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Media Temple Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $20.00 - $240.00
VPS $30.00 - $1,500.00
Dedicated Server $2,000.00 - $2,699.00

Data Centers

Ben Hale

Pinned Review

Ben Hale,
We use MediaTemple for hosting a number of client sites and our own and have found them one of the best providers to work with. Their support staff is diligent and knowledgeable; their products are modern, fast, and flexible. I would a lower price, but I guess you get what you pay for.
Vixel Vibor
Vixel Vibor from Croatia,

Avoid at all cost

They used to be good, I dont know what changed but their support went from awesome to awful really fast
Same here. I have all my clients @ MT, and the servers still run great. BUT, the quality of service and support has dropped thru the floor and is almost non existent. Don't know why, but it's time to move out.
David la Rue
David la Rue from Italy,

Mediatemple deleted my account after 10 years!

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. A month ago they deleted my account altogether because i wasn't able to pay my hosting bill in time. The reason being i was in the hospital due to a serious health complication.
Aft...Read Moreer i got home i received an email that my account had been deleted.
I sent mediatemple 3 emails to ask if there would be a possibility to restore my account, i mean every hosting company holds backups! I received no reply. Then i tried calling and the service agent hung up on me!
I know i should had paid in time but due to circumstances that was impossible. I kindly asked if they could restore my account with a back up, nothing more.
How can you treat a loyal customer of 10+ years that way? At least reply to my question and don't hang up on me.

Worthless and rude customer service.
Oh yeah, and their tech service is a joke as well! Every time something was wrong they would blame it on me, incompetent tech support to say at least.

Stay away from mediatemple. They don't value you as a customer, even if you've been with them for 10+ years.
Seattle A
Seattle A from United States,

Used to be great, now worse than budget hosting, unbelievable.

My Media Temple websites were attacked, support wasn't helpful, big huge never ending mess. The MT website is extremely hard to use, clicking on links log you out, opening new window require you to log back in, support chat links ...Read Moreopens window on the same tab thus closing the chat... not to mention it takes forever to get someone on chat! Just yesterday at 4pm Pacific time I was #1 in line and it took 10+ minutes to chat with someone! And chat support takes 5+ minutes to respond to each thing I said, and they're not really answering questions either. Everything I ask they bounce a knowledge base link that may be about as relevant as an AI generated response! I'm guessing they're handling multiple chat windows. omg... I don't know about others, before I even thought about dealing with their horrible chat support as a last resort, I already read all those articles and more. I used many other services and none of them are as bad as Media Temple! I used to like MT and back in ancient history my impression of MT was THE premium hosting company, but NO MORE FOR SURE. Godaddy, just close down Media Temple and be an honest budget host, please.Less
Max Rottersman
Max Rottersman from United States,

Media Temple has become Money Grubbers Temple

I've experience the same problems as the other negative reviewers here. Was good many years ago, now is a yearly irritant of one thing or another. Backups not made; script errors bring down my instances with no notification, diffi...Read Morecult to understand FAQs; they didn't let me know shared-SSL was no longer useful or working. Where it seems other providers have made it easy to implement "Let's Encrypt" (which I understand is not optimal) MediaTemple just wants $75 and offers no real, call me crazy, emotional support. I feel taken advantage of. All they seem to care about is the money.

Here's another example, they send me a support reply and I can't respond through email. That's their attitude. Make the customer log in and look for support tickets to deal with. I understand why they wouldn't want customers to do support through email. I'd be okay with that if their replies didn't tell me stuff I already know like "You need SSL to secure a site..." blah blah.

I signed up for "Shared SSL" and now it's gone. Media Temple doesn't control what a browser does. They can only control their own commitment to providing the same level of service for the fee paid, which they are not. Again, if I felt they cared I'd work with them. It is NOT about the $75 they want for an SSL cert.
Jan Deruiter
Jan Deruiter from United States,

After 8+ years, time to move on to ANYONE else

I signed up with MediaTemple before they were bought by Godaddy. Quite happy at that time.

Ever since though, their service has declined to the point where they are no longer a viable hosting option. The deterioration of servic...Read Morees is a classic tale: you sign up and everything is fine. They keep loading more and more clients on 'your' servers to the point where your site and database run so slow it might as well be down. When you then call, they tell you there is nothing they can do other than migrate you to another "service" for a fee. So in other words, they stopped providing you with the service you signed up for and offer to charge you to put you on another server of theirs to start the cycle anew. Ugh. Stay far away from this Godaddy lite outfit.Less
Josh Rath
Josh Rath from United States,

After 9 Years, I've moved on.

My story is simple. I was a 16 year old kid, running a boring wordpress website on GoDaddy cheap-as-**** hosting. After experiencing issues with load from a few projects that brought traffic, I moved up to Media Temple. Started wi...Read Moreth their Grid Service which was mostly wonderful and everything I needed for 8 years... even after GD bought them out.

At some point last year, my Grid was overloaded with the websites I had running (According to MT they were poorly optimized causing issues), however they suggested I not only remedy that but move up to a DV (Managed VPS Hosting). I agreed, as I was bringing on more traffic.

