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Liquid Web Reviews and Expert Opinion

Pricing Range

VPS $15.00 - $95.00
Dedicated Server $199.00 - $549.00
Cloud Hosting $110.98 - $222.58

Data Centers

Pankaj Kumar Maurya

Pinned Review

Pankaj Kumar Maurya,
I have opted for liquid dedicated server hosting and found its services as best than other host providers
i am a reseller and all of my clients are now happy with this hosting service
I recommend liquid web they are just awesome


Max Power
Max Power from Estonia,

Support is terrible and prices are way too high.

Faced several issues with them. For example one problem was related to network and wasn't able to use server for month, nevertheless I needed pay for that month. When liquidweb fixed this problem and I asked for discount for that ...Read Moremonth when I wasn't able to use their service, say just ignored me and even if it was their fault I paid. Other problem was with network too, contacted support several time, all what they answer - use google.Less
Judd Dunagan

Incompetence at Its Finest

Worst decision we made for our business was to Trust Liquid Web. We immediately saw that there is no leadership. They have entirely burned us a company, service is incompetent, and they have no idea how to provision servers to run...Read More large loads with PHP-fpm. We're now stuck and I am writing this post so other business like mine or just small businesses who need a host to stay clear of them as you will lose business and they can care less about fixing.Less
Hi there! I'm sorry for what happened to you. I was just about to start doing business with them, but your comment here made think trice. I'd appreciate it if you could share with me exactly what happened with you.
Regards, and best of luck in the future :)
Nitin Patel

Stay away! Stay Away! Stay Away!

I was a wiredtree customer for last 5 years, as soon as these cheater company taken over everything is drastically changed!

My dedicated server is down since last 36 hours and they are unable to locate it!
Nitin Patel
Nitin Patel,
It has been 7 days now, and they are still not able to find the server!
dhaval thakkar
dhaval thakkar from India,

Very poor customer service and non sense Billing department

I am very unhappy and frustrated with TICKET NUMBER 02146658 Refund Open 02135468 Cancel My Servers and Payment Dispuite, it really feels like FRAUD, and agents are asking for proof... please respond and resolve my issue.. after s...Read Moreeven days I have been asked for proof where 30 days free trial period is given to all and stated in their terms and conditions... Don't trust them for anything.Less
Caspar Menke
Caspar Menke from Brazil,

Defenitely a Rip-off

I used to host several domains on the cloudsites services of Liquidweb. Due to their sudden change of policy, I was give 60 days to move my sites, or to subscribe to their Business Email Solution which would cost me US$ 1 / month ...Read More/ email box. Me and my clients do not need "Business Email Accounts" and defenite are not willing to pay more for that. So I spend the end of the year to move my and my client account to a new server. However 3 clients wanted to enjoy the Busines soltion, so I left them on Liquidweb. I deleted the domains from the websites panel, but could not delete them from the email panel as there is no way of doing so. Now I got my bill and it says I had to pay for 298 email box, but there are only 141 left on the server. When I ask support, they said that because the domains are still on the email panel, every domain will be chard at least for 1 email box.

Here the support answer:

Thank you for contacting Liquid Web support. Please keep in mind that domains with no mailboxes were migrated from Cloud Sites' email to the Premium Business Email with at least one mailbox. Also, other domains with 0 of 4 mailboxes, for example, were charged for those 4 mailboxes.
We can cleanup the domains that have no mailboxes on them if you would like, but this is what is adding up to the charges that you are seeing on your account.
Please let us know how you would like us to proceed?
Todd Smykay
Liquid Web Support
Ian Shutts
Ian Shutts from Cambodia,

Terrible Service/Server Downtime/Philippine Customer Support Posing As Americans

Liquid web are without doubt the worst hosting company i have ever used, If you have medium/large websites i would HIGHLY recommend staying clear of this sham of a company.
Here are a list of the many probelms i have had since u...Read Moresing their service
- Downtime, my servers have been offline on an almost daily basis
- I have been spending anywhere between 4-6 hours on live support daily
- The customer agents are actually from the Phillipines but are posing as Western agents using fake names.
- Every time your website is offline they will say they are changing the setting PHP-FMS settings
- I have over 100 tickets created in the last 3 months due to misconfiguration of the server they setup

