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Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $1.82 - $29.26
VPS $58.54 - $307.38
Dedicated Server $437.38 - $1,315.96
Cloud Hosting $1.82 - $29.26

Data Centers

Tracy Lots

Pinned Review

Tracy Lots,
I ran into an issue with TSO once and it was on a weekend. My site was still up, but I needed help with restoring a file. Unfortunately, they don't have an after hours phone number to call for tech ...Read Moresupport. I ended up using their ticketing system and it worked out, but I would much prefer a phone number.
Other than that I am thrilled with their hosting. I have only ever used one other hosting company, but this one is better. I'd say this is the ideal hosting option for those in the UK.


Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson from United Kingdom,
Moved from 34SP.com

Now beyond useless

I had been with Vidahost initially which I thought were great, then it became TSOHOst and it has slowly gone down hill. It has now become so useless that their tech support (if you can get through) is giving out completly wrong DN...Read MoreS information. My client was without email for a few days.

It is a shame it used to be good, but now is apart of the GoDaddy group it has become far too big the support is just a joke. It can take several days for them to reply to a ticket and the frequency of having to an issue a ticket is going up all the time. A few weeks ago I had a problem with the SSL certificate which meant my website wasn't working properly for a few days until they fixed it. I also keep having an issues with Microsoft that keep blocking their mail servers although I believe this is also an issue with other hosting companies. I am still half way through this years hosting contract but I won't be renewing.

It was a real shame as Vidahost when Seb ran the company was fantastic.
Paul McCann
Paul McCann,
Same here - I was with DAILY. They are losing me customers. Their service is atrocious. I just don't have the time to move all my domains over.
Ted Poole
Ted Poole from Australia,

TSO AVOID at ALL Costs - Was the best, now the worst hosting company.

Back in the day a few years ago TSO & Vidahsost were the benchmark of great hosting companies. Sadly these days they are just hapless. As they now have new owners, lets just call them a mega sized company that buys up hosting ...Read Morecompanies and runs them very poorly. The shared hosting is oversold (too many sites on one server) so your websites will be either dead slow or even time-out at times when loading at peak server loads. The support staff were in the past based in the UK and extremely good at their job, but now support are based in some European country like Romania or Ukraine, they even acknowledge this problem about slow hosting but no one does anything about it. Much better hosts about, don't think you will be getting UK quality hosting with TSO as you will NOT.Less
Mark Williams
Mark Williams from United Kingdom,


Never ever use this company to host your website. You will regret it, I promise.

Their reliability is dreadful. Their support is awful. Website performance is sluggish. Security is lacking (my website has been hacked several ti...Read Moremes).

My latest issue - in a long line of issues - is my website being down for a full four days (and still remains down) due to them upgrading their server OS. If it hadn't been for me raising the issue of my website being unreachable it wouldn't even be in their support queue for receiving a fix.

If you want a reliable hosting platform then go elsewhere.
Noah Le Mare
Noah Le Mare from United Kingdom,

SSL Certificates

I paid for a Tsohost SSL certificate for two domains two companies we run one is Boarding kennelswww.weyfarm.co.uk the other camping shop. www.weyfarm-outdoors.co.uk the first on I paid for 2 year renewal the second the camping sh...Read Moreop I paid for 1 year renewal. We completed the verification process with both domains and for the past year both sites have been operating with Tsohost certificates.
last week we received invoice for the renewal of the yearly one and paid it.
At 1 pm today we received email saying we need to go through the validation again, at the same time we get calls from our customers saying our site is down and all you get is a message This Site is not Private!!!
After waiting on hold for an hour the Tsohost support operator tells me that our domain may have expired and we could be a different company so this is why we have to go through the validation again.
Why do I not need to do the same with the other site we own......Because we paid for 2 year renewal!!! The damage this will cause our company is very very bad, and with times being hard enough as they are I am very disappointed with the way we have been treated by Tsohost keep away from this company.
Hans Degen
Hans Degen from Germany,

They are finished!

