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VSYS Host - Virtual Systems LLC Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from VSYS Host - Virtual Systems LLC

Meet privacy-focused, 100% anonymous, offshore hosting - online since 2009. Our servers are located in Kyiv, Ukraine & Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our main benefits are that we own hardware servers & network equipment and have an outstanding support team available 24/7. The total bandwidth generated by our clients exceeds 1 Tbps! With a RIPE's LIR NCC status we operate thousands of IPv4 addresses and have our own AS network. Welcome onboard & let's go up and up!
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Money Back: 40 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $5.00 - $15.00
VPS $18.00 - $129.00
Dedicated Server $120.00 - $1,299.00
DDoS Protection Services $100.00 - $500.00

Data Centers

Mark Young

Pinned Review

Mark Young,
This hosting was recommended to me by my best friend. At first I doubted its functionality, but using it for a month I was pleasantly surprised. The support works flawlessly. I had many questions, each of them was answered. The price is very low for this sector of opportunity. Recommend!


Review Language
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis from India,

Amazing service they offer !!!

It still surprises me how cheap are their plans for the amazing service they offer. As they say on their website, they really make your wordpress page run faster, plus they give you free SSL certificates and have a support team that’ll help if any issue occurs with the page’s bugs or errors
Николай Александровна Федоренко
Николай Александровна Федоренко from Russia,

Соединение всегда стабильное и скорость хорошая.

Год тому назад мне друг порекомендавал этот хостинг, так и пользуюсь им, по тому что соединение всегда стабильное и скорость хорошая. Несклько раз обращался в тех поддержку, отвечают всегда быстро и помощь оказывают. ещё плюс в то...Read Moreм что у них много разных тарифных планов, всегда можно подобрать подходящий. Я уже перевёл сюда два своих сайта, все работают отлично , я остался доволен результатом.Less
Harry Wilson

I have used the services of VSYS Host

I have used the services of VSYS Host, for more than 9 months, with its proposal of high performance dedicated Servers, I have been able to install a very effective anonymous web hosting service, for my company, an aspect to highl...Read Moreight has been the best cost-ratio- performance with a very good online server configuration offering. The DDoS protection service is excellent. Thanks to the suggestions of the support staff. They always attended me (Support) with kindness and patience regarding all my questions and concerns. Thank you very much for your timely responses.Less
Valera Dremov
Valera Dremov from Ukraine,
Moved from McHost.ru

Хостинг с нормальными тарифами и хорошей тех.поддержкой.

Хостингом пользуюсь пару месяцев. Арендую сервер на 10 Гб по тарифу Hardcore. Мне в первую очередь нравится стабильное соединение и нормальная скорость. Плюс защита данных надежная. Еще тех.поддержка порадовала, обращался к ним па...Read Moreру раз и всегда получал исчерпывающие ответы на свои вопросы. Не игнорируют пользователей и всегда стараются помочь. По функционалу и возможностям все на данный момент устраивает.Less
Bar Amrie
Bar Amrie from Malaysia,

Good support team

I'm currently surveying between multiple dedicated server provider, but on my case it goes down between 2 provider which are fdcservers and vsys.host. After doing some research online and read reviews about both of these providers...Read More, i think i'm gonna go with vsys.host. They both offers very good price but, IMO vsys offers newer hardware and most important thing is their support team is very fast responding to my message on live chat and they are friendly too. I think good support team is one of the most important thing that host provider can provide to customers. So, i think i'm gonna choose vsys.Less
Olga Batyushkova
Olga Batyushkova from Russia,

Все очень понравилось, всем рекомендую знакомым

Два месяца я использую VPS с vsys.host, быстрый сервер очень радует. Качество услуг на высоте.Нравится что у них адекватная и заботливая техподдержка. Считаю, что большой хостинг за эти деньги. Самая лучшая хостинговая компания ко...Read Moreторой пользовалась. Всегда своевременно обрабатывают запросы, что не может остаться не замеченным. Спасибо разработчикам!Less
Nathan Keith
Nathan Keith from United States,

Find a more professional host

Had a VPS with them for a short while. Support will take several days to respond to issues. They will also immediately suspend you for any complaints, no warnings, or forwarding of complaints to you for resolution. Stay away.
Vyachealav Smyrnov
Vyachealav Smyrnov,
Dear Sir
Unfortunately we do not allow malware and other fraudlent sites hosting on our network. Phishing sites will be suspended immidiately upon discovery.

VSYS Host - Virtual Systems LLC Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
VH-Medium (UA) 1 GB Unlimited cPanel 2 $5.00 10 Details
VH-Pro (UA) 5 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 $10.00 10 Details
VH-Reseller (UA) 20 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $15.00 9.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VS-Medium (UA & NL) 10 GB 1 x 2.66GHz 1 GB $18.00 9.2 Details
VS-Pro (UA & NL) 25 GB 2 x 2.66GHz 2 GB $25.00 9.6 Details
VS-Premium (UA & NL) 50 GB 4 x 2.66GHz 4 GB $45.00 10 Details
VS-Incredible (UA & NL) 75 GB 6 x 2.66GHz 8 GB $65.00 9.6 Details
SenEPIC (UA) 80 GB 6 cores 8 GB $69.00 9.6 Details
OctoEPIC (UA) 160 GB 8 cores 16 GB $89.00 9.5 Details
DecEPIC (UA) 240 GB 10 cores 24 GB $109.00 9.5 Details
DuodecEPIC (UA) 320 GB 12 cores 32 GB $129.00 9.5 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Start (UA) 250 GB 4 x 3.20GHz 16 GB $120.00 9.5 Details
Pro (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $140.00 9.2 Details
Premium (UA) 500 GB 16 x 2.00GHz 48 GB $160.00 9.6 Details
Incredible (UA) 1 TB 24 x 2.33GHz 64 GB $225.00 9.6 Details
Amateur (NL) 1 TB 12 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $199.00 10 Details
Classic (NL) 2 TB 24 x 2.30GHz 64 GB $299.00 9.7 Details
Hardcore (NL) 4 TB 24 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $379.00 9.6 Details
Pro Stream (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $299.00 9.5 Details
Premium Stream (UA) 250 GB 12 x 2.30GHz 48 GB $349.00 9.5 Details
Incredible Stream (UA) 250 GB 24 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $1,249.00 9.5 Details
Medium GPU (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $249.00 9.5 Details
Pro GPU (UA) 250 GB 12 x 2.30GHz 64 GB $299.00 9.5 Details
Premium GPU (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 64 GB $349.00 9.5 Details
Incredible GPU (UA) 250 GB 12 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $399.00 9.5 Details
Medium Storage (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $249.00 9.5 Details
Pro Storage (UA) 250 GB 6 x 2.40GHz 64 GB $349.00 9.6 Details
Premium Storage (UA) 250 GB 12 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $499.00 9.5 Details
Incredible Storage (UA) 250 GB 12 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $599.00 9.5 Details
Amateur 10G (NL) 1000 GB 12 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $1,099.00 9.5 Details
Classic 10G (NL) 1.95 TB 24 x 2.30GHz 64 GB $1,199.00 9.5 Details
Hardcore 10G (NL) 3.91 TB 24 x 2.30GHz 128 GB $1,299.00 9.6 Details

DDoS Protection Plans

Plan Name Features Number of Sites Price Score
RP Lite
1 $100.00 9.8 Details
RP Pro
4 $250.00 9.5 Details
RP Premium
Unlimited $500.00 9.5 Details

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