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• Best support from all hosting companies I tried

• Price for upgrade


Doug Royer
Doug Royer from United States,

They used to be great, now the people answering the phone are cluelss

Their system kept forgetting my login information, every day. So they have me file a ticket - fine. Except when they want me to update it, by logging in, which again fails. Over and over. Then they transfer to sales when they have...Read More no clue why then they transfer me to another wrong department. I have to hang up and try again. Today, it seems that this person tells me that even when I enter the password change, and it is accepted, that it is a 'bad' password, and that is why I can only use it for a day. Even when it meets their password requirements. I doubt that is the problem. I suspect under trained phone reps.Less
Amen brother.
We've had POP email timeout issues for about 6 weeks and dozens of tickets enterprise wide. They close out tickets without reading them, do not want to escalate to Tier 2/3
and always want to blame the customer vs...Read More. acknowledge their issue.
If they do not get in gear quickly we will be looking at another provider.
Dr. Chuck Barnes
Dr. Chuck Barnes from United States,

Time to flush

We've had more issues with email delays, timeouts and lost folders the last 6 weeks than the previous 18 months combined. A major contributing issue is out of control changes, with the CEO leaving, mergers and now integrating Azur...Read Moree and changing their architecture all concurrently.
I was told they're only about 20% complete with their upgrades for improved scalability. At this rate (since 20% of the objective caused 6 weeks of issues) we can expect about another 34 weeks of these type of issues.
Simply not acceptable.
Nathan Nahouraii
Nathan Nahouraii from United States,

They charged me for a service I could not use. Beware! I'm sure AWS would've refunded me without question.

I cancelled all my services with Rackspace because I was shutting down my startup. I went through all the motions, backing up my server, turn them off, deleted the server, and then my charges on my credit card dropped significantl...Read Morey (a good thing) but not as far as I was expecting. Life got in the way, and 4 months afterward I finally decided to look into the extra $10/mo that I was paying and it turns out I was paying for a Backup System that could only be used in conjunction with a server (which I had none of). I then contacted tech support to figure out what was going on. Below is my transcript, newest on top.

Wednesday, April 24th
Nathan Nahouraii
5:00 PM a few seconds ago
Wow... I'm shocked and disappointed in the manner that this was handled. I am going to be sharing my experience with many of my friends in the startup community to be cautious of their services to make sure they disable services that should be disabled automatically.
Ankita S.
10:41 AM 6 hours ago
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for following up with us. Rackspace is only able to provide credits when there is a breach of any of our Service Level Agreements. Regrettably, Cloud Backups are not covered by any of those Agreements as you will find below:


Furthermore, since you are a self-managed account (Managed Infrastructure service level), it ultimately becomes the customer's responsibility to make sure the services rendered on any Cloud account are aligned with the customers needs (please see section 3.1 of our Master Services Agreement for full details: "Customer agrees that it is solely responsible for the suitability of the Services"):


Our leadership cannot provide any credits in this instance due to the above mentioned reasons.

Please let us know if we can answer any more questions. As always, our support teams are also available via phone and chat 24/7/365. Thank you for being a Rackspace customer.

Ankita S.
Customer Service Technician
Rackspace Hosting
Toll-Free: 1-800-961-4454
Tuesday, April 23rd
Nathan Nahouraii
2:45 PM a day ago
I 100% disagree with this. The Backup System is used to backup or restore servers. When the last server is removed from the cloud account a notification should occur asking the user if they would like to delete the backup system from their account since WITHOUT ANY SERVERS THE BACKUP SYSTEM IS UNUSABLE. If the user decides not to delete the Backup System then it is on them. Then, when the user adds the first server back to their account a notification should occur asking if they want to start up a Backup System. This way the user is not stuck paying for a license that they have 0 ability to use. I've loved you guys up until this point. It's unfortunate that you are arguing with me over less than $50 when I have paid you $4,973.28 since Jan of 2016. The decision to not refund me is very short sighted and I'm sure anyone in upper management or anyone holding a C level position at the company would agree with me.
Ankita S.
11:57 AM a day ago
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. I see you have some concerns about the fees associated with the Cloud Backup system. These monthly charges are the licensing fees that are incurred when a Backup System resides on your account. As long as that backup system for 'stellar' existed in the Customer Portal, it was utilizing the backup agent license and would, thus, have been charged on your invoice.


