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Douglas Taylor

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Douglas Taylor,
I have been with many hosting providers over the years. I find this hosting provider to be a bit of fresh air so to say. The straightforward simple approach may seem very basic but it is very user fri...Read Moreendly for both the novice and the professional. I have neer seen a website maker so easy to use. A true wysiwyg approach is how I discribe their website builder. No problems whatsoever have I seen,Less


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Jeniffer Spencer
Jeniffer Spencer from Brazil,


Not trustfull. You want to leave, they do everything to keep you there forever! If you go, they stay with your domain. It's not fair. I really DO NOT recommend. If I had a good experience I would'nt say that at all.
Dominique A
Dominique A from United Kingdom,

Absolutely poor

Don't waste your time and money with one.com anyone but them. Customer service is poor all they care about is money and they are very blunt with their messages.
Inka, One.com
Inka, One.com,
Hi Dominique,
Thank you for your review, even though it is a bad one.

What you describe here really does not sound like the same One.com I am working for! It is really important for us that our customers receive the best possi...Read Moreble service. I am very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with our support. If what you say is true, I really want to take action on this!

Please contact me by writing to our Customer Care at service@one.com so I can research your case thoroughly.

Best regards,
Inka, One.com
Adam Thomson
Adam Thomson

Stay away

Complete shambles, customer service doesnt exist and I asked to close the account before the renewal was due but they still invoiced me and when I refused to pay they sold the debt to debt collectors, SHARKS
My sister has had so much hassle from this company and now feels under so much pressure after not being able to close her account properly. She is worried about debt agencies..any advice?
Liz Reid
Liz Reid from United Kingdom,


I strongly advise you not to use One.com because
- They do not allow you to cancel it
- They automatically renew it for one year despite several attempts to cancel it
- They charge you for this
- Then they send in the debt collector who harrasses you via emails and mobile phone calls.

Aamir Afridi
Aamir Afridi,
Oh God. Its not just me. Reading all these comments and all of them suffered due to their auto renewal policy and not allowing them to cancel. Each and every person here. One.com have no idea that how business they are losing due to their shity policies looking for short term profit.
A con of a company. DO NOT USE ANY OF THEIR SERVICES. They are based in Dubai, they screw you and you can't protect yourself. Do NOT use them at any price.
You have been warned!
Make a complaint to ICANN at the following:

...Read Morehttps://forms.icann.org/en/resources/compliance/complaints/registrars/standards-complaint-formLess
Juri Semjonow
Juri Semjonow from Sweden,

Serious Scam

I have been a customer for many years. The service have become worse and worse over the years. I´m not even sure it was good from the first place. They didn't want to let me end my subscription with them. After talking to many of ...Read Moretheir "Customer Service" people, they finally agreed on letting me go without having to pay the bills.

Then time went by and suddenly I received a letter saying I have a debt to a collection agency for a bill I didn't pay. But it was not true.
So now I talked to one.com again, but they start to argue that I still have to pay once again. Nothing with One.com makes sense. One person says one thing and then someone else on the company says something else. The company is like a schizophrenic money monster.

Stay away from them, never uses their services. You will only become disappointed.

They only let you use one FTP account, and once you start uploading or downloading you will get temporarily banned without them telling you anything. This is because they have a bandwidth and traffic limit.
Nechamah A Goldfarb
Nechamah A Goldfarb,
I am having the same situation--not able to end when I try to end the subscription, than being billed and threatened. Terrible service.
mr hollio
mr hollio from United States,

Buyer beware...!

BE CAREFUL! These guys will screw you given half a chance. They refused to acknowledge my cancellation until after the payment date so they could extorting money. Now they are trying to charge late fees on a notice they never sent to EXTORT MORE MONEY!
Fully agree with you they have done the same to me.
The window they allow to communicate with them is so small
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor,
Ya but what now? Did they make it right? If they did does this one star still apply?
Just curious...
Liz Reid
Liz Reid,
One.com have done exactly the same to me. What can we do about it?? They should not be allowed to get away with this. Is there someone overseeing them?
Rob L
Rob L from United States,

Completely Awful SCAM ARTISTS

They do not notify you that your domain is about to expire and then charge you. They will tell you that they are going to send you to collections if you do not pay.

