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A few words from Scaleway

Scaleway is cloud provider offering BareMetal and VPS SSD cloud servers starting at €2.99 /month or €0.006 / hour.
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Money Back: No

Pricing Range

Cloud Hosting $3.14 - $191.83

Data Centers

Александр Б

Pinned Review

Александр Б,
Самые низкие цены, которые я когда-либо видел.
Имеется защита от ddos, что за такую цену просто невероятно!
Большой диск, удобная минималистичная панель (хотя функционала маловато)
Из минусов:
Пла...Read Moreтная поддержка (Что в принципе логично, исходя из цен)
Заблокированы SMTP порты. Чтобы их разблокировать надо отправлять копии документов.
Nathan Harell
Nathan Harell from Estonia,

Good Hardware, Sh** Attitude

Support goes extra way to make your life difficult. They can't change minor things and you are on your own.
Prepare to lose some servers here and there, so always back-up, back-up.
Daniel K
Daniel K from Netherlands,
Moved from Rackspace

Cheap and fast, but beware!

You get relatively a lot of hardware and network for your money, but be prepared to "roll your own" solutions for anything more than that and pray you never run into issues from their side (count on losing servers along the way).
...Read More

Support is absolutely s***: good luck wasting days in getting through to someone who knows something, and count your lucky stars if they give you more than 30 sec of their time.

The admin interface is lacking, confusing and even misleading. For example they have "Security groups" that look like firewall rules but besides having to reboot to apply them, they can't even accomplish the bare minimum: protecting inbound ports (allowing some inbound ports and blocking the rest also jams all outbound connections, because inbound TCP SYN/ACKs are also dropped..).
John Doe
John Doe from Turkey,

Account locked after few hours, invoiced for half month

Yep you read it right. I was just started using their services and almost began to like it, but nope they locked the account and gave no reasons even I ask multiple times. After a month they invoiced me for half month price from w...Read Morehat they advertised. They even admitted that "You have used 3 VC1S instances with their IPs and storages for a few minutes in january." as this. Literal quote no changes. I asked them to cancel the invoice and they just chose to argue with me for hours, with no progress about how they have right to do that and it is written in their T&S and how I am agreed for this when I registered an account with them. So if you want to work with a hosting company this low, who will lock your account and prevent you from accessing the services you have paid for without giving any reason, go ahead.Less
The exact same thing happened to me. I had been up and running for a little while with my business hosted on their service (I needed bare metal - long story). Then, they had a security issue and permanently locked my account (no...Read Moret my fault... theirs). Banned for life - lost all my customer data. Wow. Also charged for the services that were ran by whoever got into my account.Less
Ozo O
Ozo O,
Wow. This is a deal breaker. Wow!!!

This isn't actually the experience we expect to provide. The usual process if your account gets locked for security reasons is to verify your identity to ensure the information you provided are correct and to avoid any frau...Read Moredulent usage of debit/credit cards.

Our sincere apologise for this bad experience with us, if you wish to retry working with us, please refer to this response and to the original mishandled ticket, we will provide a discount on your next invoices!
Martyn Day
Martyn Day,
Sames happened for me, Few minutes Use, billed for way longer, support has zero care. So, contacted my bank, easier then talking to the support.
Thomas Landin

Cheap Cloud servers with slow CPU

I'm using scaleway for few month now, to use a server for few hours when I want to try an apps or to test something.
They have the cheapest BareMetal servers available but if the network is very good (up to 2.5Gbps), they use sma...Read Morell Intel CPU and it make their servers very slow for any task which require some CPU.
I will not say it's a bad hosting because :
- VPS 6core/8GB RAM/ 200GB SSD -> $12/mo
- BareMetal Server 8cores/32GB RAM/250GB SSD -> $26/mo
And you are billed hourly, so for this price, there is not any reason to say the service is not good, when any other provider will be at least 4 time more expensive, and will ask you to pay monthly.
The best is to test it yourself and you can do it for few dollars.
But I will not use it for web hosting, only for testing purpose or for the bandwidth.
John Doe
John Doe from Greece,

Not reliable jet

The base image is slow. You can't install docker from the official repo.
Also the dashboard security groups does not work.

Not sure how this was tested as Docker is running fine on all Scaleway servers.
I would guess that you tried to run X86 binaries on the C1 server which is an ARM server.

