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Verpex Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from Verpex Hosting

Verpex is a hosting provider that’s already the first choice for thousands worldwide. From all over the world, we’re trusted by SMEs, individuals, and large businesses for our first-class hosting solutions and responsive support system.
Verpex Hosting HomePage Screenshot
Free domain
Money Back: 60 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $0.50 - $1.50
VPS $39.50 - $94.50
Dedicated Server $39.50 - $999.00
Cloud Hosting $39.50
Resellers $1.80 - $5.99

Verpex Hosting Awards

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Nguyễn Thanh

Pinned Review

Nguyễn Thanh,
Alot of perfect things: service quality, support response time, price...
If you want to know what server location is suitable for you, just ask them the list of IP addresses that you can ping/test.


Review Language
Matthew Barkely
Matthew Barkely from United Kingdom,

Great experience

Verpex is the best solution for resellers in my experience(I switched four companies in the last three years). I have switched my web hosting from another business and the staff at Verpex deserve high praise! They migrated all web...Read Moresites in just a few hours after signing up. I could not be more pleased and will happily recommend them to others!Less
Cindy Dewitt
Cindy Dewitt from South Africa,

They are not fully private and white-labelled it takes you to another host when you do a IP search. Resellers beware

If you go here: https://www.leaseweb.com/web-hosting

That is what IP search shows on IP address resellers receive. Your clients will bypass you. Not private like they say.
Thanks for the info!

Could you please clarify a little more.

So you are saying that Verpex are reselling 'https://www.leaseweb.com/web-hosting' services. When you say client will bypass you, what do you mean exactly?

Verpex Hosting
Verpex Hosting,
Thanks for your review Cindy but it is not correct. We are a fully private company. For our underlying network, we use a decentralized selection of cloud providers (e.g. linode, digitalocean, aws, google, leaseweb). This enables u...Read Mores to offer hosting in dozens of global locations without having to build out data centers. This means we can focus on offering amazing hosting. Everything apart from the underlying hardware is run by us.

Verpex hosting
Cindy de Wit
Cindy de Wit,
Not true. We checked everything out. You have simple servers on linode and hosting you resell. AWS I haven't seen any same with Google. Linode told us this and that they also have normal cheaper hosting you can take directly from...Read More them.

You can't lie to people using Linux for 25 years! started with slackware, redhat been system admin for many years.

Do yourself a favor guys.... Insist on an IP address and then run a who hosts this on it (plenty of sites online can do that). You don't even have a listed registered IP group allocated to your name using Linode etc.
Virgilio Valladares

Reliable. Period.

I decided to leave a review for this company as I realised I've been their client for over a year, without a single incident. Currently I host only one domain with them, but I have several hosted elsewhere, including our own dedic...Read Moreated servers and VPS, so I can tell when something is (or isn't) ideal as far as web hosting goes.

My website has never had any downtime, slowdown or miscellaneous problems with email or whatnot (bear in mind this is shared hosting). I just opened a ticket for the first time with them, for a billing issue (not their fault, just something I needed a clarification for), and found out they also have a very client-oriented service.

I really have nothing else to add, everything "just works" as it should.
Verpex Hosting
Verpex Hosting,
Thank you Virgilio! It's great to read your superb review! We hope you'll be happy with our service for many years to come. We remain available at your disposal 24/7/365! Thank you very much! :)

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Verpex expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Full Disclosure: Several former HostAdvice employees have been advising Verpex. However, this does not affect the following expert review whatsoever.

Monthly Update - May 2022

Hosting PlansCloud Web Hosting; WordPress Hosting; Managed Cloud Servers; Managed WordPress; Managed Magento; Reseller Hosting; Domain Registration and Transfers
Top FeaturesEasy To Navigate cPanel; Free Domain Name; Free Daily Offsite Backups; 1-Click WordPress Installations; Website Builder With Templates; Unlimited Website Migrations; Unlimited SSL Certificates; Knowledgeable 24/7 Support; Well-Established Server Network;  60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Customer SupportLive Chat; Phone Support; Knowledge Base; Ticketing System

During May, Verpex:

  • HostAdvice deal: 90% off on the monthly term.
  • HostAdvice deal: 50% off on dedicated servers.
  • HostAdvice deal: 22% off on your first order includes dedicated servers.
  • Offers 90% off on your first month if you get a monthly subscription using code ‘MOVEME’.
  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’.

