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ScalaHosting Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from ScalaHosting

Scala Hosting is trusted by 50 000 customers from 120 countries and hosting 700 000+ websites. The company has local presence in the United States and Europe and runs an internal R&D department which focuses on changing the status quo in the web hosting industry. Imagine every website owner running their online business on a fully managed cloud VPS platform at an affordable pri...Read Morece close to the price of shared hosting. The efforts of the R&D department in the last 3 years made that possible by developing the SPanel control panel and the cloud management platform which orchestrates the cloud clusters of Scala Hosting worldwide. Every website owner in the world can finally have their own cloud VPS with a control panel, protected by SShield, daily backups & snapshots, fully managed by experts 24/7/365 at an affordable price.Less
ScalaHosting HomePage Screenshot
Free domain
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.95 - $29.95
VPS $0.00 - $179.95
Cloud Hosting $0.00 - $118.00
Resellers $14.95 - $39.95
SSL $30.00 - $149.00

Data Centers

ScalaHosting Awards

Patrick Westerley

Pinned Review

Patrick Westerley,
Scalahosting is my personal hosting service when i was with them i was using 3 of there services. They have great cheap servers with the best performance ive seen from a host. I have been with hye in its good and bad times and my opinion has never changed, they are the best hosting service
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Monica Paccioli
Monica Paccioli from United States,

KUDOS ScalaHosting

I recomend Scala Hosting 100%. You really care about your customers. You go beyond my expectations all the time.
Thanks to your help, my business is growing faster. I am pretty sure this will be a very long relationship.
Madhawa Perera
Madhawa Perera from Sri Lanka,

Worst hosting so far

Guys read my full review before you buy scala hosting. I have been a scala hosting customer and I had the worst experience in my entire online business carrier. They have a system that warns you when your site uses more cpu resour...Read Moreces. My website had only 5000 daily views and their most advanced package couldn't handle my website without issuing warning emails. I had to buy cpu resources to run my web site. This site used to be on a very small package in another hosting and ran very smoothly. They issue only 3 warning emails. Then they suspend your website. You have to pay big amount to run your web site in scala hosting. even you can't get a satisfactory experience. They charged me twice for same month for 2-3 months and when I complain they added that to my account without providing any reasons and excuses.Less
A web site can generate high resource usage if it has bad plugins installed which utilize lots of CPU time. We host web sites on the Advanced plan with more than 10000 visitors per day but their web sites are optimized properly.
...Read More
We send multiple emails before disabling access to the web site and the client has more than 7 days to resolve the issue. In this case, the client didn't resolve it and didn't also upgrade to a higher plan to get more CPU resources. All major web hosting companies have CPU limits. We are not an exception.

Our billing system is automated serving many thousands of customers. Double charges may happen if only you setup multiple PayPal subscriptions for one and the same service. All such over-payments are automatically credited to your account. We can also refund them if you would like.

So, the issue here is mostly related to running a non-optimized web site which eats lots of CPU. The options here are two. First is to hire a developer who can optimize your web site or upgrade to a higher plan. All web hosting companies work like that.
Adam Lee
Adam Lee from United States,

Very Bad

I ordered service though this company with a Verified Paypal Account they did not activate my account nor refunded my money. There sales team is never online to talk to about this issue as well.

I will never recommend a bad company to anyone.
Scala Hosting
Scala Hosting,
That is a false statement. First of all, I can't find an order with your name in our system. Second, billing is available Monday to Friday 2:30 AM to 5 PM (GMT -6, CDT) as indicated at https://www.scalahosting.com/contact-us.html....Read More

We have been in business for 10 years. We host more than 250 000 web sites and we serve thousands of happy customers.

As per our terms of service, we may reject providing services to anyone and we will issue a full refund in such case. Your order might have been flagged for a manual review and you have denied to provide the requested verification documents. In this case we will refund the order and terminate it.
Phil W
Phil W from Australia,

Excellent host - longterm customer.. but

Been with ScalaHosting since 2008 and they are a good safe choice. Agree with other glowing reports here. However, what made me write this is today's incident. They cancelled my service without notice, or so much as an inquiry, be...Read Morecause VISA did a chargeback on a recent invoice, due to "suspected fraudulent transactions."

It seems Scala's billing system is as inflexible as VISA's transaction system. So as I write I'm at an impasse. Scala want the reversal reversed, and VISA says that's impossible.

I was paying by PayPal that might have avoided this. What I perhaps should have done is pay in advance, as it's only a small monthly fee, not a heavy server price.

Now feel like punishing them for not discussing any other method of payment for renegade invoice, such as bank transfer one-off. Yet still I'm reluctant to start with another host.

Just thought I'd warn you that even good hosts have trouble distinguishing good clients from bad, and treat us all as troublemakers. Pretty brutal, actually.
Daniel Madsen
Daniel Madsen from Sweden,

Great Host So Far

This is the best host for resellers I've ever used in my entire life!
I would really recommend this site for everyone looking to get started with VPS, Reselling, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and even Sharded host! The pricing is amazing, cheap and reliable.
TM Miktham
TM Miktham from Sri Lanka,

Over 5 yeaers of super great service

I am one of the client who use this service since 2009. greatest support as always in there policy still remains. flexible in payment terms which given me a great relationship for ever. Peace CTO

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

As a website owner and hosting expert, I have had the opportunity to evaluate many different hosting providers over the years. Today, I have decided to delve deeper into the lesser-known ScalaHosting and provide a comprehensive review.

