UCclouds.com Expert Review 2021

Written by: Michael Lavnduski

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Rated by Michael Lavnduski

Expert Overview

Quality hosting focused on the Cloud

UCClouds is a company that is focused primarily on cloud hosting services.  This allows them to give very high quality hosting options at prices that are lower than most people would expect.  The company has been around for quite a while, though they do not give a date that they were founded on that I could find. They host all the sites in 'the cloud' which means that a site does not necessarily sit on one physical server.  This is a great way to improve reliability since a single hard drive failure, for example, won't take the entire site off line.  Their data centers are made for enterprise level hosting, and they have multiple network connections to keep everyone up and running at all times. Even the shared hosting services rely on the cloud services that they provide, which is a nice perk for anyone going for this lower level of hosting.  Overall this is a very good company to work with and they are able to provide excellent hosting for almost any type of site.

Uptime & Reliability

Very stable hosting due to cloud services

This company provides very stable hosting at all levels.  This is due mostly to the fact that they use the cloud for all their services.  The cloud allows them to spread out the processing, disk space and other things over multiple pieces of hardware rather than housing it just one one.  This can help to avoid unwanted outages.  They also use nice data centers to help avoid power or network outages. Looking at social media and other sites to find what users were saying, nobody complained about downtime with this company. In addition, you will get a 100% uptime guarantee from the company so if you do experience an outage due to a problem on the hosting's side, you'll get compensated for it.


Great hosting and much more

When it comes to hosting, all the main features are going to be available for all their packages.  They have four shared hosting options, which range from 5 gigs to 50 gigs of disk space and all have unlimtied bandwidth.  They only offer CentOS Linux hosting for the operating system at this level, so those who prefer windows servers will not want to go with this hosting company. In addition to the hosting services, they also provide hosted desktops.  This essentially means you can have employees access a virtual desktop computer on their network and work as if it were physically right in the office.  This is a great way to keep your computers up to date without constantly having to worry about hardware upgrades and other expenses.


Good technical support based in the US

The technical support teams are all based in the United States, which many people will like.  They are in the office 24/7 so you can always get a hold of them when they are needed. Most people will be very happy with the level of support that they are provided with this company. For those who prefer self-help options, they do not have a FAQ or knowledge base to use, which is unfortunate.


Nothing special about their pricing

The pricing from this company is fairly typical for most levels.  Their entry level shared hosting options start at $6 per month, which is slightly higher than you might expect to see for the entry level, but not by much.  The high end shared hosting is $55 per month, which is quite high but you do get great service at this level that you may compare to a VPS at other companies. The prices for the cloud dedicated servers is quite competitive, but still not exceptionally low.  Overall, you aren't likely going to want to make your decision based on the price with this company since it is neither too high nor too low.


Excellent cloud based hosting options

If you're looking for very reliable hosting, this is a great company to work with.  They focus exclusively on cloud hosting, which is well known for being stable and working well.  They also have great technical support teams and a nice history of providing great services.  Overall, for those who want cloud hosting, this company should be on their short list. Pros:

  • Focused on cloud hosting
  • Plenty of options to choose from
  • 24/7 US based technical support
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • No non-cloud hosting available (a con only if you really want this option)
  • No windows OS available for shared hosting
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Typical UCclouds.com Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $4.80 - $9.60 3 plans
Cloud Hosting $45.00 1 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from ucclouds.com

UCclouds.com Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Simple Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $4.80 0.0
Silver Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $6.00 0.0
Gold Cloud Unlimited Unlimited $9.60 0.0

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Cloud Server 40 GB 1 GB Unlimited $45.00 0.0
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A few words from UCclouds.com

UCclouds.com is a Cloud Service Provider offering "Everything UC is in the Cloud" solutions. From web hosting, cloud server hosting, virtual desktop, compliant and security cloud hosting, PCI-DSS scanning, server backups and disaster recovery solutions to on-demand datacenters.

UCclouds includes a combination of products and services that allow you to fully concentrate on your business in the areas that you are qualified in while utilizing the skills and talents of our professional staff.

UCclouds.com infrastructure is powered by VMware technology; used by the United States Dept. of Defense, US Navy, FBI and NSA. Your infrastructure includes real-time monitoring and self-healing, backups every minute and encrypted, managed firewalls for the public and local networks, data retention and disaster recovery, security and log management and auditing; and of course all of the servers to run your business.

This includes everything from domain registration & transfers, SSL Certificates, shared hosting, cloud servers, Hosted Virtual Desktops (DaaS) to complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Backed by our 24x7 Support and Security Team, our up to 100-Day Money Back promise and 100% UPTIME SLA.

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