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Webdock Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Webdock

Webdock is a developer friendly VPS hosting environment with very high limits, supercharged with Linux Containers, speedy hardware and blazing fast SSD disks running ZFS. Webdock servers all come with free backups, free email forwarding, free transactional emailing, free SSL (https) certificates and more.

We have a custom-built administration panel aimed at developers and no...Read Morevices alike. You get your own IPV4 address and full root access to your server. Software on Webdock servers is on the bleeding edge and configured "just right" so that all common CMS systems and frameworks work right out of the box. Webdock comes with easy Wordpress management tools and you can secure a Wordpress installation and protect it from hacks in a snap.

Webdock is monitored 24/7 and is DDOS protected. You can set up alerts for your own servers and be notified immediately if something goes wrong. We guarantee performance on all our servers, as we actively monitor and keep our platform clean. Often we will be able to notify you of hacks as they happen. Using our easy snapshotting functionality it is easy to roll back your server to a previous state.

Webdock is GDPR-compliant and business friendly with various SLA options and features aimed at working in large teams.
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Money Back: Anytime

Pricing Range

VPS $0.00 - $52.42
Cloud Hosting $3.27


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Webdock Awards

Bruno Silva

Pinned Review

Bruno Silva,
Great and quick support with very good prices and performance. Had a question regarding ubuntu setup, and the support helped me very quickly. The VPS price/specs ratio are very good.
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Service Used
Edinson Santa Cruz
Edinson Santa Cruz from Peru,

I am very satisfied with webdock

I am using it recently but the truth is that I am very satisfied with webdock, it is easy to use, if you have questions they answer you quickly and the performance is very good, so I recommend it.
Douglas McConnachie
Douglas McConnachie from United Kingdom,

Extremely Good Service

I've been using Webdock for over a year and I'm very happy with the service. Excellent server performance and uptime for a cost effective price. The level of support is phenomenal and I would like to take the time to thank Arni Jo...Read Morehannesson personally for his assistance.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and fire up an instance to try the service for yourself.
Jonas Christian Hansen
Jonas Christian Hansen from Denmark,

Webdock has my back:)

I am the owner of a small digital agency and I host around 80 client sites through Webdock. I have a fairly limited knowledge of server setups and hosting when it comes to the deeper technical side of things. So in the cases where...Read More my developers are not available I can manage to take critical actions like performing a server restart, backup, setup SSL etc. myself through the super easy interface of Webdock. The support is also superb though I rarely have to use it. I am sleeping much better at night as Webdock is monitoring and taking great care of all of my clients sites.Less
Martin Mahs
Martin Mahs from Denmark,

Great features and top level support

We have a few servers running with Webdock for about a year now and I really struggle to find anything negative at all.
Guides are awesome and well-written (And there are a lot of guides to get a windows newbie started on a Linux...Read More VPS environment) and customer service is just from another planet. You know they don't mess around, when they answer your stupid questions on a sunday evening, and they take time to help you directly on your server with nu fuss.
We are no longer even considering Azure for small to medium scale frontend apps anymore - this is almost equally scalable, but far cheaper and with much much better support.
Stefan Fodor
Stefan Fodor from Romania,

It's really a perfect server

The servers are fast, easy to configure and blazing fast to create(no clue how they do it).

After moving a project to the Webdock infrastructure, from one of the other providers out there, I could notice a significant improveme...Read Morent in loading times, just by running the out of the box Web server image configuration they provide.

Probably the best less known feature from Webdock, is the ability to quickly and easily create backup of the servers and restore them. This saved my back more than one time, when certain upgrades I've made to my projects went not as smooth as expected. It took literally 1 minute to rollback to the latest stable configuration.

The support is great, with really fast response times and helpful stuff.

I've been using Webdock for a few years now and I can truly say that they are the best in the business.

Expert Review

Aviran Zazon
Aviran Zazon
HostAdvice COO

Many hosting experts and software developers consider Webdock to be a world-class hosting service provider, but why? In this detailed Webdock review, we’ll learn why Webdock is so highly rated. This review is based on the comprehensive test I carried out on the platform.

In the rest of this article,  I’ll give you my opinion on the host’s pricing plans, support, user-friendliness, and overall features, plus my reason for recommending them to you.

Let’s get right into it!


Webdock Review

Webdock is a hosting company founded in Denmark that offers cloud VPS hosting solutions with an emphasis on speed, reliability, and ease of use. The company is also known for its high-class security and eco-friendliness (they claim to use 100% renewable energy)

Webdock offers two main products: Ryzen Cloud VPS hosting and XEON cloud VPS hosting. Both are cloud VPS solutions that use different hardware and software while offering high-performance SSD, gigabytes of RAM, and multiple CPU cores.

Furthermore, Webdock promises up to a 100% uptime guarantee with their servers having an impressive average response time of 84ms. Their data centers are located in the U.S.A. and Europe, and you can choose where exactly you want your site to be deployed.