As soon as i moved my site to another host the problems ceased immediately and our site has been online without issue ever since
Amer Syed
Amer Syed,
What hosting company did you move to?
I moved to WP Engine and despite it being quite expensive I havent had one issue since moving.
Hymer Menezes
Hymer Menezes from Brazil,

Was good

I had been a customer of Rackspace Cloudsites for over 10 years and was always very satisfied. However when Liquiweb took over the service early last year, problems began to mount. First you have not 1 but 3 control panels with wh...Read Moreich you have to manage your website, dns and email. Support response time became much slower, and for the first time we experienced email problems with services offline.
And at the end of the year, Liquidweb gave notice that it would not continue to provide email services, and that all email account would be moved to a paid business email solution ( the email service was part of the hosting package for over 10 years and we had been promised that it will be maintained after Liquidweb took over Cloudsites). So, I had 60 days to migrate 980 email accounts of my clients manually ( there is no access to email accounts other than via IMAP/POP3 ) to a new hosting solution. My clients do not need a "Professional Business Email Service" ( that´s what they call the new paid service ) and are definitely not willing to pay US$ 1.00 /box/month.
So I am totally disappointed at Liquidweb for not keeping their promise that the cost structure will not change for existing customers. I now would not trust them anymore for any promise they might make. Furthermore as you do not have access to the server, there are no easy way to migrate out of Clousites.

Expert Review

Max Ostryzhko
Max Ostryzhko
Hosting Expert

Liquid Web Expert Review

Liquid Web is one of the higher-end web hosting services available today, with a reputation for flexibility and variety. With approximately 30,000 customers around the globe, the company has spent the last 20 years building its specialized web hosting empire. Our tests set out to discover whether the company’s relatively high prices yielded extraordinary hosting solutions.

We found that Liquid Web’s selection of feature-rich plans and flexibility they give you truly set them apart from competitors. Additionally, the customizability these plans offer, combined with near-instantaneous load times and highly reliable uptimes, position Liquid Web as one of the leading choices for medium and large businesses.

Read More
Rated by Max Ostryzhko
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Pros and Cons


  • Get help when you need it from knowledgeable support staff 24/7/365 through live chat, phone and email.
  • Keep costumers satisfied and shopping with incredibly fast load times and close to zero service disturbances.
  • Make security a premium with Cloudflare CDN, DDoS attack prevention, and integrated firewalls.
  • Migrate and scale with ease with the help of customer service experts.
  • Create stunning WordPress websites with the help of a staging site and automatic WordPress maintenance.
  • Deploy Liquid Web’s custom-built server clusters for complex website needs.


  • The company no longer offers shared web services.
  • As a niche hosting company, prices fall on the more expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Although their knowledge base is extensive, the tone is geared towards web professionals and may be less useful to beginner website owners.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Liquid Web has a broad selection of plans that fit a great variety of businesses and specific web needs. Their basic managed WooCommerce plan, Beginner, starts at $39 a month and includes a several e-commerce must-haves like the drag-and-drop Beaver Builder website builder, SSL certificates and mobile optimization.

Each WooCommerce plan also comes with simple promotion scheduling tools and Abandoned Cart by Jilt. The company’s WordPress packages start with a basic plan at $99 a month, which offers staging sites, automatic daily backups and a host of development tools.

Their managed Cloud VPS plans start at $59 monthly and give developers a plethora of customization options including cPanel of Plesk Onyx control panels and root access alongside robust security features. You can also apply to resell Liquid Web services, and existing hosting clients that want to turn reseller receive free tools and revenue-based discounts.

Our takeaway from the pricing is that although Liquid Web is an unabashedly exclusive hosting option, businesses that can afford the prices get a lot of value in return. The plentiful features, optimal security conditions and insightful support staff are well worth the investment, and customers that opt for managed plans are leaving their backend in expert hands.

Ease of Use

For the most part, we found it very easy to use the different Liquid Web hosting services we tested. Though beginners with the right amount of capital can get a lot out of Liquid Web’s managed solutions, the products really target larger companies with more advanced web needs. Nevertheless, the company’s intuitive Beaver Builder website builder and the automatic daily backups and updates management that come with WordPress plans, can let beginners go about their business without worrying about their website’s behind-the-scenes.

With multiple websites to maintain and higher web traffic, however, mid-range and enterprise level businesses might have an even stronger sense of how simple it is to use Liquid Web’s more advanced features. Moreover, the company’s knowledge base empowers the web proficient to grow into web savvy users.

