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SiteGround Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Last Updated | May 2022

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Hosting PlansWeb Hosting; WordPress Hosting; WooCommerce Hosting; Cloud Hosting; Reseller Hosting;
Top FeaturesFree SSL; Daily Backups; Free CDN; Free Email; Managed WordPress; Out-of-the-box Caching; Unlimited Databases; 100% Renewable Energy Match; A 30-day Money-back Guarantee; 99.7% Happiness Rate
Customer SupportLive Chat; Phone Support; Knowledge Base; Ticketing System


During May, SiteGround Hosting:

SiteGround is a Bulgarian web hosting company that provides five different hosting plans, excellent features, and is also affordable. Since 2004, when it first appeared in the market, this web hosting created a team of more than 500 employees who are responsible for the expansion of the brand. Nowadays, there are more than 2 million domains worldwide that are hosted by SiteGround.

I’ve mentioned that SiteGround provides five different hosting plans, so you must wonder what type can you get. SiteGround hosting comes with Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. According to other expert reviews, this web hosting has a very high happiness rate. I’m talking about a happiness rate of 99.7%, which covers both web hosting experts and clients. Let’s check first-hand whether that’s true or not!



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

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Is SiteGround the Right Host For You?

If you ask someone who is longer in this industry, they must be familiar with SiteGround. This is a popular, top-quality brand whose quality claims a bunch of reviews on the Internet. To be honest with you, when I first got the opportunity to do the SiteGround review, I wasn’t quite sure what I’ll come across, as I wasn’t familiar with SiteGround hosting. When I started testing SiteGround and checking out the many expert reviews, as well as customer reviews, I immediately knew that I had to share my experience with you.

What got my attention was the company’s motto, which says: ‘Crafted for easy website management.’ This means that this web hosting is suitable for beginners too. As I got more into the research, I was surprised by the hosting plans, the prices, the available discount, the various features, and the excellent loading speed.

SiteGround hosting has lived up to my expectations, but will it be enough for your website’s needs? The only way to find out is by reading this thorough SiteGround review. Let’s see what benefits you will enjoy from this hosting provider.

Here is How We Review:

To provide a reliable expert review that contains all crucial information, which will bring you closer to this web hosting and will show you what it offers, it is more than essential to have a strict concept that we will stick to. Our SiteGround brand review process consists of five easy steps.

  1. The first step in this journey is to purchase a hosting provider’s plan. How else will we put SiteGround to the trial if not by buying a plan? According to our previous experience, it is enough to buy the most affordable web hosting plan that covers all elements needed for testing.
  2. After choosing the hosting plan, the next step is to precisely and thoroughly explore each feature that the plan offers. Also, our team of professionals tests the speed and the performance of the chosen provider.
  3. Our job doesn’t end once we explore all features. To put together the best review for you, we analyze the pros and cons of web hosting, check their customer support, and make sure that the price is worth their service. In other words, we see whether it is worth your time and money.
  4. The first three steps are maybe the most important ones. Once we are done carefully reviewing them, we publish the review and also update it throughout the year.
  5. To achieve a reliable expert review, it is of great importance to not forget the customers. As an unbreakable part of the industry’s chain, we consider the customer reviews and put together the final score for the hosting web service.

Note: We constantly check for new information about the chosen web hosting and update our review as often as the circumstances require.

Pros and Cons


  • Above-average loading speeds (457 ms) and uptime (99.99%)
  • Remarkable server response times worldwide
  • One of WordPress’s highly recommended managed web hosts
  • 24/7 available and knowledgeable customer support
  • Free automated daily backups
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Excellent introductory prices and discounts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Price increases upon renewals
  • Limited database size (up to 40GB web space in shared hosting)

Pros and Cons

You won’t have any issues with downtime and enjoy fast-loading sites worldwide.


