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OneHost Cloud has spent 6 months designing our new Managed WordPress and Cloud Hosting solutions to be as fast as possible without impacting in reliability. Shared Hosting shouldn't be that complicated and with reliable and experienced engineers OneHost is proud to have a near 100% uptime for it Shared Hosting and for our Cloud and VPS Hosting we guarantee 100% up-time. Our VPS...Read More Hosting machines start at just $4.99 per month for 1GB RAM and 20Gb SSD Storage with many datacenter locations to choose from.

We now have added VPS Machines with Kali Linux installed for those Security Professionals. Our Shared cPanel Hosting starts at just $1.99 per month for a huge 5GB web storage and every hosting customer receive a FREE SSL Certificate. Lastly we have added to our increasing hosting solutions Tor Hidden Service Hosting. Let us take care of your Tor Hidden Website from just $3.99 per month.

Lastly we have just start our Cyber University Program where those Universities and other course providers that offer courses in Cyber can obtain our Pentesting VPS Machines so that students can have their very own Pentesting VPS to prepare for their exams. Our Cyber University is open to everyone that wishes to obtain employment in the Cyber Security field and Computer related industries.
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Money Back: 30 Days

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Shared Hosting $1.99 - $9.99
VPS $5.99 - $19.99

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We took the time to personally and anonymously check each and every company's customer service.
The "Badge of excellence" was awarded to hosting companies that complied with HostAdvice's high standards of customer service, implying that the service proved to be prompt, efficient, insightful and most of all, helpful. This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Kennif Suggs

Pinned Review

Kennif Suggs,
Just a quick thank you for the ease of signup and support. We had issues but support was just a phone call awayl


Harry Delington
Harry Delington from Canada,

Worst service ever and fake reviews

Just be careful, all reviews below are just fake.
Onehost cloud is just the worst service you can get.
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
Dear Sir

We are sorry that you feel you had this experience however it would be helpful if you used your real name and not a fake name so that we could respond based upon your experience. Since you did not and we have no custom...Read Moreer under the name you used here we can only state that you are nothing more than a Troll who posts fake review as they have nothing better to do. Over 50 fake reviews here..... somehow I dont think so.Less
LOL ! Just look at "Donald Harper" below, coming from FRANCE ! Of course, Donald Harper is for sure a french name ! hahaha
Tom Barkly
Tom Barkly from United States,


AVOID! You may lose your website completely even if you host with them for longer than a year. Had a site up, just bc I had a rough day they will not respond to you, just ban your IP and BAN your email too so you don't contact them again.

If you care about your site DO NOT HOST WITH THEM.
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
This customer is NOT Tom Barkley. His name is Pior Kowalkowski

His website was terminated due to non payment and when we discovered that the website was no longer online he sent a ticket with numerous F words and berated our h...Read Moreosting staff. The customer received FOUR invoice reminders and ignored every one of them and now because we refused to continue to host his website he is acted like a child with bad reviews which do not harm our business as we have a great reputation and it is only customers like this one who feels they can get away with swearing to our staff and then expect us to continue to do business with him. We will NEVER do business with such a person regardless.
We sent emails to the customer conveying dates and our considerations and he refuses to take responsibility for not paying his invoices.
I have pasted a copy of the email below so other can see that it was his entire fault for his site getting terminated as you do not get services when you do not pay for it. We are running a business not a charity.
Posting reviews under a false name says a lot about this person and we can take all time he wants posting reviews as it does not affect our business one little bit!

Here is the email we sent and I will also post his ticket below it.


Firstly, your IP was banned due to the content of your initial support ticket. Our support staff do not need to be spoken to that way and language such as that will never be tolerated.

Secondly, you stated that we did not email you and we just suspended you….this is completely false as you received not one not two but four emails regarding your account.

Thirdly, you were invoiced on the 11th July for the annual billing and this invoice was due on the 18th which is a week from when the invoice was created which is standard in our billing system. As you have previously requested annual billing we then changed the profile and created an annual invoice and this was never paid and as the invoice was more than a week overdue the invoice was automatically cancelled and the service ultimately terminated after FOUR email notifications.

In light of the above we are at a loss as you why you cannot understand why your service was terminated and why you incorrectly state that we did not notify you. If you had managed your account like every other customer instead of blaming us for your mistake of overlooking your billing obligations.

