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Iran Host Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Shared Hosting $0.42 - $8.67
Amin Kakaveysi

Pinned Review

Amin Kakaveysi,
The best service, support, Reliability, other web hosting is cheaper, but they aren't reliable


Ali eslami
Ali eslami from Netherlands,

Iran Host Uptime

Iran Host given to me 99.70% uptime. its so cool
Mehran Hoodeh
Mehran Hoodeh,
That's because you're a new customer, a fake customer, or a person who didn't lose anything on the recent allegedly claimed "Cyber Attack". I used to get 99.99% uptime, until recently that I lost all my web-server files and data.
Mehran Hoodeh

Poor Hosting Company

(لطفا قسمت فارسی این ری-ویو را نیز در انتها بخوانید.)
After a Cyber Attack in Aug, 2021, all our web-service files and data are lost on their Server in Canada and no one in this company accepts any responsibility for the burden t...Read Morehey've put on our shoulders.
The greatness of a service, the eminence of a hosting company is measured on critical situations; on how they manage the hardship of the circumstances arisen. So far, after more than 2 weeks, they have shown an apparently poor attitude to get things back to normal or , at least, to compensate the loss for those who have suffered.

متاسفانه بعد از دو هفته از، از کار افتادن وب سرویس هایمان، به هیچ وجه پاسخگو نیستند. تمام فایلها و اطلاعاتمان را از دست داده ایم، و میگویند اگر اطلاعاتی دارید برای ما بفرسیتد تا در یکجای موقت آنها برایتان بریزیم. تلفن هم میزنیم بعد از یک صف 30-40 نفره ، هیچ چیزی برای حل مشکل ندارند که ارائه بدهند. ای میل هم فقط یک پاسخ کپی/پیست دارند که برای همه دارند میفرستند.
لطفا اگر همگی دوستان موافق هستند، هماهنگ شویم تا یک شکایتنامهء دست جمعی برای این موضوع تهیه کنیم و بتوانیم از لحاظ قانونی، این شرکت را مجبور به جبران خسارت نماییم.
Mehran Hoodeh
Mehran Hoodeh from United Kingdom,

Beware of Fake Complements!

After the allegedly said "Cyber Attack" and people enlightening others about the risk of working with this company, now, their hired workers are giving fake complements just to cover up their failure in compensating the data loss ...Read Moreof their clients. Any complement you see in here are from themselves and are absolutely fake!Less

Iran Host Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
P2-2012 249.96 MB 2.5 GB 1 $0.42 6.5 Details
P3-2012 500.02 MB 5.02 GB 1 $0.73 6.5 Details
P4-2012 1 GB 10.04 GB 1 $0.95 3.0 Details
P5-2012 2 GB 19.97 GB 1 $1.25 6.5 Details
P6-2012 5 GB 49.97 GB 2 $2.09 6.5 Details
P7-2012 10 GB 100.04 GB 3 $3.59 6.5 Details
P8-2012 15 GB 150.02 GB 4 $5.48 6.5 Details
P9-2012 25 GB 249.96 GB 5 $8.67 6.5 Details

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