Finally, they have an excellent TrustPilot rating of 4.97 compiled from 158 reviews.


Pros and Cons


  • Awesome cPanel (free)
  • Lots of freebies
  • Several support options including live chat
  • 24-hour free trial
  • Scalable server and resources
  • 100% uptime guarantee, great server speeds
  • Green energy


  • Only VPS hosting

Pros and ConsOnly a handful of hosts can match the speed and security that Webdock offers your website…not to mention the incredible amount of freebies you get from the cheapest to the most expensive plan. Sign up for Webdock today and take them on a 7-day free trial.


Visit Webdock


Rating Breakdown

How does Webdock compare with other similar hosts? Let’s do a detailed breakdown of their prices, features, performance, user-friendliness, and support.

Here at HostAvice, our experts have created a standardized hosting rating methodology for rating hosts effectively, which is based on how they perform in relation to their competitors. I’ll use this to rate Webdock across different metrics using a number between 1 and 10.

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES8.5Webdock offers very affordable pricing, especially when compared to similar hosting providers. For just $2.99 you can get the starter plan.

The price is also all-inclusive, with a ton of features included. For this reason, I rate them 8.5

FEATURES9.0SSL certificates, VPNs, Backup snapshots, cPanel, transactional email, email forwarding, and bot protection. All of this and many more you get from each of their plans.

And all of them are included in the same base price, which is why I rate them 9.

PERFORMANCE 8.5Excellent performance – Average response time of 310 ms, 99.90% uptime guarantee,  high-performance SSD and lots of CPU threads

On top of that you can choose your own data center location, which is why I give them an 8.5

USER FRIENDLINESS7.5Simple, modern cPanel and a powerful user management dashboard.

A bit complex for beginners, so I settle for a 7.5

SUPPORT9Customer support provider via phone, live chat, email, socials and a large knowledgebase.

Fast response time and professional agents. I rate them a 9


Webdock Prices & Plans – 2023

When it comes to hosting solutions, Webdock offers just virtual private server hosting. There are two server types: Intel XEON and AMD Ryzen. We’ll take a look at each of their features in the next section. For now, let’s see the pricing.

The plans start at very cheap prices. Intel XEON starts at €5.99/month and the highest plan is €489.25/month. Whereas, Ryzen VPS starts at €4.9/month and the highest plan goes for €199.99/month.

Let’s see a detailed breakdown of the plans below.

Intel XEON Cloud VPS

Plan nameDisk spaceRAMPanelNumber of sitesPrice
SSD bit50 GB5GBcPaneln/a€5.99
SSD Pro200 GB20GBcPaneln/a€23.99
SSD Premium400 GB40GBcPaneln/a€47.99

These plans give you great multi-threaded performance, fast datacenter grade SSD drives, air-cooling facility and up to 5 Gbit fiber uplink speed to mention a few.

Tip: Go for this plan for high-availability and multi-user workloads such as websites.

Ryzen Cloud VPS

Plan nameDisk spaceRAMPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Ryzen 9 Nano25 GB1GBcPaneln/a€4.99
Ryzen 9 Bit200 GB7.5GBcPaneln/a€49.99
Ryzen 9 Premium500 GB20GBcPaneln/a€199.99

These plans give you amazing single-thread performance, super-fast NVMe storage, low power usage (plus water cooling) and up to 5 Gbit fiber uplink speed to mention a few.

Tip: Go for this plan for single-user or single-process CPU-intensive workloads such as databases.


Webdock Features

Key features

  • SSL certificates
  • Web server control panel
  • Backup snapshots
  • Free CDN
  • Bot protection
  • 24/7 customer support

In all plans, Webdock includes all of the key features mentioned above for free, with no extra charges made. Also, you get other features like PHP, custom servers, dedicated IP addresses, and so much more. For site administration, you get a modern cPanel that is so easy to use even as a hosting newbie.

You can choose your own server operating system and programming language to install.

Final: Webdock brand review



How well does the host perform? The answer to this question can be found by using three metrics; server speeds, uptime, and page load time. Before committing to a host, you should first consider these three metrics as they will give you an idea of how well your website will perform when hosted there.

Like most hosts, Webdock promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the industry standard. To measure the server speed and loading time, I ran a test on a site hosted on webdock.io, using GTMetrix.

The results were as follows:

The server had a TTFB of 203ms and the websites’ fully loaded time was 1.5s. As for the overall performance, the website scored 96%

Final: Webdock brand review


Level Of Support

When it comes to support, Webdock provides email, live chat, social media channels, and a vast FAQ/ help center.


You can contact Webdock’s support team by opening a support ticket. They typically reply within minutes but you’re advised to allow up to a day for a response to be sent.

