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Fernando Lins

Pinned Review

Fernando Lins,
Pros: • Online support 24/7 that actually works • Fairly priced service • Many plans available for different needs • Continuous improvement of server quality • Great selection of tools to make your si...Read Morete • Perfect uptime • Comprehensive FAQ for rookies • Infinite hosting space • Easy to set up and use emailCons: • No plans for studentsLess


Jason Lee
Jason Lee from United Kingdom,

Not fit for purpose!

Absolutely useless! on the migration from IX web hosting I have lost a domain name I have had for years. I now have problem with another web site which is down (losing revenue everyday) I have been contacting their support and kee...Read Morep getting the same message 'someone will be in contact with you in the next 24 hour' its like they sign they have in bars 'free beer tomorrow' it never comes. Would advise stay away from these cowboys because when you need their support, they are not fit for purpose. You have been warned.Less
Charlotte Poncelet
Charlotte Poncelet,
It is an exercise in futility! They will push you to the brink of INSANITY! I absolutely cannot agree with Jason more...
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson,
Absolutely agree! I am about to scream over their ineptness and stupidity...
Richard Artherholt
Richard Artherholt from United States,

DO NOT host with Site5

Our site was migrated to Site5 from IX Webhosting. We were notified in January 2018 to expect a migration where in all the benefits were outlined and assured that: "All of your products, settings, and content - plus a lot more! - ...Read Moreshould be there ready for you.". In April an email was received stating our site had been migrated. No communication at all prior to migration providing the date of the migration and what to expect.

Immediately after the notification of a successful migration our site went down and email services stopped working. Since Site5 customer service is only available via a ticket system we submitted a ticket to troubleshoot our outage. It took 2 days for the first response to be received. Without getting into the weeds of explaining the back and forth it took 6 days to find some resolution to our issues.

First we lost functionality because our previous hosting plan with IX Webhosting included mySql stored procedures. The plan provided by Site5 only includes stored procedure functionality at an additional fee. Apparently it is the practice of Site5 to just drop service levels without notification. This was the cause of our site crashing.

Second Site5 failed to map our forwarders properly but tech support couldn't isolate the problem. We found it on our own and corrected.

A month after the above issues were addressed DNS services were dropped without notification and our site went down again. Apparantely they shutdown IX Webhosting servers and my domain needed updated to point to different servers. We updated immediately but 3 days later still no site. Another chat to tech support and this time we were told to point DNS to a different address than was given previously. We asked to verify this and it was was confirmed. 2 Days later site still down. Yet again another chate session. This tech told us to point DNS back to what was specified on the original response the week before. Obviously something on their end was wrong and sure enough this tech actually knew how to correct and reset their servers. 1 hour later our site was back up with almost all DNS propagated.

Management at Site5 could have cared less about the problems they clearly caused. No prior communication of what to expect with a migration to there company was completely unprofessional and no guidance or support after to help resolve.

I cannot in the slightest recommend this company.
Chris Long
Chris Long,
This was our experience as well. We are planning on leaving Site5
Jeffrey Bauer
Jeffrey Bauer from United States,
Moved from IX Web Hosting

Every one of my domains has failed before Site5 finally got them up!

I was a customer of ix Web Hosting for many years. Sold to Site5, okay. But everytime they migrated one of my domains, they screwed something up and I lost the domain and all of my e-mail. Today I had very importants documents bei...Read Moreng sent to me and I couldn't understand why I was getting none of them. Site5 moved my domain and forgot to update the name servers! When escalated, yes they fixed it but couldn't care less about the pain they caused.Less
Richard S Hervieux
Richard S Hervieux from United States,

They suck. See the below tech chat........ They forgot to repoint the DNS during the IX migration

• Tech Support: Website Issues qqq.williamfgrossfh.com does not work. Been down. I have a really irate customer. I fell asleep waiting over an hour for one of you slackers to even answer a live chat.
My Support Code: 508238-20725...Read More5
So now the wait begins........
This belongs to a funeral home They cannot post visitation times because you people cANNOT EVEN KEEP A SITE UP
I love that your 15 minute clock takes over 45 minutes......
• M
Moulya joined
• M
Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Live Chat. My name is Moulya.
• R
• M
Thank you for the support code.
Let me check your domains, Could you please be on hold for 3-4 minutes while I check this for you?
• R
why not....I have been trying all day to get someone
• M
I could see that domain is still pointing to old server due to which domain DNS is not getting resolved. Let me update the whole DNS for you and once it is updated, it will take 4-6 hours for the propagation and once the propagation is done, domain will work fine, Could you please be on hold for 3-4 minutes while I do this for you?
• R
why did this happen?
Please wait for the next available agentYou will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes...