Verpex is a newcomer in the market. Its team entered the hosting niche in late 2018 with a single thought - to create a difference.

Rated by Bruno Mirchevski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


screenshot of the Verpex homepage banner

Their qualified professionals founded the company in 2019. And in only two years, I have witnessed remarkable growth. To be honest, they got my attention. That’s precisely why I chose to cover this web hosting provider today!

Currently, Verpex has a team of over 50 individuals, each an expert in its field. Better yet, it serves over 50,000 websites in three offices in London, Sofia, and Bali.

Note: Also, Verpex is a 100% privately owned company with servers based in 12 locations worldwide.

Verpex offers Cloud Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed Cloud Servers, Managed WordPress, Managed Magento, Domain Registration and Transfers, and Resellers.

All of Verpex’s plans are packed with features and knowledgeable, 24/7 available customer support. Essentially, the provider has the reputation of providing lots of potential and quality. Still, some customers find the services a bit too expensive for their liking.

So, my question for today is, does Verpex provide the extraordinary quality needed to justify its pricing? In other words, does it live up to its reputation of being a superior web hosting provider? Let’s find out!

Getting Started with Verpex

I like getting a warm welcome, and that’s precisely what I got here. As soon as you visit the site of Verpex, they will offer you a promo code for your first order. And it doesn’t end there!

screenshot of the Verpex homepage with a promo code

In general, there are two ways to get yourself a Verpex service.

First, you can scroll down on their homepage. Eventually, you will stumble upon ‘Choose Your Hosting Service and Plan.’ At this point, you can go for Web Hosting, Resellers, or Servers.

You can find three Web Hosting Plans, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

screenshot of the shared hosting plans

Verpex offers three Reseller Hosting Plans, Start-up, Pro, and Unlimited.

screenshot of the reseller hosting plans

Finally, there are over ten Fully Managed Cloud Servers.

screenshot of the fully managed cloud hosting plans

As usual, I will go for web hosting as the starting point for each company. Going for the cheapest hosting option allows me to determine how useful the provider is for the most basic user. Of course, you can go for the more expensive options, depending on your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, you can go for a monthly or a yearly subscription for each of the three categories, the latter providing significant discounts. Verpex offered 45% off on web hosting at the time of my purchase if you go for an annual plan, which I find pretty incredible.

If you scroll a bit down, you will find even more extensive details for each plan. The best part of this section is the transparency. Verpex openly states what it offers in each plan.

It specifies the Bronze plan as a ‘Great start for a single site.’ In turn, the Silver is best for ‘More Sites & 2X Resources,’ whereas the Gold is their faster service up to date.

screenshot with full specifications of shared hosting plans

All three plans come with Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Domain Registration/Transfer, Free SSL Certificates, Free Migrations, Daily Backups, LiteSpeed Webserver, cPanel Control Panel, and a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Note: The 60-day money-back guarantee applies to both Cloud and WordPress web hosting.

Warning: When you are renewing your hosting plan with Verpex, keep in mind that hosting package renewals do not include a further free domain renewal, transfer, or registration.

One thing to mention here is that Verpex doesn’t include a free domain in its monthly billing cycle. It also applies to many common TLDs but excludes premium extensions.

Back to the plans, the difference lies in the number of websites and the SSD Disk Space the plan supports. Furthermore, the Silver and Gold plans provide additional malware protection, while the Bronze plan doesn’t.

Still, I decided to go for the Bronze, the cheapest option, as per usual.

If you show on More Features, you can see what else the specific plan has to offer. The Bronze plan qualities were enough for me at the time, so I decided to click ‘Start Now’ and begin my hosting journey.

screenshot with more features of the Bronze plan

However, before I continue with the registration process, I would like to mention the other way to get there. After all, it’s the best one I have seen so far, so I would not skip it at any cost.

If you click on ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner, next to ‘Log in,’ you’ll get to the Verpex Shop.

screenshot of the "Log in" and "Get Started" buttons

Here, you’ll get a clear view of all that Verpex has to provide.

screenshot of shared hosting plans

On the left side, you can find all product categories. You can also spot USD, the currency, right above it. You can change it to EUR, or GBP, depending on your preference, or leave it as it is.

screenshot of currencies

As I mentioned before, I will go for the Bronze Web Hosting plan.

