over the past 2 years were ever recovered and I had to reinstall everything myself. Some websites were also lost for good.

5. Shared servers with very limited server capacity
Webhostingpad.com have very low server capacity and especially strict CPU limitations. This problem has become worse over the years. I run an small webshop with a wordpress/woocommerce installation on it, with a couple of hundred visitors per day, and in 2020 this has become too much for webhostingpad.com. In the end they demanded that I either restrict geographic access to the website (in fact they just locked almost all countries out without asking me) or move the website away, citing CPU 'abuse'. According to their more recent TOS, you as a customer are only 'allowed' to use 10 % of the available CPU capacity on their server at any time. The problem is of course that you as the website owner cannot control sudden spikes in CPU (since you do not control how many people visit your website throughout the day) - whereas it would be easy for for webhostingpad.com to just limit each account's CPU usage. But they won't do that.

6. Very very very poor customer service - like, weaponsgrade poor
When I told webhostingpad.com that I would not allow geographical restrictions to access to my website, they just took down the website. This caused a loss of all sales and a heavy hit search-engine wise. In addition, it caused all emails associated with the website to stop working, so I was not able to answer emails from my customers and - even more importantly - not able to transfer the domain away, since I needed access to one of the domain email accounts to complete 2-step verification to access my ordinary registrar. Whatever you do - never register an important domain with webhostingpad.com.

I sent countless emails to their customer service asking them to at least give me access to the email accounts. However, one of the admin people was so angry because I had refused the geographical restrictions to my website (I sell products globally, so i could not agree to that) that he refused to answer any more emails. He also refused the others to answer my emails. In the end he started deleting tickets in webhostingpad.com's admin panel. Desperate as I was to move both the domain and the website away from them they refused the necessary help.

In the end I had to register a new account with another registrar using an independent email address and transfer the domain to that account. Then webhostingpad.com refused to expedite the transfer their end, so I had to wait for the required 5 days to get the website up and running again - this was in one of my best sales months throughout the year. I lost significant amounts of money.

Conclusion: If you are a spammer with no need for uptime or visitors, this may just be the webhost for you. However, if you run a legitimate business, expect endless trouble. I do not even think webhostingpad.com are able to host ordinary websites with visitors any longer now in 2020. Their server limitations seem to have gone through the roof. I would never have stayed so long with them if I had not abhorred the idea of moving my websites so much. And whatever you do, don't keep a domain that is important to you with them. You may just lose it and you may definitely lose the website on it.
Ivan K
Ivan K from United States,


DO NOT USE WebHostingPad.com They have POOR support, the online tools are not intuitive and hard to use. They have a NO REFUNDS POLICY!!! I was a customer for 8 years (2010 - 2018), and my hosting and domain got AUTO-renewed. When...Read More I called to cancel the customer service quoted some messed up policy of NO REFUNDS after the first 30 days of being their customer, which was 8 years ago! DO NOT BUY anything from WebHostingPad!!! VERY UNETHICAL POLICY!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!Less
I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. I'm uncertain which online tools you are referring to, but we have chosen cPanel, Weebly, and similar products for their ease of use, as they are the best the industry has to offer. If you were...Read More having trouble using them, you were welcome to contact us anytime for help.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for domain names because domains are controlled by our registrar. Domains are like copyrights - once you have registered a domain for a selected period of time, you are listed as the owner of that domain until it expires. We cannot change this, nor can we change the fact that our registrar will not refund any payments made for domains. I am sorry that whoever you were speaking to was not forthcoming or clear with the reason why we cannot offer refunds for domain renewals. You still own the domain names, and no one else can register them while they are registered to you.

We do include instructions in every invoice reminder about how to cancel your services if you would not like them to renew, which you were welcome to do so anytime. We include these instructions in part because of the way domain registrations work, and the fact that they cannot be changed once registered. I'm sorry you feel this is unethical, but given the circumstances with domain registrations, it is the best we can do to provide instructions and assistance upfront before such a situation arises.

If you would like to further discuss this matter, please contact us via billing@webhostingpad.com.
Wait! I understand the "no refunds" for the domain name and I did not ask for those $15 back. What should have been refunded is the 2-year hosting of $135 or so. This is just wrong. I contacted two different persons via email and ...Read Morespoke with one of them over the phone. I am glad you read your reviews and reply to them. What you should do, however, is contact me and refund me for the 2 years of hosting, which I will not use. Also, you should change your policy on that - it is simply unethical - a highway robbery.Less
Aaron Bergman
Aaron Bergman from United States,

Used to be good but not anymore (IMO)

I was a customer for several years but they have raised their prices so high that they are no longer competitive in the market. I canceled my service with them and had my website transferred to another host. Webhostingpad continue...Read Mored to bill me against my wishes and refused to refund me. They then turned over the matter to a collection agency and I have turned it over to my attourney. Shop around - you will find a better company to deal with.Less
Hi Aaron,

I\'m sorry to hear you\'re unhappy with our pricing. We have not raised our prices significantly in the last few years, if at all, but I understand there can be some confusion between the introductory offer and the re...Read Moregular rates, which are a little higher than the special offer you would receive when first signing up.

