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A few words from MacHighway

MacHighway is the web hosting company for Mac users, by Mac users. Launched in 1997, MacHighway's mission is to provide superior service and support to the Mac based community of web owners. With competitive pricing and features, MacHighway is the quality and affordable shared web hosting solution.
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Susan Fitzmaurice

Pinned Review

Susan Fitzmaurice,
I have been using MacHighway since it was ItsaMac. I am not a computer geek. I think their customer service is EXCELLENT. They have walked me through things that were my errors and saved my but, They ...Read Morehave helped me resolve issues with other companies (which ended up being their accounts- so they did have a vested interest.) I recommend them to people all the time. No one has ever come back to me with complaint. I love these guys! I will say though, I have noticed that the last two times I have contacted them they were a little less forthcoming with help that wasn't directly MacHighway (Wordpress.) I was disappointed when a (female) support person said, "I'll help you with this time, but we really only offer MacHighway support." Yea, I get it, and I understand, but I don't have to like it.Less


Richard Yazmajian
Richard Yazmajian from United States,

Rude and the worst technical support ever

I called Mac highway to ask him simple questions about their services and hosting products like Weebly drag-and-drop. When I asked him to compare themselves against other companies he told me he's not going to do that and he's not going to answer that question and then hung up on me.
Hi Richard,

I am very sorry to hear this. I have passed this along to a few people so we can attempt to find the call and correct this immediately.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Patti Marshall
Patti Marshall from United States,

AVOID. Worst ever

Go with anyone else. The server is ALWAYS down. My website and email cannot be accessed. I am trying to run a business and losing money! I sent two emails and have had no response. Have they shut down and left the country?
Patti Marshall
Patti Marshall,
It just occurred to me...it seems that are able to somehow keep their OWN website up, but not mine. Go figure...
Hi Patti,

I am sorry you are having issues with your website. We definitely do not want to hear this. I am having trouble finding an account or any tickets using your name. Can you send me your domain name or ticket number so I can look into this right away? Thank you!
Thank you for the ticket number. I do see that specific ticket was replied to just a few minutes after you put it in. Did you not get the reply or are you having additional issues? Please update the ticket with additional information and we'll be sure to get it resolved for you. Thank you again.
Don King
Don King from United States,

Stay away from this loser company!

For many years I had a hosting account with GoDaddy. About 6 months ago I (unfortunately) switched to MacHighway thinking it was for the better. Boy did I learn differently. Numerous problems within this 6 months period, the last ...Read Morebeing this bizarre (and do I mean bizarre!) conversation I had with their tech support yesterday. At the outset of the phone conversation, I couldn't understand what the rep (I won't give his name here, but I have notified other people at the company about him). His speech was blurred. Thinking it was a phone line problem, I suggested I call him back to get a better connection. Since he seemed to be the only one manning the phones, I did get him back right away. With the same blurred speaking voice. I had a few issues to resolve (a domain name transfer, an additional domain, and an upgrade in hosting plan). And as much as I tried, he couldn't comprehend/understand any of the questions I asked him. It took him 3 tries to even find my hosting account that I had with the company. Even after I gave him all the information.At this point I put him on speaker phone so my assistant could hear it. And she gave me her take on the problem: the guy was stoned! Drunk or pot or who knows. After she said that to me, I had to agreed. The rep was completely out of it. The long time owner of this company has recently moved on and maybe this is the result. And maybe this is a one time fluke. But honestly, I really don't care what the reason. I'm running a small company and this absolutely bizarre crazy conversation has persuaded me to sever all my business with them. The prices may be good and although the promo stuff about mac people servicing mac people may sound great, they are toxic. Just don't even think about using them! If you had no stars, that's what I would give them.Less
Derek H.
Derek H.,
I sincerely apologize for this bad experience. We will reach out to you directly regarding your concerns.
Ellin Smith
Ellin Smith,
I have never had a bad experience with MacHighway. I will confess I was an IT professional before retiring and worked in a Unix environment for about a year. Their technical support has been excellent in my opinion.
David Allen
David Allen from United Kingdom,

Dreadful website - avoid like the plague

I would not recommend using this website at all. Do not waste your time or money
Hi David,

I am very sorry you feel this way about our company. I am trying to find an account listed under your name but cannot. Please feel free to call or email us any concerns you may have and we'll have them handled for you.
Diana Hansen
Diana Hansen from United States,