Our system is not designed to automatically delete anything for you. Those Backup Systems contain your data, and we have no desire to delete something that a customer may need. In that way, while this does place the burden of removing products and services on the customer, it also protects your data from being deleted unknowingly by you.

I apologize for the confusion, but we are unable to grant your request for a refund.

Please let us know if we can answer any more questions. As always, our support teams are also available via phone and chat 24/7/365. Thank you for being a Rackspace customer.

Ankita S.
Customer Service Technician
Rackspace Hosting
Toll-Free: 1-800-961-4454
Friday, April 19th
Nathan Nahouraii
12:44 PM 5 days ago

The comment is I was paying for a service I could not use because I had no servers. I would like to have that money back.
Mallory H.
11:59 AM 5 days ago

Thank you for reaching out to us today. Looking at Beth's update I see that the backup system had not been removed and cloud files containers with the server backups still existed on the account. These backup systems are not deleted on our end as this contains customer data and can be used to restore data to another cloud server. I checked your account and see there are no cloud files containers or backup systems remaining on your account. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Mallory Hernandez
Cloud Virtualization Engineer
Escalation Support for Cloud
Below is the chat I had which started the whole process of figuring out the charge and requesting the refund. I forwarded this chat in the support ticket thread.

Nathan Nahouraii
11:23 AM 5 days ago
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:01:00 AM): Welcome to Rackspace Chat Support! During this chat session we will be assisting you with FAQs, and provide guidance and documentation for simple requests. For complex issues that require higher/extensive troubleshooting we will create a ticket for you and escalate it to your next tier of support. In order to verify you and to prevent unauthorized access to your information, may I get your full name and the answer to your security question?
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:01:17 AM):
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:01:33 AM):
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:01:47 AM): hello How can I help?
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:02:15 AM): Hi, I have been charged since Dec for a "Cloud Backup" service that I don't think I am using. Can you confirm?
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:03:02 AM): can you elaborate more what I should confirm?
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:03:14 AM): Am I using the service?
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:03:25 AM): I'm paying for it, but am I using it?
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:04:34 AM): Due to type of service we cannot log-in to servers. You can check your backup page to check if your backup is working. Basically you pay because you subscribe to backup
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:04:57 AM): I have not had a server running since Dec.
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:05:14 AM): 0 servers, just an image of a server in the cloud.
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:05:26 AM): Before I spun them all down.
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:05:33 AM): yes you will pay for image that is kept in file storage
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:05:58 AM): Do I also need to pay for Cloud Backup service to keep the image?
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:08:20 AM): no you can stop backup service but you will still pay for image
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:08:40 AM): Well, I've been paying since Dec and I have ZERO servers running.
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:09:38 AM): you pay for a service that you have subscribed for
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:10:24 AM): How can you charge people a service that they can't use unless they spin up a server?
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:10:41 AM): I see.I would love to help.However, this is something that you will need to discuss with the billing team instead. Please call our technical line support.
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:10:47 AM): Can "Cloud Backup" be used if a server isn't running?
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:11:08 AM): Are they open now?
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:11:59 AM): no they start work about 9 am San Antonio Time
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:12:14 AM): Ok. I will call in the morning. Thank you.
Dariusz S (4/19/2019, 2:12:44 AM): you are welcome I hope they will refund you
nathann (4/19/2019, 2:13:21 AM): Me too.

Beth H.
11:21 AM 5 days ago
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for reaching out to us today it was a pleasure talking with you. We where able to find that the extra charge was coming from a backup incense. We have removed the incense and the cloud file containers associated with it and confirmed that the saved images are still in working order. You requested to talk to someone about getting a refund for the charges, which I have forwarded to your account team.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to update the ticket or contact us any time at 1-800-480-2708.

Thank You,
Beth H
Global Support Technician
Rackspace Hosting
Toll-Free: 1-888-480-7640
Joseph H.
10:57 AM 5 days ago
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for contacting us today. This ticket is being created to document your cloud backup charge issue (Said he spun down his servers last year, checked his billing and was being charged for cloud backups, wondering how he can shut that down and to not have these charges) that you are having. I am engaging your Support team for further assistance.

Please feel free to reach out to us at the number below, or update this ticket with additional information.

