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Laws Web Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from Laws Web Hosting

Shared web hosting and VPS hosting from Laws Web Hosting. A range of affordable shared web hosting starting from £1.99. We also offer Virtual Private Servers starting from £5.50. A VPS is ideal if you need to host multiple websites for yourself or for your clients, and install packages from source. It is the most cost effective way to go without spending an investment on hardware for a standalone server.
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Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.45 - $19.64
VPS $6.77 - $135.44

Data Centers

Laws Web Hosting Awards

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Cyrus Molton

Pinned Review

Cyrus Molton,
Have used Laws Hosting for the past 5 years, I am a web developer and having solid stable hosting with instant support is a big plus for me, I have used various clients hosting and have been shocked b...Read Morey some of the appalling client control panels and support services. I believe that Laws Hosting is a SOLID company providing BIG COMPANY service in a small price bracket, the service is unbeatable and the stability and uptime is unmatched.Less


Cyrus Molton
Cyrus Molton from United Kingdom,

Awesome service - highly recommended

Have used Laws Hosting for the past 5 years, I am a web developer and having solid stable hosting with instant support is a big plus for me, I have used various clients hosting and have been shocked by some of the appalling client...Read More control panels and support services. I believe that Laws Hosting is a SOLID company providing BIG COMPANY service in a small price bracket, the service is unbeatable and the stability and uptime is unmatched.Less
Lee Kings
Lee Kings from United Kingdom,

Switched FROM the big 'snappy' provider best decision EVER!

This is just one of my sites which I host with Laws-Hosting, I have never had a problem with their hosting, or their uptime I moved from a mainstream 'aligator' hosting company who were terrible, was worried about dealing with a s...Read Moremaller player, but my uptime has been 100% for over a year, my sites load so much quicker and because of this I have rose in Google Rankings just based on page load! I have tried their VPS service too and was quite impressed although I only needed for a short while and they were more than willing to assist with both set up and installation. I Love that they use installers for apps on their web hosting, saving me time (and money) on having to install content management systems, email apps and more.Less

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Small Hosting Company with Good Services

Laws Hosting is a UK based hosting company that is owned and operated by one person. This is a reseller hosting service, meaning you are buying hosting in a data center that is being sold by a third party. This is quite common in the web hosting industry, though in many cases the company tries to hide this fact, so it is nice to see that Laws Hosting is pretty open about it. One good thing about working with a company like this is that you will get focused service since you are dealing with the owner of the company, not some hired employees who don’t really care about the level of service they provide.

You can register domains, get shared hosting, and VPS hosting solutions through this company, all of which are configured well to run most small to mid-sized websites. The hosting is based in the UK, which makes it a good option for anyone targeting visitors from the UK or most of Europe.



Rated by Eliran Ouzan

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Uptime & Reliability

No Issues with Downtime Reported

From what we have been able to find, there are no real issues with downtime or other outages. Much of the reliability will come from whichever company Laws Hosting is getting their reseller services from, so it is hard to dig into exactly how things are configured to determine what can be expected. Based on all the information available, however, there is no reason to think that there will be any issues with outages.


Basic Hosting Features

The hosting options with this company are pretty basic, which is not to say they are bad in any way. They are obviously targeting customers who want to run a personal website, small business page, or even sites that get a decent amount of traffic. Leaving the very large hosting solutions to other companies allows them to maintain a better focus. The list of hosting packages are very clear and easy to understand, which should make it easier for anyone looking for hosting services.

They also provide DDoS protection, which isn’t very common for smaller web hosting providers like this, so that is a nice perk. When choosing your hosting package, just make sure to look at exactly what is included so you know you are getting what you need. If you find that you need more features, however, upgrading (or downgrading) your hosting is very easy and can be done with just a quick ticket to their support desk.


Limited Support Hours

While the actual hosting environment is monitored 24/7, the tech support for Laws Hosting is only available 16 hours per day, 7 days per week. This is because it is just the owner who you will be working with. They do offer some great hosting tutorials, knowledge base information, and other documentation to help keep you informed of how things work, however, which is quite impressive for a small hosting company like this.


Good Prices

The prices for all their hosting packages are very reasonable, and at or below what you would expect to pay at any other hosting company. You can get a ‘starter’ package at £14 per year, or move up to higher level packages for low monthly prices starting at £1.99. Whether you choose their shared hosting or VPS packages, you’ll have a good hosting experience at a fair price. The VPS options, however, do have a £5 setup fee if you are paying monthly, so keep that in mind.


No Known Issues

There aren’t significant reports with speed from customers of this company, but there really isn’t a ton of information out there at this point. Some resellers oversell their hosting servers, and while this doesn’t appear to be the case here, it is good to keep in mind. As with the reliability, it is hard to predict speed with a reseller hosting company since we can’t look into the actual data center or hardware being used.


Good Small Hosting Company

This is a small hosting company that will provide you with a good hosting experience. The fact that you are able to deal directly with the owner is a nice option that will give comfort to some users. While you certainly don’t want to work with this company if you are looking to launch a huge website, they should do a great job for personal sites or pages for small businesses.


  • Contact the Owner Directly
  • Easy to Understand Packages
  • Low Prices


  • Limited Information on Hardware
  • No Dedicated Servers
  • £5 Setup Fee for VPS Packages

Laws Web Hosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Home 4 GB 95.03 GB Direct Admin 10 $5.54 10 Details
Beginner 1 GB 70.04 GB Direct Admin 15 $2.45 10 Details
Small Office 8 GB 120.01 GB Direct Admin 20 $9.23 10 Details
Business 15 GB 160.05 GB Direct Admin 25 $11.70 10 Details
Platinum 25 GB 194.97 GB Direct Admin 80 $19.64 10 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS 1 V256 5 GB 1 x 3.70GHz 256 MB $6.77 10 Details
VPS 1 V512 20 GB 1 x 3.70GHz 512 MB $10.47 10 Details
VPS 1 V1024 20 GB 1 x 3.70GHz 1 GB $15.39 10 Details
VPS2 V512 20 GB 2 x 3.70GHz 512 MB $17.85 10 Details
VPS2 V2048 30 GB 2 x 3.70GHz 2 GB $25.24 10 Details
VPS 3 V2048 35 GB 2 x 3.70GHz 2 GB $31.40 10 Details
VPS3 V4096 35 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 4 GB $56.02 10 Details
VPS4 V6144 40 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 6 GB $92.96 10 Details
VPS5 V8192 40 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 8 GB $135.44 10 Details

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