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Shared Hosting $4.18 - $20.93
VPS $10.46 - $36.63
Dedicated Server $93.18 - $208.35

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Matthias Weiss

Pinned Review

Matthias Weiss,
There's not many real offshore hosting companies left around but I'm happy to say offshorededi is one of the rare ones that are still operating offshore. They are the best option for DMCA content.


tabish ahmed
tabish ahmed from India,

Not Satisfied at all.

Didn't delivered the service what they say about DMCA Ignored. Please make sure you didnt rely on Dmca Ignored point. I think its just for client attraction purpose. I have lost my ranking cause of these people.
Earl S Frank
Earl S Frank,
Spamhaus listing can't be ignored. No one can ignore Spamhaus listing.
Markus Lagerstedt
Markus Lagerstedt

Worst and scammiest "offshore" hosting provider I've ever used

I've been trying pretty much every single "offshore" hosting provider there is for a story I'm working on by putting them all through the test of running a instance of a user-generated content site we run. It gets a lot of copyrig...Read Moreht claims and occasionally malware slips past our automated scans.

As with all the other hosts we've used we asked them beforehand if they'd give us time to remove that kind of content, they said we shouldn't worry and that they'd give us plenty.

Day 1: The first impressions were pretty bad, looks like they manually process every single order, so took around half a day to get the credentials.

Day 2: Everything was running fine until suddenly the server goes offline and is completely unreachable. We take the server out of circulation and open a support ticket.

Day 3: Still no response on the support ticket, ask them why and they come back and say there are no issues. Server still super unstable, the chance of getting a successful SSH connection is about slim to none.

Day 3 mid-day: We haven't used the service since day one because it was offline or super unreliable every time we tried. We hadn't gotten a single dmca ticket in the time we did use it but low and behold, suspended for "Reason: Phishing".

Offshorededi is a scammy service with no support team, the most unreliable servers in the entire space and prices that do not reflect in any way what you end up getting. Don't you dare inconvenience them or they'll make up a reason to suspend you. Avoid like the plague.
Vorwex JoHanson
Vorwex JoHanson

Would highly NOT recommend this server host

This server host shut our website off many times without even warning us of the situation. The support also takes hours to get around to an urgent need. I would highly suggest you search elsewhere for a host as OffShore will shut ...Read Moreyou down without cause and then ignore all issues about getting a backup. Check the image we wanted a cpanel backup and they told us it could take 8 hours because they needed a WP expert.Less
IP got listed in spamhaus due to your project. No one can keep your server live after spamhaus listing. We activated your server from a new ip so that you could take backup. What else you need from our side. Our company is not recommended for projects that attract spamhaus listing.
Vorwex JoHanson
Vorwex JoHanson,
We also explained we did not do anything to get that listing, we even removed all email services from our server. The only thing we used email for was to verify new accounts, so you as a host should have helped us. You did not giv...Read Moree us any warning and just shut the entire server off, it took over 20 hours to get a backup from you and you didn't put the backup online until we told you we would tell everyone about how you do business with reviews. Because of this we were offline for two days.

As a host you should have warned us of the SpamHaus listing.
Helped us get it removed.
Allowed us to get a backup without waiting.

We can understand the SpamHaus listing looks bad if you do something to get the listing which we didn't. But we did tell you to give us the backup and we would go somewhere else.

So for new user a word of warning, this host will shut you down without a backup if you get a SpamHaus warning (even if you didn't do anything to warrant it).

In the end we finally got the backup after we made a threat of bad reviews, we have now moved on to a new host.
We also explained you that listing can be due to phishing and other such activities. It is not only due to emails. Your site got listed on spamhaus due to phishing activity. Just explain them that you are phishing. We also activat...Read Moreed your server and provided you with new IP so that you could take backup as most of the hosting companies just wash out server due to spamhaus listing.Less
Vorwex JoHanson
Vorwex JoHanson,
I understand you said SpamHaus listed us for phishing and we explained we were not and had no idea why they listed us. Instead of speaking with us about it you just shut us down. We said you gave us the backup, but it did take ove...Read Morer 20 hours. Usually a backup takes 2-5 minutes to provide to someone. Our mail server (mailgun) checked our mails and even verified we were NOT phishing, so again, you should have talked to us more before just shutting us down.