• Since your account is migrated to us, there is a server change so we need to update the DNS to us.
• R
so how do you plan to deal with the customer I am losing because your company didnt do their job?
what are you going to do about the money I am losing bacause a customer is leaving?
what are you going to do about the bad review I have now online??
• M
I can understand Richard, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have updated the DNS and domains should be working fine within 4-6 hours.
• R
so answer my questions.......rhis is a business
you didnt do your job
not you but the idiots you work for
you better have someone from that cartoon of a hosting company call me and tell me how they plan to take care of this
• fortunately I copied this conversation so I can post all over the world so everyone can beware of doing anything with such an incompetent company
you didnt send anything. I am looking ar every email I have received from you......nice try
who is the CEO of that cartoon? I am just going to let our attorneys feal with you
you people are morally bankrupt
• M
Richard , I can totally understand your concern and I am just a chat agent and our migration team has taken care of it and we are pleased to help you in all the way possible. I will be passing your concerns to the migration team and let the management know about this and have them updated. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused to you/
Also, now that the issue has been resolved, I would suggest you to verify the website after the propagation time and everything should be back to normal.
• R
I never gave permission for IX to give you anything.....I knew how terrible site5 is....if I knew ahead of time they were giving you my important files I would have moved them. Now you have ruined a customer relationship that was 10 years old
• M
Since the sudden shutdown of the servers on the IX servers has caused this drastic change in the situation and we are trying our best to have it resolved.
I can understand how you are feeling right now and I ask sorry on behalf of the IX and migration team.
Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
• R
well you should have thought about that before you bought the business. If you werent capable of handling it you never should have taken it on. I will be expecting a call form your mismanagement team. Meanwhile I am going to tell the world about your incompetence
Please wait for the next available agentYou will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes...
AJ Saveriano
AJ Saveriano from United States,
Moved from IX Web Hosting

Site5 is a sad, poorly operated company indeed

Forced to transfer to Sit5 from IX Web Hosting. Was NEVER notified. Had to discover what the heck was going on by myself. Migration was a nightmare. MANY websites were broken and FormMail didn't work at all. Seems that for FormMai...Read Morel to fucntion on their servers changes needed to be made in the configuration. Fine. However, don't you think THEY ought to make those changes or at the very least notify me that changes are needed? Many of my HTML pages call up PHP code. This has always word flawlessly for years on IX Web Hosting, and other Web Hosting companies. But not on Site5. But the real kicker is that Site5 Tech couldn't figure out why if wouldn't work and they NEVER DID!
I had to RE-CODE all my dozens of pages to eliminate the original code and replace it with standard HTML, which was not the original code's intention.
Sit5 Live Chat was pretty straight forward when I was first migrated to their operation (about May of 2018). Now when I try to start an online chat I am asked for my billing password (never had one from Site5 since I was a migration). And I can see further down on the online form that it wants to ask me what Hosting package I want to buy? What the hell? I just want to talk to someone. Now I am hearing that all phone support is being eliminated in the near future and only online Chat will be available. Well, they better get their act together quickly sine this new online chat doesn't seem to be a nice, simple straight froward option.
Trying to submit a Trouble Ticket just dumps me back to the "chat" feature, again asking for all kinds of stuff unrelated to the topic I need help with.
So I called phone support and was told that in the near future phone support will be the only method to reach Site5, confirming what I already knew.I was then told that all agents were helping other clients and that they would be with me shortly. Well, after a one (1) hour wait, I decided to play a game. I put my on speaker
and waited, while go about running my business. I wanted to see how long it would actually take before an agent came online. In the meantime I was "entertained" by endless and excessively loud "music". The results of test? After 3 hours and 45 minutes I gave up and hung up my phone.
3 hours and 45 minutes and no one came on the line. Only an occssional "..we'll be with you shortly". . AMAZING!!
Is this company trying to go out of business? Are these people serious?
I also think their Hosting price are too high, their Domain registration costs are too high and their service level is essentially zero. I am seriously think of switching to another Hosting service but I am frighted by the work I'll likely have to do. I seem to pay Site5 all the money but I am doing all the work .A Disaster company indeed.
Stay away.
I am having the same problems as you
Alejandro Luciano
Alejandro Luciano,
My experience is worse, yesterday they took down IXwebhosting servers and with them went my DNS and as result my email is down, tech support takes forever to answer and you have to fill the stupid billing account information page...Read More to reach a chat with someone who has no idea what is happening, After reaching them about 7pm yesterday and their indication that they solved the problem around midnight it is 11 hours later and still no DNS. Since the migration from IXWebhosting to SIte5 in May we have been down do to DNS problems three times, the last one yesterday. As of 10:45am today August 29 we have been down for 24 hours. Their only answer is the 'We are Sorry you are having problems" and "We are giving priority to your situation" but 11 hours what they call priority moves at the speed of molasses on a winter day.Less
really bad! Our site is down today. They don't have a support phone line always chat only and it is not even working. I have moved my account to another company planning to do the same for this site also.
Lin Teichman
Lin Teichman from United States,
Moved from IX Web Hosting

