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Vivid Telecom Ltd Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from Vivid Telecom Ltd

We offer 24/7 support, we maintain our service to the highest standard. Your support is our priority. Contact us via phone, email, chat and we will ensure you do not leave unhappy.
We offer more than just hosting which is why we are a One Stop Business Shop
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.31 - $12.30
VPS $11.20 - $40.02
Dedicated Server $106.43 - $390.24

Data Centers


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Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Full Service IT Solution

Vivid Telecom is a UK based IT company that offers a wide range of different services to their customers. This review is specifically about their web-hosting services, but they also offer voice and data services, hosted telephony, IT consultancy, courier services, and more. For many companies, having the ability to bundle all their IT needs in one place is going to be a great benefit.

The company is based in the UK and has dedicated teams of professionals for sales, support, and service that are based in that country. This helps avoid language barriers, and also ensures the people working on issues are physically near the hardware, which can help to cut down outage times. Overall, Vivid Telecom has a strong reputation for quality, and they will be able to meet the needs of most clients without any trouble.



Rated by Eliran Ouzan

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Uptime & Reliability

Standard 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

When hosting with this company, there is no reason to think that you will have any issues with downtime. Their customers seem happy with the stability, and given that they are a telecom solution, that will give them even more stability for all their services. You will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee should anything go down. In addition, their support teams are on site 24/7/365 so if something should have issues, they can get it fixed right away.


Hosting for Any Type of Site

Customers can choose from all the main types of hosting, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. They even have backup hosting to add redundancy to another hosting provider for those who need their site to be up at all times. The shared hosting options start out with a free package, which can support up to one website, has 2 gigs of disk space, and 2 gigs of bandwidth. As you move up to paid shared hosting packages, the number of websites it can support goes up to 30, 100, and then unlimited. All of these packages come with support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more.

For those who need more power and control, the VPS solutions are affordable options that start at 30 gigs of disk space, and go up to 90. Each of these packages has unlimited bandwidth, and boasts between 1 and 5 core CPUs. RAM also ranges from 2 to 10 gigs, which is more than enough for most types of hosting experiences. The dedicated servers are in the mid-range in terms of overall power. They come with dual core all the way up to six core CPUs, and 2-32 gigs of RAM. The RAM on the entry level dedicated server is DDR2, which is a little dated, but should still give customers the speed they need for most types of sites.


Quality Support Based in the UK

The support teams are staffed right in the UK so they are going to be easy to work with, and close by the equipment they are working on. The team seems quite competent and able to address just about any issue right away. They do have some self-help documentation on their site, but lots of it is about their other non-hosting related services, which can make it a little difficult to find exactly what you need.


Fair Prices for All Hosting

The prices with this company are pretty much in line with what you would expect to see from any hosting provider. The entry level shared hosting package is free, which is obviously a good deal. While the specs are somewhat limited, it is actually quite an impressive package for the price. Even compared to other free hosting packages, this one is very good. The other shared hosting options range in price from £4.50 to £6.00, which are reasonable deals for what you are getting.

VPS hosting packages start at £10 per month and max out at £31 per month. This is likely their best deal when it comes to a price based on hosting specs. Most people would benefit from at least going with the entry level VPS as it will give them a great hosting experience at a very reasonable price. Dedicated hosting starts at £72 per month for the entry level package and goes up to £264 per month for the top end option. These may be a little be pricy based on the hardware that is given, but definitely not unreasonable, especially if you are already using Vivid Telecom for their other IT services.


Good Speed for Hosting

The speed with this company is going to be fast enough for just about any type of customer. They have dedicated connections out to the internet to help ensure there aren’t any problems there, and their higher end hosting packages come with dedicated ports to help ensure speed and stability. Also, the hardware used for the hosting itself won’t cause any issues with slowness in most cases.


Quality Hosting in the UK

This is a pretty good hosting company that will be able to meet the needs of most types of customers. The fact that they have so many other IT related services that they can provide is a real perk, especially for larger customers who can take advantage of much of what they have to offer.


  • Lots of Additional IT Services Available
  • Free Hosting Package Available
  • UK Based Sales & Support Teams


  • No High-End Dedicated Servers
  • Some Servers Still Use DDR2 RAM

Vivid Telecom Ltd Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic 2 GB 2.05 GB cPanel Unlimited $0.31 0.0 Details
Standard 10 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.14 0.0 Details
Premium 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $9.84 0.0 Details
Advanced Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $12.30 0.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Economy 30 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 2 GB $12.31 0.0 Details
Express 60 GB 2 x 5.20GHz 4 GB $18.47 0.0 Details
Deluxe 90 GB 4 x 10.40GHz 5 GB $27.09 0.0 Details
Premium 90 GB 5 x 13.00GHz 10 GB $38.17 0.0 Details
Red 50 GB 2 x 6.20GHz 2 GB $11.20 0.0 Details
Blue 100 GB 2 x 6.10GHz 4 GB $17.61 0.0 Details
Green 150 GB 4 x 24.80GHz 6 GB $24.01 0.0 Details
Orange 200 GB 4 x 24.80GHz 8 GB $40.02 0.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
NL ME-1 160 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 2 GB $106.43 0.0 Details
NL ME-2 1 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 8 GB $212.86 0.0 Details
NL ME-3 2 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 24 GB $283.81 0.0 Details
NL ME-4 2 TB 12 x 2.00GHz 32 GB $390.24 0.0 Details

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