With that said, I would recommend you look into some of the regular or renewal rates for competing hosts, as those rates are usually much higher than our regular rates. Most hosts, including us, will require that services be cancelled in order to stop billing. Our cancellation forms are set to automatically cancel any invoices associated with the cancelled service immediately, so no billing continues to occur.

I am sorry we weren\'t able to meet your hosting needs.
Aaron Bergman
Aaron Bergman,
Your response is complete BS. I did cancel the service but you refused to refund my money and billed my credit card against my wishes. I did a chargeback and now you have turned the matter over to a collection agency. Your company...Read More is low class (in my opinion) and it appears you are desperate to scavenge money any way possible. I hope you and everyone at your company rots in Hell.Less
Sergio Monteiro
Sergio Monteiro,
After the introductory offer I renew the services from WebHostingPad, I did not notice any extraordinary increase, perhaps the cost stay the same as the introductory, but I am not sure. I am sure that there was no significant inc...Read Morerease, this I can guarantee. On a side note, it is attorney, not attourney. My opinion about you is that you are either malicious or scattered mind and do not know what you do.Less
Aaron Bergman
Aaron Bergman,
You are obviously an employee of WebHostingPad. You have my sympathies...
I am a retired professor of physics that currently runs a high-tech company. No, I am not an employee of WebHostingPad. On the other hand, I wonder why you came up with this idea that people write pro and con because of their af...Read Morefiliation. Your negative opinion about WebHostingPad is certainly against my approximately 10 years experience with the site.Less
Aaron Bergman
Aaron Bergman,
...and I wonder why you think your opinion matters to anyone but yourself. Also, you have horrible grammar for someone that claims to be a professor.
Linda Ros
Linda Ros from Iceland,

They lost 16 years of data

Their SQL raid unit became corrupt during a weekly raid verification.

I lost all my sql databases.

All my websites.

The oldest one was since 2004.

Last year they migrated servers. The databases got corrupt. They had a ...Read Morebackup then though.

They say my data wasn't backed up because it was over 1 GB, their plan says they back up 3 GB.

How about warning people and offer them to add on a backup plan?!

Now, everything is lost.
I'm sorry you had a negative experience with our services. Unfortunately despite efforts to protect against data loss, errors like this can still occur and cause problems for our users. We do take weekly backups for this reason, b...Read Moreut due to space limitations we have a cap on the account size for our emergency backups.

This is generally why we recommend users keep their own backups, especially if they are managing multiple sites or a lot of data. We also offer our Premium Backup Service for similar reasons, which bypasses the 3GB limit and ensures a backup will be available if users do not keep their own backups. We do recommend this service in the order form and client area.

I apologize that we were unable to find a solution in your case, but we cover data loss in our terms of service you agreed to upon sign-up (https://www.webhostingpad.com/terms/) and recommend users follow the 3-2-1 backup rule as general best practice.
Hector Salazar
Hector Salazar from United States,


I started using this service at the end of November 2015. I had no problems for two months. In February I began experiencing frequent down time which slowly progressed and became more frequent. Now it is nearly May and my service ...Read Moreis down more often than not. The company offers a ridiculous 99% up time guarantee. Basically what they are offering is if you experience a years worth of bad service they will give you a months worth of bad service for free. You are better off staying away from this company.Less
Harry L
Harry L from Canada,

Stay away, never sign up with them

Webhosting Pad is the most terrible hosting company. I signed up a 3-year hosting plan (with a free 1 year domain) with Webhosting Pad on Aug 05, 2016. It's a unlimted plan, but I only got 10G web space. They promised 30 day refun...Read Mored guarantee , but they only let my website SLOWLY work for the first month, after the first month I was unable to login to my cpanel and website was down.
After my cpanel and website completely stopped working on Sept 09, 2016, I contacted Webhosting Pad to request account cancellation with refund , but Web Hosting Pad refused to refund me and suspended my account! I paid $71.64USD for a 3 year hosting plan, but the server only SLOWLY worked for the first month, then completely stoped working. They suspended my account but took my money. Now, I lost $71.64USD, and got nothing from Webhosting Pad.
Webhosting Pad is the most terrible hosting company! STAY AWAY FROM THIS CCOMPANY! SAVE YOUR MONEY!
Hello Harry

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. The reason your account was suspended is because you disputed the payment with PayPal.

We do offer unlimited hosting space. As outlined in our terms of service that you agree...Read More to when signing up, we have disk space quotas on each account that starts at 10GB. If you find you're using up most of your disk space and need more we will increase it free of charge. This allows us to make more efficient use of the server's disk space because the vast majority of customers will never reach that initial 10GB quota.