I note my colleague was initially going to restore your website from our offsite backups however during this time the ticket was sent to a manager and it was decided that due to your unprofessional manner and language we will not be doing you any type of favors. If you had simply lodged a ticket and asked why we would have created a new invoice and restored your website from our backups within 15 minutes.
Our support staff will always go above and beyond for our customers and it is our policy that our staff do not need to be disrespected by customers and those customers who think they can use such language in support tickets and think we will do anything for them are sadly mistaken.

It would be a good idea for you to rethink the way you converse with businesses as others may choose income over ethics and morals however OneHost Cloud is not one of them.

Here is his original ticket. He easily could have seen why it was terminated if he bothered to view his invoices and read his emails but he is incapable of even doing that.

Here is his ticket he opened.

Could you tell me why and the F*** did you terminate my account?

Why does it say it is canceled?

Who f***** told you to cancel this account?

IP Address:
wabefet sec
wabefet sec,
I have one thing to say here, He was so wrong it is funny. but at the same time You guys leaking his possible real name as well as his ip is a little unsettling.

it's sort of giving the impression you guys do not mind sharing s...Read Moreomeone info etc

I am aware what he did is wrong but to be a security hosting company and basically dox a past rude customer is not the best for PR
I agree you guys are a very good company and have always helped me I support fully the termination of his account but two wrongs do not make a right.

as well that may turn some people off knowing a company would possibly post info on them etc.
Ibrahim hennep
Ibrahim hennep from Netherlands,

They stole my money under false pretenses

I registered a domain (scomm.cc) on 12/6/2021 and bought a years worth of hosting. I am a programmer and hosted my dashboard on the servers off these thieves.
on 12/7/2021 they blocked my account saying that the domain was involv...Read Moreed in attacks on other networks !!????.
I told them they could inspect the code of my dashboard but they rather steel my money under false pretenses then get too the truth.
I like to warn new customers to be very careful paying to much money in one go to these charlatans , better pay for one month first to make sure they do not come with false accusations and steal a bigger amount than only a months worth

to see the alledged conversation:
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
Dear Sir,

As we replied to your Google review we do not tolerate vile language directed at our staff members. Your behaviour via email and tickets to our staff is unacceptable and your account was closed as our staff do not wan...Read Moret to read such langauge from anyone.

We emailed you yesterday and restored your service and you received an email from us apologising for the mix up however this was also met with a barrage of bad lanaguage from you.

We strongly sugguest you have a close look at how you engage with companies in the future as communicating in a manner as you did will only cause you more issues in the future.
Ibrahim hennep
Ibrahim hennep,
You are hilarious sir, for anyone who wants to see if this gentleman is speaking the truth, I have posted the full conversation on google. If anyone can find language in there that is not up to scratch, I will pay this company an extra 5 years' worth of hosting
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
Dear Sir.

Again we are sorry you feel this way.

Here we paste our email to you soon after and you reply

Ibrahim hennep client 07/12/2021 19:05:38
I still have not got an answer when i wil...Read Morel receive my funds back. please reply asap
And if you could sent me any proof of the allegations, I offered you to review my code to ascertain there is no outgoing signal other that to the database and your email I have never used as you can clearly see for your self.
I am disgusted by the way I am being treated by your thieving company please get this fucking domain name off my name

Hello Sir

My name is Michael and we are truly sorry for the outcome of this.

It appears we were mistaken after reviewing your files.

For this we truly apologize and have provisioned your service again.

To compensate we are adding 3 months free to your service for the inconvenience.

Once again please accept our apologies.

I feel very aggrieved but you are right that is still no reason to be disrespectful.
I look forward to your proof as I am very curious
> Op 07-12-2021 20:22 schreef OneHost Cloud Team :

We DO NOT accept the language you haev used and also the way you emailed our staff.

>We do not and will not ever tolerate any customer using langauge to get their point across. >While we acknowledgte you anger we did offer compensation and an apology which was met with the same vulgur language. This in itself was the factor in ceasing communcation with you.