So for the record

1) We got listed by SpamHaus for phishing even tho we didn't do that
2) We used mailgun for mail verification and they said we were NOT phishing after checking
2) The host shut us down 100% with a note "shut down for spamhaus listing"
3) We had to wait over 20 hours for a backup and didn't get it until we made threats of bad reviews.

It's actually funny, we will post more screens of how the host didn't respond to us for 10 or more hours but when we write the truth here they respond instantly.
David Walters
David Walters from United States,

Not the greatest company to deal with

Last week i purchased a NL dedicated server, for ~90 EUR, so not a cheap purchase.
It was set up swiftly which was nice, but i was provisioned a Bulgarian IP, i asked support and was advised not to worry the server is in NL we ju...Read Morest reroute the IP to Bulgaria, this makes no sense but ok lets go with this for now.
I log on to my server only to find it has 4gb of ram and 1x 500gb hard drive, when i paid for 8gb and 2x 500gb hard drives.
Support say not to worry we'll just add that 4gb of ram and hard drive, and change your ip to a NL one.
OK, no i don't think so, how can i trust them with my data, when they will say whatever suits at the provisioning stage.
I asked for a refund as the server is unused, SURE no problem they said. Guess what, i'm still waiting.
No answer from support now, no refund, no server -90 EUR
This is what you get with offshorededi

Your payment is refunded back with free month usage of server. Please check your BTC address provided.
Van Duc Nguyen
Van Duc Nguyen from Italy,

VPS goes offline guaranteed several times

I have a VPS with them. It goes offline, for no reason. And can't turn it back on again, The control panel says it failed to start, failed to restart, can't do anything.
It's ridiculous. Sent countless of tickets, they just turn it back on call it "FIXED". (?!)
A few days later it happens again.
Edward Edwardson
Edward Edwardson from Belgium,

Poor suppor

If you bought the add-on managed services this means in practice the only support they will provide you is to tell you what to do yourself in the cpanel. They hardly do anything for you, only when you put a lot of pressure on them they will help you.
Kiara Mueller
Kiara Mueller from Germany,

DMCA aren't getting ignored

My webspace has been suspended because of a DMCA complaint. I quote the supports answer regarding my support ticket: "We are DMCA ignore but if complaint is from received from our cyber authorities, we will be forced to remove the...Read More content." So this hoster is basically useless for this kind of illegal projects!Less
No hosting company can claim 100% DMCA ignore, we do ignore hundred of complaints on daily basis but if country where server is hosted send you legal notice for removal of content than we are left with no option other than giving ...Read Moreyou backup and offer refund as well. This is what we did.
100's of DMCA clients including streaming, replica and many other are hosted with us and going for years so you can't say that we are not DMCA ignore, however there are certain limitations which each DMCA ignore hosting face due to legal authorities.

OffshoreDedi Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Ninja 5 GB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited $20.93 8.1 Details
Ronin 10 GB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited $4.18 7.9 Details
Samurai 15 GB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited $7.32 9.7 Details
Shogun 20 GB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited $10.46 9.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
BG-Beginner 20 GB 1 x 3.00GHz 512 MB $10.46 8.1 Details
BG-Medium 25 GB 1 x 3.00GHz 1 GB $15.69 7.7 Details
BG-Advance 30 GB 2 x 3.00GHz 2 GB $26.16 8.8 Details
BG-Supreme 35 GB 3 x 3.00GHz 3 GB $36.63 7.8 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
NL: CORE I3-530 1000 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB $93.18 8.2 Details
NL: INTEL XEON E3-1240 1000 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB $124.59 10 Details
NL: INTEL E3-1246 2 TB 36 x 3.00GHz 16 GB $208.35 10 Details

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