I was a satisfied customer for many years at Tsohost. After they "migrated" my website some weeks ago to the Utah Server, the problems started. Up to 12 times a day utah server overloads with downtimes up to 20 minutes each.

As...Read Moreking the support their only solution was to offer me another package instead of fixing the issues. They are so incompetent and shady now, a disgrace to the hosting comunity.

Yesterday, 15. May was the final nail in the coffin. For hours, hours and hours my website was down. Only stalling tactics from the support or new hosting packages offers without Let's Encrypt!

Later I was almost at position 100 in the chat queue. That says ist all. After I took a closer look at this Utah server, flooded with thousand websites, also those, we all know, are bad neighborhood.

This was the end for me. I searched for a new hosting company. After one hour I found one, uploaded my files, changed the IP at Cloudflare, and now everything is working fine.

I gave them a huge portion of patience, but after weeks of several downtimes every day they are hurting my business and they are only interested in ripping-off their customers with new packages, even if one has already paid in advance for a year some weeks ago and get nothing for the paid money.
I'm having a nightmare - I'm on Dakota and all my sites are dropping daily for hours. Awful service.
Im on Dakota as well. Site is down on average 40 times a day. Now losing emails as well. Im currently downloading everything via FTP (or trying too as it keeps dropping the connection) to migrate to a new host. incredibly poor service.
Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell from Afghanistan,

tsohost = godaddy worse hosting company in the uk - never been treated so bad by any other company

We made a mistake and cancelled our server to early. As soon as we reallised we raised a ticket and put a 250 credit on the account. In the morning they sent an email and say you forgot vat - difference of 50 pounds. They sent an ...Read Moreemail asking for the extra fifty pounds vat and informing me they will suspend service if they dont get the extra money. 1.20 pm they take the whole server down all my websites down... they only give me 6 hours rather then end of business day. I get it however the very minimum is end of business day. I already paid for the next 3 weeks so its not like I would have not paid it. TSOHOST part of the godaddy family. Stay away shameless corporation dont have the clients interest at heart.Less
Marcos Anthony
Marcos Anthony from United Kingdom,

Once a Great provider that is now shambolic in every sense

I've been a long term customer of TSOhost for many years. They were once of the best internet providers in the UK for both service and support.
However over the last 12 months I have witnessed first hand how shambolic their custo...Read Moremer support has become. If you ring customer support, they will always tell you to open a ticket.
They state that they have 24hr e-mail support yet I have never ever had an urgent support ticket answered until after 9am the following day. I no longer believe that they have a 24hr customer support service despite TSO insisting that they do.

Without going into detail, I would recommend that if you are looking for a good reliable internet service with good support, then look elsewhere or you too may be writing a review just like this and your websites will still be down a month after you opened your first ticket.
Timothy O'Leary
Timothy O'Leary from United Kingdom,

Unreliable 'pro' hosting, junk emails and phone calls from 3rd parties

This host is very unreliable - if you are a business or depend on your website professionally I would avoid TSO host. I have used them for just a month and have had several server outages with very little in the way of support.

...Read More
Secondly, since signing up I am receiving regular nuisance calls from third parties to my work phone number and email address (neither of which are on my webpage - I provided them to TSO host when signing up). It seems that this private information is not treated confidentially, so even if you don't care about reliable hosting, I would still avoid this provider.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Well established UK hosting company

TSOHost is a UK based hosting company that is a member of the Paragon Internet Group, which owns several other hosting companies too.  Established in 2003, they have plenty of experience and have been able to keep up with the changing technologies in the web hosting industry.  They are a mid-sized hosting company, with about 150,000 sites on their servers.

They have a wide range of hosting packages to choose from including shared, VPS, dedicated and a custom cloud hosting service they call ‘complex hosting.’  Each of these options will allow you to choose the right set of features for your specific site needs.

They don’t offer any unlimited plans, but the resources at each price point are going to be more than enough for most typical websites.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Nice uptime guarantees with generous refunds for failing to meet SLAs

Most of the plans on this host provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and if they miss this target you will get a free week of service.  When you go up to dedicated server plans or other high end plan options, the guarantee goes up to 99.95%.

