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Cynthia Herrmann

Pinned Review

Cynthia Herrmann,
We have been hosting sites with Newtek for around 20 years. Have used several other providers, and no one touches their customer service. We have around 30 sites with them.


Kenton KUhn
Kenton KUhn from United States,

What's going on with New Tek

I have been with New Tek (and before that Crystal Tech) for many years. But I don't understand what is happening now. I have an ecommerce site that has been down for 19 hours. I've been on hold for over 5 hours (different calls) a...Read Morend have been on hold this morning for 2:45 and counting. It should be a simple problem to fix. Are they short staffed? Hacked? Who knows?Less
I am beyond stressed.. agree with you.. same experience! They won't answer the phone.. where else can we go for these services??
kenton kuhn
kenton kuhn,
We have been down for 24 hours again - from Saturday into this morning and it continues. I did get someone to answer the phone at 2 am Denver time, but all he had was the company line. Their own website is back up now, but not...Read More mine and presumably others. I have other sites at a company called Vivio Tech and I have been pleased with their service.Less
I have several sites with them and have not been able to get through by phone, text, email or chat. This is unacceptable. Everything has been down for over 19 hours and counting with no communication from them at all. I can't even...Read More get the site files to move them to a new server. Completely disgusted. As soon as I can get my sites, I'm moving to a new host.Less
have you gotten any response from them? This is extremely stressful and the lack of communication is unacceptable.
Kirk nellis
Kirk nellis,
We have been down for 24 hours and no response from newtek
Our email service stopped on Friday April 25 at 8:06 PM and nothing since then.its now April 27 and still no service or communication from Newtek.
Tyri Schiek
Tyri Schiek,
We are in the same boat and going out of our minds. It's Sunday and no response.
If anyone hears from them, please post. I guess they either got hacked or something really major happened. Chapter 7?
email service came back up around 3 PM PST today 4/27/20. total outage 42 hours.
not a way to run a business.
I am still down and have not bee able to get through to anyone, how did you get back up?
emails just started coming in a few at first then a lager group followed. didn't do anything other than just re login.
I am done with Newtek. I need to transfer my domain to other webhosting. Does anyone know how to get the the EPP code or transfer key?
Today, May 3 @ 2:45 AM Eastern Time, I'm unable to connect to the "newtekwebhosting" server. I can't retrieve any emails nor can I connect directly to the company's website.

What happened now?!

All other complaints above are...Read More the same connection problems I had at that time in April. Is NEWTEK under a cyber-attack?

NO company emails or warnings or updates about outages were received to date!

NEWTEK connection was restored this morning at 5:58 AM Eastern Time. I just sent an inquiry to Newtek to find out what happened with their email and web server outage this morning. Waiting for an answer from them.

I may be taking my business TLD URL and jump to another email host.
Today, Newtek contacted me in response to my filed service-ticket. Support said, "updates were installed in order to prevent this recent event from ever happening again".

We'll see if other reliability issues manifest. Been a customer 12 years!
Steve Jones
Steve Jones from United States,

Worst Hosting Ever

I have to add my voice to those who say run away. After being a crystaltech client for 10 or so years I moved to a vps in 2017 - shortly after that it went down and was just gone for a week. I lost 3 customers and 2 bids. They cou...Read Moreld have cared less. At that time I started moving sites and building new sites somewhere else. Then a few weeks ago my vps was down again for 2 hours and they could have cared less. I have moved the rest of my sites and am so much happier with my new hosting company. Newtek is terrible.Less
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll from United States,

Joke of a hosting company

Over the past 2 years, ever since Newtek was hacked, their service has become extremely unreliable. Do NOT host with this company. They will tell you that they have 99% up time. That is a lie. The VPS servers I have with them go d...Read Moreown often without a real response other than Newtek is having a "network" issue. They DO NOT have cloud hosting as they say, nothing is redundant at this company. On a side note, if you have an older hosting plan that becomes cheaper, they will still bill you the higher price. I am DONE with Newtek. I was a client for 10+ years. They were a much better company when they were Crystal Tech!!Less
Tara Smith
Tara Smith from United States,