ParameterScoreWhy did we give this score?
User Friendly9.6SiteGround is a suitable web hosting company for beginners and is more advanced in the niche. You can get started in a few simple steps, but the score decreases to 9.6 due to my personal experience (and other expert reviews I’ve checked out), which was a bit challenging at the moment.
Support9.7According to our expert research and other customer reviews, SiteGround’s support is on a very high level. The excellent customer service consists of a live chat, ticketing system, contact us or even “call us” button. Besides this, SiteGround hosting comes with highly defined tutorials and guides. However, their support team can be a bit slow at times, so we give 9.8 for the support.
Features9.8SiteGround provides some advanced features that aren’t seen before, such as staging, own caching, or Git repositories. Also, this web hosting offers free integrations with Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt (for a free SSL certificate).
Reliability9.8This hosting company has servers in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, which means SiteGround has expanded worldwide. Still, some countries aren’t on the list, so we decided to go with a score of 9.8. It also comes with excellent uptime (99.99%) and page-loading speed (457 ms).
Pricing9.2We gave 9.4 for the pricing because it is true that it has affordable plans, but they don’t come with a free domain, and when there are renewals, the price increases.
Overall Score9.5SiteGround is a well-known, top-quality web Hosting company, which provides many features, and it has more pros than cons. However, it still needs some minor improvements to become even better.

SiteGround Prices & Plans – 2022

What makes SiteGround a top-quality brand that is popular and used worldwide? One of the most crucial things when doing research is whether the price of the hosting plans is affordable. I’m happy to say that so far, my SiteGround research only surprises me positively, and I hope that’s how it will continue.

SiteGround comes with three hosting plans, combined with many features that will help you build the best website for your business. The hosting plans are suitable for anyone’s budget and for different types of websites.

Note: SiteGround plans are available for 1, 12, 24, or 36 months. The best deal is if you get the annual plan because with the discount it’s the cheapest.

If you decide to use SiteGround hosting, you can choose between the following plans:

  • SiteGround Shared Hosting is ideal for small businesses, low-traffic websites, and beginners overall. It starts at $3.69/month
  • SiteGround Cloud Hosting is most suitable for growing websites and popular blogs. This plan starts at $100/month
  • SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting is an optimized version of the web hosting plan. It starts at $3.99/month
  • SiteGround WordPress Hosting is an optimized version of the web hosting plan which tends to improve your experience while building a new website. This plan starts at $3.69/month


SiteGround (Brand Review)


Each of these SiteGround’s Web Hosting plans comes with different features (free SSL, free email, daily backups, etc.) that are suitable for the type of website you have.

First is the Shared Hosting plan, which, as we mentioned, would be best if used for new websites, small business websites, when starting an online store, or for bloggers. This plan is also suitable for low-traffic websites.


SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

The second plan, known as SiteGround Cloud Hosting, is best for bigger and growing websites and successful sites. This is a flexible update to the shared web hosting plan, and it starts at $100/month.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

The third plan is WooCommerce Hosting, an optimized version of the shared hosting plan, and it provides SiteGround optimizations that drastically improve the website’s performance.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

Last but not least is the WordPress Hosting plan. This is also an optimized version of the Shared hosting plan, which comes with in-house WordPress optimizations.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

SiteGround (Brand Review)

All of SiteGround’s hosting plans come with three levels (as can be seen from the images above). The only exception is the SiteGround Cloud hosting plan, which comes with four.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

These three levels come with different features, such as free email, out-of-the-box caching, 30-days money-back, free SSL, etc. Also, they are different because of the number of websites (1 or unlimited), how many monthly visits they hold (10,000, 25,000, or 100,000), and the webspace (10GB, 20GB, or 40GB).

As extra features that come with the Grow Big and the GoGeek, you will see:

  • On-demand backup copies
  • Ultrafast PHP
  • Staging
  • Priority support
  • White-label clients
  • The highest tier of resources

Warning: Consider that the domain isn’t included in any of the plans above, so you should pay some extra fees for that (if you don’t have one).


Features & Benefits

SiteGround hosting is one perfect package of superb features and benefits that bring the customers’ experience to the next level. No matter whether you are a beginner or a big brand that looks for the best, SiteGround has everything a business needs.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

1. Their Own Panel

One of the best things that came to my attention is that instead of using the well-known cPanel, SiteGround decided to develop its own – Site Tools. What do you have from this panel? First things first, you will work with SiteGround’s App Manager, which supports 18 CMS installations. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about whether WordPress is supported because it is. Also, there are some other popular choices that this panel supports, like Drupal and Joomla.

2. Global Presence

SiteGround is a Bulgarian company that aims to spread worldwide. Their servers are located on more continents – more precisely, Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. This showcases SiteGround as a reliable, independent, and serious company that does its best.

Not only are they worldwide expanded, but also their servers provide a highly optimized speed (457 ms) that doesn’t disappoint their customers.

