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Power Up Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from Power Up Hosting

Power Up Hosting, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 under the laws of California, United States. Power Up Hosting has a unique setup providing and maximizing the high-end hardware configuration and highly redundant Tier 1 networks. Unlike most of the other hosting company; Power Up Hosting owns the hardware and the network and doesn't resell from other providers. Power Up Hosting c...Read Moreomprises a bunch of passionate teammates who thrives on providing top quality customer service and believes the customer is always right. Power Up Hosting also specializes in setting up highly customized hosting solution offering a variety of custom setups including setting up the private cloud, big clusters on the redundant network and high-end server configuration. Power Up Hosting provides real 24x7 support and has an average response time of around 15-20 minutes. Power Up Hosting provides 100% Uptime SLA to its customer and values every customer the same regardless of how much they spend. Power Up Hosting is growing at a very rapid pace and is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the United States. Unlike most other companies; Power Up Hosting doesn't overload it's server and uses customized version of KVM virtualization for it's Virtual Private Servers. The shared hosting nodes is packed with one click installers built on 100% true SSD. All the nodes are built on RAID 10 with multiple Tier 1 Providers to offer high redundancy. Power Up Hosting recently started offering Free DDoS with some of the SSD Shared Hosting Nodes, would soon integrate the DDoS protection as a Value Added Service for no additional cost over the period of next few months. Power Up Hosting as already covered West, East and Central America by offering servers in Los Angeles, New Jersey and Dallas with Amsterdam, Singapore, India and London as the next 4 locations on the list of expansion places.Less
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Money Back: 45 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $8.95
VPS $15.00 - $120.00
Dedicated Server $117.00 - $177.00

Data Centers

Mark Porter

Pinned Review

Mark Porter,
poweruphosting is the best.. good vps

awesome online support

i cant really have done business with any other company....

your the best..


William Morin
William Morin from United States,

Absolutely horrible. Terrible support. Couldn't even get the VPS Hosting to work...

They claim to have 24/7/365 support. We signed up for service and nothing worked. We contacted support and they finally got back to us over a day later and solved nothing. We cancelled the service and are still waiting for a refun...Read Mored but had to dispute the charge through Paypal. They also recommended a link to download the REQUIRED software to supposedly run the VPS which place MALWARE/PUP programs on our computer and browser. Stay far away from this company.Less
Roger Jenkins
Roger Jenkins from United States,

Bad bad and bad.

Started off great for a few months, then mysteriously my account kept getting hacked. Support blamed my Wordpress plugins and outdated wordpress installs. Once everything was updated the account got hacked again. I asked why and h...Read Moreow, PowerUpHosting's Support never did attempt to answer. They only suspended my account and said I was to fix the problem. Funny thing is, once the account is suspended, one cannot FTP nor even access the cPanel... How is one supposed to get in there and attempt to fix the problem?

I even deleted the entire content of the account, and yet my resources including memory and CPU were maxing at at 100%. Support said my account was still hacked, despite having zero files on the server, zero databases and zero email accounts. PowerUpHosting support said that I'll now need a new account. They went ahead and gave me a 'new' account and login. I've locally scanned the entire account and its websites on my end using the latest virus definitions from ESET and BitDefender which cleaned/deleted any kind of infected file. Uploaded the contents to my directory root on PowerUpHosting's server and support reinstated my account. Or so I thought..

Turns out after all my effort to clean, compress, and re-upload my account contents, PowerUpHosting's support reinstated my account from their own previous backup that had still been infected!! Support was useless. I get another email saying "Your account has been compromised again, and you need to clean it or you will be banned". Well no SHIT! You uploaded an old copy of my infected account! What a joke, it is like being stuck in the movie groundhogs day.

Its been nearly a month and all my websites are still down and so is my account. The CEO no longer responds to me on Skype and does not seem to care. Lesson learned, you get what you pay for, and their product is absolute garbage. They were keen on me submitting a review about their hosting, but I told them I usually wait a few months after I am with a new host before giving any review. It has only been 5 months with them, most of the time my accounts have been down due to server outages and now the latest "Hacked Account" which I am fairly certain came from their own side.

Please avoid this company.
Thomas Biel
Thomas Biel from United States,

Used to be good, now total crap

I've been with them for close to 4 years and at the beginning they were great! Hands down great customer support and pretty affordable.
But the last 3-4 months have been a total disaster - down time, slow loading times when my si...Read Morete is indeed up and the customer support went from answering tickets in 20 minutes to hours.
And I'm not the only one complaining - check on blackhatworld and see the bad recent reviews.
Stay away from powerup hosting!