You might be confused at this point, as the prices are different from those shown above. But keep in mind, the difference stems from the annual discount. So, I’ll get the same amount here as well.

Next, you need to click on ‘Add to basket’ on the plan of your choosing. It will take you to the following screen.

screenshot of Bronze plan

The pricing is what I expected. Like most providers, Verpex applies better discounts on longer-term plans. It means that if you know what hosting you need and you are in it for the longer term, you can significantly benefit from these offers.

I am here for the testing (and I will probably require my funds back), so I will go for the monthly offer without any discount.

Next, you can select the server location. Verpex allows you to choose from London, New York, Toronto, Mumbai, Bangalore, Sydney, Singapore, São Paulo, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or Dallas.

screenshot of Server Locations

Once you enter your domain name, you can click Add to basket with the calculated payment amount. The site will then take you to the following screen.

screenshot of the page where you can register or transfer a domain name

Once again, they specify that they exclude the free domain option from the monthly plan. As disappointed as I was for my extra spending, I get where Verpex is coming from with this one.

screenshot of the shopping cart with the entered discount code

I then applied my welcome discount, offering 20% off on my purchase. The next step in the process is to Authenticate.

screenshot of authentication page

Here, you should first select whether you are a new or existing customer. If you are an existing customer, you’ll need to log in using your username and password. However, I am a first-time user, so I’ll need to register.

Once I filled in my information, Verpex transferred me to Checkout. I was amazed by the speedy and straightforward registration process. It took me less than a minute to set up my account, which I found especially impressive.

At Checkout, you need to enter your Billing Address. I clicked on ‘Enter address manually’ and filled in the required information, including Address, City, Postcode, Region, and Country.

screenshot of checkout page

If you are buying for business, the provider will ask for your company details instead. Here, you’ll need to enter your Company Name, VAT Number, Registration Number, Address, Email, and Phone.

screenshot of the page where you can say that you are buying this product for business

Before proceeding with the payment part, I would like to mention a safety measure regarding the registration. While I still haven’t paid for its services, Verpex Support sent me an email to verify my registration. It looked like this.

screenshot of email requiring confirmation

After I clicked the link, it took me to the following screen. Once again, everything was fast and easy.

screenshot of account control panel

Now, back to the Shop.

screenshot of payment panel

I decided to pay the full balance with my debit card. Once you fill in the Card Number, Card Expiry, and CVV, you can either choose an existing address or add a new one.

Then, you can click the green button ‘Place order & pay’ on the right. It takes you to the last step, ‘Complete.’ Here, you can review all information regarding the order.

screenshot with full information about your account

It might take a few minutes for Verpex to activate the service. But that’s more or less all there is about it. So, let’s get into the more technical aspects.

Question: Does the 60-day money-back guarantee apply to every Verpex plan?

Answer: No, the 60-day money-back guarantee does not apply to VDS orders, Dedicated Server orders, and domain costs. Those are non-refundable.

Note: If you are getting a managed cloud server, do keep in mind that the money-back guarantee is 7 days only on Verpex’s recommended plans.

Setting Things up at Verpex

Now that you have your account on Verpex let’s see how to navigate the site.

Right below the logo, you can find the user-friendly Menu. Here, you can navigate among five sections, and I will cover each briefly.

In Products & Services, you can check your Subscriptions and One-time purchases with several filters.

screenshot of Product & services tab

I clicked on my plan ‘Web Hosting/Bronze’ to further analyze what Verpex offers. Here’s what you’ll see. Keep in mind; if you have several web hosting services on several different domains, you can find each here in this section.

screenshot of product information

In Overview, you can find all information regarding the Status, Term, Price, and Order. There are also the Invoices and Credit Notes. In Settings, you can manage your payment method and cancellation. However, I’ll skip these and cover them later on.

Now, onto my favorite section, managing your account. It’s the part where you can truly see what the web hosting provider has to offer you as their user.

Here you can log in to the cPanel or change its password. Also, you can manage configuration, including server, account domain name, or username.

screenshot of Manage tab

If you click on Login in Actions, Verpex will take you to the following screen. Here, you can create an email account or build a website.

screenshot of cPanel welcome page

In Email Accounts, you can create new email addresses for any of the domains on your cPanel account.

screenshot of cPanel email dashboard

If you click on Build a Website, you’ll get to the Site Publisher. Here, you can select a domain and a template. Then, you can also customize and publish your site.

screenshot of cPanel Site Publisher panel

screenshot of cPanel email dashboard (customize and publish)

Now, let’s get back to the cPanel.