SiteGround (Brand Review)

3. Security

One incredibly good thing we’ve discovered while doing our SiteGround review is that the CEO of SiteGround is a lawyer, which means this company offers superb security features. You can find Backups, SSL Manager, HTTPS Enforce, Protected URLs, and Blocked IPs in the Security category within the ‘Dashboard.’ All SiteGround’s servers are developed with the latest PHP 7 version with the latest security fixes and have installed ModSecurity.

4. Automatic System Backups

SiteGround takes into consideration that by daily backing up your data, both the security and the uptime will remain highly ranked. SiteGround automatically backs up your entire system every day and keeps each backup for 30 days.


SiteGround (Brand Review)


Warning: On-demand backups, a basic feature that all other hosts do provide, is available only on the advanced plans.

5. SuperCacher Performance Booster

Caching is one crucial thing for every website. Due to the caching performance, your server has a huge load off. Your web server creates copies of your site, and instead of rebuilding each and every page for all visitors, it sends them the cached versions. However, if you don’t upgrade your plan, you’ll only get some basic caching options.

6. Automatic Website Migration

If you have a website hosted elsewhere, you can use the automatic migration option in the panel. The process is relatively simple. You just need to install a plugin on your current website and enter the generated token in the SiteGround panel.

This feature works for simple websites, but if your website is too complex (many plugins, custom additions, particular fields, etc.), you may face some issues. Your website can be migrated via FTP, File Manager, or MySQL, or you can pay extra for the SiteGround experts to take care of it.


SiteGround (Brand Review)


Warning: The migration tool is simple, but it doesn’t support complex websites.

7. Superb Support System

If you come across some issues, SiteGround provides a team of experts that will help you in a few ways – by contacting them, by ticketing system, or through live chat. The live chat is what works the best for me from all these, as you can get a response from an agent immediately.

Note: SiteGround provides a particular solution depending on the information you provide.

8. Website Builder

As we mentioned earlier, SiteGround comes with a panel that supports WordPress as one of the best website builders. Your WordPress account can be installed with just one click, entirely automatic. The website builder makes your journey easier by helping you customize every part of your website.


SiteGround (Brand Review)

* Learn more about the best website builders there are

Before we move on, I will briefly summarize the features and benefits of SiteGround. If you choose the most basic plan level, you might not get the best of this platform. The more advanced plans offer better performing features, such as Ultrafast PHP, Staging, etc.



According to people in the web hosting industry, some hosting companies don’t have an excellent performance. If you want to be the best of the best, your company must have extraordinary performance and reliability. SiteGround always provides transparency and tends the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the hosting. However, there is nothing to worry about when you use SiteGround. Due to its qualities, SiteGround ranks pretty high (according to both expert and customer reviews), and it is known as one of the best web hosting companies. So, let’s get down to business and show you why this brand stands out from the rest.

Speed – CDN, Which Takes Pressure off the Servers

Many researchers show that if your page is slow, 53% of people will leave it. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

If your website is slow, there is hardly anything that can improve its speed. Sometimes even compressing the images won’t be enough. That’s why I highly recommend purchasing SiteGround hosting, as it provides a site speed of 457 ms. This might not be the fastest speed you’ve come across, but the good news is that the speed has improved over the years.


Performance / Reliability


As you can notice from the picture above, the speed in the last year has drastically changed. So, the customers will now enjoy a speed of 457 ms in contrast to the previous speed of 651 ms.

Note: The graphic above showcases that the website’s speed is almost 200 ms faster than it was during the year 2021.

Uptime – Magnificent (Maintains at 99.99%)

One of the most important elements a web hosting should have is excellent uptime. SiteGround’s hosting plans offer magnificent availability, meaning your website will look dependable, mature, and reliable.

SiteGround hosting has an uptime of 99.99%. In other words, your site will be up at all times so that you won’t disappoint or lose your customers.


Performance / Reliability


Note: According to the uptime of 99.99%, your website will be down about 52 minutes per year, which is pretty acceptable.

Loading Time – Two Specific Features Increase the Speed

If you are using SiteGround, you will get a web hosting provider with an above-average loading speed. It provides two specific features that boost your website’s speed – SuperCacher and Cloudflare.

Important: SuperCacher increases the number of hits that your site can handle while, at the same time, it boosts the website’s speed.

This speed feature comes with three different options for the best performance of your website – NGINX Direct Delivery, Dynamic Cache, and Memcached. SiteGround claims that the websites using these caching options can handle 100 more hits than any other site without caching.