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Full Service Hosting Based in Los Angeles

Power up Hosting is a full-service hosting provider in Los Angeles. They work hard to meet the needs of all types of customers no matter what hosting services they require. This includes domain name registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, DDoS protection, web security, and data back-up service. They also offer proxy services for those who need to browse the web more anonymously, or need to access sites that are blocked for whatever reason.

The company makes it a priority to keep innovating, coming up with new services, and helping customers with any type of web services that they need. All the while they offer dedicated technical support 24/7 to help ensure customers are able to get the most out of what they have to offer. Power Up Hosting has found a lot of success, and claims to be the fastest growing hosting company in the area.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Very Stable Hosting Provider

All the hosting options come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the hardware and network. This is the industry standard guarantee, and will provide some recourse should there be any type of outage. They also have a 45-day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with the stability of the hosting, or anything else, a refund can be given. Hosting with this company is extremely reliable thanks to the use of high end hardware, including solid state drives, on all their servers. They also operate in modern datacenters to help avoid any unexpected outages.


Tons of Attractive Features

When looking at the website from Power Up Hosting, you will see that there are a lot of great features. Starting with the shared hosting packages, you will get solid state drives with RAID 10 configuration, LiteSpeed servers, cPanel, and the option to choose the location of your physical server from places throughout the US and EU. One-click installation options are also available and can help you get your site up and running far faster than would otherwise be possible. VPS hosting is also available and comes with similar features as the shared options, but with greater levels of control. You can also choose between windows and Citrix for the operating system.

If you need all the power and full control over an entire server, the dedicated servers are the perfect solution. They have just two options to choose from, one with 8 cores and one with 16.  The disk space is all on solid state drives, and you can select how much RAM you need. These servers will be sufficient to run almost any type of site without any trouble.


Helpful Tech Support 24/7/365

If you run into any type of issues with the hosting, you can contact the technical support teams any time, 24/7. They are experienced and able to work through any type of issue whether it is related to hardware, software, or even user information. The technicians have a good reputation for being helpful and willing to work with you on anything you need help with.


Pricing is Not Clearly Listed

The pricing with this company is on par with what you would expect to pay from just about any other hosting provider. What is a little annoying, however, is that they don’t list the prices clearly on their pages. You have to go through the initial registration process to sign up before it will actually tell you how much you’ll have to pay. Most people would much prefer to be able to see what they will have to pay before moving forward with the purchasing process. This is especially true when looking at lower level hosting like the shared servers.

User Friendly

Some Minor Issues

Most people won’t have any trouble using the services from this company once they have made their order. They use cPanel, which is the industry standard, so people will be familiar with it in most cases. They also offer support whenever people have questions or other issues. Their website makes finding the information about their services, especially pricing, a little complicated to figure out. If they would fix that issue, that would make this company much easier to work with.


Excellent Hosting

While there are a few little things here and there that can be annoying, the overall quality of the hosting is quite good. The vast majority of their customers are happy with the service they receive, and their continued growth is a good sign of this. Whether you’re looking to run a small personal website, or a page for a large company, they can provide you with the hosting that is needed.


  • Solid State Drives Used Everywhere
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Hard to Find Pricing

Power Up Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Unlimited SSD Shared Hosting Plan Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $8.95 4.5 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Linux SSD One 20 GB 1 x 3.50GHz 1 GB $15.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD One 20 GB 1 x 3.50GHz 1 GB $15.00 2.0 Details
Linux SSD Two 20 GB 2 x 3.50GHz 2 GB $30.00 10 Details
Windows SSD Two 20 GB 2 x 3.50GHz 2 GB $30.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Three 30 GB 3 x 3.50GHz 3 GB $45.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Three 30 GB 3 x 3.50GHz 3 GB $45.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Four 30 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 4 GB $60.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Four 30 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 4 GB $60.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Five 40 GB 5 x 3.50GHz 5 GB $75.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Five 40 GB 5 x 3.50GHz 5 GB $75.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Six 40 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 6 GB $90.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Six 40 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 6 GB $90.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Seven 50 GB 7 x 3.50GHz 7 GB $105.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Seven 50 GB 7 x 3.50GHz 7 GB $105.00 4.5 Details
Linux SSD Eight 50 GB 8 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $120.00 4.5 Details
Windows SSD Eight 50 GB 8 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $120.00 4.5 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
E3-1230v2 120 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 1 GB $117.00 4.5 Details
E3-1270v2 120 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $127.00 4.5 Details
E3-1270v3 120 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB $147.00 4.5 Details
E5-1620v2 120 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 16 GB $177.00 4.5 Details

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