In the cPanel, you can find Email, JetBackup, Files, Databases, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced, Preferences, and Softaculous Apps Installer.

The Email section consists of Email Accounts, Track Delivery, Encryption, Forwarders, Global Email Filters, Calendars, and Contacts. You can also find Email Routing, Email Filters, Email Disk Usage, Autoresponders, Email Deliverability, Default Address, Address Importer, Mailing Lists, and Spam Filters here.

screenshot of cPanel Email panel

The JetBackup includes File Backups, Snapshots, Cron Job Backups, GDPR Compliance, DNS Zone Backups, Settings, Database Backups, Email Backups, and Queue.

screenshot of cPanel JetBackup panel

Files consist of File Manager, Backup, Images, Backup Wizard, Directory Privacy, Git Version Control, Disk Usage, JetBackup, Web Disk, and FTP Accounts.

screenshot of cPanel Files panel

In Databases, you can access phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, and Remote MySQL.

screenshot of cPanel Databases panel

The Domains section consists of Site Publisher, Zone Editor, Domains, Dynamic DNS, Addon Domains, Subdomains, Aliases, and Redirects.

screenshot of cPanel Domains panel

In Metrics, you can find analytics regarding Visitors, Resource Usage, Errors, Bandwidth, Raw Access, Awstats, and Metrics Editor.

screenshot of cPanel Metrics panel

The Security section includes SSH Access, ModSecurity, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS Status, SSL/TLS, Imunify360, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, and Leech Protection.

screenshot of cPanel Security panel

Software grants you access to Cloudflare, Optimize Website, WordPress Manager by Softaculos, Application Manager, PHP PEAR Packages, and Softaculous Apps Installer. Here, you can also find the Perl Modules, Select PHP Version, RubyGems, Setup Python App, and Site Software.

screenshot of cPanel Software panel

The Advanced section includes LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager, Apache Handlers, Terminal, MIME Types, Cron Jobs, Virus Scanner, Track DNS, Indexes, and Error Pages.

screenshot of cPanel Advanced panel

You can set up your Preferences, including Password & Security, Change Language, Change Style, Contact Information, and User Manager.

screenshot of cPanel Preferences panel

Finally, the Softaculous Apps Installer consists of Scripts and Categories.

Scripts consist of WordPress, Joomla, AbanteCart, phpBB, SMF, WHMCS, Open Real Estate, MyBB, Dolphin, pH7CMS, Laravel, OpenCart, Concrete5, and ClipBucket.

Blogs, Micro Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, Polls and Analytics, Project Management, E-Commerce, ERP, Guest Books, Customer Support, Frameworks, Educational, DB Tools, Music, Video, RSS, File Management, Others, and Libraries are all part of Categories.

screenshot of cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer panel

Now, back to the Main Menu. Next to the Products & Services, you can find the Billing section.

screenshot of Products & Services tab

In Billing, you can check your purchase history in My Orders. Right below it, you can place a new order, which essentially takes you to the Shop.

My invoices include all your Paid, Unpaid, and Cancelled amounts.

screenshot of My orders tab

I forgot to mention earlier that Verpex Support also sends your invoice by email so that you can review it or print it out.

screenshot of email (invoice attached)

The email also states that Verpex automatically reactivates and charges your subscription. So, if you are unsatisfied with their service, it would be best to cancel it before payment is due.

Other things you can find in the Billing section include Credit notes, Payment methods, and Account credit. Now, you might be wondering what the purpose of these sections is.

Next, you can access your Profile, Security, Email history, and Affiliate program in My account.

In Profile, you can manage your Emails, Addresses, Companies, and Phones.

screenshot of My account tab

In Security, you can change your password or set up two-factor authentication. The authentication allows for an extra security layer that protects your account with an additional time-sensitive code, available via your preferred Authenticator app.

screenshot of Security tab

In Email history, you can find all your communication with the Verpex team, including support tickets, invoices, and any other messages.

screenshot of Email history tab

At last, you can join their affiliate program and get paid for referring customers to Verpex. screenshot of affiliate programm tab

You can also assess Verpex’s Main affiliate program at the bottom of their page, under Information.

screenshot of the footer of the Verpex site

If you click on Affiliate Program, it will get you to the following screen.

screenshot of the affiliate login page of Verpex

Verpex provides an easy-to-use affiliate program using extremely accurate affiliate tracking.

