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VPS $55.00 - $325.00

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Rodrigo Campos

Pinned Review

Rodrigo Campos,
I have 4 years of using it and works perfect, support works, uptime works, they give me whm, etc...


Jason Lee
Jason Lee from United Kingdom,

Not fit for purpose!

Absolutely useless! on the migration from IX web hosting I have lost a domain name I have had for years. I now have problem with another web site which is down (losing revenue everyday) I have been contacting their support and kee...Read Morep getting the same message 'someone will be in contact with you in the next 24 hour' its like they sign they have in bars 'free beer tomorrow' it never comes. Would advise stay away from these cowboys because when you need their support, they are not fit for purpose. You have been warned.Less
Charlotte Poncelet
Charlotte Poncelet,
It is an exercise in futility! They will push you to the brink of INSANITY! I absolutely cannot agree with Jason more...
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson,
Absolutely agree! I am about to scream over their ineptness and stupidity...
Lynn Bell
Lynn Bell from United States,

Site 5 - Scammers

They charge for services I did not receive. I contacted my credit card company and they removed the charges. Then Site 5 sends me a bill for the service again and adds a $25 fee for the credit card company dispute. In the meantime...Read More, I am current on the correct billing ($141/month). They suspend my account, lock me out of the VPS, all hosting in all my cpanel accounts go down. I finally agreed to pay every thing they wanted - feels like ransom - and they don't provide a way to make an online payment. Keep telling me to login - but they locked me out. No phone number to call, only a chat screen. These people are really, really, really bad.Less
Tom Williams
Tom Williams from United States,

Non-existent support! STAY AWAY!!!

I've been maintaining sites hosted with site5 for *years*. At first, their service and support were great. I started out maintaining a dental website and later helped a friend host two of her photography websites at Site5.

Over...Read More time, it took longer and longer for support tickets to get addressed. Since Sept. 2018, I haven't been able to contact technical support at all. They no longer offer phone support and no one responds to chat requests. I tried contacting them via email and was told to use the online chat system, which doesn't work.

From a pure hosting perspective, their service has been good. It's been stable and the server performance has been reasonable. However, if either of the sites we host with them now go down, I wouldn't have a way to contact support.

Lastly, the hosting cost now appears expensive, considering I can't contact technical support anymore. I'm in the process now of finding new website hosting.
Richard Artherholt
Richard Artherholt from United States,

DO NOT host with Site5

Our site was migrated to Site5 from IX Webhosting. We were notified in January 2018 to expect a migration where in all the benefits were outlined and assured that: "All of your products, settings, and content - plus a lot more! - ...Read Moreshould be there ready for you.". In April an email was received stating our site had been migrated. No communication at all prior to migration providing the date of the migration and what to expect.

Immediately after the notification of a successful migration our site went down and email services stopped working. Since Site5 customer service is only available via a ticket system we submitted a ticket to troubleshoot our outage. It took 2 days for the first response to be received. Without getting into the weeds of explaining the back and forth it took 6 days to find some resolution to our issues.

First we lost functionality because our previous hosting plan with IX Webhosting included mySql stored procedures. The plan provided by Site5 only includes stored procedure functionality at an additional fee. Apparently it is the practice of Site5 to just drop service levels without notification. This was the cause of our site crashing.

Second Site5 failed to map our forwarders properly but tech support couldn't isolate the problem. We found it on our own and corrected.

A month after the above issues were addressed DNS services were dropped without notification and our site went down again. Apparantely they shutdown IX Webhosting servers and my domain needed updated to point to different servers. We updated immediately but 3 days later still no site. Another chat to tech support and this time we were told to point DNS to a different address than was given previously. We asked to verify this and it was was confirmed. 2 Days later site still down. Yet again another chate session. This tech told us to point DNS back to what was specified on the original response the week before. Obviously something on their end was wrong and sure enough this tech actually knew how to correct and reset their servers. 1 hour later our site was back up with almost all DNS propagated.

Management at Site5 could have cared less about the problems they clearly caused. No prior communication of what to expect with a migration to there company was completely unprofessional and no guidance or support after to help resolve.