Joseph Hernandez
Customer Service Specialist
Rackspace Hosting
Toll-Free: 1-888-480-7640
Roselba Hurtado
Roselba Hurtado from United States,

Worst Customer Support

I have been trying to find a phone number for Customer Support for 2 days, I finally found one, they answered and transferred me to Customer Support, I have been on hold for 1 hour and 18 minutes already...and counting! You have ...Read Morean option to leave your number so they can call you back, but when you leave the number, it tells you that it is incorrect, that I need the country code, area code, and number, which I did 3 times and kept getting the same message. I have been with Rackspace for 15 years, I guess it is time to change companies!Less
MWM Granger
MWM Granger from United States,

Rackspace has continually declined in service and functionality

Rackspace has continually become slower and more problematic over the years we have had them. It is not uncommon to encounter weekly issues with one thing or another. When their system goes down, they shut off all communication wi...Read Moreth their customer base so you are at the mercy of watching for updates in their status reports.
We are searching for a new more reliable provider.
Kevin Crow
Kevin Crow from United States,

Email Phishing and Virus Infected Emails Are Out of Control

We've been using hosted exchange for several years now and up until last year it was great. All of sudden now, we have had a major influx of Phishing emails, Spoof emails, and virus infected attachments continually and constantly ...Read Moreflooding our user inboxes. Despite having, DKIM, DMARC and SPF records, Rackspace still fails to be able to block senders whose return address is different than the sending address. Their server level antivirus fails to flag macro'd word documents with the only solution being an open ticket that I have to update with the emails so that they can add them to their filter as "missed" viruses. I have to put the emails in a folder in a mailbox for them to be able to get the sample because ironically, if you try and attach one of the samples to the support ticket, it rejects it as being infected, yet they let it thousands of these slip through to our inboxes. I can confidentally recommend rackspace's ability to protect inboxes any more than I can say that Windows Defender is a viable antivirus.Less
Jason C
Jason C from United States,

Do not use, these guys are crooks

I was overcharged for services I was not using. After cancelling the services they continued to charge me for things I did not use. I deleted all servers from my account and they STILL CONTINUED TO CHARGE ME.
Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor from United States,

On The Decline

I've used Rackspace for about a decade for our business and our clients. At one point we ran about 150 cloud servers with them, as well as their storage, CDN, and DNS. They had great pricing, they were super reliable, and their su...Read Morepport was great. Now they are far more expensive than their competitors, they offer no support (unless you want to pay an addition $100 / server), their backup system is unreliable, and to top it all off, now that their support is worthless they've added a "support" fee to your account that varies based on how many of their products you are using (the more products, the higher the price).

We are down to our last server on rackspace, waiting on clients to update some IP addresses and we will be done with Rackspace for good.

As a side note, they are still leaps and bounds better than A2, which this website keeps popping up ads for.

Expert Review

Max Ostryzhko
Max Ostryzhko
Hosting Expert


Rackspace Cloud Hosting: Perfect Quality & Service

Rackspace provides three types of cloud servers: open, private, and hybrid cloud. The choice of services you get with cloud servers is just stunning. They have decent hardware, 15+ operation systems, image backups, Raid 10, impressive scalability, and many other services.

Their Open Cloud lets you install and work with various types of web applications: e-commerce sites, mobile apps, rich media sites, SaaS, Enterprise applications, SharePoint deployments, and a lot more. The management of your web app will be simple since Rackspace provides you with a convenient control panel.

Why Choose Rackspace Cloud Hosting?

  • Use-based billing
  • Extra-high security
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • OpenStack API v2

Want to know if Rackspace Cloud Hosting is right for you?

Let's check it out...

Rated by Max Ostryzhko
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

100% Uptime and 100% Comfort

The SLAs offered by Rackspace give you a commitment of 100% uptime and severe control of data center infrastructure. The analysis provided by specialized websites shows that the homepage of Rackspace has been 99.99% online since 2005. That number is not just amazing, it's almost impossible! With these scores, you can believe the uptime guarantee at Rackspace.

In order to ensure stable server work and perfect uptime, Rackspace has many important services, starting with solid RAID 10 hard disks and ending with server image backups. If you are searching for top-level solutions with the ability to create isolated networks, then this is the service for you. This web host places no restrictions on them, so you'll get an abundance of new opportunities (such as server clustering).