Again, we are sorry you feel this way but please in future communicate a little better with companies you deal with.
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
FYI this was your reply after our staff emailing you about your langauge

I feel very aggrieved but you are right that is still no reason to be disrespectful.
I look forward to your proof as I am very curious
> Op 07-12-202...Read More1 20:22 schreef OneHost Cloud Team :
I Hennep

Chillibox Impex
Kerketuinenweg 2
2544CW Den Haag

Tel: +316 84509133
Email: info@chillibox-impex.nl
Ibrahim hennep
Ibrahim hennep,
Your action to my so-called file reply was blocking my product and taking my money as your own, while I apologized for saying the f word which as you can read was not directed to any off the staff but referring to a domain you sol...Read Mored me and which I paid for in full but you rendered utterly useless after accusing me of illegal activities. And up to date I have not received my funds back????
as I stated before dear sir you are hilarious.
Simon Hapmstead
Simon Hapmstead,
I have been with one host for 4 years and to see such review is not great. I can say that ive never had any issues but again I dont swear in tickets when asking for help so I guess thats the difference.

The reviewer hasn't exp...Read Moreerienced onehost to fully give a valid view but lucky one review is not what people base things on.

If I had a complaint about OneHost it would be knowledge base but im sure they will just grow like ive seen over 4 years.
Jr van den Herik
Jr van den Herik from Netherlands,

Worst company ever!!! They steal money!

I had a plan for a few months, left 35 usd in my wallet and i asked it back and to refund it.
After 3 messaged over 6 months i went mad as nobody reacting on my messages!
They blocked me on facebook messenger and they just delet...Read Moreed my whole account!

This is not a professional company! Rather a guy working from his addict...
Anthony H.
Anthony H. from Fiji,

Beware the Stonewall...

On e-paper, there was much to like about the prospects of working with OneHost Cloud. Price is right, performance specs good, customer feedback (at least to date on this site) strong and their Customer Privacy policy very strong.
...Read More

Tried purchasing a 1-year host service. Payment didn't immediately go through. Followed up about an hour later to see if all was well or if anything further was required from me. Was given 1 small courtesy and 1 courtesy alone. Was informed the following:

"Our anti-fraud systems have blocked your payment due to that card being used for fraudulent activity in the past. That reason is the reason given by our systems and not the opinion of OneHost Cloud."

My IP was summarily banned. No meaningful details. No opportunity for resolution. Just banned. Followed up one last time to their support email to make certain the matter wasn't a bizarre mistake. Nothin'. Persona non grata, just like that.

I live in Fiji. Maybe I'm just from the wrong neighborhood? Be sure to hail from a preferred jurisdiction...

Recommendation for anybody looking to use these guys... make sure the e-transaction doesn't fail because there may be no recourse whatsoever for resolution. Just 'go away'. Didn't feel I deserved that treatment at all.

I wish you all happier circumstances.
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
Dear SIr

We are sorry that we could not provide services to you. As we explained in our numerous correspondence to you, our anti-fraud systems blocked your payment due to the card being used for fraudulent activity in the past....Read More I will paste the error from our fraud system.
"error": {
"message": "Your card was declined.",
"type": "card_error",
"code": "card_declined",
"decline_code": "fraudulent",
"charge": "ch_1AeD8lLKfQiN9dgqHv8gBDG5"

We do not feel that your negative review is warranted here as for one we have not provided any service to you as you have not been a customer. We also advised you to seek alternate payment methods specifically Paypal which you never attempted. We have experienced in the past that customers get upset when they try to make fraudulent payments and it is possible that this is one of those cases. To assist people reading this I will also paste one of the support tickets we sent where we advised to use a different payment method.


We do apologize for the apparent strong guidelines regarding payment risk however, we are in an industry that is prone to fraud so we need to stay vigilant. Out of the hundreds of orders we receive each day we have an automated system to handle suspect orders especially when using a card that is outside the country where you are making payment from. While we do understand that many traveling customers complete payment this way we do have a anti-fraud system that handles risk very well and looking at the logs we can see that your card ( according to the logs ) has been linked to fraudulent transactions in the past. While this maybe true or false we cannot override our fraud systems when this type of alert is raised.

As a different card is not an option for you, an alternative would be to use Paypal as Paypal allows you pay via credit card and as they possibly have different anti-fraud systems they may process your transaction. If you complete payment this way we can then certainly provide you with all your hosting requirements but as I am sure you can understand we need to be extremely careful when dealing with payments that have been flagged by our systems.