I've been a customer for several years. Always had fairly good service until the last couple of months. It's gotten so bad that I urge you -- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE GUYS. I am on a deadline to get a site up. I bought the h...Read Moreosting package and domain name 5 days ago. It's never worked. I had to keep calling and asking for the new account info, the cpanel, user name, etc. They didn't send it. Finally someone cut and pasted it into a support ticket. The new domain and hosting package don't work. They had me do a traceroute. I did. They don't respond. I keep asking them to get it up and running. Nothing but an occasional email that says "we're escalating this. we'll be in touch." This morning, with the deadline at midnight tonight, seeing that they had no intention of fixing the existing domain/hosting package that I paid for, and never worked, I bought another domain name and hosting package as a temporary fix, so the site can be up and running by midnight. THEY WONT SEND THE NEW ACCOUNT INFORMATION. I don't have the cpanel info, nothing. I finally get ahold of customer support and a little girl named Jessica said she sent it. I waited. Nothing. She said I sent it. It isn't coming. "Check your spam." Lady, your other invoices get here just fine. Then I ask her to cut and paste the information into another email at the office, and send that. She can't. I ask for a supervisor. There's no one on the floor. Is there anyone in the building? No. NO ONE? NO. But I can "escalate this" to my boss tomorrow morning.  In this day and age of good service, these guys ought close down and go to work for Burger King. That would last about two minutes. The tenth customer they said "We'll escalate your order" to, they'd be fired. They hide behind a screen of non-responsive tickets. If you BELIEVE them that they're g oing to get back, you waste the five days you have, and you're left at 4:30 on Wednesday with the deadline at midnight, and you realize you've been screwed. I'm going to file complaints with the Arizona Attorney General and the BBB. In effect, if they've taken my money for hosting and domain ($59), then they should provide you the information so you can use it. They won't. I cannot tell you how bad this company is. And don't believe someone who's "replying." to this, and apologizing. It's probably a Level 1 employee whose job it is to apologize. I haven't been this angry in YEARS. I've been duped. It's a fraud. Shame, shame, shame. ZERO score. It shows TWO because I had to check a star or the thing wouldn't send. And I have some 30 domain names with them and several sites. I'll be migrating as soon as is humanly possible.Less
Hi Diana,
I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. I do see that we have attempted to contact you by phone on a few occassions and have not been able to reach you. I would really like to speak to you so we can get all o...Read Moref your questions answered and any outstanding issues resolved. Again, I am very sorry for any inconveniences you have experienced. Less
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez from United States,

MacHighway = (Vulnerable + Unresponsive) + (Unreliable + Incompetent) * Unconcerned

Like many of the other disappointed longtime MacHighway (MH) users posting poor reviews here, I have been with MH for a very long time and have supported their growth, in large part because of the great customer service and respon...Read Moresive tech support. But with the company being recently sold, these values and benefits are no longer a priority. Read through the many poor reviews on this site and you'll get a clear picture of what to expect when you host your sites with the "new" MH, i.e. sites getting hacked or going down, requests for help being ignored, customers being misled, lack of accountability, apathetic customer service, incompetent tech support, etc. My experience has been no different.

My sites recently became unresponsive after being notified by Google that the sites had been hacked and social engineering content had been installed in all of the site's directories (you'll find this is now a common trend at MH). One week later, after first notifying MH of the problem by phone and opening a help ticket, writing 3 emails, and making 2 more phone calls, the sites are still unresponsive and offline. Worse, although everyone I've been in contact with at MH seem to be nice, they all tell me it shouldn't be taking this long to move my sites to a different server and restore from a previous safe backup. No one there can tell me exactly what's going on and how long it will take to get the sites back up and running. I was told by one rep the reason it is taking so long was that they "guys back there" were dealing with a "glitch" in the system. Laughable, right? More like a major snafu. But I can't really blame the customer service reps, they don't really seem to have a clue what they're talking about or what is going on "back there." They seem as dumbfounded as I am.

