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Shared Hosting $1.65 - $66.65

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Александр Кузнецов

Pinned Review

Александр Кузнецов,
Покупал здесь сразу и домен, и хостинг. В процессе запуска возникло пару вопросов, с которыми мне помогли разобраться сотрудники техподдеркжи. Я не программист, но даже я понял, что от меня требуется,...Read More когда общался с сотрудником ТП. Это очень понравилось. В процессе общения не грузят клиента специфическими терминами, а стараются объяснить все максимально просто и понятно. Если совсем ничего не получаются, либо присылают наглядные скрины со стрелками, либо, что могут, делают за вас сами. Ощущение от сервиса, что очень клиентоориентированны.Less


Peter O.
Peter O. from United States,

Super Effective Hosting

I have been with RU-Center for nearly two years now and love them. They are easy to use and provide great stability. They are, in my opinion, the best option if you need hosting in Russia. They are great.
Nathan Larson
Nathan Larson from United States,
Moved from DreamHost

Good value, except for lack of protection against censorship

Everything started out well with them. They charge only $20/month for an empty CentOS virtual server with 40 GB of storage, which is pretty good, if you can figure out how to set up a server from scratch.

The problems arose whe...Read Moren someone submitted an abuse complaint to my DNS, CloudFlare, which was forwarded on to them. They immediately disabled my server. I asked if I could at least get the data off of it, and they wouldn't help; they said simply that they were not going to restore access to the server. Then they took action to snatch my domains too, saying that they needed me to prove my identity by mailing them a copy of my passport whose authenticity had been certified by the Russian embassy.

I lost about 300 man-hours of work because they wouldn't let me retrieve my data from the server, so I wasn't really about to trust them anymore as a domain registrar anyway. All I was doing was running forums and wikis that people complained about because the social commentary contained therein was controversial; there was nothing illegal or spammy or black hat or anything like that going on. Anyway, I don't see the point of doing business with a Russian webhost if they're not going to provide any protection against censorship.
Steve W
Steve W from United Kingdom,

Profiting from crime!

These fraudsters refuse to take down a multitude of phishing domains hosted with themselves, unless they receive a request from Russian authorities! What a joke of a company, they should not even be allowed to host!
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson from United States,

Fraud and scam

If you have Autopay enabled, they will try to active "free" promotion services without your knowledge (such as Anti-Virus for the site, even if you just park your domain there). And they will charge your card TWICE to withdraw the...Read More amount for this service in advance for the next two years! And it will be a torture to return this money back since you will need to fill out a bunch of physical papers... Not fun at all! Seems like a dull management decisions to increase the cash flow. Dislike. I will definitely look for other registrars. These seem to be playing not fair games with their clients.Less
Dmitry Kvasov

Keeps subscribing you to unwanted services, Unfriendly interface

I've been a user of Ru-Center for 20 years I guess - since the time it was virtually a monopolist of doman registration. I only use them for domain reguistration - no hosting , no anything. My laziness is the only thing stopping ...Read Moreme from moving from them.

You would think it's super difficut to screw up a service like that - just register a domain, provide simple interface to things like DNS control and Top-up the balance and that's it. Yet I am quite unhappy with what they offer.

Every month I found myself subscribed to somethiing I definitely didn't signed up to. Personal Manager, Extented Security Plan, Antivirus (mind you, I have no hosting with them, not sure what they were planning to run anti-virus on). Support is silent on this account, you just have to log in every now and than and switch those services whack-a-mole style.

I am sure this is not a fluke: stories of "RU-CENTER subscribed me to something I didn't ask for AGAIN!" is all over Russian tech comminuties.

By the way, to find the page to switch those servies off is a bit of a quest in itself - the navigation is weirdly organized and look quite dated.

I know why I am still using it: I had no chance way back then, and now I'm too lazy to transfer domains to other hosters (domain transfer is a bit cumbersome process). It's a classic "boiling the frog" tale. But if you are looking for a provider from scratch - I'm sure you can easlily find a better one.

