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Dedicated Servers America,Web Hosting Cpanel (Cloud linux+SSD),VPS

Using the highest quality communication networks.Use appropriate hardware.24-hour support!
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Money Back: 7 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.99 - $18.99
VPS $5.99 - $39.99
Dedicated Server $49.99 - $250.00

Data Centers


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Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

US Hosting Provider Since 2001

Jaguar Networks got its start back in 2001 offering dedicated servers in the United States. They have continued this as their focused, but added additional options to their lineup over time. Today you can get VPS, shared hosting, and dedicated servers in their US location. In 2017 they have expanded to a data center in Germany as well so they can serve people throughout Europe with good hosting options. While they are still a relatively small hosting company compared to many options, most people will be very happy with the quality and customer service options they have available.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very Stable Hosting Environment

Stability won’t likely be an issue when hosting with Jaguar Networks. They operate out of well configured data centers that have multiple circuits out to the Internet. In addition, they use solid state drives on many of their servers, which will further help keep things up and running smoothly. Most importantly, however, is going to be the fact that even on their shared hosting packages they have dedicated CPU and RAM, which means they aren’t overselling the servers.


Standard Hosting Features

The hosting features available with this company are pretty standard across the board. It isn’t so much the type of features they offer that makes them an attractive option for many customers, but the service behind those features. With shared hosting, you’ll get 2-30 gigs of solid state drive space, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 or 2 dedicated CPUs. You also get dedicated RAM ranging from 512MB to 1 gig depending on the package you choose.

At the VPS level you will get 50-500 gigs of disk space, 2-10 gigs of RAM, 1-4 dedicated CPUs and a dedicated IP address. You also get the SolusVM admin panel, option for Linux or Windows operating system, and more. These are good quality VPS setups that will make it easy to manage your system from anywhere with a web connection.

Finally, the dedicated servers. This is where they seem to put the majority of their focus when it comes to marketing, but there isnt’ anything too exceptional about what they are offering. The entry level dedicated server uses an AMD six core CPU, 16 gigs of RAM, 1TB disk space, and 20TB of bandwidth. This is a good setup, but nothing really special. The highest level displayed package is powered by an Intel Core i7-3930, which is a great processor. You’ll also get 32 gigs of RAM, 2x2TB HDD, and 20TB of bandwidth. They allow you to create additional configurations as needed too.


Great Technical Support

The technical support teams with this company are top notch and willing to help you with anything you need. They are staffed 24/7 so you can get in touch with them anytime. The team monitors their networks closely so they can respond to any type of outage or other issue that may occur. This will help you to avoid any issues with your site so your visitors are always able to get a great level of service.


Standard Pricing

Just like the features for their hosting, the pricing isn’t really anything to get excited about. It certainly isn’t going to be way over priced so you feel like you’re getting ripped off, but it isn’t the best deal in the area either. You’re paying a reasonable price for a good hosting experience, which is really what most people are going to want anyway.


Good Hosting Speeds

The hosting with this company is going to be plenty fast for any type of site. They use good hardware, and their internal networking is kept up to date at all times. They also have multiple circuits to the Internet to help avoid congestion and other potential issues. If you’re going to have users from North America or Europe, the speeds should be quite good with this provider.


Quality Hosting Provider

While there isn’t really a lot that puts this hosting provider above and beyond your typical hosting company, there aren’t any real problems either. They have a good overall reputation, and have been in business for a long time, which is always a good sign in the hosting industry. If you’re looking for a hosting provider that will meet your needs at a reasonable price, this one should be a good choice.


  • Dedicated CPU & Ram on Shared Hosting
  • Reasonable Prices
  • In Business Since 2001


  • Little to Set Themselves Apart

jaguarnetworks Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
base 2 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.99 0.0 Details
medium 5 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.99 0.0 Details
professional 15 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $9.99 0.0 Details
special 30 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $18.99 0.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS1 50 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $5.99 0.0 Details
VPS2 150 GB 2 cores 4 GB $9.99 0.0 Details
VPS3 250 GB 3 cores 6 GB $19.99 0.0 Details
VPS4 500 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 10 GB $39.99 0.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
DU30 1 TB 4 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $49.99 0.0 Details
DU32 240 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $65.00 0.0 Details
DU31 2 TB 4 x 2.40GHz 16 GB $55.00 0.0 Details
DU33 4 TB 4 x 2.40GHz 32 GB $250.00 0.0 Details

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