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Jens Hockenbein

Pinned Review

Jens Hockenbein,
Seit drei Jahren Kundschaft kann ich nur positives berichten. Ich habe einen VPS so wie mehrere Webhosting-Accounts gebucht.

Beginnen tat alles mit einer sehr schnellen Einrichtung der gebuchten Di...Read Moreenste. Es gab direkt nach der Bestellung einen Anruf von einem Menschen (nicht Computer) der sich erkundigte ob alles so passte, was ich angegeben habe. Ich wurde nochmals auf die Konditionen hingewiesen. Wenige Minuten später gab es dann die Zugangsdaten in meinem Postfach.

Den Support habe ich selten gebraucht, da es ein umfangreiches Wiki so wie ein gut besuchtes Forum für Kunden gibt. Wenn ich ihn gebraucht habe, hat der Support sehr schnell geantwortet. Sehr schnell bedeutet 5 Minuten!!! Krass, oder? :D

In den ganzen drei Jahren gab es keinen Ausfall. Einzig Wartungsarbeiten wurde nach einer Ankündigung Nachts durchgeführt.

Die Performance bei dem VPS wie auch beim Webhosting ist unschlagbar. In jedem Benchmarkvergleich den ich kenne, schneiden die VPS von necup am besten ab.

Und der Preis... Naja, vergleicht am besten selbst. Wer etwas günstigeres findet, sollte noch die Qualität bedenken.

Ich bin ein sehr zufriedener Kunde. Ich gebe gerne 5 * 5 Sterne!


Karl Schmitt
Karl Schmitt from Germany,

Very good provider. Top Availability. Great service.

I have been very satisfied for years. E-mails are answered quickly. No failures. Good connection to the Internet.

Very recommendable!
Anre Nikolai
Anre Nikolai from Finland,

Unethical and robbers

Great hardware, but beware - they will bill you for two months. You need to pay the first invoice beforehand, then they will continue billing you until you cancel the service. This is weird. After that, they still bill you for +1 ...Read Moremonth. If you do not pay the invoice, they'll send it to your local collection agency. That's why they need your photo ID - so they can forward it to the collection agency and proof you're their customer.

Upgrading: Cannot be performed unless you Pay 20€ extra. If you want to get more powerful server, you still need to pay +1 extra month for the old one.

Better just to stay with the big guys. See the picture for the invoices they've sent me even not a customer for two months.
Alexei Girei
Alexei Girei,
So what happened in the end? You paid the fake debt?
Anre Nikolai
Anre Nikolai,
The local collection agency dropped the case based on Consumer Protection law. As I notified the hosting company well beforehand, they did not see any problems why I couldn't cancel the agreement.

However, they started another ...Read Morecase right after that based on "administrative fees for shutting down my server". I replied to the collection agency, that the process is automated and I've already have done it (removed the server) myself (had pictures to proof it).

These guys are really bad example for the hosting business.
Thomas Rowanski
Thomas Rowanski from United Kingdom,

Rubbish Company

They issue an invoice for €19.98, and then i decide to cancel the account, because i am not happy with the product i buyed, cannot install an OS, support take 8 days to respond.
They agree with the cancellation and issue other in...Read Morevoice, then i clear the balance and set up account for deletion.
After a month i got a letter from mediafinanz to pay €81.09!

Insane rubbish company, dont respond to the email sent to them, rubbish services

Got all emails and documents, ready to publish online to approve my innocence
Alexei Girei
Alexei Girei,
So what happened with your case?

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

German Hosting since 2008

Netcup has been in business since 2008 offering a variety of different web services.  They currently have about 24,000 customers from around the world.  They operate out of a datacenter located in Nuremberg, Germany, which has multiple layers of redundancy for power and network connections.  This helps to ensure your services are always available.  In addition to hosting you can get other services like DDoS protection, domain name registration, SSL certificates and more.

They offer ‘root’ hosting, which is essentially a VPS.  In addition, they have managed and umanaged servers, colocation services and more.  Their site is fairly simplistic.  When you translate it into English it can be a little hard to read in some areas, but overall they have done a good job.  If you’re looking for hosting in Germany, this is not a bad option to consider.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Hosting is Quite Stable

Looking at the data center configuration as well as the great hardware they use for their hosting, there is no reason to think you would ever run into any type of downtime.  They don’t seem to have an uptime guarantee that I could find, but I also couldn’t find any users complaining about downtime or other issues, so the chances are everyone will have an excellent experience.


Good Quality Hosting Features

When browsing through the different hosting packages you will see that they have all the features listed clearly so you can see exactly what you are getting.  For their root server options you will get an Intel CPU core, 2-24 gigs of RAM, 40-640 gigs of SATA disk space along with optional solid state drives for most of the packages.

If you need something more powerful you can upgrade to their dedicated servers or even colocation services.  The dedicated servers are HP branded hardware with custom configuration to help ensure you are getting exactly what you need.  They have done a great job at selecting high quality servers that are still affordable for most people.


Friendly Tech Support

The tech support is easy to get in touch with by submitting an email, a ticket or giving them a call on the phone.  They are available 24/7 to address any type of issue you might be having.  Their site doesn’t have very much informational or educational information on it so if you want to learn something, you will need to go to another page.


Reasonable Price Points

The pricing is all quite reasonable no matter what package you choose.  The VPS solutions actually have a couple options that are great deals for people who just need shared hosting but want the extra control of a VPS.  If you move up to the dedicated servers they make you click to an extra page to see the price, which is a little annoying, but not a huge deal.  Overall, the prices are right where they should be for what you are getting.

User Friendly

Friendly Company with Some Issues

Their site is easy to use, but they occasionally add in extra steps that shouldn’t be there to get what you want.  In addition, their English translation of their site really isn’t that great.  You can certainly get their meaning, but it would be nice if they had it written more clearly.  Should you have to talk to their sales or tech team you will have no issues getting what you need.


Good German Hosting

For those who are targeting a German or European audience, this is a good hosting company to consider.  They have a lot to offer at a reasonable price and overall there are only some very small things to complain about.


  • Quality Hardware
  • Excellent Data Center


  • English version of site has some trouble
  • No real shared hosting

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