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Hostway Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Helene Steiner

Pinned Review

Helene Steiner,
It's been many years that HostWay has been hosting my web site, it's always been a no-hassle pleasure to deal with them. Can highly recommend for anyone!


Barbra A Barbour
Barbra A Barbour from United States,

The worst provider I have ever dealt with. Tech support is terrible.

A customer of mine recently purchased web hosting services from Hostway, and it’s been a nightmare since the moment the purchase was made. The salesman repeatedly assured us that we would have Cpanel access, and it’s not even avai...Read Morelable. They assured we could install a shared SSL through them…..it turns out you can, so long as you email it to them every year and get them to install it. I don’t trust their ability to install it based on what I’ve seen so far though.

From the very moment we purchased an upgraded plan, we hadn’t even logged onto the site yet, they took down our original website and hosed our email settings. In the middle of the business day.

For several days I was unable to upload my index.html file, I had to send it to them and ask them to do it. The other files upload fine, just not the index file. At first they attempted to blame FileZilla for the problem, then finally got a workaround where I upload the file into my images folder, contact them, and they move it into the root directory. Not satisfactory, at all. I still am unable to edit my own htaccess file, and it doesn’t look like they care much about fixing that either.

This started last Friday, and today is Tuesday. I have spent literally hours on the phone and in chat with them trying to get this ironed out, and as of 5pm Tuesday it still is not fixed. It takes as long to explain the issue as it does for them to look through their documentation for an answer, because they are not even minimally competent with the technical workings of a server.

Maybe they do okay with Wordpress, I don’t know, but unless that’s your thing steer way way clear of this company.
Eileen L. Gonzales
Eileen L. Gonzales from United States,


Joan Houston

Abysmal all the way around

I’ve developed a Wordpress/WooCommerce site for a client under Hostway since the owner refuses to change to a more compatable environment. Hostway is running PHP version 7.0.33+ (debug version) which is very outdated. It’s been la...Read Moregging behind for some time, but everything’s stayed relatively stable. An outdated PHP means a less secure environment, which is a major concern.

WP and WC are on the verge of new updates that will push everyone into PHP v8 and above. As long as nothing is updated on the back end, his site will stay up and running; however, plugin developers will soon stop supporting older PHP and require updates for their software to remain functional. If updates are based on PHP v7.4 or higher requirements, which will no doubt be the case, it’ll effectively bring his whole site down.

According to Hostway, they’re running the latest PHP version they support. I ask every week or so when the warning pops up. It’s extremely frustrating to get the same “we’re working on it” response every single time.

Also, Hostway's server is very slow, with a TTFB of over 3 seconds and a fully loaded time of over 8 seconds. Considering the tiny size of my client’s website (~12 pages), this is an abysmal byte rate. Potential customers will click off long before 8 seconds have elapsed. I’ve tried to optimize the site as much as I can (e.g., reducing image sizes, removing older posts, etc.), but I can't speed up the TTFB since it’s reliant on the server specs. I’ve talked to Hostway about this, too, with no resolution.

Just for laughs I pinged a friend and had him plug the site into his servers just like it comes from Hostway without any optimization or caching configured. The normal TTFB on his servers is around 300-400 MS, as a comparison. Just abysmal all the way around, but I can’t get my client to switch and I refuse to use Hostway’s web developer, which will only add to my client’s ~$400 annual hosting fees.
George Koulomzin
George Koulomzin from United States,

Terrible deployment quality

Deployed new email hosting interface before adequate testing. LOTS of BUGS.
Hostway recently migrated to Open-Xchange App Suite for their customer email hosting interface. IT is a disaster! Among the issues I experienced were
1)...Read More sitecontrol link to OXAppSuite blew up
2) Cannot log directly in to OXAppSuite with any of my passwords
3) Contact migration process fails
4) "Password recovery" process does not work at all, and you can't suppress it.
5) "change password..." button in Basic Setting does nothing - it's bogus, the changes you make here affect nothing.
6) chat support staff hasn't the vaguest clue of how email works and kept on going off on irrelevant tangents.
Matt C
Matt C from United States,