I'd be happy to have a member of our support team work with you to make sure that your account is running up to your standard. We, of course, want to make sure your website is available and running efficiently at all times.
I agree with you , i have exactly the same problems with them.....sick and tired ..so i am paying somone now to move my site to another host provider....very embarrassing and lost credibility with my clients

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert


WebHostingPad: Exciting Features for Small-to-Medium Websites

WebHostingPad hosts more than 300,000 domains worldwide. They offer their clients 99.9% uptime, solid hardware, lots of exciting tools, and a decent set of unlimited options: web storage, bandwidth, domains, MySQL database amounts and email accounts. The pricing policy can be as low as $1.99/month.

Why Choose WebHostingPad?

  • Important unlimited features
  • Intensified security
  • Low prices
  • Stable 24/7 Support

Want to know if WebHostingPad is right for you?

Let's check it out.

Read More
Rated by Eliran Ouzan
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Questionable Uptime, Good Security

Just like many other companies, WebHostingPad promises that your project will run well 99.9% of the server functioning time. The analysis of their own website shows they're 99.98% online. This is quite a good result. However, a quick glance through any user forum will reveal that 40% of user reviews complain about the regular downtime and just as many users complain about unexpected suspensions. While they promise a compensation in case of long offline periods, there is no way to verify the claim.

Site security comes through the use of extra-secure datacenters located in Chicago, safe hardware, 24/7 server monitoring, and regular backups. Generally, WebHostingPad appears trustworthy.


Plans Stuffed with Great Features

As mentioned, WebHostingPad has a nice set of unlimited features, includin bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases, email accounts, hosted domains. All these are available without any limits; however, the fine print indicates that you will need to telephone the company to request more bandwidth as the need arises. It is always a good rule of thumb to go over the fine print very carefully when purchasing any hosting plan.

You also will get a free domain name, a website builder, and about $200 for marketing. The package looks really appealing, especially if you need to stick to a budget.

It is also worth pointing out that WebHostingPad has strong script support, great security scanners, and free customized error pages. However, you should bear in mind that many important tools like eCommerce widgets, SSL certificate, advanced spam filters, or advanced web stats are available only in the more expensive Power Plan Plus offers—which cost almost twice as much.

Feature Description
Disk Space You get unlimited hard-drive storage with each and every WebHostingPad plan.
Bandwidth You must call and request more bandwidth as the need arises.
Website Builder Their own free website builder is included into every plan.
Email Accounts No limits for emails and many related services. Webmail client is also included.
Shopping Carts Only OS Commerce Shopping Cart available through the more expensive package.
Stats Log files and website stats for everyone. Advanced stats are available for Power Plan Plus clients.
MySQL databases No limits for MySQL databases — host as many as you need.
FTP Account Can be managed through cPanel. I haven't found any info regarding limits.
Multiple Domains Yep, no limits again! This is specially great if you want to host several websites at once.


Quick Responses

The support center of WebHostingPad seems to offer everything you may need: 24/7 live chat, email support, and phone lines. Many materials are also available for self-study. However, there are no educational videos, which could have been more convenient for some.

Additionally, many users complain that while customer support has a fairly fast response time, the quality of the actual support varies from par to poor.

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Toll-free phone number
  • 24/7 email support
  • Decent knowledge base
  • Poor News page
  • No blog or forum
  • No video tutorials
  • Poor support quality


Nice Discounts for 2-Year Purchases

The pricing policy of WebHostingPad is decent. You can get a good set of features for the moderate price of $3.99. However, there's a really good way to save some cash: if you make a 2, 3, 4 or 5-year purchase, your discounts may reach 50%.

You will see some additional offers during the signup process, so make sure to look closely and avoid the extra costs. However, the extras they offer are quite nice if you need them. You can get domain privacy and faster hard drives for only 2$/month, so if you'd like to enable these services, don't hesitate. Don't forget about the 30 day money back guarantee offered by WebHostingPad.

User Friendly

Capable Datacenter

This web host's packages include cPanel, which is one of the most popular control panels for efficient web hosting management. It includes important tools to help you create and maintain a good website for your needs.

The actual WebHostingPad website is also quite convenient: the signup process is easy and all of the functions that you need are always at hand. However, many important features that will improve your website's user-friendliness are available only with the more expensive packages.


WebHostingPad is a solution for small-to-medium web projects. They offer you a great set of features and fantastic discounts for multi-year purchases. However, don't forget that they only have Shared and VPS plans, so if you make long-term orders these packages may turn out to be less than enough for your project in a couple of years.


    • Endless bandwidth, storage, etc.
    • Impressive support and security
    • Attractive prices
    • $200 Marketing bonuses
    • Free domain name included


      • Self-study materials could be better
      • Possible extra fees during sign-up process
      • Only Shared and VPS packages
      • Site maintenance drags uptime down
      • Unexpected suspensions
      • Poor support quality

WebHostingPad Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Power Plan Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $1.99 7.8 Details
Power Plan Plus Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.99 8.5 Details
WordPress Basic Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 5 $2.99 9.0 Details
WordPress Pro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 10 $3.99 8.1 Details
WordPress Premium Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 25 $5.99 5.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Beginner 20 GB - 1 GB $29.95 8.1 Details
Professional 80 GB - 2 GB $34.95 9.6 Details
Premium 160 GB - 4 GB $49.95 8.1 Details

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