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TSOHost Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $1.82 - $29.26
VPS $58.54 - $307.38
Dedicated Server $437.38 - $1,315.96
Cloud Hosting $1.82 - $29.26

Data Centers

David Willis

Pinned Review

David Willis,
I'm going to quick with my comment. All these negative reviews about TSO Host make no sense, whatsoever. Either they are bot related or the people using the (TSO Host) service are two sandwiches short...Read More of a picnic. Either way, something seems amiss.

I have used TSO Host for many years. Their customer service is amazingly friendly, informative and helpful. Problems/questions are answered and rectified very quickly.

I have no idea what these 'reviewers' are reviewing. I cannot agree with any of them!




Phil Charallah
Phil Charallah from Spain,

Email services broken for over 2 weeks, Very poor support

I have been a TSOHOST customer for a long time. I was with them when they were originally Vidahost since 2014. They used to be excellent - very knowledgeable UK based support team. When my account was moved to TSOHOST after the me...Read Morerger a few years ago, things have gone downhill progressively since then. As of today I would not recommend this company to anyone. I have had a very bad experience where all of my websites, and thus clients could not send email for over 2 weeks! This has left me with no choice but to migrate all my mailboxes to a new provider and close my account with them. I was in contact with support constantly, trying to get this sorted, but they were unable to fix the issue, and could not provide an ETA for a resolution. on top of that, they were posting false status reports, suggesting the issue was fixed, when it was not. I have to say that support is now consistently really really poor with this company. They moved the support team to somewhere in eastern europe a few years ago, and this team really are not knowledgeable at all about the services they offer. This year in particular has been a disaster, it takes them several days to respond support tickets (nearly a week in some cases) and the live chat is quite often offline.
This leads me to the only conclusion that they are not allocating enough support staff for their customer base, or resources for their services. There are so many cheaper, better companies to get hosting with.
This is an honest review of my actual experiences.
I'm posting this to warn other potential customers about being fooled by this company. they are not providing a decent service and have terrible support.
Elaine Mullings
Elaine Mullings from United Kingdom,

AVOID TSOHost unless you want very bad service.....

Where to begin. Since TSOHost took over hosting MrSite, things went from bad to worse. Too many problems with TSOHost to catalogue them here. But suffice to say that I all but given up on them and had planned to move my website to...Read More another host when they announced at the end of May that they were closing MrSite websites down at the end of June. So definitely time to move on. However, in the announcement, TSOHost also promised not to take any further payments after the 30 June and that any pro rata payments made before then would be reimbursed. So, while it was inconvenient I had nearly two months to run on the account since my renewal was due 18 July. TSOhost shut down my website at the end of June as scheduled. But then on 15 July TSOHost took an unauthorised payment for one year's hosting from bank account for a website that no longer existed!

After hours of phone calls, emails and ticket raising, I was repeatedly fobbed off with 'there's nothing we can do', '...it was the computer..." 'the money will be paid back at the end of the month..' 'Please be patient...etc" But to date, the money has not been repaid. I have since informed the bank and I'm now taking it further with the Financial Conduct Authority. The next step is to file a fraud report with the police and take it from there. So people, please, based on my own experience of this sad excuse of a company, I would definitely advise you NOT to go near them. TSOHost is BAD, BAD, BAD!
Nick Hayes
Nick Hayes from United Kingdom,

Shockingly poor service

Following a server upgrade, TSO decided to withdraw my dedicated ip address without notice. This broke my Wordpress network and rendered numerous client sites inoperable. I have now been waiting 5 days for a solution which should ...Read Morehave been simple, restore my ip address.

I was offered a refund for the ip address that I had paid for only 1 week earlier, £30 compensation and some extra disk space but I have so far not had any help or understanding of the amount of work I have been caused to rectify the issue. ie (individual Wordpress installations for each and every client effected). Not a simple or quick fix I am sure you will agree. TSO's last support message ( 3 days ago) was there are referring to their legals department. What for I have no idea. Someone please take the issue away from the Monkey's and sort this out.
Local Publishing Ltd
Local Publishing Ltd from United Kingdom,

37 site down for almost three days and no end in sight.

Reseller hosting should be supported with urgency and consideration. We however have none.

Our site have been down for almost three days and there is now fix in sight.

When we finally get any kind of response from them - 12 ...Read Morehours later it does not help.

I don't care what the problem is with equipment, I pay for hosting of my domains and a 99.9% uptime promise. Get it fixed and start to show you care.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Well established UK hosting company

TSOHost is a UK based hosting company that is a member of the Paragon Internet Group, which owns several other hosting companies too.  Established in 2003, they have plenty of experience and have been able to keep up with the changing technologies in the web hosting industry.  They are a mid-sized hosting company, with about 150,000 sites on their servers.