OneHost Cloud & Security
UK Ph: +44 20 3519 2171
AU Ph: +61 (03) 85920571
Alexey G
Alexey G from Netherlands,

2 days does not work more than 4 hours (

My VPS and https://my.onehostcloud.hosting/ 2 days does not work more than 4 hours. (((
Support quiet. Very bad.
Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons,
Dear Sir,

As per the tickets notification we sent you we had notified that there was going to be a server reboot. In addition looking at the ticket you sent about not being able to access you stated you could not access for 1 h...Read Moreour NOT 4 hours as you incorrectly state here. In saying this the image you posted here is the customer portal and not your VPS as all VPS Machines were operational and accessible. We do not appreciate your blatantly misrepresenting the true facts .Less
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
This customer was notified via our ticketing system 24 hours in advance that the client area would be unavailable for a period of less than an hour. This downtime did not affect the access of customers VPS services in any way.

...Read MoreThis is the ticket the customer sent.

Hello! Today my VPS and your site (onehostcloud.hosting) is not working more 1 hour.
Please tell me whether even such disconnection in the coming days?


Looking at the downtime our client area was down for 37mins and as we use Cloudflare we can only assume that some caching was causing the issue. If the customer had asked via our live Chat system ( our website and live chat was available ) we would have kindly advised and rectified his issue.

We are getting tired of these bad reviews. Our first bad review was posted by someone who we caught ordering service with a fraudulent credit card and we notify them once our fraud dept completes their checks. Fraudsters dont like being discovered and the only recourse is to try and negatively impact our business by posting false reviews. Similar to this one when customers get upset they misrepresent the truth and hide facts that if they had followed our support procedures we would have assisted as our Live Chat System is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Manuel Peguero
Manuel Peguero from Dominican Republic,

Downtime 2 times in less than 2 weeks

On november 29th 2017 there was a downtime of 1 hour from 8 am to 9am, i use their vps as a reverse proxy with windows server and iis, first i thought that was my web application or the second hosting provider that had de issue, b...Read Moreut today, december 6th, there was another downtime from 4pm until now (almost 2 hours), luckly i was able to notice this and changed the ip in the dns server to point to the hosting provider that has my application. The vps didn't restart so it means that they had issues with the network or power (no redundancy?).

I can let it pass 1 time, but this is the second time and i dont trust their service anymore.

Finally i got a response from the customer service and for my surprise they: "do not provide refunds just because customers choose to no long use this service. You have only been a customer for 1 month and have almost use the service for the entire month".

This review is about my experience with their service, not trying to sabotage the company, just telling my story.
2 incident in less than two weeks becouse they dont have redundant infrastructure or were not prepared it is not an excuse.
OneHost Cloud
OneHost Cloud,
Dear Sir

We are sorry you had this experience however our infrastructure was impacted by a major outage in our datacenter provider outside our control.

We ...Read Moreare forthcoming with admitting issues that are caused by our fault however many other providers were hit by this same outage and the issue with the second outage you raised was for an hour and was due to the datacenter upgrading the same infrastructure that caused the downtime earlier in the month. While this is impacts our customers we also vent our frustrations to our providers and we apologise that you have also been affected by this.

I can honestly say that in 4 years we have not had significant downtime and these issues are just one of those things.

Regarding redundancy - our servers are build for redundancy however again we were at the behest of the datacenter and unless we spent millions building our own datacenter which is outside most hosting providers budgets we rely on the datacenter for network uptime.

Again while this is unacceptable we also feel writing a bad review here simply for 1 hour own downtime is not reasonable and considering you have only been a customer for 20 days is again unreasonable. We have customers who have been with us for many years and are very satisfied.
Manuel Peguero
Manuel Peguero,
I have business with other hosting providers in europe, and they too had their problems with the outrage, but as far as i know they manage that problem in a way that none of their customers (including me) went down in that time.
...Read More
As i wrote in my review, i'm just telling my experience of the short time i had with this hosting provider (like 20 days). And for the second downtime i had, the maintenance of your infrastructure is no excuse for the downtime i had in the network, the vps was ok no reboot or anything but there was no connection to the internet, that says something about "the redundancy" of your network infrastructure.