Final: Webdock brand review

Live Chat

The quickest way to communicate with Webdock’s support agent is via live chat which is accessible on all pages of their website. After sending a message via live chat, it took about 2 minutes to get a response, which isn’t too bad.

Final: Webdock brand review


You can find answers and solutions to most of your problems in Webdock’s vast documentation, which comprises articles and how-to guides on various topics.

Final: Webdock brand review


User-Friendliness – Ease of use


To register and sign up for Webock, simply go to https://webdock.io/en/signup and sign up with a Google or GitHub account.

After signing up, you’ll be prompted to select your country of residence and provide your password.

Final: Webdock brand review

Click Continue when done. On the next page, you’ll be asked to choose between PayPal and Credit card with Stripe as your payment method.

Final: Webdock brand review

Once you’ve added a payment method, you’ll be led to your user dashboard. You can then order a hosting plan for your website or contact their support team for assistance.

Webdock Control Panel

Webdock includes a fully-fledged web server control panel for free on all of its plans. This modern cPanel allows you to manage your Apache or Nginx web server with FTP, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, and many more.

Read the full step-by-step guide on how to set up cPanel in Webdock from their official documentation.

Final: Webdock brand review

Installing WordPress on Webdock

Installing WordPress on Webdock is a similar process as installing it on any server. You just have to install the WordPress files and run the setup wizard. Note that WordPress only runs on servers that are configured to run PHP.

You can also migrate your existing WordPress site to Webdock. For more information, read Webdock’s WordPress guide.

Add an email account on Webdock

With ImprovMX, Webdock automatically provides a free email account setup on your hosting domain. This is an expedient and simple approach to begin receiving emails on your domain with a fully-fledged mailbox.


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Webdock?

Yes, we recommend Webdock as the perfect choice for your growing site if you’re on a budget. Their plans are super affordable and they provide a ton of free features on all plans.

Their servers are fast, secure, and very reliable with high-performance SSD drives and enterprise-grade hardware. Their support is also good, but the response time is not the quickest. However, their documentation is quite extensive, which is always a good thing.

Their web server control panel and user dashboard are easy to use. Overall, I definitely recommend them!


Is Webdock Cheap?

Yes, their plans are very affordable. Their Xeon Cloud VPS Hosting starts at just $2.99/month while their Water-cooled Ryzen cloud VPS hosting starts at $4.99/month. Both offer a lot of disk space, bandwidth, and extra features.

What is Webdock best suited for?

For individuals who want to host websites with moderate traffic, such as online stores, corporate websites, and workplace apps, hosting is the best option.

What is Webdock’s review on Trustpilot?

Currently, Webdock is rated 4.97 on TrustPilot (compiled from 158 reviews)

What factors impact the overall performance of a website?

Speed – When we talk about a host server’s speeds, we refer to its “time to first byte” (TTFB), basically how quickly the server sends the first byte of data to a site visitor. If the TTFB of a host is higher, then your site will be delivered quickly to the user.

Uptime  is the host server’s “online time” within a time period, and the higher the uptime, the more reliable the host (higher uptime = less downtime). High uptimes mean your site will be active most of the time.

Loading time – the average loading time of the website shows how long it takes till your site is fully rendered and functional (i.e. can be clicked). Fast page load time means your site is well-optimized.

These three factors impact the overall performance of your site on the host.

Webdock Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
SSD Nano4 EU 25 GB 1 x 3.40GHz 2 GB $3.27 4.9 Details
SSD Bit EU 50 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 5 GB $6.54 4.8 Details
SSD Bit More EU 100 GB 5 x 3.50GHz 10 GB $13.10 4.9 Details
SSD Byte EU 150 GB 7 x 3.50GHz 15 GB $19.65 4.8 Details
SSD Pro EU 200 GB 10 x 3.50GHz 20 GB $26.20 4.8 Details
SSD Pro Plus EU 300 GB 12 x 3.50GHz 30 GB $39.31 5.0 Details
SSD Premium EU 400 GB 15 x 3.50GHz 40 GB $52.42 4.8 Details
SSD Nano4 CA 25 GB 1 x 2.80GHz 2 GB $3.27 5.0 Details
SSD Bit CA 50 GB 2 x 2.80GHz 5 GB $6.54 2.2 Details
SSD Bit More CA 100 GB 5 x 2.60GHz 10 GB $13.10 4.8 Details
SSD Byte CA 150 GB 7 x 2.60GHz 15 GB $19.65 5.0 Details
SSD Pro CA 200 GB 10 x 2.60GHz 10 GB $26.20 4.8 Details
SSD Pro Plus CA 300 GB 12 x 2.40GHz 30 GB $39.31 4.8 Details
SSD Premium CA 400 GB 15 x 2.60GHz 40 GB $52.42 4.8 Details
Start for free Unlimited - 0 B $0.00 4.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
SSD Nano 25 GB 1 x 3.40GHz 2 GB Unlimited $3.27 4.8 Details

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