In this article, I’ll share my unbiased opinion on ScalaHosting – so read on if you’re considering this hosting service for your next website.


ScalaHosting Review

Founded in 2007, ScalaHosting is a well-established company that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

ScalaHosting boasts hosting over 700,000 websites, which is a testament to the popularity and effectiveness of their services. They offer a variety of packages including managed cloud VPS, web hosting, WordPress hosting, and email hosting. This makes them a great choice for both personal and business websites.

Additionally, ScalaHosting’s Trustpilot rating is 4.9 out of 5, which is an excellent score, reviewed by 754 people.


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a variety of hosting packages
  • Anytime unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support
  • In-house secure technologies
  • SPanel
  • Good value for money
  • Transparent and easy to understand pricing
  • Good flexibility and scalability
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited worldwide accessibility
  • No website builder

ScalaHosting is a cost-effective, reliable, and feature-rich hosting solution. If you’re looking for a fully managed cloud hosting platform, try ScalaHosting today!


Rating Breakdown

HostAdvice experts have crafted and implemented a standardized hosting rating methodology to help compare and rate the hosts. This method utilizes a number of factors to give each host a relevant score, so you can have an idea  of each host’s performance and  you decide which is best for your website.

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES9.0Gives excellent value for money. However, I’d give it a 9.0 because it’s not the cheapest option with those features in the market.
FEATURES8.7Offers great features overall – a free domain & SSL, SSD storage, etc. However, I’d give it an 8.7 since there’s no plan that provides unlimited storage.
PERFORMANCE 9.5Exceptionally good performance with 1.5 seconds load time and TTFB of 101 ms. I’d give it a 10 but their uptime guarantee is 99.9%.
USER FRIENDLINESS9.5Registration, cPanel and SPanel, easy WordPress setup are all user-friendly. However, I’d give it 9.5 because the registration process takes some time.
SUPPORT8.5They offer live chat, an extensive knowledge base and free technical support. However, I’d give them 8.5 because they don’t offer phone support.


ScalaHosting Prices & Plans – 2023

ScalaHosting offers Managed Cloud VPS, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Email Hosting plans.

They allow payments via credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. They also offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Managed VPS Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Build #150 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$29.95
Build #2100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$63.95
Build #3150 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$121.95
Build #4200 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$179.95

I personally prefer Build #3 plan for business owners as it offers the most value for money. It gives 8 CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, and SSD storage at a mere $121.95.

Tip: It’s best for website owners who need the power and flexibility of a virtual server without the hassle and steep learning curve that come with managing it themselves.

Web Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Mini10 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanel1$2.95
Start50 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$5.95
Advanced100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$9.95
Entry cloud50 GB NVMe (upgradable)UnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95

All plans are reasonable but Advanced plan provides the best value for money.

Tip: If you have a blog or a website with medium or high-traffic, you can choose one of the above plans.

WordPress Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
WP Mini10 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanel1$2.95
WP Start50 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$5.95
WP Advanced100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$9.95
Entry WP cloud50 GB NVMe (upgradable)UnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95

Entry WP Cloud offers some excellent premium features: scalable storage, malware protection, priority support and more for only $14.99.

Tip: These plans are best for WordPress website owners who want great performance.



  • Managed Cloud VPN, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting
  • 1 – click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL
  • SPanel, SShield, SWordpress

ScalaHosting provides a suite of unique features that make it easy to manage websites, including SPanel, SShield, and SWordpress.

SPanel is a comprehensive control panel for managing and configuring websites hosted on the platform. It offers an intuitive user interface and allows users to easily set up their domains, create databases, track visits and more.

SShield is ScalaHosting’s free automated security system which monitors the website for malicious attacks and other threats. It includes an advanced firewall that blocks malicious requests before they can reach the website.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review



Server speed refers to the time it takes for a server to respond to a request, uptime is the amount of time a server is operational and available, and load time is the amount of time it takes for a web page to load, and each is important for ensuring a smooth user experience, fast website performance, and reliable availability.

ScalaHosting also gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. I ran a test on scalahosting.com on GTMetrix and the results turned out to be great.

The fully loaded time was 1.5 seconds, and TTFB (response time) was 101 ms. The performance score was exceptional too.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


Level Of Support

Phone Support

Scala hosting doesn’t offer a phone support option. They provide support 24/7 only via ticket and live chat.


Their livechat agent took less than 2 seconds to connect me to a very helpful agent who was very professional throughout.