Important: In contrast to SuperCache, Cloudflare helps your website work better if your customers are located across continents and multiple countries.

What’s incredible about this feature is that besides working flawlessly with customers worldwide, it also protects your web page by analyzing the traffic you get. By analyzing the traffic, it is easily divided into legitimate and malicious.


Level of Support

Every business is considered successful if it takes care of its clients’ experience. In order to please your customers and to make their experience pleasant, it is a must for your website to have support. Does SiteGround live up to my expectations?

You can find help on SiteGround by clicking the question mark in the top right corner.


Performance / Reliability


Then, if you click on ‘View Help Center,’ the site will take you to the following screen.


Performance / Reliability


As one of the best web hosting companies, SiteGround provides Tutorials, Knowledge Base, 24/7 Live Chat, Ticketing System, and Phone Support.

In the Knowledge Base, you may find the solution to your problem, but you can always ask for help from their team if you have issues with finding a solution. To get in touch with the experts’ team, you need to click on ‘Contact Us’ and then choose a category:

  • Transfer or set up a new site
  • Domain
  • The site is down, slow, or displaying an error
  • Email
  • SSL
  • SiteGround tools and services
  • I can’t log in or access my website
  • WordPress
  • Billing and account management
  • Other

In my case, I went for Billing and account management to see whether their experts would be pleased to make a refund.

Performance / Reliability


I was taken to this screen, where I have further chosen Cancellation & Downgrades. Next, I was requested to choose a service.


Performance / Reliability


Once I did it, I was forwarded to select a plan.


Performance / Reliability


Then, I clicked on the ‘Cancel Service’ button, after which I was asked – When? This is where I was positively surprised, as SiteGround offers to cancel the service immediately or at the expiration date. I chose later.


Performance / Reliability


Afterward, I continued to the part where I filled in a request for a refund. Let’s hope for the best.


Performance / Reliability


This is where it gets better. SiteGround immediately offered a refund, which surprised me. The company implies that it may take between 7 and 21 days to have the refund in my bank statement. It looks like they do have an excellent team of experts.


Performance / Reliability


SiteGround made up for the issues I had with the registration. The whole process is easy and thoroughly explained, and it is also fast. They proved why their ranking on the market is so high.


Performance / Reliability


Earlier, I mentioned the other Support forms, so you must be wondering how they work. What’s great about this web hosting company is that they offer the best channel for your issue. However, they will offer you the Live Chat and the Ticketing System options.


Performance / Reliability


If you go for the Live Chat, you’ll be instantly connected to a professional agent. Once your conversation ends, you can also leave feedback, which helps them improve and live up to your expectations. Your feedback is always taken into consideration.

On the other hand, the Ticketing System provides a straightforward form in which you can explain your problem. You will be requested to enter Category, Topic, Subject, and Website. After doing that part, you need to provide the details.


Performance / Reliability


Lastly, you can choose the link ‘Call Us.’ Once you choose it, SiteGround displays a phone number, respective to the country from which you are using the site. Then, a one-time access code is provided for identification.

Next to ‘Contact Us,’ you will notice Support History. This channel is an easy way to find all your tickets from the interaction with SiteGround’s support team.

If you ask me what I like the most about SiteGround’s support, it would most probably be the live chat. The best thing about it is that you can use it even if you aren’t registered. In the top menu of their official page, you can find ‘Sales Chat.’ After clicking on it, a window will appear in the bottom right corner.


Performance / Reliability


User Friendly

While doing my SiteGround review, my attention was mostly held due to the simplicity of this platform. Everything is thoroughly explained and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any issues while using it. SiteGround comes with affordable prices and impressive features that vary from beginner-friendly to more advanced ones. I was curious to see whether this web hosting company is user-friendly in every field, so let me provide some information from my SideGround research. SiteGround’s user experience is a completely different story.

1. Creating an Account with SiteGround

The process of creating a SiteGround account is divided into three simple steps that can be done in no time. More precisely, you can create your account in less than 15 minutes. Isn’t that great? The first step is to choose the web hosting plan. Once you choose it, you should click on the ‘Get Plan’ button to proceed to the next step. The second step is where you choose your domain. Here you can either register a new domain name or use another if you already have it. The last step is to review & complete. Once you get to this step, you need to fill in payment information, and that’s it. Your SiteGround account is ready.

