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RU-CENTER Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Shared Hosting $1.65 - $66.65

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Peter O.

Pinned Review

Peter O.,
I have been with RU-Center for nearly two years now and love them. They are easy to use and provide great stability. They are, in my opinion, the best option if you need hosting in Russia. They are great.


Nathan Larson
Nathan Larson from United States,
Moved from DreamHost

Good value, except for lack of protection against censorship

Everything started out well with them. They charge only $20/month for an empty CentOS virtual server with 40 GB of storage, which is pretty good, if you can figure out how to set up a server from scratch.

The problems arose whe...Read Moren someone submitted an abuse complaint to my DNS, CloudFlare, which was forwarded on to them. They immediately disabled my server. I asked if I could at least get the data off of it, and they wouldn't help; they said simply that they were not going to restore access to the server. Then they took action to snatch my domains too, saying that they needed me to prove my identity by mailing them a copy of my passport whose authenticity had been certified by the Russian embassy.

I lost about 300 man-hours of work because they wouldn't let me retrieve my data from the server, so I wasn't really about to trust them anymore as a domain registrar anyway. All I was doing was running forums and wikis that people complained about because the social commentary contained therein was controversial; there was nothing illegal or spammy or black hat or anything like that going on. Anyway, I don't see the point of doing business with a Russian webhost if they're not going to provide any protection against censorship.

RU-CENTER Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Сайт 1 10 GB Unlimited 2 $1.65 8.8 Details
Cайт 2 10 GB Unlimited 2 $3.32 10 Details
Сайт 3 15 GB Unlimited 2 $4.98 8.5 Details
Сайт 4 30 GB Unlimited 2 $9.98 3.4 Details
Бизнес 1 30 GB Unlimited 50 $19.98 9.8 Details
Бизнес 2 50 GB Unlimited 100 $37.48 8.4 Details
Бизнес 3 80 GB Unlimited 150 $49.98 8.4 Details
Бизнес 4 100 GB Unlimited 200 $66.65 10 Details

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