On a plus side - I never had technical issues / downtimes or anything like that. But again - I use them for the most basic service possible, managing the domains.
Hello! Sometimes we give customers the opportunity to use some services for free as part of the promotion. It is assumed that there will be enough free time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the service and after tha...Read Moret the owner of the contract will decide whether to abandon the service or continue using it — on a paid basis. We always notify you about the activation of services by email. At the same time, you can immediately refuse to participate in the promotion by clicking on the link in the notification letter. If you didn’t have time to cancel your participation during the free period, we will still refund the money upon request to the support service. Please write to our support service, we will cancel the services connected within the framework of the promotion and exclude your contract from the participants of the promotion in the future. As for the website interface, we agree — it needs improvement. We plan to update it and make it more convenient. So far, we thank our customers for their patience and are always ready to help us figure it out.Less
Dmitry Kvasov
Dmitry Kvasov,
Alright, I went through the 60 emails you have sent me over the last 4 months. To be fair, I did found emails, saying something like this.

We have this new wonerful product: personal manager / antivirus / enhanced security pack...Read More ... bla-bla-bla ... couple of paragraphs about how wonderful this new thingamabob is.
Then somewhere in the paragraph 3-4. Oh by the way, we signed you up for it. No biggie - free for you for now. And after that - according to the regular rules. Here's the link to opt out.

Which totally nullifies all the issues I had. Of course when I am signing up for hosting provider I am expected to go through all their emails with a fine-tooth comb, looking for a incospicuous deal they are so generously signing me up for. What was I thinking!
They should peobably give you a Most Transparent and Fair Hosting in the World prize. Scratch that - Most Transparent in the Galaxy!
Игорь Александров
Игорь Александров from Ukraine,

Прекрасный сервис

Много лет пользуюсь. Один из рабочих хостов. Серьезных проблем с ним никогда не возникало. ценовая категория, скорее, чуть выше среднего, но качество полностью соответствует, поэтому недовольства ценой не возникает. Порекомендовал...Read More бы этот хостинг крупным проектам, для которых в приоритете надежность. Техподдержка работает круглосуточно, что является еще одной сильной стороной хоста. К сожалению, сейчас многие начинают отказываться от предоставления всем своим клиентам бесплатной круглосуточной технической поддержки, чтобы снизить тарифы, что лично я считаю большой ошибкой в перспективе. К счастью, ру центр этой ошибки не делаетLess
Здравствуйте! Рады, что вы с нами. Команда RU-CENTER
Ксения Ксения
Ксения Ксения from Russia,

Удобный ресурс

Очень удобный ресурс для тех, кто мало что понимает в сайтах и том, как их запускать. Удобен именно тем, что здесь работает техподдержка, которая поможет по всем нюансам, которые вызывают вопросы. Еще ру центр удобен тем, что, есл...Read Moreи запускаешь свой сайт, здесь можно сразу купить доменное имя, сделать свой сайт на бесплатном конструкторе и привязать его к хостингу ру центра. все услуги по запуску собственного ресурса в одном месте и с кучей скидок. Грех было не воспользоваться таким предложением, что я и сделала. Результат – мой сайт http://ksenyaroo.ru/Less
Добрый день! Спасибо за ваш отзыв. Команда RU-CENTER

RU-CENTER Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Сайт 1 10 GB Unlimited 2 $1.65 8.8 Details
Cайт 2 10 GB Unlimited 2 $3.32 10 Details
Сайт 3 15 GB Unlimited 2 $4.98 8.5 Details
Сайт 4 30 GB Unlimited 2 $9.98 3.4 Details
Бизнес 1 30 GB Unlimited 50 $19.98 9.8 Details
Бизнес 2 50 GB Unlimited 100 $37.48 8.5 Details
Бизнес 3 80 GB Unlimited 150 $49.98 8.5 Details
Бизнес 4 100 GB Unlimited 200 $66.65 10 Details

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