2. WordPress Migrator

Usually, the web hosting providers that come up with a ‘DIY migration’ option aren’t great and burden the customer. However, SiteGround is an exception with their free WordPress Migration plugin that you can upload to any website.

Performance / Reliability

You should simply generate a token from inside your SiteGround hosting account, which the plugin will quickly migrate to as many websites as you want.

Performance / Reliability

3. Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is just as easy as creating your SiteGround account. Or, we should say it is even easier. Due to the SiteGround app manager tool, which is a one-click auto-installer tool, this process is a piece of cake. SiteGround makes sure its customers don’t waste any time, which is really great.


Step by Step Walkthrough – SiteGround

After explaining everything in detail, it’s time to show you how to go through this SiteGround journey. First, you need to choose a hosting plan by clicking on the ‘Get Plan’ button (I went for StartUp).

Performance / Reliability

After choosing your plan, you will be transferred to the following screen.

Performance / Reliability

Now, what you need to do is to either register a domain or use one you already have. SiteGround offers many different domains. You can find generic, country-specific, or popular domains.

Performance / Reliability

I already had a domain, so I used that one to not pay fees, as the domain isn’t included in the plan price. After you finish that step, you’ll get to Review & Complete, where you are asked to enter your Account, Client, Payment, and Purchase Information.

Performance / Reliability

If you don’t have an account, you should enter your email and password to continue with the process. SiteGround recommends using between 6 and 50 characters. From those characters, at least one has to be a letter, number, and a special character/capital letter. Now, let’s see what the payment section requires.

This step is also straightforward as it requires only your card number.

Performance / Reliability

Then, in the Purchase Information section, you need to select your plan.

Performance / Reliability

The next step is choosing a Data Center. SiteGround automatically chooses one for you, depending on your location, as you’ll get the best site performance. This web hosting company has data centers in Iowa, USA, Singapore, Asia, Sydney, Australia, London, UK. As for Europe, they have servers in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Performance / Reliability

What else you need to select is the hosting period. SiteGround provides their plans for 1, 12, 24, or 36 months. Keep in mind that the longer the period, the lower the price. However, you get the best deal if you go for the annual plan.

By doing the SiteGround research, the monthly plan made the least sense to me, so it would be best not to purchase it.

Performance / Reliability

However, I went for the monthly plan because I was testing SiteGround’s services. Once you choose everything, the page automatically calculates your payment.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

What’s more, SiteGround includes some extra services, for example, SG Site Scanner. This service monitors and immediately notifies you if there are any hacks or malware.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

If I decided to add this additional service, my balance increased, so I didn’t include it, even though I highly recommend it.

Another security measure is the verification of your number. Once you’ve entered, you will be requested to verify your phone number, but if you haven’t, you’ll receive an SMS with a verification code.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

After clicking ‘Next,’ you’ll receive an email just like the one they sent to me.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

With this, your SiteGround step-by-step walkthrough is finished, and you are ready to dive into a new adventure.

Although SitGround comes with a straightforward registration system, my personal experience wasn’t as smooth as I expected. The first obstacle was that my country, North Macedonia, wasn’t on the list, so I had to use my friend’s address in the UK.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account. Can you imagine? I tried to stay calm and contact their support team. Here’s how it went.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

I must say, the agent was really friendly and tried to help me, so it kind of made up for this terrible experience. The agent offered a refund and told me that I would get my money back in the period of 48 hours.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

But, I was very disappointed because I received my money after a week, way longer than the agent claimed. In the meantime, I was angry because my domain was taken, and my SiteGround account was reserved. Yes, the account was created, but I couldn’t access it. After a long week, I finally got my account.

To sum up, the process wasn’t challenging, and it was pretty simple, but this experience was really shocking.


Using and Managing Your Website on SiteGround

As you load your account, the well-organized page will be the first thing you will notice. Right next to the SiteGround logo, you will see the Main Menu.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

By scrolling down, you will find a guide to get you started. SiteGround provides eight steps with do-follow buttons.

  • Install or Mitigate WordPress
  • Point Your Domain
  • Use a temporary URL for your site
  • Transfer Domain
  • Change The Domain Of Your Site
  • Create Email Accounts At Your Domain
  • Transfer Email From A Previous Host
  • Set Up Your Email On Phone Or Desktop

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

Now, you need to click on ‘Point a Domain,’ which will take you to the following screen.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

SiteGround transfers you to the Help Center. Here you can find the ‘Tutorial Menu’ on the right side, which is an excellent guide.