Support is awful and basically tells you to go f*ck yourself. ...Read MoreStraight up extortion. I have used almost every single hosting company and if you do not pay, they just close your account. That is why you pay in advance.

You've been warned.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert


One.com: Focusing on Total Webmaster Experience

One.com is a well-established web host with over a million active customers and growing.  Their prices and hosting features are all quite competitive, though not necessarily the best of the best in any one area.  Where this company really seems to stand out is on the fact that they offer a full suite of great tools to help webmasters get up and running quickly and easily.

Their free website builder offers dozens of templates, which can be customized to meet your exact needs.  They even offer support for these features, which makes this an excellent option for anyone who wants a website, but really doesn’t know where to start.  The website builder will help you create and customize a fully functioning and personalized WordPress page that will have you publishing content in just minutes.

Another great perk to One.com hosting is that new customers who only need their basic hosting services will get a full year free.  After the initial year, this package is still only $1.89 per month for 15GB of hosting space, unlimited data transfer, personalized email accounts and more.

Read More
Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
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  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Actual 99.99% Uptime

One.com doesn’t really promote their uptime as a key feature like many hosting companies do, though they certainly could if they wanted.  It took a little digging, but rather than just offering a vague ‘uptime guarantee,’ they actually provided real stats.  Over the course of 979 days, they had a full 99.99% uptime for their customers.

This is higher than the 99.9% uptime that many hosts guarantee, and given the fact that this is from actual user experience, it is much more impressive.  In addition to straight uptime, they also offer the latest security features, which are frequently updated to help ensure your sites are protected from any threats.

While the uptime is clearly impressive, it does seem that there are the occasional errors and difficulties with their backend.  Multiple users had reported seemingly random errors when accessing the cPanel or other areas, though they all had their issues resolved quite quickly.


Impressive Features List

You’ll find that One.com offers an extensive list of features to all their customers, no matter what level of service they purchased. They take pride in the fact that they can offer full packages that include web hosting, unlimited email, and great support.

One nice feature that isn’t often offered by hosting companies is the Bix solution, which comes included with every hosting package.  Bix provides webmasters with real-time synchronization, file sharing options, music streaming features and a suite of mobile access features.  This little bonus will not only allow you to offer your visitors a little something extra, but it can also make your life easier too.  The fact that it comes standard makes it all the more impressive.

When you sign up with hosting through One.com you will get the standard $75 in Google AdWords if you buy $25.  There are other hosting companies that offer more impressive ad coupons, but for most people that isn’t a major selling point anyway.  Still, it is certainly a nice little perk, especially for those who are just getting started.


Live Support 24/7/365

This is a major selling point for One.com hosting packages.  The fact that they offer unlimited customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is fairly rare in this industry.  This is web chat based support, but for almost all issues that is exactly what people want anyway.

This support is for technical issues only, of course, and doesn’t include things like web design help or other things that people might like.  The fact is, however, that when you’re looking for customer service from your hosting provider, technical support is really all you need.


Free to Start. Cheap to Continue

For the entry level web hosting, you’ll be hard pressed to find a lower overall price.  To start with, you can get a full year for free with their entry level package.  Even after the year, you’ll pay less than $2 per month which is an excellent price.  As you move up in package size, the price goes up progressively, maxing out at $180.80 per month for a 2TB package.

One potential downside for those who are hoping that their website will become wildly successful is the fact that One.com doesn’t offer VPS or dedicated hosting packages.  All of their hosting is shared, which does present some limitations for sites that use a lot of resources.  For the vast majority of users, however, this won’t present a problem.


All in all, this is an excellent web hosting provider for most personal and small business type websites.  It is easy to use, and offers excellent support.  The one main complaint is that it just isn’t scalable in the event your website gains massive popularity.


  • Impressive List of Features
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Free First Year for Basic Package
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support


  • No VPS or Dedicated Server Options
  • Occasional backend errors

One.com Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Professional 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.52 3.6 Details
Professional Plus 200 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.53 3.2 Details
Business 500 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.06 2.3 Details

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