Here are some screenshots:

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Technical Support (Email 24/7)

They have provided an email for technical support on their website which they claim is available 24/7. I think this feature distinguishes them from other hosting services where technical support is always a premium feature.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


ScalaHosting has a huge knowledgebase that contains answers to almost every question that you may have:

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


User-Friendliness – Easy of use


Registering on ScalaHosting is a straightforward process. You just have to choose your favorite plan and “Get started”.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Control Panel

Scala hosting provides the option to choose between the traditional cPanel or their custom SPanel. SPanel makes site management hassle-free, offering 100s of extra features, automations and security. It’s easy to set up and use, with advanced tools and customizations that allow you to tailor it to your specific needs. From staging sites to automated backups, SPanel does it all for you!

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Installing WordPress on ScalaHosting

Login to your SPanel account > Scroll down and find the “Tools” section.

Open “WordPress Manager” Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Configure and install your new WordPress site.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Add an email account with ScalaHosting

Simply log-in to your SPanel and find the “Email” section. Click on email accounts and create an email – it’s that simple!

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


Conclusion: Do We Recommend ScalaHosting?

I believe ScalaHosting is a solid choice for website owners looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and feature-rich hosting solution. They are best for those who are looking to choose cloud servers and configure them as per their needs.

They also offer their in-house secure technologies and control panel. SShield is a security feature that offers protection against various types of cyber-attacks and threats. SPanel is a web-based control panel that provides users with a user-friendly interface to manage their website and server.

Overall, ScalaHosting is a reputable and trustworthy provider that I would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable web hosting service.


Does ScalaHosting have a cPanel?

ScalaHosting has a cPanel that is easy to use, but it also comes with a custom control panel known as SPanel. Both panels are user-friendly and come with a bunch of tools that enhance your and your customers’ experience.

Will I get a free domain name?

Unfortunately, ScalaHosting offers a free domain name only for the first year. It’s not the best but is a considerable bonus.

Is ScalaHosting support team friendly?

Having a friendly team is great, but having a friendly and knowledgeable team is even better. ScalaHosting comes with the second version. Their team is knowledgeable and always happy to solve any of your issues.

Is ScalaHosting worth it?

ScalaHosting might be a bit more expensive in comparison to other web host providers, but I can 100% say that it is worth it. Its hosting plans come with incredible features, and you won’t be disappointed.

Does ScalaHosting offer a website builder?

Unfortunately, ScalaHosting is one of the web host providers that don’t offer a free website builder. If you want to use one, you must pay some additional fees.

Can I migrate my already-existing website?

Yes, you can. ScalaHosting expert team will take care of the website migration in the blink of an eye. In other words, you should just do one simple click, and you’ll get your old website.

Does the money-back guarantee cover all services?

Even though you might expect a refund for some services, ScalaHosting does not offer a refund for purchased dedicated servers, renewal, transfer, or domain registration, software licenses, and custom software installs.

What is ScalaHosting?

ScalaHosting is a fully managed cloud hosting platform based on the open-source language Scala. It allows businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud with ease.

ScalaHosting provides scalability, flexibility, reliability, and cost savings for organizations of any size. With its comprehensive set of services, it is easy to build powerful applications quickly and efficiently.

Is ScalaHosting good?

ScalaHosting allows scalability and flexibility, making it a great choice for businesses with changing needs. Additionally, ScalaHosting has powerful tools and libraries that make coding easier, faster, and more intuitive.

Is it easy to deploy applications on ScalaHosting?

Yes, it is easy to deploy applications on ScalaHosting  due to the automated nature of the process. It also offers plenty of features and benefits for businesses looking to develop robust applications quickly and easily.

What are the best alternatives to ScalaHosting?

Some of the best alternatives of ScalaHosting are Digital Ocean, Cloudways, and Verpex hosting.

ScalaHosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mini 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $2.95 4.8 Details
Start 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.95 5.0 Details
Advanced 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $9.95 4.7 Details
Entry Cloud 50 GB Unlimited Spanel Unlimited $14.95 4.8 Details
Premium Cloud 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $29.95 4.8 Details
WP Start 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.95 4.8 Details
WP Advanced 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $9.95 4.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Build #1 50 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB $29.95 4.7 Details
Build #2 100 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB $63.95 5.0 Details
Build #3 150 GB 8 x 2.50GHz 16 GB $121.95 5.0 Details
Build #4 200 GB 12 x 2.50GHz 24 GB $179.95 5.0 Details
Start for free Unlimited - 0 B $0.00 4.8 Details
Windows VPS 50 GB 2 cores 4 GB $40.00 4.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Self-managed Cloud VPS 1 240 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 3 TB $59.00 4.9 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 2 260 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 10 GB 3 TB $65.00 5.0 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 3 290 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 12 GB 5 TB $104.00 5.0 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 4 350 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 5 TB $118.00 4.7 Details
Free trial Unlimited - 0 B Unlimited $0.00 4.8 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
Scala1 25 GB Unlimited cPanel $14.95 4.4 Details
Scala2 50 GB Unlimited Spanel $24.95 4.4 Details
Scala3 75 GB Unlimited Spanel $39.95 5.0 Details
Cloud Reseller 50 GB Unlimited Spanel $14.95 4.8 Details

SSL Plans

Plan Name Features Warranty Price Score
RapidSSL $10,000.00 $30.00 5.0 Details
RapidSSL Wildcard $10,000.00 $149.00 5.0 Details

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