Next, in the ‘Websites’ tab, you can find Websites and Collaborations.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

As you can see, I only have one website, which I cannot use, so I clicked on ‘Complete.’

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

Then, I was taken to this screen, where I clicked on ‘Skip & Create Empty Site’ to speed up the process.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

As I previously mentioned, SiteGround comes with an SG Site Scanner. I clicked ‘Finish,’ and I could finally manage my site.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

After you are transferred to this screen, you can click on ‘Manage Site,’ which will take you to the following screen.


The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

In the ‘Dashboard,’ you will find Pinned Tools, Site Information, and This Month’s Statistics for your site. In this section, you have an option to edit your pinned tools, so by clicking on ‘Edit Pinned Tools,’ you can pin more tools.

  • Site
  • Security
  • Speed
  • WordPress
  • Domain
  • Email
  • Statistics
  • Devs

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account


In the ‘Site’ section, you will come across PostgreSQL Manager, FTP Accounts, and MySQL Manager.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account


The ‘Security’ section consists of Backups, SSL Manager, HTTPS Enforce, Protected URLs, and Blocked IPs.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account


This section is pretty short. It only comes with SuperCacher and Cloudflare CDN. However, being that short doesn’t stop SiteGround from performing perfectly well.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account


As displayed on the image above, there is also a WordPress section that consists of Staging Copies, WordPress Migrator, WordPress Auto Update, and WordPress Search & Replace.

Domain and Email

Two other important sections are the ‘Domain’ and the ‘Email.’ In ‘Domain,’ you will find Parked Domains, Subdomains, Domain Redirects, and DNS Zone Editor. In contrast, in ‘Email,’ you’ll come across Email Forwarders, Email Autoresponders, Email Filters, Email Authentication, and Spam Protection.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

Statistics and Devs

Lastly, in the Dashboard section, you will find the subsections – ‘Statistics’ and ‘Devs.’ Traffic, Error Log, and Access Logs are part of ‘Statistics.’ On the other hand, ‘Devs’ provides Git, Cron Jobs, PHP Manager, SSH Keys Manager, and App Installer.

The greatest shock was when SiteGround took my money and didn’t activate my account

After explaining the Dashboard section, I will take you a bit back to the Main Menu.


In the ‘Website’ section, you will find Websites and Collaborations. I’ve already mentioned the Websites part, so I will skip it this time and go straight to Collaborations.




To add a Collaboration to your site, click on ‘Click Here,’ and you’ll proceed to the following screen.




Note: SiteGround allows you to add collaborators or clients to your sites and manage the access rights of your clients by creating custom roles.




Furthermore, we’ll transfer to the next section in the Main Menu, the ‘Services’ tab.


This section consists of Hosting and Domains. In the Hosting section, you can get ‘New Hosting Plan’ – Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting.





You can find this tab also in the Main Menu, next to the logo. This section is divided into Billing Details, Payment History, and Renewals.




In ‘Renewals,’ you can choose to change the hosting plan when the term ends.




Note: All SiteGround services renew automatically, except for Reseller Shared Hosting accounts and upgrades.


In ‘Referrals’ are displayed the Referral Program, My Referrals, and Become Affiliate options.




As you can see from the image, SiteGround hosting offers up to three months of free Hosting to one of your web hosting accounts for each new customer, depending on your account’s plan. The process is very simple. You just need to share the referral link by ending it to your friends directly, posting it on your website, or sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other communication channel.




Next, in ‘My Referrals,’ you can track your referrals or check for any missing referrals.




You should fill in this form if you can’t notice an award added to your plans, but you have referred a client to SiteGround.


SiteGround is full of surprises. If you have an established presence, you can earn some commissions just by spreading the word about SiteGround with their Affiliate Program.





The last section we will consider is the Marketplace. Here, you can find Domain Services, Hosting Services, and Partner Perks.




The first subsection, ‘Domain Services,’ offers you to purchase a Domain Name or Add Domain Extras, Domain Transfer, or Domain Privacy.




The following subsection is ‘Hosting Services.’ This section comes with Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Along with these come two additional services, such as Hosting Relocation or Dedicated IP.




Last but not least, SiteGround allows you to browse perks by category in the ‘Partner Perks’ subsection.