The provider explains the affiliate process in six simple steps on their site.

screenshot with steps how to make money with an affiliate program

Furthermore, Verpex specifies the associated commissions with different types of sales.

screenshot with affiliate program commissions

As expected, the highest rewards come from the most expensive services, or in this case, dedicated servers.

Once again, the affiliate is a straightforward process that you can set up with only a few clicks. Right after, you can start earning money, which is excellent!

Next, the Support section includes a history of all your Tickets, both Active and Closed ones.screenshot of My tickets tab

In the Menu on the left, you can also add a new ticket.

Here, you’ll need to enter the Subject of your ticket, the Department (optional), and a Message. There’s also a possibility of attaching a file, which further facilitates explaining your problem. In turn, you can send a screenshot, and an expert will quickly solve your issue.

screenshot of the tab My tickets (started writing a ticket)

When it comes to the Departments, you can choose from General, Sales, Migrations, Support, Billing, or None.

Finally, if you click on Place new order in the Main Menu, it will once again take you to the Shop.

Question: Which domains are included for free in some of Verpex’s hosting packages?

Answer: Some hosting packages include a free domain registration or transfer for a .be; .biz; .cc; .co.uk; .com; .de; .eu; .info; .ltd.uk; .me.uk; .net; .org.; .org.uk domain name. Other domain names require additional payment from customers.

Performance, Speed, and Uptime

Now that you get what Verpex promises to offer let's see if they can actually stand true to their promises. Here’s where performance, speed, and uptime come into play.

To start, I like Verpex’s server network. It’s well dispersed around the globe, meaning they can effectively manage their systems with no issues. As mentioned before, Verpex has servers in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia.

screenshot of Verpex data centers on the map

Furthermore, Verpex has a team of the industry’s most esteemed professionals. Essentially, they take care of the fully-managed environment, employing any centralized upgrades instantly and simultaneously to all server locations.

Note: Verpex strives to provide a 99.5% uptime guarantee, excluding planned or emergency server maintenance or conditions beyond its control.

Verpex is also one of the few providers openly stating their speed and performance. I love transparency, so you get where I am coming from with this impression. To be more specific, Verpex offers a 1.8 s load time and 8128 kb speed score. Ideally, the load time shouldn’t exceed 2 s, so Verpex satisfies the criteria.

Note: All users will be notified of planned maintenance in advance and if the maintenance lasts longer than 30 minutes, users will be notified about this via email.

screenshot of Verpex Speed And Performance

Level of Support at Verpex

I am rarely impressed, but I was delighted with Verpex until now. Still, in my opinion, even the web host with the best features is worth nothing without knowledgeable and available customer support. So, that’s what I will cover next.

To be honest, I already got in contact with their team but skipped that part on purpose. It was back when I activated my service. Or, to be more precise, while I was waiting for the activation. Verpex states that it takes a few minutes (but reserves the right for up to 24 hours) to activate your service.

Performance, Speed, and Uptime

Still, I am a pretty impatient person. So, as soon as I bought the service, I submitted a ticket, asking how long it would take for them to activate my Bronze Web Hosting Plan. I will not lie; I was impressed.

Here’s the ticket I submitted.

screenshot of the ticket

Verpex Support Team got back to me in a few minutes. They sent me an email, along with a reply in the ticketing system.

screenshot of the ticket (conversation)

I didn’t have to do anything. Here’s the email I have received.

screenshot of the email "your new web hosting account"

The team of Verpex has covered all aspects of Getting Started, Login Details, Pointing External Domains, and Email Settings in the email. Still, they have set everything up automatically, so the only thing I did at this point is confirm their availability and expertise.

