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Shared Hosting $1.08 - $5.45
VPS $7.09 - $24.55
Dedicated Server $8.18 - $54.03
Cloud Hosting $13.76 - $82.58

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Jill Lands

Pinned Review

Jill Lands,
Overall I am very happy with this company. Let me be up front and say that I am very picky when I write reviews of things. If it isn't 100% perfect, I am not giving it a full 5 stars. iKoula is a g...Read Morereat option. I have used many hosting companies over the years, and for those looking for a company in France, this is likely the best. They aren't perfect. I have had some very brief outages, but overall I can still recommend them to you without hesitation.Less
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Bill Sob
Bill Sob from Panama,

Want to send scam and phishing emails? Ikoula is your host!

If you want to send phishing emails and be sure that you won't be bothered by spam victims - this is your company.

Ikoula ignores abuse complaints over weeks - not just from me, there are several similar complaints. It appears...Read More they feel laws don't apply to them - or perhaps spammer and scammer are their target group?

I don't know how big the company is - many of their IPs are already blacklisted and ignoring abuse complaints suggests there will be more.

This bad reputation host is not a good choice for honest websites.
I confirm, I 'v spent weeks emailing GAFAS and others to remove my NEW IP from their blacklists !
Otherwise , impossible to send any email !!!
garbage junk hosting company
John L
John L from United States,


This company is like a scam. I signed up for their 20 year anniversary vps sale. No problems signing up. Provided login, welcome emails, starting guide. Everything seems good until you actual try to use the service. Unable to crea...Read Morete the vps. Take 15 minutes to try to initialize their vps according to their own STARTUP PDF which produces an ERROR. Apparently people have had errors for days before this anniversary sale. NO FIX YET? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS CLOUD SERVICE?? UNPROFESSIONAL.

I create a ticket to get a response. Creation of ticket produces error? Unprofessional site. Chat unavailable. 8 hours, 12 hours past by. NO RESPONSE. This is a business? I would want to use this for business services? I cancel. I request refund. No services rendered. No services working. 24 hours goes by no response. 36 hours later I login online see services was cancelled? No response to ticket. No refund. No notice.

I can't believe this is why a 20 year business operates. Please avoid. Not serious about business.
Sebastiaan Fiolet
Sebastiaan Fiolet from Netherlands,

Absolute garbage

First I was a customer of Ermis, but they got taken over by Ikoula. From that point on, it went downwards.
I paid WAY too much for a SSL certificate, which is now free and they refused to offer me the free SSL certificate. The ho...Read Moresting servers are seriously trash. You get almost no disk space, so forget about backups because there's no space for them. And support? It's a joke, they simply don't answer and if they do after two or more weeks... it's an answer which solves nothing, or they simply close your ticket if they think it's too much effort to even respond.

Not to forget about the downtime... If you're a business owner, relying on your website... don't go them.. really..
It's a sad thing there aren't negative stars. Way to go Ikoula.
Tiberiu Farcas
Tiberiu Farcas from Canada,

Bad, bad and bad

My website is suspended starting on 13 October 2017.
My website was already suspended when I received the following email:
We saw many PHP processes coming from your host dictoo.eu (check attachment)?
It seems there is a proble...Read Morem with the usage of your dictionar.php script (BUFFER OVERFLOW).
Can you please check that?

My website is a dictionary and the traffic was almost similar to 2016 traffic.
My plan was IKPro and I used maximum 10% of the resources allocated to this plan, or maybe less.
I decided to terminate the services with them on 18 October, and I still for an answer.
I transferred my website to a new ISP and I redirected my old website.
Sven N.
Sven N. from Germany,

very disappointed

Unfortunately their services did not run properly. While they are providing rather cheap prices you also get quite cheap support and even cheaper hardware / network. - You get what you pay for.

Tried Ikoula services (cloud host...Read Moreing) for several days. Their main Interface is super messy. If you want to go there, which I would not recommend at all, take at least one day to get familiar with their interface and its bugs. Yes bugs, inputs not being saved or saved totally different from what you typed in are somehow standard.

You also will get some sort of confusing interface jungle with several different interfaces - extremely bad UI / UX.

Their customer support is very off point. While I was talking quite fast to a human being, understanding english and helping you is nothing you can expect if you call the ENGLISH hotline.. they will tell you to call later to get the chance to talk to someone who speaks english.

My tickets were open for several weeks (4 for the worst) before they were answered properly.

So in conclusion, bad support, bad software/interfaces, bad hardware/network and an all in all bad experience. Would not recommend.
Meersseman B.
Meersseman B. from Belgium,

Reliability problems

Ikoula offers fast response times for their servers, but last year, I've counted more than 80 hours downtime. Last time, It took them 24 hrs to clean an SQL disk full problem (/tmp). So, I lost confidence in this company.
Levi Anderson
Levi Anderson from Sweden,

Don't sign up and use anything thinking it's free !