Regarding the security groups, they are working a...Read Mores far as I know. They are stateless, this is probably what led you to think they are not working.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Easily Scaleable Hosting Solutions

Scaleway is a high quality hosting and data storage company.  They use cloud based technology to help provide great user experiences for all their customers.  One of the things they are best known for is the fact that they can add and configure resources in just seconds to any hosting package you happen to need.  This is great for growing sites or companies that are looking to keep up with the heavy demand of their customers.

They use bare metal servers with solid state drives for the fastest response times possible.  They also allow you to be billed either monthly or hourly, which is a good option for certain types of businesses that don’t really need 24/7 service.  While all their packages use cloud hosting, they do offer dedicated servers and VPS solutions to help make it easier to understand.

Overall this is an excellent hosting provider that has high end hosting solutions and much more for any company looking for a great experience.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

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  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent Reliability for Hosting & Storage

When using this company for hosting you will have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is in line with industry averages.  In almost all cases, however, the uptime is likely to be much higher than that.  They use solid state drives, which adds to the stability of their hosting.  In addition they use high quality cloud technologies to further minimize any down time. No matter what hosting package you choose, or what type of data storage you need, this company will have it up and available for you at all times.


Lots of Impressive Features

The feature list with this company is quite impressive.  You’ll get solid state drives, 200Mbit per second internet bandwidth and 1 gig per second internal bandwidth.  You also get flexible IP addresses, clear system resources, the ability to grow your package any time you need additional resources and much more.

Whether you are looking for an entry level VPS or a high end dedicated server, you can get it all with this company.  They also offer dedicated online storage.  Many companies today are taking advantage of cloud based data backup, which is an excellent and affordable way to keep your data safe.  Whether you need hosting or storage, Scaleway is able to meet your needs.


Effective Tech Support

If you run into any trouble with your hosting, Scaleway will be there to assist.  They have high quality technical staff who are able to get everything up and working without any delay.  They will be happy to answer questions and explain how things work should you need it.  While there is some documentation on their site, it really isn’t too much so if you are looking to learn how to fix issues with your hosting from their site, you may be disappointed.


Competitive Pricing

The price points with this company are all quite reasonable.  You can start out as low as 2.99 Euros per month while still getting 4 dedicated ARM cores, 2 gigs of memory, 50 gigs of RAM and more.  The prices then go up from there to 23.99 per month for higher end packages.  No matter which package you want, you’ll be more than satisfied with the overall level of hosting or data storage you are able to get.

User Friendly

Simple User Interfaces

Setting up an account with this company is quite easy.  Once you have everything established you can get in to your control panel and make changes or updates as needed.  Overall everything is quite simple to use, which is great for most users.  Their customer service and technical support staff are all very friendly and will help you to get whatever you need if you are running into trouble or having questions.


Overall Excellent Hosting

You’ll have a great experience with this company if you choose them for hosting.  They have been providing a great user experience.  They have been around a long time and know how to keep their systems up to date and effective for their users.  Whether you’re running a small site or something larger, you’ll find what you need.


  • Solid state Drives
  • Affordable Prices
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


  • No Shared Hosting


Scaleway Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
C1 50 GB 4 cores 2 GB Unlimited $3.14 2.7 Details
C2S 50 GB 4 cores 8 GB Unlimited $12.61 2.6 Details
C2M 50 GB 8 cores 16 GB Unlimited $18.92 2.2 Details
C2L 300 GB 6 cores 32 GB Unlimited $25.23 1.2 Details
X64-2GB 50 GB 2 cores 2 GB Unlimited $3.14 2.2 Details
X64-4GB 100 GB 4 cores 4 GB Unlimited $6.30 1.6 Details
X64-8GB 200 GB 6 cores 8 GB Unlimited $10.51 1.3 Details
X64-15GB 200 GB 6 cores 14.6 GB Unlimited $26.63 2.2 Details
X64-30GB 400 GB 8 cores 29.3 GB Unlimited $53.28 1.6 Details
X64-60GB 700 GB 10 cores 58.6 GB Unlimited $95.82 2.2 Details
X64-120GB 1000 GB 12 cores 117.19 GB Unlimited $191.83 2.2 Details

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