Load Times and Reliability

Our tests showed that Liquid Web performs admirably when it comes to uptimes. As always, we tested the average amount of time the hosting service experienced downtime over a period of several months. Our tests revealed that the company’s uptimes were consistently over 99.9%, making Liquid Web an extremely reliable web hosting service and way ahead of the industry-average 99.4%. In our tests, Liquid Web’s load times were approximately 500ms, and sometimes dipped as low as 400ms. Liquid Web charges for its deluxe services, and you would be hard-pressed to find more reliable uptimes or near-instantaneous load times.


The upside of opting for a more expensive hosting service like Liquid Web is that each plan is feature-rich. Even the most basic WordPress plan, for example, offers staging sites and automatic daily backups. Similarly, the basic WooCommerce package provides a drop-and-drag website builder, Abandoned Cart by Jilt and an exclusive platform for enhanced load times. More advanced controls are also available, and developers can take advantage of features like root access, free Git repositories and SSH to fully customize their business’ backend, and cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panels.

At the end of the day, we found that Liquid Web is unique in its attention to detail and customization. If you’re not finding all of the features you want or if you’re looking for more complicated hosting solution you can working with their developers to create the backend of your dreams.

Customer Support

Liquid Web’s customer support was definitely among the top teams we’ve encountered in our reviews. Response times on the three support channels they offer – phone, live chat, and email – were consistently within the guaranteed hour, and often under a minute. Each and every agent we spoke to was friendly, knowledgeable, and able to wrap up most of our issues very quickly. It’s worth noting, however, that some more complex support services, such as personalized account reviews or solutions architects’ solutions, are only available with the enterprise plan.

We were also pleased with Liquid Web’s knowledge base, which featured hundreds of articles and tutorials, as well as a dedicated section on common fixes. However, the content and the support tools offered seem to have been written with webmasters in mind, and beginners may find them too technical to be actually useful.

User Reviews

Our team reviews each and every hosting service in-depth to give you an expert take on the service. Browse our user reviews to get a comprehensive view of how Liquid Web stacks up against the competition.


We entered the evaluation process for Liquid Web in the knowledge that their solutions aren’t cheap and with an expectation that their products would be superior to what their competition is offering for less. On the whole, Liquid Web was able to meet and sometimes even exceed our expectations. Their platform makes it easy for beginners to get started with features like the Beaver Builder website builder in the ecommerce plans, or staging sites in WordPress plans that lets them experiment before going live. With all plans, newcomers have access to stellar customer service that can guide them through whatever issues they’re experiencing.

At the same time, advanced functionalities like root access and GIT repositories give you the flexibility to create your own developer environment. As most of Liquid Web’s plans are managed, their own developers do a lot of the routine maintenance and beyond, leaving your IT team with more time to focus on innovation.

No matter what your familiarity with web hosting, we found that Liquid Web truly does deliver an above-average experience. Free SSL certificates with most plans, automatic daily backups and WordPress updates push Liquid Web toward the top of the web hosting pack.

Liquid Web Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Cloud VPS 2GB 40 GB 2 cores 2 GB $15.00 9.1 Details
Cloud VPS 4GB 100 GB 4 cores 4 GB $25.00 8.6 Details
Cloud VPS 8GB 150 GB 8 cores 8 GB $39.99 9.7 Details
Cloud VPS 16GB 200 GB 16 cores 16 GB $95.00 9.9 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 240 GB 4 x 3.90GHz 16 GB $199.00 7.9 Details
Intel Xeon Gold 622R-Single 480 GB 16 x 2.90GHz 32 GB $299.00 9.2 Details
Intel Xeon Gold 622R-Dual 480 GB 32 x 2.90GHz 64 GB $499.00 7.6 Details
Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 240 GB 6 x 3.90GHz 32 GB $264.00 9.0 Details
Intel Xeon Gold 6226R-Single 480 GB 16 x 2.90GHz 64 GB $349.00 9.7 Details
Intel Xeon Gold 6226R-Dual 960 GB 32 x 2.90GHz 128 GB $549.00 10 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Standard 960 GB 4 x 3.60GHz 0 B 10 TB $110.98 8.8 Details
Professional 960 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 0 B 10 TB $179.18 9.6 Details
Premier 1.4 TB 12 x 2.40GHz 0 B 10 TB $222.58 8.8 Details

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