Terrible Service

I wish I could award 0 stars. After a forced migration from IX Web Hosting (which was wonderful), I found myself on Site5. UGH! Nothing but problems ever since (the migration happened in April 2018). First, they used the wrong dom...Read Moreain for the Primary Domain. When I asked that it be changed, they gave me a very convoluted answer about having to close down domains and reopen them...they were powerless to do anything otherwise. Then websites were going down for no reason, not all the domains I own showed up in my lists of domains, and now the best: I am trying to move everything to a different hosting and I find that ALL my domains have been reregistered to Tucows during the migration to Site5. So now I have a battle to get my domains back, each company pointing to the other and telling me to go talk to them. Chat help? They are just blowing me off on this issue. Stay far away!!!!Less
Roland Mayer
Roland Mayer from Greece,

Be aware that this company and EIG is on the brink of crime

I made my account in the summer of 2013, "Rails web hosting".
Everything was fine until December 2016 when my RAILS server responded with an HTTP 500 Internal server error, although I did not upload any changes. My support reques...Read Moret was not answered for around a month. I did some investigation (2017!) and learned, the Site5 was taken over by EIG.

I could not manage my host anymore. Login to account was a luck.

I was alarmed and moved my service and my domains to an other (not EIG) provider. Then I canceled my service (I did not care of the lost half year of money it was only 5$/month so 30$)

Next step was that I got still remembering mails to renew my domains, that where not hosted by them anymore. No contact possible.

Today I got an email:
"This is a notification that your service has now been suspended.
Product/Service: hostBasic (Amsterdam)
Domain: ********.com
Amount: $238.80 USD
Due Date: 08/14/2017
Suspension Reason: Overdue on Payment

Please contact us as soon as possible to get your service reactivated."

So they want to charge me for a service I could not use and do not have anymore, without any invoice.

The funny thing is, that I don't have any service or open invoices (see picture). Contact is impossible. Even the "email us" address on there own page replies with "***** NOTICE: Direct Email Ticket Creation Is Not Supported *****" and submitting a ticket is not possible.

The strategy of EIG is to dry out the new bought company. And when costumers change to an other provider, they - EIG - has a good chance, that they will select a provider of them. This means the multiply the number of customers of EIG, what makes a good picture on stock market
Ashley Masoner
Ashley Masoner from United States,

Awful experience

No telephone customer service. Charged me when I have no domain. Awful communication. Went through alot to try to get my little $24 back and they would NOT give it back! Attached is their final decision after they asked me several...Read More times if I had a domain hosted with them. I am now disputing it with my credit card. They do not listen to anything!!Less
I had the same experience. No customer service and no way to contact them except emails, often not replied to. When I tried to cancel, they would not do it, and kept billing me. Now they won't refund the 8 mos they billed fraudulently.
I will be going to my cc company too.