Since that move, my life turned into a living hell on the web.

My VPS ran Plesk (I was unfamiliar with it, but learned semi-quickly), and worked "OK" until an update in January 2018. Suddenly, my SpamAssassin decided to delete every email incoming that was possibly spam (Rather than modify the subject line to include ****SPAM****). Upon contacting Support (Which used to be legendary for how amazing it was...) I was greeted with "You are now first in line" for 45 minutes of hold time. A "tech" answered, and after a TWO HOUR support call... Concluded nothing was wrong with the options inside of Plesk. Nothing was malfunctioning. And sent me support topics on activating SPF and Domain Key to my DNS. Because, yeah, that has everything to do with my Spam Filter becoming the email terminator.

6 Months from that day (Where I ended up disabling the spam filter fully, relying on the built in filter with Thunderbird) I finally have migrated my entire company to InMotionHosting. You should also move. Anywhere.
Matt Schaefer
Matt Schaefer from United States,

I cannot believe this is happening...

I experienced a horror story with Media Temple. I took over a site from a client. The WordPress site utilizes their Premium Personal $220/year hosting plan which does not include their $75/year SSL.
Poking around I notice that it...Read More’s all GoDaddy, just with a higher price tag. (I NEVER use GoDaddy for WordPress, had always trouble so far).

We start doing some changes and notice that we have to reverse to a previous day. But the rollback does not work properly – the site appears without the stylesheet, and we are locked out of wp-admin (500 error in backend). We contact support. They roll back for us but appear a bit arrogant. After another three unsuccessful rollbacks, we tell them that their rollback feature is not working properly. Instead of taking action, the support manager tells us that we are responsible for our content, they won’t do anything about fixing it.
So with a developer, we try to upload new files. Not possible in that system, no write permissions. They decline to change permissions. Did I mention this all started because of their rollback errors?
No help from them, just stonewalling. Luckily we had the site cloned before doing changes. Ask them if they can clone it over. Sure, they say – for $150.
Did I mention this all started because of their rollback errors?
And that this service is $295 including SSL? BTW it's not very fast. The price is the only premium feature I experienced.
We set up the domain on another host within minutes. Same speed, far better support. Actual helpful people.

Expert Review

Angela Olaru
Angela Olaru
Senior Writer & Hosting Expert

Media Temple Expert Review

As one of the longest-tenured hosting services on the market—at over 20 years and counting—Media Temple is one of the most trusted and well-known hosting platforms. With over 1.5 million websites hosted in more than 100 countries, we wanted to see if Media Temple really lives up to the hype and delivers on its promises.

What we found in our Media Temple review is a platform that is ideal for beginners and intermediate users, and one that can scale with companies. Although the platform does not make any guarantees regarding its uptimes or loading times, we uncovered a hosting service that consistently delivers in both categories. Thanks to a great feature set and a variety of pricing options, Media Temple is a great way to build your website and run it smoothly.



Rated by Angela Olaru

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Find a plan that works exactly for you with Media Temple’s extensive selection of hosting plans.
  • Get answers to any questions you have at any time thanks to 24/7/365 service via phone, chat, Twitter, or e-ticket.
  • Keep your website loading times fast and handle larger traffic spikes thanks to Media Temple’s “Grid” of clustered servers.
  • Navigate complex setups easily with Media Temple’s helpful Sidekick Walkthroughs for WordPress hosting.
  • Host up to 100 websites with Media Temple’s basic web hosting plan.
  • Optimize your website’s back-end with integrated SSD storage out of the box.
  • Easily launch your website with 1-click staging and centralized control panels.


  • The company’s servers don’t offer an option for Windows OS.
  • Managed hosting and AWS hosting pricing is only available with a quote.
  • The company’s control panels do not include standards like cPanel.

Pricing and Payment Methods

We were happy to find a great variety of plans for hosting on Media Temple’s site. If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, the company’s managed WP hosting solutions start as low as $20 monthly, and present you with unlimited data transfers and support, as well as 2 sites and 50GB of SSD storage. You can upgrade to Pro to host 10 websites with an accompanying 200GB of storage and up to 500,000 visitors monthly. If you sign up for PRO annual, you are entitled to 2 domains and 2 SSL certificates included in your deal.

For shared web hosting, plans also start at $20 and give you up to 250GB of SSD storage, 500 databases, and 5TB of scalable bandwidth. Pro and Elite plans also add CDN and WAF for up to 5 sites, as well as malware detection and removal. If you need private hosting, you can choose from a few options. VPS plans come in self-managed (for $30 a month) or managed (for $55 a month). Self-managed plans are meant for advanced users and give you up to 64GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, and 8TB of bandwidth. One great advantage of Media Temple’s VPS servers is that you can pay for them monthly to avoid overpaying or scale easily. If you’re seeking an enterprise-level solution, you can choose from Dedicated hosting, which include self-managed and fully managed versions, and start from $2,000 a month. These plans, however, tend to be more customizable for companies’ needs. For companies that require AWS cloud hosting, Media Temple provides quotes upon request.