I cannot in the slightest recommend this company.
Chris Long
Chris Long,
This was our experience as well. We are planning on leaving Site5
Robin McCauley
Robin McCauley from United States,

RUN AWAY from this Company

My old hosting company was purchased by Site 5 in January. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! Not only was my site and email down for two days after the transfer. One of my sites and it's email, keeps reverting back to the old company server in...Read Morestead of my new server. However, the "support" person on the chat line felt that I should be able to go to the old server and change the setting to point to the correct server. Which would have been fine. If I actually had access to the server and it's new address.

After going around and around with the "support person" and being told the the Supervisor was too busy to help me. He "begrudgingly" made the changes that needed to be made to fix my issues. Only took 1 minute to fix the issue but 15 minutes of begging for them to fix it.
Peter Miller
Peter Miller from United States,

Catastrophic, no way to contact

I have 4 domains that were transferred from Lx Hosting to 5sites. in 2 words Catastrophic service Highly NOT recommended
1.emails not always were working
2.No support at all
3. No phone number to call
4.Billing charged me twice more that others include services I didn't asked
Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises
Ken Dunn - Dunway Enterprises from Australia,

WARNING: Don't Use Site5 for Hosting!!

Don't Use Site5 - find yourself another site to host your domains with. My sites were merged to Site5 when they purchased IX web hosting. I wish that I had seen these reviews before the migration, I would have saved myself a lot o...Read Moref time, money & grief.

The migration occurred on June 26th. At first everything "seemed" okay. 1st my email stopped working. I figure it happened during the merge. I was lucky, got it back up again. However, I found out that within a few days all my sites would fail & disapear.
I spent days over the following weeks with chats, and support tickets trying to resolve the issues. The first time they fixed file permissions for sites and fixed some email setting. However, problems continued to happen over the next week.
Access denied for user...' error password, & email not accepted. I can't get into the cPanel or email or anything else.
I explained to the support through email & online chat over many hours, I posted copies of previous chats, screen captures.. etc. They tried to fix access to the client area, by modifying the permissions – but nothing changed.
I posted details again, and again. Requesting that the matter be resolved immediately, I know I am losing emails, and my business sites has been down for many days over the last few weeks.
Most times you don't even get replies to your requests for support. What I am about to do is find another host, and for them to migrate the accounts/sites.
I still have pre-paid hosting with Site5, and will request a refund of the balance, but I don't hold out much hope for that.
WARNING: If your hosting is with or by Site5, do yourself a favor and find someone else to host with. Save yourself the headaches.
Don't became another victim of the IXwebhosting – Site5.com debacle.
I received the following – canned response on just about every chat & email reply:
"I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused. I have viewed your account and I was unable to find which application you are using and also, If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24x7".

Here's the kicker – there is 'NO' way to contact them by phone & if you try contacting them via email: ***** NOTICE: Direct Email Ticket Creation Is Not Supported *****

AUTORESPONDER REPLY: Please be aware that your email has not been received. In an effort to improve our support and offer assistance even faster going forward, we’ve recently invested in our support teams and improved the overall structure.

Oh, you will (keep getting told) that the problems will be looked at by "senior admins soon". Believe me, It never happens.
Rhea G
Rhea G from United States,


DO NOT USE Site5!!!

I was previously with IX Web Hosting who moved my webites to Site5 WITHOUT prior notice. During the migration, they transferred all of my personal information to site5 without advising me.

To make it wors...Read Moree, as a result of the data migration, all of my websites went down for a considerable amount of time. The support was horrific. I could not gain access to my IX account as they had terminated it and because Site5 had not provided me with ANY information (login or cPanel or account information) I had absolutely no way of gaining access to my websites!!

After weeks of back and forth via emails trying to restore my account, I then found out my websites were going down again...all because they had not provided me with the information to update to new name servers!! It was absolute nightmare.

I eventually ended up terminating my account with Site5 and what I asked for a refund this was their answer:

"We will not refund you because your account was with IX Web hosting and not with us."

DO NOT USE them. They are scammers and will ruin the reputation and rankings you have built for your websites!!
Mike M
Mike M,
I feel your pain - my sites were down for 3 weeks.