In my review the only category i gave 1 star was for the reliability, becouse of the issues i had in the few weeks i had the service, thats a really bad impression for a new customer.
Manuel Peguero
Manuel Peguero,
The other 1 star was for the pricing, for an unlicensed windows server vps thats not a good deal.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton,
There would be nothing that OneHost could have done as the downtime was caused by the datacenters uplinks from OVH so no matter what 'redundancy' OneHost put in place they still would have had issues. Clearly you have no idea on d...Read Moreatacenter networking and this is apparent by you using a Windows machine for a reverse proxy.
I have been a customer of OneHost for 3 years and last month was the only time I have had issues however there is nothing that they could have done to prevent the downtime so I feel you are being a little harsh on them as if you knew what you were talking about you would understand that no server or hosting provider that was affected by the downtime in RBX could have done anything to prevent issues with connectivity so you remarks are completely false.
Manuel Peguero
Manuel Peguero,
I use this specific windows server vps as reverse proxy for one of my applications becouse i also wanted to make other things with this onehost vps and i have other applications with nginx proxy and apache, so dont think that im g...Read Moreoing to pay for a windows vps only for iis reverse proxy, but for my luck, thanks to their network redundancy problems i was saved from more problems of this company, glad that i only made one payment for their almost reliable service.

I'm aware that the servers didnt have any issue as i stated in my review before, but dont say to me that they dont have redundancy problems with their network infrastructure, and OneHost needs to be responsible for their issues, dont matter if they come from a 3rd party or their own issues.

They cant blame on others mistakes, becouse to me the ones i payed are the ones who are responsible for a reliable services, and for the people using my service the only responsbile is my business and i'm not telling them that it was other companys issue not mine, becouse i was responsible in the second i set up the server with OneHost. Now i know i made a mistake trusting their service and i recognize it, so they need to too.

Maybe if this company had more time to work in their infrastructure and not making excuses, i've stayed a little longer.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton,
You were a customer for 20 days.... I have been a customer for 3 years..... I think I would know a little more about their service than you. Unfortunately you experienced downtime as a new customer so you are making out that this ...Read Moreis an absolute reflection on their entire services which is remarkable and an insult to other customers intelligence.
Many thousands were affected including other major hosting providers.....are you saying that the thousands of other hosting providers also have 'redundancy problems'?? This is laughable as you seem to think that something could have been done from a hosting providers view to prevent network connectivity during the outage. I used to work for VMware and have worked in many datacenters and I know from what I know about the issues with OVH that nothing would have prevented the loss of connectivity.

As many others across Europe were affected you seem to be of the view that there is something OneHost could have done....if you think you can build a better datacenter than OVH I am sure they would love to hear from you as you seem to know more about uplink and core routers however as you are a Windows user I think all that you are is a noob anyway.
Good luck with your future endeavors....ill stick with them as your little rant here is childish and using you few weeks to completely have an opinion of a company that does everything in its power ( in my view ) to keep us online which I have experienced over THE PAST 3 YEARS!!!
Manuel Peguero
Manuel Peguero,
You seems a little hurt like a child when someone says something bad about his/her dad and that is childish.

I dont care if you worked for vmware or whatever company, i dont have to showoff my background to others to put you in...Read More place. The thing here is that i trusted the service of a company and they failed two times, 1rst the outrage and the second one week later some other bs, and if you dont care about your 3 year business is becouse it is not important like your background, and "nothing would have prevented the loss of connectivity" and after that you say: "company that does everything in its power ( in my view ) to keep us online" you excuseme but that is bs to me. "nothing would have prevented the loss of connectivity" its not the answer a professional should give, maybe that is why you ended up taking care of useless 3 year old vps and not working with vmware or other mayor companies. What you told to your customers when the outrage started? There was nothing i could have done? Just wait a few minutes and try again? No man, that demostrates the lack of professionalism. The only answer i gave to my customers was: "Was my fault, it wont happen again" like a man. The two times i had the issue with onehost i only went down for 5 minutes becouse i take care of my business and my customers and i'm prepared for this kind of issues. Maybe you sat down and waited like a child or maybe not, i dont care.

As i see the problem with onehost is that they are blaming on others and not taking responsiblility for their issue becouse the ones who i paid was onehost cloud not ovh (another company in my black list) besides ovh was leasing the infraestructure and machines, onehostcloud said this problem is not mine so i dont care and didnt take care of their customers or their service.


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Starter 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $1.99 2.0 Details
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Premium 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 3 $5.99 10 Details
Ultimate 20 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 $9.99 9.8 Details

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KVM 1024 25 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 1 GB $5.99 10 Details
KVM 2048 50 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $9.99 9.9 Details
KVM 4096 120 GB 4 x 2.80GHz 4 GB $19.99 10 Details
Kali Linux VPS - For Security Professionals 50 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $16.00 9.8 Details
cPanel Tor Hosting 2 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 4 GB $6.99 6.6 Details

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