They have a wide range of hosting packages to choose from including shared, VPS, dedicated and a custom cloud hosting service they call ‘complex hosting.’  Each of these options will allow you to choose the right set of features for your specific site needs.

They don’t offer any unlimited plans, but the resources at each price point are going to be more than enough for most typical websites.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Nice uptime guarantees with generous refunds for failing to meet SLAs

Most of the plans on this host provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and if they miss this target you will get a free week of service.  When you go up to dedicated server plans or other high end plan options, the guarantee goes up to 99.95%.

They also offer a four hour hardware replacement guarantee for their higher end hosting packages (specifically the dedicated servers and complex hosting options).  This is especially important for the dedicated servers where hardware failures can cause downtime.

All the servers are housed in a modern data center with physical security, redundant power options and many other great features.


Nice features at every price point

They have a lot of different hosting packages to choose from, which can get a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t sure what they need.  That being said, however, they do have something for everyone.  Their four shared hosting packages allow you to choose between Linux or Windows (except the lowest package, which is Linux only).

They do have a reseller option, but unlike most other hosts, it isn’t its own package.  Instead it is just an option that can be added on to the cloud hosting plan (for an extra fee).  This will allow you to perform all the typically reselling options.  This is still not an unlimited plan, however, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the resources used by any customers.

Finally, they have a ‘complex hosting’ package that allows you to create a private cloud hosting solution that is set up specifically for your needs.  This is a nice option for those who are using their site for things like eCommerce or other very specific things.


Limited phone support but fast responses 24/7

The phone support is only available 9AM-11PM GMT, which can be a concern for people who like to be able to call in with issues.  They do have a nice ticketing system that is monitored 24/7 and typically provide a very fast response time.  Their tech support teams have backup hardware for all their equipment so they can fix any of these issues right away.


Average prices at every hosting package

There is really not much to say about their pricing other than you will be getting what you pay for (and maybe a little more).  They start out with a low cost entry level option and it moves up incrementally from there all the way to their dedicated or complex hosting packages.  There aren’t really any great deals, but you also aren’t going to feel like you’re over paying.


Excellent hosting for any UK website

Overall there is not too much bad that can be said of this hosting company.  They have nice, reliable services that will allow you to get up and running quickly and then keep your site up long into the future.  They also have great features for all types of websites.


  • Great uptime guarantees
  • Wide range of great hosting packages
  • Support teams are located in the UK


  • Telephone tech support is limited to 9AM-11PM GMT
  • Number of hosting packages may be confusing to newer webmasters



TSOHost Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Lite cPanel Hosting 512 MB 10.24 GB cPanel Unlimited $1.82 3.1 Details
Standard cPanel Hosting 2.5 GB 20.5 GB cPanel Unlimited $4.38 4.0 Details
Professional cPanel Hosting 10 GB 153.6 GB cPanel Unlimited $7.30 2.6 Details
Ultimate cPanel Hosting 100 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $29.26 2.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Regular - Linux 20 GB 1 core 768 MB $58.54 9.6 Details
Large 40 GB 2 cores 1.5 GB $102.45 5.2 Details
Super Size 80 GB 4 cores 3 GB $146.37 3.6 Details
Super Size + 120 GB 6 cores 5 GB $234.19 3.6 Details
Powerhouse 160 GB 8 cores 8 GB $307.38 3.6 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Linux DS1 600 GB 1 core 16 GB $437.38 2.0 Details
Linux DS1+ 960 GB 1 core 32 GB $583.76 3.6 Details
Linux DS2 2.3 TB 2 cores 64 GB $876.82 3.6 Details
Windows DS1 600 GB 1 core 16 GB $437.38 3.6 Details
Windows DS1+ 960 GB 1 core 32 GB $583.76 3.6 Details
Windows DS2 2.3 TB 2 cores 64 GB $876.82 3.6 Details
Linux DS2+ 3.75 TB 2 cores 128 GB $1,315.96 3.6 Details
Windows DS2+ 3.75 TB 2 cores 128 GB $1,315.96 3.6 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Lite 512 MB - 0 B 10.24 GB $1.82 2.0 Details
Standard 2.5 GB - 0 B 20.5 GB $4.38 4.1 Details
Professional 10 GB - 0 B 153.6 GB $7.30 2.0 Details
Ultimate 100 GB - 0 B 1 TB $29.26 4.0 Details

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