Shady business practices

Support and management of service is bad. Once you sign up for services through their portal you can not stop them except by a phone call with limited support hours and long wait times. Not good business ethics. Support, even over...Read More the phone is not helpful, they do not seem to know how to support their own portal and services. Do yourself a favor and take your business somewhere else... Anywhere else.Less
Ralph Esposito
Ralph Esposito from United States,


Hostway employees have little to no internet technology knowledge at all. They’re rude and can only answer “l don’t know “ when you ask for assistance. It took 32 day to get my domain name transferred to another host provider. Stay away from this service.
Barbra A Barbour
Barbra A Barbour,
2 years after this review was originally posted…..I can concur with the problems stated, and there has been absolutely no improvement since then.
mr crayner
mr crayner from United Kingdom,

beware repeat charging on your card unauthorised!

service cancelled as not working and not as purchased. then they charged me hundreds of $ with no service as required. still trying to get my money back. bad customer service.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Excellent hosting for customers around the world

This is a well established hosting company that has been serving the North American market since 1998.  They currently have five offices in North America (Chicago, Austin, Tampa, Lauderdale and Vancouver.  They also serve Europe with offices in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.  They also have Asian locations in Korea and India and one location in Australia.

While they obviously have more locations than most other hosting companies, they aren’t the largest company in the industry.  They host about 600,000 customers and since opening they have registered over 400,000 unique domains (not all of which are currently active).

In addition to hosting and domain registration, they also offer e-commerce platforms, website design services and some digital marketing services.  Overall this is a well rounded company that offers high quality services to their customers.  They have provided hosting to some major clients such as Coca Cola, Bank of Montreal, McGraw Hill and Disney.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
  • User Friendly
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  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

99.9% uptime guarantee with free auto-backups

HostWay provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, though it is not clear exactly what happens in the event that you do go down.  Some customers who experienced issues reported that they were immediately given credits on their bills, but that wasn’t written on their site anywhere.

They also have automatic backups that take place frequently, so if there is any type of major hardware failure they will be able to help get you back up and running quickly.


All the standard features plus a few nice extras

HostWay offers their customers all the standard features that you would expect from any hosting company.  They are primarily focused on offering Unix based web hosting, though they do have other options as well.

They have a nice website building program called ‘Bespoke’ that they offer, though it is not free.  If you would prefer saving some money, they do also allow you to use the SiteBuilder suite free of charge.

Finally, they have a nice e-commerce platform that is available for those who are looking to do business directly on their website.


Technical support is a main focus for HostWay

HostWay has made technical support a priority.  They offer 24/7 phone and email support to all their customers, regardless of the hosting package they choose.  When you work with their technical teams they are able to solve most any issues right away, and according to many customers, they are quick to escalate more difficult issues.  This helps to avoid any long term outages or other problems.


Prices slightly higher than average

The prices for both their shared and VPS hosting packages are somewhat higher than you see from most other companies these days.  Given the fact that you do get some nice features and the reliability of the service is great makes it worth it in many cases.  In addition, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you find it is not right for you, you’re not out anything but time.


Excellent hosting for people around the world

Overall this is really a great hosting company.  They provide high quality services to a wide range of people.  Their technical support is top of the line, and they have a respectable list of features.


  • Multiple offices around the world
  • 24/7 technical support via phone and email
  • Free SiteBuilder tools (with optional premium tools)
  • Automatic backups of data


  • Prices are above average
  • Some complaints from former customers that canceling is a hassle

Hostway Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Starter 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited $6.95 2.8 Details
Flexcloud Site 300 GB Unlimited Unlimited $12.95 3.0 Details
Flexcloud Site Pro 1000 GB Unlimited Unlimited $29.95 2.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Linux Basic 15 GB - 1 GB $19.95 3.6 Details
Linux Advanced 60 GB - 4 GB $49.95 3.6 Details
Linux Ultimate 240 GB - 8 GB $99.95 3.6 Details
Windows Basic 15 GB - 1 GB $29.95 3.6 Details
Windows Advanced 60 GB - 4 GB $59.95 3.6 Details
Windows Untimate 240 GB - 8 GB $109.95 3.6 Details

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