Ease of Use

Our Media Temple expert review found that despite some areas where the company can improve, its hosting plans are easy to use and set up. One of the most standard offerings on hosting plans are control panels like cPanel and Plesk. Media Temple doesn’t offer these, instead including its own proprietary version. Although it is not difficult to use, it may throw you off if you’re already accustomed to cPanel.

Otherwise, we found that tools like Sidekick Walkthroughs, which help you complete more complex setups and operations on your WordPress sites, and a great resource center let you quickly and effectively launch your website. For more advanced users, Media Temple’s hosting includes perks like command line administration, multiple OS options, and easy 1-click scaling for dedicated plans.

Load Times and Reliability

One thing that surprised us about Media Temple is that unlike many of its competitors, the company does not make guarantees about its uptimes for some of its plans. Even so, we found it to be impressively reliable and fast enough to manage traffic even at the worst of times. We test companies’ uptime over several months, checking for any outages and measuring mean performance.

Our trials revealed that Media Temple indeed keeps its uptime near 99.9%. Even better, it guarantees 99.99% on its managed, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. The company’s “Grid” architecture, which divides servers into clusters, also means performance is consistent even during traffic spikes. This also impacts loading times, so your website will always load reliably fast even at peak hours.


Media Temple’s hosting plans grant you a good variety of features regardless of your skill level. For beginners, the company provides great tools like free WordPress installs, unlimited access to around-the-clock support, and resources that include installation walkthroughs, hosting guides, and community forums. Media Temple also offers PHP, WordPress, and MySQL automated updates to help keep your website secure.

For more advanced users, Media Temple’s features include command line access to dedicated hosting servers, full root access for self-managed plans, and a variety of languages like Ruby, PERL, Postfix, Python, and more. You can also choose which OS to install on your dedicated servers between Debian, CentOS, and Linux. Additionally, plans include Git version control, as well as SSH and SFTP access for encrypted transmissions.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the standout characteristics for which Media Temple is renowned. The company delivers service to its customers 24/7/365, and assistance is available via chat, Twitter, phone, or support request. We were impressed to see that the company’s support staff was able to get to our issues—regardless of which channel we used—and was prompt about assisting while keeping us informed with their progress.

If you prefer to solve problems on your own, or simply want to learn more about your hosting service, you can explore the company’s resource center. There you can find a variety of articles, how-to guides, blog posts, and more. Additionally, you can visit Media Temple’s community forum to see if other users have answers to your questions, or similar issues they’ve resolved.

Media Temple User Reviews

Our reviews look at companies from a bird’s eye view, focusing on features and value over personal experiences. If you want to see what other users are saying about the platform, explore our Media Temple user reviews below:


Our Media Temple expert review found that the hosting service clearly lives up to its 2-decade reputation. The company’s flexible plans for a variety of needs (from shared hosting to dedicated VPS) mean that it is a great choice for beginners, intermediate users, and expert web developers. More importantly, the company’s features, which are reliable for beginners but powerful enough for developers to truly take advantage of, make it a great tool.

In terms of pricing, the company is well within the industry average, and it provides a great combination of affordability alongside useful features and processing capacity. Thanks to its unique architecture, Media temple also delivers reliable performance and uptimes. Overall, Media Temple may be great destination for your hosting if you are seeking a quick way to launch your website and need a trusted name.

Media Temple Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
GRID PERSONAL 20 GB 1 TB cPanel Unlimited $20.00 1.9 Details
GRID PRO 100 GB 2 TB cPanel Unlimited $30.00 1.8 Details
GRID AGENCY 500 GB 5 TB cPanel Unlimited $150.00 2.0 Details
WORDPRESS PERSONAL 30 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $20.00 1.0 Details
WORDPRESS STUDIO 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $60.00 2.0 Details
WORDPRESS AGENCY 500 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $240.00 2.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
DV Developer 1 20 GB - 2 GB $30.00 2.0 Details
DV Developer 2 40 GB - 4 GB $50.00 2.0 Details
DV Developer 3 80 GB - 8 GB $100.00 2.0 Details
DV Developer 4 160 GB - 16 GB $250.00 2.0 Details
DV Developer 5 250 GB - 32 GB $500.00 2.0 Details
DV Developer 6 500 GB - 64 GB $1,000.00 2.0 Details
DV 1 30 GB - 2 GB $55.00 2.4 Details
DV 2 50 GB - 4 GB $100.00 2.0 Details
DV 3 100 GB - 8 GB $150.00 2.0 Details
DV 4 200 GB - 16 GB $350.00 2.0 Details
DV 5 350 GB - 32 GB $750.00 2.0 Details
DV 6 600 GB - 64 GB $1,500.00 2.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
SELF-MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER 1000 GB 2.00GHz 128 GB $2,000.00 2.0 Details
MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER 1000 GB 2.00GHz 128 GB $2,500.00 2.0 Details
FULLY MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER 1000 GB 2.00GHz 128 GB $2,699.00 2.0 Details

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