Expert Review

Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
Hosting Expert


Site5.com - Can't Beat the Services and Location Options

Site5.com is one of the most established web hosting companies on the market today.  They have been providing their customers with high quality web hosting for years, yet remain one of the more advanced services available. When you sign up with a new account with Site5, they will move all your sites from any other hosting solution over, free of charge.  This is a great feature since web hosting transfers can be tricky, especially if you haven't done them in the past. One of the best features of this hosting company is that they have servers in data centers around the world.  This means you can have your site hosted in a location that is near where your visitors are from. With this option your visitors will likely notice that your site loads more quickly and is much more responsive. They have also customized their control panel (still using the industry standard cPanel) to help make it easier for newer users.  If you're already used to the traditional cPanel setup, it is not difficult to learn this new system at all and in most cases you will likely enjoy the added usability.

Rated by Idan Cohen
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99.9% uptime with a money back guarantee

Like most web hosting companies, Site5 offers a full 99.9% uptime guarantee.  In addition, however, they guarantee that if your site goes down, they will refund you the money.  This is a nice little perk, though in most cases it is not something you will ever take advantage of (this is a good thing). In the event that you do run into trouble, Site5 has 24/7/365 live chat and email technical support.  They also offer phone support during normal business hours. There have been very few complaints about reliability from users of this company, and given the fact that they have so many different data centers, it is clear that they are able to provide exceptional reliability.

Features & Services

Nearly endless list of high quality services available

Be careful when you start browsing through their list of available services, it seems like it goes on forever.  Some of the more important options include unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all their packages (even the entry level ones).  All their packages also include free backups, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, easy website builder and much more. You can only have one website hosted on their lowest level package, but once you move up from that, they offer unlimited domain and website hosting. If you aren't 100% happy with the services you get from Site5, they offer a full 45 day money back guarantee, which will give you plenty of time to really evaluate their services properly.


Fair pricing for all levels of services

Site5 offers a wide variety of differnet web hosting services to choose from.  Their entry level package starts at $4.95 per month, which is about average these days.  The prices go up based on the type of services you need. In addition to their popular shared hosting services, they also offer managed and unmanaged virtual servers, which are priced quite nicely.  For example, if you are a web expert and go with an unmanaged VPS, you can get a dual core, 1 gig of memory setup for just $25 per month.  It is $50 for the same setup under the managed option. It is important to note that their prices do change based on where you select to have your website hosted.  For example, a basic package in Dallas Texas starts at just $4.95 per month.  That same package is $5.95 in San Francisco, and $9.95 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.  Make sure you are looking closely at where you want your site hosted.  It is often worth the extra money to get the location you want, but in some cases it is better to just go with the lower price.



This is an obvious choice for anyone who is picky about where their websites are hosted.  They have almost two dozen different data centers to choose from, giving you more options than almost any other hosting company available today.  They also have a long history of providing great customer service and excellent support. <p><b>Pros</b></p> <ul class="checkmarks"> <li>Free site migration from old hosting companies</li> <li>Nearly two dozen data centers to choose from, located around the world</li> <li>Unlimited bandwidth and disc space</li> </ul> <p><b>Cons </b></p> <ul class="icon-x"> <li>Limited to one site on their 'hostBasic' plan</li> <li>Some customers have complained that their entry level hosting is somewhat slow</li> </ul>

Site5 Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
hostBasic Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.95 2.7 Details
hostPro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $8.95 2.6 Details
hostPro + Turbo Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $11.95 3.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS2 50 GB 2 cores 1 GB $55.00 2.0 Details
VPS3 75 GB 2 cores 1.5 GB $80.00 2.0 Details
VPS4 100 GB 4 cores 2 GB $105.00 2.0 Details
VPS5 155 GB 4 cores 3 GB $150.00 3.1 Details
VPS6 200 GB 4 cores 4 GB $170.00 2.8 Details
VPS7 300 GB 4 cores 6 GB $250.00 3.1 Details
VPS8 400 GB 8 cores 8 GB $325.00 3.1 Details

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