I have a new host now with stateside support and I’m back in business. Site5 was not adequately prepared for this migration and their parent company doesn’t care

Expert Review

Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
Hosting Expert


Site5.com – Can’t Beat the Services and Location Options

Site5.com is one of the most established web hosting companies on the market today.  They have been providing their customers with high quality web hosting for years, yet remain one of the more advanced services available. When you sign up with a new account with Site5, they will move all your sites from any other hosting solution over, free of charge.  This is a great feature since web hosting transfers can be tricky, especially if you haven’t done them in the past. One of the best features of this hosting company is that they have servers in data centers around the world.  This means you can have your site hosted in a location that is near where your visitors are from. With this option your visitors will likely notice that your site loads more quickly and is much more responsive. They have also customized their control panel (still using the industry standard cPanel) to help make it easier for newer users.  If you’re already used to the traditional cPanel setup, it is not difficult to learn this new system at all and in most cases you will likely enjoy the added usability.



Rated by Idan Cohen

  • User Friendly

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  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99.9% uptime with a money back guarantee

Like most web hosting companies, Site5 offers a full 99.9% uptime guarantee.  In addition, however, they guarantee that if your site goes down, they will refund you the money.  This is a nice little perk, though in most cases it is not something you will ever take advantage of (this is a good thing). In the event that you do run into trouble, Site5 has 24/7/365 live chat and email technical support.  They also offer phone support during normal business hours. There have been very few complaints about reliability from users of this company, and given the fact that they have so many different data centers, it is clear that they are able to provide exceptional reliability.

Features & Services

Nearly endless list of high quality services available

Be careful when you start browsing through their list of available services, it seems like it goes on forever.  Some of the more important options include unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all their packages (even the entry level ones).  All their packages also include free backups, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, easy website builder and much more. You can only have one website hosted on their lowest level package, but once you move up from that, they offer unlimited domain and website hosting. If you aren’t 100% happy with the services you get from Site5, they offer a full 45 day money back guarantee, which will give you plenty of time to really evaluate their services properly.


Fair pricing for all levels of services

Site5 offers a wide variety of differnet web hosting services to choose from.  Their entry level package starts at $4.95 per month, which is about average these days.  The prices go up based on the type of services you need. In addition to their popular shared hosting services, they also offer managed and unmanaged virtual servers, which are priced quite nicely.  For example, if you are a web expert and go with an unmanaged VPS, you can get a dual core, 1 gig of memory setup for just $25 per month.  It is $50 for the same setup under the managed option. It is important to note that their prices do change based on where you select to have your website hosted.  For example, a basic package in Dallas Texas starts at just $4.95 per month.  That same package is $5.95 in San Francisco, and $9.95 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.  Make sure you are looking closely at where you want your site hosted.  It is often worth the extra money to get the location you want, but in some cases it is better to just go with the lower price.



This is an obvious choice for anyone who is picky about where their websites are hosted.  They have almost two dozen different data centers to choose from, giving you more options than almost any other hosting company available today.  They also have a long history of providing great customer service and excellent support. <p><b>Pros</b></p> <ul class=”checkmarks”> <li>Free site migration from old hosting companies</li> <li>Nearly two dozen data centers to choose from, located around the world</li> <li>Unlimited bandwidth and disc space</li> </ul> <p><b>Cons </b></p> <ul class=”icon-x”> <li>Limited to one site on their ‘hostBasic’ plan</li> <li>Some customers have complained that their entry level hosting is somewhat slow</li> </ul>

Site5 Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
hostBasic Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.95 2.7 Details
hostPro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $8.95 2.6 Details
hostPro + Turbo Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $11.95 3.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS2 50 GB 2 cores 1 GB $55.00 2.0 Details
VPS3 75 GB 2 cores 1.5 GB $80.00 2.0 Details
VPS4 100 GB 4 cores 2 GB $105.00 2.0 Details
VPS5 155 GB 4 cores 3 GB $150.00 3.1 Details
VPS6 200 GB 4 cores 4 GB $170.00 2.8 Details
VPS7 300 GB 4 cores 6 GB $250.00 3.1 Details
VPS8 400 GB 8 cores 8 GB $325.00 3.1 Details

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