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Shared Hosting $4.95 - $11.95
VPS $55.00 - $325.00

Data Centers

Fernando Lins

Pinned Review

Fernando Lins,
Pros: • Online support 24/7 that actually works • Fairly priced service • Many plans available for different needs • Continuous improvement of server quality • Great selection of tools to make your si...Read Morete • Perfect uptime • Comprehensive FAQ for rookies • Infinite hosting space • Easy to set up and use emailCons: • No plans for studentsLess


Akiko Baldridge-Hohn
Akiko Baldridge-Hohn from Germany,

SHADY, DECEPTIVE with Unannounced Price Increase

I've been hosting my website for 14 years there using the $5 per month plan since February 2007 ($120 every two years). No e-mail was sent announcing a price hike, just a bill that I was planning on paying one month early and luck...Read Moreily noticed in-time that it was 20% higher. NO WARNING and NO EXPLANATION. It looks to me like they were hoping everyone would have auto-pay on and notice too late when nothing could be done about it. I got in touch with Billing and they and claimed an e-mail got sent out. I triple-checked and there was no e-mail, only the invoice oddly two months early. They claim they need the money and I was like, I have a one-page website using less than 100 MB of space and have nearly zero visitors. It's a hobby handcoding HTML, so for what I have been paying for and barely use, they are making tons of money off of me for 14 years since all I have is a Virtual Server dynamically sized for what I use, which is barely nothing. The person in the chat talked to their manager to give me my old price for one time only. I waited 15 minutes. Then again LYING via omission: "Here's the updated invoice. We gave you two monhts free. Invoice still says $144 but with $12 discount, so is still $132." So, they offer to give me my old price of 120 and instead of being forthright and honest, they try to make like they are doing me a big deal by saying they gave me 2 months free usage. I caught him. At first I said thank you (for the two months free) but after looking closely, I was in the midst of responding and suddenly the chat ended (they hung up on me) after they asked anything else?Less
Kamil K
Kamil K from United Kingdom,


They will trick you in to purchasing updated server so they can install ssl and will not do it, they will waste your time and in the end they won’t give you your money back !!! SiteGround did it in 3 days after a month of waiting for site 5.
Charith Atukorala
Charith Atukorala from Sri Lanka,
Moved from aPlus.net

Server was down and no one knew about it, and the mail delivery is has issues sometimes

I have been with this company for around 4 years, but with much more traffic coming to my website, I need reliability which these guys don't provide. The mail delivery occasionally turns all moody and spits out only the mails it w...Read Moreants to deliver. They charge an extra $35 for SSL while other service providers hand it out for free. I hLess
Josh S.
Josh S. from Canada,

Good Luck Cancelling

Listen, their service is fine for a shared webhost. Tools are a bit janky from time to time but support is available to take care of it.

I've been a customer since 2008, with plans auto-renewing on an annual basis. I've decid...Read Moreed to move to another service provider. Turns out that they offer no refunds for unused but paid services.

I get it. It's in their legal terms and conditions. They're not technically wrong. However, this is an absurd power-move to lock customers in. Very customer unfriendly.
Tomasz Wasyłyszyn
Tomasz Wasyłyszyn from Poland,

"Corrective Measures" from Site5 instead of an apology - please read.

I had very unpleasant situation with Site5. They suspended my account without any warning. It is against any legal regulations and I consider this as a brutal act for which there is no explanation. The whole thing was about a mist...Read Moreake I believe but the way they handled it was not acceptable. I received an email from them, that my disk usage exceeds their limits and they require “respond to this email with a course of action or a remedy within the next 2 days or we may be forced to remove data or suspend the account against our Terms of Service”. But at the time I received the email they already stopped my web services, probably by mistake. I received no warning and when I logged into my account setting there was no warning too and there was no information about the suspension of the account.
At the time me & Site5 began our cooperation more than a decade ago they had unlimited usage advertised in their offer. I must have missed the fact that you reduced it to 30 GB. Yes, reduced to 30 GB ! Which was announced to me by “Riyona D” who did not introduce herself neither with family name nor position.
Regarding site5 methods their workers threatened me in the first email that they require "email with (...) or we (you) may be forced to remove data or suspend the account against Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy". But they probably were not aware that they already disabled my account ruining all my web related actions with all the consequences an possible financial loss.
While the large disk usage was probably due to the overlooking it was possible to avoid any further misunderstandings by asking first, then suspending my account if the later didn't work. I had a large album of photos from my excursions there – no child pornography, no warez. And it was not backup or archive for God’s sake ! I was fully unaware that it breaks some “regulations”. Moreover, I was not aware that unlimited hosting means in practice 30 GB. I deleted it but none of my services was working for another few hours. Eventually they turned it on again and after all this mess I suggested that I need an apology but instead I received the romantic email about "corrective measures". This is really something: "Thank you for the update.You can not use the space provided to you under our hosting accounts for storage purposes. Please note that we employ some of the best servers in the shared web hosting industry and this notification should be treated as identification that your site(s), as they are right now, are using too many resources to reside on a regular shared web hosting server. For your convenience, we strongly suggest that when looking away from Site 5 for web hosting that you look for solutions that are a clear upgrade from a regular shared web hosting environment if you do not plan on taking corrective measures. However, I am glad that you have reduced the disk usage.Yours sincerely,Nixxxx A Web Administrator (name changed).