They also offer a four hour hardware replacement guarantee for their higher end hosting packages (specifically the dedicated servers and complex hosting options).  This is especially important for the dedicated servers where hardware failures can cause downtime.

All the servers are housed in a modern data center with physical security, redundant power options and many other great features.


Nice features at every price point

They have a lot of different hosting packages to choose from, which can get a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t sure what they need.  That being said, however, they do have something for everyone.  Their four shared hosting packages allow you to choose between Linux or Windows (except the lowest package, which is Linux only).

They do have a reseller option, but unlike most other hosts, it isn’t its own package.  Instead it is just an option that can be added on to the cloud hosting plan (for an extra fee).  This will allow you to perform all the typically reselling options.  This is still not an unlimited plan, however, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the resources used by any customers.

Finally, they have a ‘complex hosting’ package that allows you to create a private cloud hosting solution that is set up specifically for your needs.  This is a nice option for those who are using their site for things like eCommerce or other very specific things.


Limited phone support but fast responses 24/7

The phone support is only available 9AM-11PM GMT, which can be a concern for people who like to be able to call in with issues.  They do have a nice ticketing system that is monitored 24/7 and typically provide a very fast response time.  Their tech support teams have backup hardware for all their equipment so they can fix any of these issues right away.


Average prices at every hosting package

There is really not much to say about their pricing other than you will be getting what you pay for (and maybe a little more).  They start out with a low cost entry level option and it moves up incrementally from there all the way to their dedicated or complex hosting packages.  There aren’t really any great deals, but you also aren’t going to feel like you’re over paying.


Excellent hosting for any UK website

Overall there is not too much bad that can be said of this hosting company.  They have nice, reliable services that will allow you to get up and running quickly and then keep your site up long into the future.  They also have great features for all types of websites.


  • Great uptime guarantees
  • Wide range of great hosting packages
  • Support teams are located in the UK


  • Telephone tech support is limited to 9AM-11PM GMT
  • Number of hosting packages may be confusing to newer webmasters



TSOHost Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Lite cPanel Hosting 512 MB 10.24 GB cPanel Unlimited $1.82 3.2 Details
Standard cPanel Hosting 2.5 GB 20.5 GB cPanel Unlimited $4.38 4.1 Details
Professional cPanel Hosting 10 GB 153.6 GB cPanel Unlimited $7.30 2.6 Details
Ultimate cPanel Hosting 100 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $29.26 2.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Regular - Linux 20 GB 1 core 768 MB $58.54 9.6 Details
Large 40 GB 2 cores 1.5 GB $102.45 5.2 Details
Super Size 80 GB 4 cores 3 GB $146.37 3.6 Details
Super Size + 120 GB 6 cores 5 GB $234.19 3.6 Details
Powerhouse 160 GB 8 cores 8 GB $307.38 3.6 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Linux DS1 600 GB 1 core 16 GB $437.38 2.0 Details
Linux DS1+ 960 GB 1 core 32 GB $583.76 3.6 Details
Linux DS2 2.3 TB 2 cores 64 GB $876.82 3.6 Details
Windows DS1 600 GB 1 core 16 GB $437.38 3.6 Details
Windows DS1+ 960 GB 1 core 32 GB $583.76 3.6 Details
Windows DS2 2.3 TB 2 cores 64 GB $876.82 3.6 Details
Linux DS2+ 3.75 TB 2 cores 128 GB $1,315.96 3.6 Details
Windows DS2+ 3.75 TB 2 cores 128 GB $1,315.96 3.6 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Lite 512 MB - 0 B 10.24 GB $1.82 2.0 Details
Standard 2.5 GB - 0 B 20.5 GB $4.38 4.1 Details
Professional 10 GB - 0 B 153.6 GB $7.30 2.0 Details
Ultimate 100 GB - 0 B 1 TB $29.26 4.0 Details

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