Here, you will find WordPress Development Services and Other Partner Services. The WordPress Development Services come with WP Tech Support, Fixmysite.com, and WP Buffs, whereas Other Partner Services include OptinMonster, WPForms, Tusant, Satchmo, Envira Gallery, Weglot, Castos, and Iubenda.

Overall, this is all about the Main Menu, but we are still not done. I want to show you something more aside from the menu. Let’s check out the My Account section.




Here, you can set up Owner Profile Details, 2-Step Verification, Language, and Data Management in Login & Profile Settings.

The Two-Step Verification adds an additional layer of security.




What I especially like about SiteGround is the multilingual platform. You can choose between English, Spanish, and Italian.




Another great site of SiteGround is that it offers an immediate deletion of your account. SiteGroud automatically deletes your profile and data 24 months after you no longer have active services.




In Notification Preferences, you can adjust your SMS and Email notifications.




In Appearance, you can select between four themes – Light, Dark, High Contrast Light, and High Contrast Black.




You can also Manage Users and Create or Manage the SSH key for multisite SFTP access.

After doing this detailed SiteGround brand review, I can say that SiteGround is definitely an attractive and worth-trying web hosting provider. You can get plenty of benefits due to the fantastic features SiteGround offers. As you can see, the process of managing and using your account is simple, and you shouldn’t have any issues with it.


Conclusion: Do We Recommend SiteGround?

Yes, we do! SiteGround has significantly improved over the years (as can be noticed from the research images in the performance part). The web hosting’s uptime guarantees that your customers will enjoy your website at all times, and you won’t have any issues with downtime. It is incredible that their team worked on this web hosting provider and managed to improve the speed by about 200 ms. Also, your customers won’t face any issues due to their location because SiteGround comes with two specific features that provide fast-loading sites worldwide.

When it comes to the price, it would be best if you choose the longest term possible. Personally, I would go with the longest term because the renewal prices increase even though the hosting plans are affordable. Also, keep in mind that the domain isn’t included in the price.

Overall, our SiteGround brand review will help you learn that SiteGround really is a top-quality company that provides more pros than cons. By working on this provider a bit more, those obstacles will be overcome. SiteGround has some excellent predispositions to become the best of the best.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, SiteGround Hosting:

  • Introduced SiteGround Cloud CDN in Beta.
  • Introduced its own Private DNS service.
  • Offered a special discount for its 18th birthday and Site Scanner for free for 3 months and other features.
  • Conducted an interactive game for its 18th birthday.

During March 2022, SiteGround Hosting:

  • Released a new SiteGround Security plugin.
  • Patched new critical Linux kernel vulnerability.

During February 2022, SiteGround Hosting:

  • Announced that the SiteGround Optimizer plugin is now available and free for all WordPress sites.

During January 2022, SiteGround Hosting:

  • Announced that it started the year with a 98% Client Satisfaction Rate.
  • Announced that it has a serious security issue in All in One SEO Plugin.
  • Announced a giveaway of tickets for a football match.
  • Experienced a glitch between Amazon and Google’s networks.
  • Made updates on its DNS servers.
  • Made a quiz with which users could win a portable speaker.

During December 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

  • Announced a giveaway of five branded portable speakers.
  • Announced a giveaway of tickets for a football match.
  • Announced that all websites that they host are safe from the recent security exploit of the Java library.
  • Won the silver award for Best WordPress Hosting at the Monster’s Awards, and its Security Plugin won the silver award for Best Security.
  • Had a security issue with its WordPress plugin.
  • Announced a giveaway of tickets for a football match and the winners.
  • Published a marketing guide that people can get for free.

During November 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

During October 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

During September 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

During August 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

During July 2021, SiteGround Hosting:

SiteGround Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
StartUp 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $3.91 9.7 Details
GrowBig 20 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.85 9.7 Details
GoGeek 40 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $13.72 9.6 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Jump Start 40 GB 4 cores 8 GB 5 TB $78.44 9.6 Details
Business 80 GB 8 cores 12 GB 5 TB $156.88 9.4 Details
Business Plus 120 GB 12 cores 16 GB 5 TB $235.31 9.6 Details
Super Power 160 GB 16 cores 20 GB 5 TB $313.75 10 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
GrowBig 20 GB Unlimited cPanel $6.85 9.1 Details
GoGeek 40 GB Unlimited cPanel $13.72 10 Details
Cloud 40 GB Unlimited cPanel $78.44 10 Details

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $3.91 - $13.72
Cloud Hosting $78.44 - $313.75
Resellers $6.85 - $78.44


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

SiteGround Awards

We took the time to personally and anonymously check each and every company's customer service.
The "Badge of excellence" was awarded to hosting companies that complied with HostAdvice's high standards of customer service, implying that the service proved to be prompt, efficient, insightful and most of all, helpful. Awarded companies that are in the top 10 by users' score This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Otto C.