Nice Racks With Many Extra Features

Rackspace provides great hardware if you have an advanced plan. You get an extremely flexible system allowing you to get as many relevant servers as you need.

The stuffing of some basic offers, however, is  not as good. The cheapest plan includes only 512MB RAM, 20GB disk space and 1 vCPU (though the price is also low – the maximum of $16/mo). Also, it's not quite clear which processors are used in Rackspace servers.

Still, small disadvantages of this cloud host are easily leveled by numerous additional features you get: new API, 15+ operation systems, improved geography adjustments, RAID 10, isolated networking, and a lot more. It is also possible to extend some important options by purchasing Rackspace's additional services Cloud Files, Cloud Databases, Cloud DNS, etc.

If you're not hosting professionals, this web host offers you a nice Managed Cloud service. It will cost you additional $100 monthly. It's up to you to decide whether you want to do your own fine-tuning or have your hands free.

Along with Open Cloud solutions, Rackspace also offers Private and Hybrid Clouds. These services will give you even more possibilities, as these clouds are developed specifically for you. Still, Private and Hybrid solutions will require bigger investments.

Disk SpaceDifferent plans have 20 to 1200GB per server. And all hard disks are protected by RAID 10.
CPUGrab from 1 to 8 vCPUs depending on the package you choose.
Public BandwidthSend and get cloud files at 20-300Mbps.
Internal BandwidthThe internal transfer speed varies between 40Mbps in the cheapest plan to 600Mbps in the most expensive one.
RAMDifferent plans have 512MB-30GB RAM, which is a really good choice.
Control PanelThey provide you with their own control panel – it's easy to use, gives you lots of convenient tools, and has nice design.
Operation SystemA total of 16 options including Linux, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 systems. Definitely, this is one of the best offers on the market.
Mobile AppIf you have an iOS, Android or Windows Phone device, install Rackspace app to manage your servers remotely.


Dedicated Support for Every Cloud

Rackspace does their best to provide top-notch support to every client. The support teams work 24/7/365 and is accessible via phone, live chat and phone numbers. They also promise an immediate response to emergency support tickets. However, there are multiple complaints registered in user forums about the inconsistency of helpfulness and knowledge from customer support.

If you want to discover the world of cloud hosting, check the extensive knowledge center at Rackspace – it contains loads of helpful articles and several exciting videos. You will also like the Open Cloud Community designed that will keep you in touch with many other people like you.

      24x7x365 live chat, phone and email

    • Huge knowledgebase
    • Open Cloud community
    • Few tutorial videos
    • No free phone number


Fair Use-Based Fees

Rackspace uses one of the best pricing systems: you only pay for the time you spent on the virtual server management. If you think that their hourly prices are high, the truth is that they are above average— but that's the price you pay for extra-class service.

They take into account the hardware and operation system you need and provide you with a reasonable per-hour price. Remember that the prices stated in the table are for only one server, so don't forget to multiply them by the number of servers you need.

Rackspace has almost 30 cloud hosting plans, so in this table I will only show some of their middle plans – both managed and unmanaged. For full information about Rackspace cloud pricing please visit the Rackspace website.

User Friendly

Extra-Class Control Panel

The website of Rackspace comes across as messy because they provide a wide array of services. It takes you some time to navigate through and understand all of the features that will be included into your cloud server package.

Be aware that if you want to make a purchase, you have to sign-up first—which means you may get bombarded with future unwanted promotional emails.

The updside is that the control panel designed by Rackspace specialists puts unbelievable power into your hands. For instance, it will take you just a couple of minutes to spin up servers  as well as to take them down, which is great if you need to make some serious improvements. You pay only for what you use, so with their control panel you can take the maximum advantage of open cloud.

As a smart bonus, you'll get a mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, which allows you to complete important management tasks wherever you’re connected. The easy-to-use server calculator helps you count the resources that you need for stable project performance.

+ Smart server management

+ Customized control panel

+ Mobile app

+ Servers calculator


- Messy site

- Promotional emails


Rackspace provides extra-high security, stable performance and use-based pricing with disadvantages like complicated website navigation and high prices.


  • 100% uptime SLAs
  • Tier-1 network
  • RAID 10
  • Dedicated non-stop support
  • Fast and intuitive control panel


  • Prices above average
  • No hardware details
  • Complicated website navigation
  • Poor upload speeds
  • More training and education needed in customer support

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