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AS IZZY from Australia,

HostSo Bad Exp.

Come due date for service renewal.
1. Prices increase for hosting every time!
2. 3 Days past due date, account suspended. No emails, no website! Terms of Service states accounts suspended after 10 days.
3. Not sticking to their own Terms and Service is ridiculous.
4. Not to mention Late fees....
Marvin Fretwell
Marvin Fretwell from United States,

Awful customer support.

The good: They are cheap. The bad: Customer support is terrible. I put in support tickets and they never get answered. They just get deleted. If you use chat, you get broken english. You can do far better for another $12/year with some other hosting company.
Dar Forsythe
Dar Forsythe from Canada,

Hostso doesn't deliver

I Have been paying fees for a dedicated IP, they moved me onto a shared IP without me knowing. I recently was checking up on my site and noticed it was on a shared IP. They are no longer trustworthy in my books. I'll be looking fr a new homw soon
nirmalya pal
nirmalya pal from India,

Pathetic and unprofessional

These people do not any service what so ever. No help desk no chat no support. 3 days we have not been receiving any mails, these guys have not reacted so far. Only option the client is left out with is to raise a ticket but even ...Read Moreafter multiple tickets raised no response no action no result. Badly stuck with these idiots. Earlier they had a mail id abuse@hostso.com, yes seriously. But once a mail went to abuse id they used ti provide service, now that too has gone. shameless & hopeless.Less
Luca M
Luca M from Italy,

Very bad service, very low level customer service

I can only suggest you to avoid them PERIOD

Hosting disappeared for 4 days (and it's not the first time). Email services simply DISAPPEARED.
When I got finally in touch with a human being, they checked the DNS and said to get ...Read Moreback in 8-9 hours.
I think they work from India and simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND that your business cannot disappear for 4 days from the web and then wait another FULL BUSINESS DAY to be back, possibly.
Pritam ji
Pritam ji from India,

HostSo Review - Stay Away from This Cheap but Pathetic Hosting Service Provider

I have my domain hosted with this company and it had verious issues

1. Server time out - you will not find this type of server time out from any other service provider. The server will go down without a reason and they will not...Read More have any explanation about it.

2. Site changed from http to https/ssl without my permission, request or purchase.
They had my site down (even there own website was down - can you imagine a host provider's website down itself? ) it had been over 6 hours and the site was down and my all adwords ads suspended. They did not inform me about the upgrade or whatever reason the server was down (generally any reliable and good hosting company would inform you about any future updates/upgrades and possible outages. They did not. When the site was live all of a sudden it was moved from http to https. I enquired them if they upgraded to ssl (which is good as i thought to compensate the loss they are upgrading my domain to ssl) but they said it is not free and i have to pay for ssl. (Wow, my site was down, without any information, they upgraded it to ssl without my information, and now they wanted money). when i said i do not want ssl, - the site is still redirecting to ssl but it is again down. I chattted/ multiple times but support team had no clue.

3. Email Blocked (partial my fault too/or maybe not).
One of my marketing manager bought sms advertising service, i am not sure if that caused the mail spam or not -in that they mentioned the email which is suspended. The sms company sent bulk sms (around 3000+) and we were not sure if it had anything to do with the email. We received a lot of chinese emails (not sure what/how that came) and hosting company bocked my email. ( i have been using this hosting company for over 4 years and not even a single spam done by us). The only fault it was we used sms advertising but we were not sure if it has anything to do wth bulk mail (not sure still). we suspended the sms ads and requested the hosting guys to unblock our email which they said not possible. I requested at least enable my email so that i can copy my emails /contacts and details (even though they can still keep the email blocked for sending /receiving emails) but no support. They asked me to create ticket, i created ticket, explained everything but the person responding do not have any idea how to unblock it (which is causing more business loss).

4. Support
Mon-Friday only, they do not have any phone which you can dial. I suggest you should go for a hosting which offers good support and reachable by all means (phone, email chat 24/7 even though it costs more but always better to go with a quality hosting with good support instead a cheaper one with no support and no reliability.

5. Another amazing thing when i complaint to the hosting company support staff JANE (maybe madeup name). they just suspended my account without my hosting backup instead resolving my query.. Highly insecure and unprofessional staff. See her threat (first she said she is going to block only my one email and i could use another ) when i complaint about the issue - she threatned to suspend my account (Amazing):
"As per our last discussion, you were requested to enable the account access only for one day on 27th January 2018, It seems that you did not downloaded the backup. please note that we are not going to enable the email access to use on our server, also all logs was provided you. If you did not download the backup within one hour, your account will get suspend, as were updated that you are going to move the account."
Now i told them i will move my account elsewhere but i need the time to download/copy my data. I told them they can still keep my email blocked (so i cannot send receive emails) just copy what i have for last four years. But instead helping there they just suspended my overall account.

I would advise everyone to go for good hosting agencies (if cheaper go to exclusivehosting or hostgator or godaddy if faster go for inmotionhosting and few more ) instead this pathetic host (seems run by a novice) please check reviews and comparison (instead paid comparison) of each hosting company before you make final decision.
A. Soulkin
A. Soulkin from United States,

The WORST Hosting platform ON EARTH

If you love your sanity, DON'T EVER HOST with these idiots. SUPPPPER Slow WordPress. oMG I've never been so embarassed with clients. HostSo is utter fecalmatter.

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