Pinned Review

Otto C.,
I have been a customer at SiteGround for 15 years. I only have two websites left at this hosting site and I plan to move them next year. That might make it seem like I am not happy with the company's ...Read Moreproduct or support. Not at all. I think they are a very good company. I never experienced any significant downtime in all those years and their support has been good.

But my sites do not justify the increasing cost that has been levied these last few years. My web sites do not draw high volume traffic nor do I use most of the features offered for what I am paying.

I do whole heartily recommend this host site for people/companies who intend to do serious work and for whom hosting budget is not an issue. SiteGround is solid. For those who are looking to build and upkeep a simple web site, and are budget minded, you should probably look elsewhere.
Gagan Dias
Gagan Dias from Sri Lanka,

Best Webhosting

SITEGROUND, blindly. They have all things good. Great customer service. Lightening site speed. Gives services like daily backups and CDN absolutely FREE. Is recommended by wordpress. I should thank WebhostWinner.com for recommend this great hosting for me!
bob sacha
bob sacha from United States,
Moved from TSOHost

Moved my website here and it's been a breeze. Their tech support is awesome!

Moved my website here and it's been easy. The site is set up with lots of excellent help and great tools for someone like me who is moderately technically advanced but can't code. Their user support is almost instant and super helpful. They've solved the small glitches every time.
Gary Fujioka

I've been with four hosting companies, SiteGround is consistently the best in terms of service, features, performance

There are hosting companies a tiny bit less expensive, but the aggravation is not worth it. The few pennies and nickels you save as opposed to the times SiteGround techs will save your butt don't add up.

The support techs must ...Read Morebe really well trained because they know how to get to the issue immediately. They're not flailing around like your at other companies. They get it done.Less
Otto C.
Otto C. from United States,

Pricey but good.

I have been a customer at SiteGround for 15 years. I only have two websites left at this hosting site and I plan to move them next year. That might make it seem like I am not happy with the company's product or support. Not at all...Read More. I think they are a very good company. I never experienced any significant downtime in all those years and their support has been good.

But my sites do not justify the increasing cost that has been levied these last few years. My web sites do not draw high volume traffic nor do I use most of the features offered for what I am paying.

I do whole heartily recommend this host site for people/companies who intend to do serious work and for whom hosting budget is not an issue. SiteGround is solid. For those who are looking to build and upkeep a simple web site, and are budget minded, you should probably look elsewhere.
Sandeep singh
Sandeep singh

over the years the support level has gone down

siteground used to be the best in customer support but not anymore.
It took me almost 3 hours to get to the support (my plan has ended and could not renew it on time) so in this situation, there is no support until i paid for the...Read More plan. bad! all dead ends and there is no way to contact the support. all knowledge base articles end up without a chance to speak to someone via chat.
definitely do not recommend siteground to anyone.


Why should I choose SiteGround for WordPress Hosting?

SiteGround is highly optimized for using a WordPress hosting platform. Each plan comes with its in-house security features that improve the WordPress website’s speed and performance. Also, the process of setting up a WordPress website is very simple with their one-click WordPress installation.

Does SiteGround offer a free domain name?

Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t provide a free domain name. However, you can use your already-existing domain name (if you have one), or you can register for a new one during the sign-up.

Can I cancel my SiteGround account and get a refund?

As we mentioned in the pros and cons, SiteGround provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with all their plans. During this period, you can try their services and later request a refund. Keep in mind that the domain name registrations are non-refundable.

Where are SiteGround servers located?

SiteGround is a pretty expanded web hosting company whose servers are located in Europe, Singapore, the United States, and Australia. You should choose your server during the registration.

Is SiteGround safe?

This is the last thing you should worry about with SiteGround. SiteGround comes with a comprehensive and reliable web hosting solution that consists of security-enhancing features, such as Backups, protected URLs, SSL manager, blocked IPs, and HTTPS enforcement.

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