I recently signed up for a vps and I verified my account with my ID of course and my phone number . After 2 days I had created a VPS but I can't get it to connect to an RDP client! Suprising thing is that they sent me a 100 euros ...Read Moreinvoice that's ridiculous amount compared to Google cloud ! I am lucky I am still underage so they have no jurisdiction over me !Less
Ryan Atlas
Ryan Atlas from United States,

Fast and Affordable

I am using iKoula for thier VPS hosting solutions. I have to admit that I don't know too much about hosting other than that is how my website is served to the world. A friend of mine set all this up and said that iKoula is the b...Read Moreest in France. So far I have not had any real issues with them at all and I have been with them for about two years now. It is just a blog that I run on their hosting but it is always up and stable so I am very happy.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Quality Hosting since 1998

Ikoula has been in business since February of 1998 providing good quality hosting to their customers.  Unlike many hosting companies that started in the earlier days of the Internet, Ikoula has managed to stay innovative and competitive.  They have kept up with the latest trends in the industry and they continue to grow and expand.  They currently host over 35,000 sites on more than 5000 servers.  The company is financially independent, which gives them stability and greater control over the direction of the company and how they service their customers.

Ikoula states that they were the first hosting companies to sell 100% dedicated servers, the first to sell packs AJAX-ASP.net to 2.0-MS MSQL 2005 and they have many other innovations as well.  They are clearly good at finding the latest technologies and figuring out which ones will be a success so they can offer them to their customers.  In addition to hosting, you can buy domain names, use their security features, use email hosting and much more.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

You’ll get a 99.999% uptime guarantee, which is quite exceptional. This company is able to provide high quality, powerful hosting that is stable and ready to go.  Looking through what other users of this hosting company have said, it appears that there are virtually no issues related to downtime or even slowness with their servers.  This is thanks in part to their high quality data centers, which they run quite well.


Lots of Hosting Options

You’ll find that there are a lot of hosting options to choose from with this company.  They have done a good job at laying everything out in simple tables that provide you with all the details of their services so you know exactly what you’re getting.  The entry level shared hosting package starts with 10 gigs of disk space, which is above the industry average.  You can go up to 250 gigs with their high end shared hosting options.  You’ll also get unlimited traffic on each of the three options at this level.

If you need something with more power and control, you can move up to their VPS solutions.  These servers use cloud computing power and help ensure you have stable hosting at all times. Unlike the shared hosting packages, you have to ‘design’ your own VPS.  This is done through a simple slide bar that lets you select which processor, memory and hard drives you would like for your VPS.  This is a fun and convenient way to get exactly what you need without paying anything extra for items you don’t want.

Not surprisingly, you can also get dedicated servers with this company. They have quite a few options at a variety of levels.  Some of them are quite inexpensive, though the server specs aren’t the best.  The lowest level ‘green’ servers use Intel Atom processors, which is a lower end CPU.  They do give you 2-32 gigs of RAM, however, which is nice.  If you need something more powerful, they have a number of higher end servers powered by the XEON series of process made by Intel.  These are nicer servers, the highest end of which offers 64 gigs of disk space, RAID 10 storage and powerful 6 core CPUs.


Friendly Tech Support

From what I am able to gather, the tech support with this company is easy to get in touch with and very friendly. They are also competent to solve just about any problem you might bring their way. You can get in touch with them through their website or via the phone depending on your preference.  They do have some self-help information, but not enough to really understand the services like some people would like.


Reasonable Prices at Most Levels

The pricing with this company is really quite reasonable for most options.  The one exception is at the high end dedicated server where they offer a very powerful server for 1099 Euro per month.  While the server is certainly a high end model, it is not worth that much each month.  After all, you could just buy the server outright for what it would cost to rent for just a few months.  When you look through the rest of their packages, however, you will find that the prices are very reasonable based on what it is you are getting.

User Friendly

Everything is Easy to Use

This company is very easy to work with and they seem to put a lot of effort into ensuring their customers don’t have any trouble getting exactly what they need.  Whether you’re browsing through their site looking at the easy to understand hosting packages or setting up a new page through their cPanel, you will enjoy the experience. If you have to work with their sales or support teams it seems like they are also quite friendly, though they don’t speak English so I couldn’t get a personal experience with them.


Excellent Overall Hosting

This is a great hosting company that has a proven reputation for quality and innovation.  The company itself is quite impressive, and the hosting services they manage is as well.  Whether you’re looking for an entry level hosting package or something to run your corporate websites, this company will have it all for you.


  • Lots of Hosting Options
  • Reasonable Prices
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee


  • Highest Dedicated Server is Over Priced

Ikoula Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
IKL BASIC 10 GB Unlimited cPanel 10 $1.08 3.0 Details
IKL SMART 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 10 $2.72 3.6 Details
IKL PRO 250 GB Unlimited cPanel 25 $5.45 1.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Flex'Server 1 50 GB 1 core 1 GB $7.09 2.9 Details
Flex'Server 2 70 GB 2 cores 2 GB $10.91 5.0 Details
Flex'Server 3 120 GB 4 cores 3 GB $15.27 5.0 Details
Flex'Server 4 150 GB 4 cores 4 GB $24.55 3.8 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
DS115J 2 TB 0.80GHz 256 MB $8.18 1.0 Details
DS216J 2 TB 2 x 1.00GHz 512 MB $15.82 2.8 Details
RS815+ 4 TB 4 x 2.40GHz 2 GB $54.03 5.0 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
FlexiCloud1 50 GB 1 core 1 GB Unlimited $13.76 1.0 Details
FlexiCloud2 80 GB 2 cores 2 GB Unlimited $22.23 2.8 Details
FlexiCloud3 150 GB 3 cores 8 GB Unlimited $50.82 2.8 Details
FlexiCloud4 200 GB 4 cores 16 GB Unlimited $82.58 2.8 Details

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