Corrective measures, right? When the provider turns off al your services without warning after more than a decade of fruitful cooperation this is unbelievable. Moreover, repeating like a mantra that "we employ some of the best servers in the shared web hosting industry" while these technologies serve to reduce unlimited transfer to miserable 30 GB is pitiful. I had a "The 4th of July plan".
Pat Chen
Pat Chen from United States,

DO NOT USE SITE5, I lost my domain!

The company I hosted shut down and transferred my account to Site5. No phone support, only live chat or open a ticket and wait for response. It does look like no one working during the COVID-19. I have opened a ticket question que...Read Morestion for 2 days, no one response. It's an emergency action! Also I lost the domain that I bought and paid 6 months ago. I would have bought it back a couple hundred $. When question asked, Site5 quickly refunded me $15 (domain name fee that I paid 6 months ago to secure my domain name) without any responsibility. Suck company! I can't wait to host with new company when come to the renewal.Less

Expert Review

Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
Hosting Expert


Site5.com - Can't Beat the Services and Location Options

Site5.com is one of the most established web hosting companies on the market today.  They have been providing their customers with high quality web hosting for years, yet remain one of the more advanced services available. When you sign up with a new account with Site5, they will move all your sites from any other hosting solution over, free of charge.  This is a great feature since web hosting transfers can be tricky, especially if you haven't done them in the past. One of the best features of this hosting company is that they have servers in data centers around the world.  This means you can have your site hosted in a location that is near where your visitors are from. With this option your visitors will likely notice that your site loads more quickly and is much more responsive. They have also customized their control panel (still using the industry standard cPanel) to help make it easier for newer users.  If you're already used to the traditional cPanel setup, it is not difficult to learn this new system at all and in most cases you will likely enjoy the added usability.

Rated by Idan Cohen
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Uptime & Reliability

99.9% uptime with a money back guarantee

Like most web hosting companies, Site5 offers a full 99.9% uptime guarantee.  In addition, however, they guarantee that if your site goes down, they will refund you the money.  This is a nice little perk, though in most cases it is not something you will ever take advantage of (this is a good thing). In the event that you do run into trouble, Site5 has 24/7/365 live chat and email technical support.  They also offer phone support during normal business hours. There have been very few complaints about reliability from users of this company, and given the fact that they have so many different data centers, it is clear that they are able to provide exceptional reliability.

Features & Services

Nearly endless list of high quality services available

Be careful when you start browsing through their list of available services, it seems like it goes on forever.  Some of the more important options include unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all their packages (even the entry level ones).  All their packages also include free backups, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, easy website builder and much more. You can only have one website hosted on their lowest level package, but once you move up from that, they offer unlimited domain and website hosting. If you aren't 100% happy with the services you get from Site5, they offer a full 45 day money back guarantee, which will give you plenty of time to really evaluate their services properly.


Fair pricing for all levels of services

Site5 offers a wide variety of differnet web hosting services to choose from.  Their entry level package starts at $4.95 per month, which is about average these days.  The prices go up based on the type of services you need. In addition to their popular shared hosting services, they also offer managed and unmanaged virtual servers, which are priced quite nicely.  For example, if you are a web expert and go with an unmanaged VPS, you can get a dual core, 1 gig of memory setup for just $25 per month.  It is $50 for the same setup under the managed option. It is important to note that their prices do change based on where you select to have your website hosted.  For example, a basic package in Dallas Texas starts at just $4.95 per month.  That same package is $5.95 in San Francisco, and $9.95 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.  Make sure you are looking closely at where you want your site hosted.  It is often worth the extra money to get the location you want, but in some cases it is better to just go with the lower price.



This is an obvious choice for anyone who is picky about where their websites are hosted.  They have almost two dozen different data centers to choose from, giving you more options than almost any other hosting company available today.  They also have a long history of providing great customer service and excellent support. <p><b>Pros</b></p> <ul class="checkmarks"> <li>Free site migration from old hosting companies</li> <li>Nearly two dozen data centers to choose from, located around the world</li> <li>Unlimited bandwidth and disc space</li> </ul> <p><b>Cons </b></p> <ul class="icon-x"> <li>Limited to one site on their 'hostBasic' plan</li> <li>Some customers have complained that their entry level hosting is somewhat slow</li> </ul>

Site5 Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
hostBasic Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.95 2.7 Details
hostPro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $8.95 2.6 Details
hostPro + Turbo Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $11.95 3.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS2 50 GB 2 cores 1 GB $55.00 2.0 Details
VPS3 75 GB 2 cores 1.5 GB $80.00 2.0 Details
VPS4 100 GB 4 cores 2 GB $105.00 2.0 Details
VPS5 155 GB 4 cores 3 GB $150.00 3.1 Details
VPS6 200 GB 4 cores 4 GB $170.00 2.8 Details
VPS7 300 GB 4 cores 6 GB $250.00 3.1 Details
VPS8 400 GB 8 cores 8 GB $325.00 3.1 Details

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