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Bruce Ricketts

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Bruce Ricketts,
I have been dealing with Sibername for almost 10 years. I use their online service helpdesk if I have problems and I have always experience fast turnaround solutions. The perform some fixes free of charge that I would have to pay extra for with other hosting companies.


Trish Thomas
Trish Thomas from Canada,

Trish Thomas

I have had my website hosted by Sibername since 2010. Sibername has excellent tech support and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They have consistently given a prompt response and quickly resolved any of my questions.
Bruce Ricketts
Bruce Ricketts from Canada,
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They are a very helpful company

I have been dealing with Sibername for almost 10 years. I use their online service helpdesk if I have problems and I have always experience fast turnaround solutions. The perform some fixes free of charge that I would have to pay extra for with other hosting companies.
Eric Parent
Eric Parent from Canada,

How far they fall!

I've been with Sibername pretty much since they first opened up shop, nearly two decades ago. Throughout the years they were fantastic! However, for some reason, things started to go downhill a few years ago. It started with tech ...Read Moresupport, the usual small team of "rock stars" seemed to have disappeared and replaced with a bunch of people who either can't understand what you're telling them, or have no sense of customer care. Rumors are that they decided to can their local (Ottawa) support staff and outsourced their tech support to India, which is quite possible since they all have Mid-Eastern-type names and are quite bad.

Then went the servers. Either they've never bothered to upgrade their servers to meet the growing customer based, or they failed to take into account the growing complexity of websites and their greater demands on processor and memory resources, due to latest CMS, HTML5, JScript, etc., when planning their server upgrades. Whatever the reason, their servers are extremely slow and are constantly going down. My company website has always failed to make page 1 for our keywords for our local market, despite best efforts of local SEO experts. It wasn't until they discovered that it was the site's response time that was causing it, even though I had all the best cache and speed plugins, and my site was fully optimized twice! I tested it by hosting my site temporarily on a competitor's server, and it came up instantly, whereas it always took between 3-5 seconds for it to come up on Sibername's servers.

Working on my website is awful too. For one, their servers are so slow that everytime I hit the "Update" button (Wordpress), I have to wait approximately 10 seconds (I actually timed it) before it's ready again! But the worse, I have to say lately is how the servers are constantly going down. Almost every time I'm working on my website, the servers go down and I have to send them an email to fix them. I then get the usual response that their servers hit a "spike" in load.
You would think that would give them the message that they need to do some serious upgrading if the servers keep crashing due to normal load peaks! Last night I decided to pull an all-nighter to build and launch a new major revision to our site. After having done about an hour's worth, and being pumped full of coffee, the servers go down at 2AM. I can't go back to sleep of course, I'm fully caffeinated, so I send them an email for them to fix it. It's now 7AM and they're still down, and I still haven't gotten a reply, despite their promise of replying within 2 hours. How could a hosting company not have someone on-call at all times. Do their servers not send an email automatically when they go down? Mine does, and it's just for my personal home network!!!

The point is, I've given them literally over a dozen chances, but it's gotten to be just ridiculous now and I can't keep giving these guys my money when they are, in fact, causing me to lose money! Do yourself a favour, and look elsewhere, especially if your looking to host a site for your small business, or other commercial purposes where it is important that the site is up and meets at least the minimum response and load speeds that is necessary by Google and Bing.
sylvain lariviere
sylvain lariviere from Canada,
Moved from Omnis Network

No help, interface.... so mix up

The interface to manage all your domain name...is very hard to grasp... menu inside menu that goes in circle... more publicity than anything else to sell you other services.

The technical help is 0 you won't get much help. it's...Read More more like: "I hear what you're saying but were sorry. let me know if they are anything else"Less
Ross Faure
Ross Faure from Canada,
Moved from GoDaddy

Absolute Trash

Some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. They don't get back to you. Basically what happened is I forgot to renew my Domain name and it wiped my website away. Customer service said they can't find my old cpanel in...Read Moreformation and I'm sol. The live chat and the employees on the phone have been absolutely zero help. They said they will email or call right back and never have. Will never use again.Less
Mata H.
Mata H. from Canada,

Pretty bad....

No support service. If you call, you always land on voicemail. If you're lucky, you'll get someone who barely speaks English. Everything is sketchy at/about Sibername. Am done with them. Avoid.
Craft Du Commerce Inc.
Craft Du Commerce Inc. from Ukraine,

NEVER USE Sibername

THE WORST domain and hosting service I have ever used! And I know what I am talking about, as I used very bad services from Russian Commonwealth countries.

They lost the payment which I sent, didn't provide any service.
(I mad...Read Moree a payment by bank transfer as that was for Canadian company and so it's should be showed in accounting report. I can not pay just from my salary card or credit card)

I specially asked them to provide me IBAN for making transfer, but after the payment was made and I had SWIFT for proofing it, they just missed money and told that it had never came. Furthermore there's previous payment proof which was in 2018 and paid successfully.

After they suggested to ask my bank for money searching procedure which costs to much. I have an account in good well-known Swiss bank which never lose payments.

Also after they lost payment they told that they had never an option to pay by transfer. (But I'm attaching swift where are their details and screenshot for email where did they confirm, and in general an example of how they communicate in a boorish manner.).

Previous trial period was with permanent bugs, server problems, they are answering from time to time very long time after couple of reminders.

And they just added me to blacklist. Perfect!


P.S. all told I can proove by screenshots
Avoid SiberName
Avoid SiberName from Canada,

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Worst out there.

No Support. Original registrant left the company and they are refusing to change the registrant to a new user account even though we gave them every bit of info they asked for indicating that we are the owners of the business.
Ca...Read Morell support and you get a call center in India reading a script.
Finally escalate to someone in Ottawa "Brent" and they are useless as well. Even gave the explanation "Sorry, but we can not let you take over the control and move the domain out of our registrar account as I am sure you will do at the first opportunity"

Well duh... with this type of support and business why would anyone want to use your services?
Next Stop ICANN to see what they can do about this rogue registrar

SiberName Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
SILVER 5 GB 19.97 GB cPanel 1 $3.97 5.2 Details
GOLD 10 GB 40.04 GB cPanel 1 $4.28 5.0 Details
PLATINUM 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 3 $9.25 5.0 Details

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