If you're considering a new hosting service, I would highly suggest avoiding the growing pains at MH! Move down the highway to a more reputable hosting service that can handle the growth without immaturity, deceitfulness, irresponsibility, and self-sabotaging. If you're an existing customer and are wondering what happened to MH, you're not alone! Run for the hills, far away, and don't look back!
Jim Sheets
Jim Sheets,
You are exactly right. I was never informed of the change from nelson to cp and my eMail, of course, broke. I have been trying for a week to get it fixed to no avail. I go back and forth with eMails that seem to be written by Windows people with English as a second language.
Patrick Trzcienski
Patrick Trzcienski from United States,

Stay Away

Been a customer for years, used to be great and I would highly recommend. NOW THEY STINK, horrible. Support is atrocious. We have over 200 projects with them, slowly moving over everything to other more PROFESSIONAL Companies. What a shame. STAY AWAY!
Tom E
Tom E from United States,

Horrible horrible

They removed my website and can't get it back. Really horrible. DO NOT use this company. No one at the customer center first of all, only chat agent which said they would call me but none happened.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

US Based Hosting for MAC Users

MacHighway.com is a U.S based web hosting company offering a variety of web management services and solutions. Their highly trained team of professionals specialize in web hosting services for any size business. Since their launch in 1997, Machighway has been providing superior service and support to Mac based companies and web owners. Known for their affordable pricing plans and service options Machighway has become the reliable source for mac based hosting solutions in the mac community.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

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Uptime & Reliability

Stable and Energy Efficient

MacHighway.com not only provides high quality hosting services but they also offer reliable and energy safe hosting solutions. MacHighway.com guarantees 99.9% uptime on all accounts or the next month is free. MacHighway believes in renewable energy and going green. By partnering with Renewable Choice Energy, Machighway is able to offer wind powered electricity and power that helps produce a more efficient way of operating sever space.

MacHighway.com also  provides 24/7 customer support 365 days out of the year. They offer a full support system full of useful resources to help you install applications and scripts. You can find answers to frequently asked questions and browse popular articles on how to set up or create accounts within your dashboard.


Focused on MAC Users

With MacHighway.com you can choose between three comprehensive web hosting packages. Each plan varies in disk space and features as well as bandwidth. Disk space ranges from 10GB-Unlimited. Each plan comes with unlimited Bandwidth and Free 1 click web app installers. Included in their hosting packages is free add on applications such as WordPress and Joomla. As a member you get access to their full management control panel, 24/7 unlimited support  along with unlimited MySQL databases and much more.

MacHighway.com also offers domain management services. You can secure your brand by registering a domain for as little as $8.45/year. With Machighway you can easily check if your domain is available. They have over 50 popular domain extensions to choose from such as .com, .net, .org and more. All vary in pricing and are build annually. If you purchase a hosting package through Machighway then you can receive a domain extension for free.


Good quality tech support

MacHighway.com offers a number of ways in which they can be contacted. If you’re in need of assistance right away you can talk to a live specialist via toll free number or by live chat. Machighway.com also accepts questions via email and support ticket. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MacHighway also has a support center where you can find useful resources to a number or frequently asked questions and tutorials.

They do have some documentation on their site for self-help but it doesn’t go to in depth so it will be only of limited use for most users.


Very Reasonable Prices

MacHighway.com has a very competitive pricing structure. They are known in the mac community for their quality and affordable shared web hosting solutions. Their hosting packages range in price from $2.95-$6.95. All plans are billed on a month to month billing cycle. They also have a sitebuilder plan as low as $4.95 a month. You can build a great looking website in minutes using their easy to build and drop website templates.

Whats so great about Machighway.com is that there is no set up fees to register and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with their services. Upon registering with Machighway.com you will see firsthand how transparent their guarantees and contracts are.


Nice Hosting if you Love Macs

MacHighway.com is a reliable and trustworthy solution to web hosting services. Their team of highly trained professionals have 20 years of combined experience in web management. MacHighway.com was designed by Mac users for mac users with a mission to provide excellent customer service and high quality hosting solutions at affordable prices. Machighway.com is not only known for their competitive pricing plans but also for their reliability.

They offer an abundance of resources and tools to help their users navigate through their control panel while Machighway helps to secure their site and maximize their performance. Machighway.com also has a variety of security features so you can remain confident that your website is in good hands. With a number of satisfied customers it’s safe to say that Machighway.com might be a good fit for all your website needs. Try them out today for 30 days and if you’re not fully satisfied with their services you can simply cancel at anytime.


  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


MacHighway Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Small 10 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.95 2.4 Details
Medium Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $4.95 3.4 Details
Large Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $6.95 2.5 Details

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