Run Away

I have been a Newtek customer for many years. Currently, I have VPS and shared hosting services with them. This Spring they had a major melt-down... my VPS was GONE for over a week. YES GONE - as in down, nothing there anymore.. T...Read Morehey were unable to restore any of my sites to another server either during this time, so I had 15 + customers with sites down, lost 3 bids and spend countless hours trying to get sites up and running on the shared side of their services... it was a nightmare... then last night/this morning they had a 'Carrier Circuit Outtage" that caused problems again... The people who answer calls and work support are fantastic but their relieablity is crap.Less
Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll,
I have the exact same experience with Newtek. I have been with them for over 10 years and this past year they have gone to crap. I have sites going down regularly and I pay for "managed support" which is complete BS because they h...Read Moreave NO CLUE WHEN YOUR SERVER IS DOWN!!! I have to call in and tell them. None of there managed services work. If you are looking for stable hosting STAY FAR AWAY FROM NEWTEK!!!Less
Agree with the general sentiments in most other reviews. Newtek used to be terrific, both customer service and technical infrastructure, performance etc. After they had the meltdown in February, everything has gone to dregs, even ...Read Morethe customer service reps have become rude, edgy and arrogant. I have begun the mass migration of the 20 websites currently hosted with Newtek to other hosting services. Incidentally, I had the same type of experience with HostMySite several years ago. Less
I have had the same experience as others are reporting here. My site and FTP have been up and down intermittently over the past five days. I plan to move to another hosting firm. Need to do some additional backup first. Howeve...Read Morer, FTP keeps going down during download. Its not just FTP. My site goes down and cpanel willl not come up. This tells me that Newtek is experiencing a major outage when this happens. Tech support does NOT respond to emails.Less
Agreed with all the negative trends re: NewTek Web Hosting. Another major DDOS attack in autumn 2018 has caused issues with cPanel sites - of my 10 sites, 4 have had serious downtime over the past month, less than 90% uptime seems...Read More to be the norm. Too bad, they used to be a decent company, as SBA and CrystalTech. I have begun moving sites also...Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Higher End Hosting in Arizona

Newtek markets themselves as a small business hosting company.  They are based out of Arizona in the USA and have quite a few different options available to their customers. In reality, I would argue that their hosting services are better suited for medium sized or regional businesses. Though they do have some shared hosting options it is really mostly for email hosting and not full hosting from what I can tell.

They do seem to do a good job with their hosting, but their website is poorly designed and somewhat confusing.  It almost looks like it was designed back in the late 1990's and hasn't had much of an update since then. Their site doesn't give much information about their company either, which many people would like to know about before signing up with their services.

Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Little Information Here

They don't provide any type of uptime guarantee.  They have little information about their data center.  The hardware they use seems good, though for many options it is not known what the hardware actually is. Overall, the reliability of this company is something of a mystery.

When researching for this review I wasn't able to find very many actual users who had written about their experience, which makes it hard to know with any certainty whether the hosting is stable or not.  It seems likely that if there were problems, people would have written about it, but I can't guarantee that.


Limited Feature Information

Here is another example where this company doesn't provide very much information to their customers or potentail customers.  When you look at their list of hosting options they don't give much information.  Their small plan is a shared hosting service with 5 gigs of disk space and 200 gigs of bandwidth.  It limits you to 2 MySQL data bases and 25 email addresses.  Beyond that, however, there is no info.  What control panel is used?  What type of server is it on?  What about the data center?  These questions are left unanswered for all their hosting packages.

When you move up to their dedicated servers you will get some decent servers (and they actually give you some specs that you'll need).  For example, their higher end dedicated server is a dual Xeon E5-2620 processor running at 2 GHz.  It has 16 gig of ram and 50 gigs of bandwidth.  This isn't a bad server at all, though the price is quite high (which I'll get to in the following sections).


Some Nice Support Options

Their support seems to be one of their stronger points, though even here it is not extraordinary.  You can get in touch with them through live chat or email and they seem to do a good job with getting issues addressed in a timely manor.  They also have a nice knowledgebase to browse through for self help and other assistance when you want it.


Overpriced in many areas

The pricing for this company is quite high in most cases.  The shared hosting services, however, are right in line with what the industry charges for the most part, so this doesn't really apply to that.  For the dedicated servers, for example, you will pay $489.95 per month for their nicest option.  This is a lot even for dedicated servers.  While the specs on this server are nice, they aren't the highest end I've ever seen.

You can get some very nice discounts if you pre-pay for longer periods of time.  For example, for the high end dedicated server, which is $489.95 per month when you go month-to-month, it drops down to $279.95 per month when you pay for three years up front.  Of course, three year pre-payment is a long time.  It doesn't say whether or not your server will be upgraded during that three year period, but I would hope so.


Too Much of a Mystery

While this hosting company may provide good hosting (even if you'll have to pay a premium for it) there is just not enough information available to be able to recommend them to anyone.  They really should go through and redesign their website to provide updated information and all the details that customers will be interested in.


  • Free Setup
  • Easy ordering


  • Very limited information available about the company
  • Poorly designed website
  • No uptime guarantee
  • Prices

Newtek Technology Solutions Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Small Business 5 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $13.00 9.7 Details
Business 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $22.00 8.8 Details
Large Business 20 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 $29.00 7.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Business Value 120 GB 2 cores 4 GB $57.00 3.4 Details
Business 220 GB 2 cores 8 GB $81.00 10 Details
Enterprise 300 GB 4 cores 16 GB $145.00 7.8 Details

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