Another thing I liked is that they don’t close your ticket until you have replied. More precisely, I got the ‘Awaiting Response’ status until I got back to them. Even then, they didn’t close the ticket. The agent was super friendly and made sure everything worked well with the service.

screenshot of the ticket (conversation)

As I didn’t need further assistance, I decided to close the ticket.

screenshot of the button to close the ticket now in the ticket menu

Only then the status changed from ‘Awaiting Response’ to ‘Closed.’

screenshot of status of the ticket

I had yet another interaction with a Verpex agent. At this point, I wanted to test their Refund Policy, as it was pretty blurry to me.

screenshot of ticket (conversation)

The agent directed me to ‘Products & Services,’ then ‘Manage.’ But the option is actually in ‘Settings.’ Once you click on Cancellation options, you’ll see the following screen.

screenshot of cancellation request

I requested immediate cancellation. After I submitted the request, I got the following message, ‘Pending cancellation request.’

screenshot of cancellation request (pending cancellation request)

Only a few minutes later, I got an email confirming the successful refund.

Note: If you have prepaid for a few months in advance and end up wanting a refund, Verpex will refund you for every whole unused prepaid month.

screenshot of confirmation email

No doubt, the Ticketing System works exceptionally well. However, Verpex claims to offer live chat and phone support and a Knowledge Base as well.

Screenshot with possible options how to contact Verpex support

I’m a bit disappointed to say that’s not entirely true. If you click on either ‘Start Live Chat’ or ‘Call Now’ on their home page, it will not get you anywhere. Or at least that’s why I thought. See, if you accept the cookies from the site, everything will work spotlessly (and I haven’t initially done so).

You can also choose a phone number or email account to contact Verpex.

Screenshot with possible options how to contact Verpex support

You can find the Knowledge Base in About in the Main Menu.

Screenshot with About menu in the top navigation bar

Verpex’s Knowledge Base consists of six categories:

  • Knowledge Base - Using Verpex | Verpex
  • Moving to Verpex
  • locations
  • cPanel control panel
  • Billing & Accounts
  • Software Guides

Screenshot of Knowledge Base articles

Still, they are pretty limited in terms of information. As they are new on the market, they might add more articles in the future.

Security and Backups

I mentioned several security features throughout the review. For instance, I liked their verification process set in place, along with the two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, you can assess Verpex’s security features straight through the cPanel, which is incredibly user-friendly. At this point, I will mention the SSH Access, ModSecurity, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Imunify360, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink, and Leech Protection. The best part is that the set-up process is fast and straightforward, even for beginners.

Next, Verpex provides a free SSL Certificate in all its plans, which is quite awesome. Even in the cheapest plan, like in my case with the monthly Bronze, you get extraordinary security.

Screenshot of the ability to get free SSL certificates

Other things I would like to mention regarding security are their strong technical support and physical security. Verpex plans also come with regular updates, trusted plugins, up-to-date operating systems, malware detection, and removal.

Better yet, Verpex provides free daily backups in all of its plans. Essentially, you can restore to any point in the last 30 days using a simple user interface.

I consider this as an essential yet superior feature. As much as you need it, as the end-user, not many web hosting providers offer it as part of their offer. Usually, they charge extra for the service or perform the backups less frequently. So, I must give Verpex credit for this feature. Well done!

Note: What’s even more impressive about the free SSL Certificates provided in every plan is the fact that SSL Certificates are provided by third-party services, and yet Verpex still offers them to all of its users free of charge.

Specific Features of Verpex

Okay, not let’s put things into perspective. Verpex sure has to offer a lot, but what makes it a superior web hosting provider or different from its competitors?

Several of the features that make Verpex a quality and valuable web hosting provider include:

  • 100% Privately-Owned
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Daily Offsite Backups
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • Easy To Navigate Cpanel
  • Knowledgeable 24/7 Support
  • Well-Established Server Network
  • Unlimited Website Migrations
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Website Builder With Templates

Screenshot with Verpex features

Question: What’s the difference between Cloud and Web Hosting?

Answer: Web hosting covers any type of hosting where your website’s data and files will be stored. Most types of web hosting involve holding this information on a single server. Cloud hosting involves a number of different websites sharing space and bandwidth across multiple servers in one or more data centers. If any one site receives a spike in traffic it can easily draw on the server pool for additional resources, therefore cloud solutions are the most easily scalable form of hosting.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Verpex:

  • Offered 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’.
  • Offered an exclusive deal to HostAdvice users for 22% off on Your First Orders including Dedicated Servers with the coupon: HA22% which expires on 6/30/22.

During March 2022, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’.
  • Offers 90% off on your first month if you get a monthly subscription using code ‘MOVEME’.

During February 2022, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’.
  • Offers 90% off on your first month if you get a monthly subscription using code ‘MOVEME’.

During January 2022, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’.
  • Offers 90% off on your first month if you get a monthly subscription.

During December 2021, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’
  • Offers 90% off on your first month if you get a monthly subscription.

During November 2021, Verpex:

  • Black Friday Sale: All Dedicated, Reseller, and Web Hosting Plans for $0.99 for the first month only
  • Offers 20% off on all services using code ‘AWESOME’

During October 2021, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on first orders using code ‘AWESOME’

During September 2021, Verpex:

During August 2021, Verpex:

  • Offers 20% off on first orders


I have performed a lot of testing, and it’s safe to say, Verpex provides a lot of potential, both for beginners and experts in the web hosting niche. First things first, they offer lots of services. Thus, they can satisfy different customer needs and preferences.

Furthermore, all of its plans are packed with features and freebies, which I especially like. Their global server network combined with security-enhancing add-ons and daily backups accounts for a smooth customer experience.

Better yet, all is fast and accessible, starting from the registration process to the ticketing system and the cPanel.

Still, Verpex needs to improve its uptime, as top-performers offer 99.99% while Verpex goes for 99.5%.

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with their live chat and phone support, as I wasn’t able to access them at first. The ticketing system sure made up for it with instant and expert advice. Furthermore, a Verpex agent explained the reason for my trouble. It was because I haven’t accepted the cookies, so make sure to avoid such actions.

All in all, I liked what I got with Verpex. Still, they might need to lower their prices a bit, at least for the moment.

Verpex Hosting pros

  • Especially Easy To Use Cpanel
  • Softaculous One-Click Installer
  • Excellent 24/7 Support
  • 99% Support Case Resolution
  • SSD-Powered Plans
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lots Of Freebies (Backups, SSL, Domain)
  • Global Server Network

Verpex Hosting cons

  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee (A Bit Low)


Is Verpex reliable?

Yes, with the free SSL Certificates and malware-scanning, websites using Verpex hosting are secure and safe.

Why is an SSL Certificate important?

SSL Certificates provide protection for your visitors’ data. Also, having an SSL Certificate will show your visitors that their information is safe and your website is not harmful. Another factor that increases the importance of an SSL Certificate is the fact that Google and other search engines rank secured websites higher than those that don’t offer the protection of an SSL Certificate.

Are there any limitations to Shared Hosting?

One limitation is that the servers are not under your control. Well, if you’re not tech-savvy this won’t be a limitation for you, as someone else will manage your hosting. However, if you are tech-savvy and want to manage your server, then this will definitely be on your cons list. Also, shared hosting has limited storage space, so if you have a large business or a big number of visitors, shared hosting might not be the right choice for you.

Verpex Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Iron 1 GB 10.04 GB cPanel 1 $0.50 9.6 Details
BRONZE PACKAGE 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $0.60 9.6 Details
SILVER PACKAGE 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 $0.99 9.8 Details
GOLD PACKAGE Unlimited Unlimited cPanel 10 $1.50 9.9 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Managed Server - D4 80 GB 2 cores 4 GB $39.50 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D8 140 GB 4 cores 8 GB $59.50 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D16 300 GB 6 cores 16 GB $94.50 9.6 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Managed Server - D4 80 GB 2 cores 4 GB $39.50 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D8 140 GB 4 cores 8 GB $59.50 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D16 300 GB 8 cores 16 GB $94.50 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D8 70 GB 4 cores 8 GB $150.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D16 140 GB 8 cores 16 GB $284.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D48 900 GB 12 cores 48 GB $459.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D32 620 GB 16 cores 31.99 GB $150.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D64 1.17 TB 16 cores 64 GB $483.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D128 2.4 TB 24 cores 128 GB $869.00 9.6 Details
Managed Server - D64 750 GB 32 cores 64 GB $999.00 9.6 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Managed Server - D4 80 GB 2 cores 4 GB Unlimited $39.50 9.6 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
START-UP RESELLER 50 GB Unlimited cPanel $1.80 9.8 Details
PRO RESELLER 250 GB Unlimited cPanel $2.99 7.8 Details
UNLIMITED RESELLER Unlimited Unlimited cPanel $5.99 9.1 Details

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